Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 14

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 14
Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 14

Baijue is shocked when he sees falling stars in the sky.

Shanggu also sees the falling stars and refuses to believe that Yuemi died.

Wuhuan, the sole eyewitness, says Tianqi killed Yuemi. Zihan is certain Tianqi would never do that. Baijue orders Hongri to keep both sides from fighting each other.

It’s time for Baijue to talk to Tianqi.

Baijue gives Tianqi a chance to explain what happened to Yuemi. Tianqi says some things, like the realms, are replaceable while some things are not. Baijue and Tianqi fight.

Muguang disobeys Baijue’s order and attacks Tianqi. With the integration of the Instruction Feather, the Destruction Formation begins to obliterate troops on both sides. Baijue pierces Tianqi’s chest with the Taicang Spear. Tianqi says Baijue will regret this.

Baijue retrieves the Instruction Feather and grieves for Tianqi.

Shocked to see more falling stars, Shanggu leaves Gujun at the South Sea while she rushes to find Baijue.

Hongri says Zihan returned to the Demon Realm. Shanggu sees a statue resembling Yuemi. Baijue doesn’t think Zihan will talk to them, so they won’t know why Tianqi tried to create the Destruction Formation.

Shanggu drinks wine and cries, remembering her times with Tianqi and Yuemi.

Relaying a message left by Yuemi for Shanggu, Muguang says his teacher felt guilty because she helped Baijue and Shanggu to be together for her benefit since she was in love with Tianqi. Shanggu issues a decree, allowing Yuemi to be the owner of the Taoyuan Forest forever and promoting Muguang to be God of Moon and Stars. Baijue asks Shanggu to come with him.

Baijue needs Shanggu’s help to seal the Purple Moon Whip so it can be put away in the Hidden Pavilion. Feeling uneasy, Shanggu accepts the Instruction Feather from Baijue.

Shanggu realizes there must be a reason why Baijue pushed her to become Chief God of Chaos, Xuanyi rebelled when he could have been Chief God of Chaos, and lastly, Tianqi wanted to become Chief God of Chaos.

Baijue checks Tianqi’s natal chart.

[Flashback: The barrier of the Demon Realm is broken, so Tianqi thinks there is a link between the Power of Chaos and the Tribulation of Chaos.]

Baijue delves into Tianqi’s natal chart.

[Flashback: At the Heaven and Earth Platform, Tianqi finds out the Tribulation of Chaos will destroy the God Realm and all living beings unless the Chief God of Chaos sacrifices herself.]

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 13

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 13
Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 13

Shanggu saves Baijue, and holding his hand, she promises to be with him forever.

Reviewing what Zihan stole from the Hidden Pavilion, Baijue suspects Tianqi wants to create the Destruction Formation, which destroys the realms and enables the creator to become God of Chaos. Shanggu doesn’t believe that Tianqi is doing this to be Chief God.

Shanggu borrows the Immortal-seeking Bell from Yuemi. Yuemi is in love with Tianqi, so she begs Shanggu to help him.

Baijue searches books for a way to stop the Destruction Formation.

At the Abyssal Ridge Swamp, Shanggu offers to let Tianqi be Chief God, so there is no need for the Destruction Formation. Tianqi refuses to surrender and attacks Shanggu with the Purple Moon Whip.

Wuhuan asks Shanggu about her injury. Shanggu orders Wuhuan not to tell anyone, especially Baijue.

Baijue knows that Shanggu is injured the moment he sees her. Shanggu cries, devastated by Tianqi’s betrayal.

Shanggu says even gods are powerless against destiny. Before Baijue knew Shanggu, he stuck to his principles, but now, he would give her the benefit of the doubt if she did something wrong and is willing to be punished with her.

Shanggu convenes a meeting.

Shanggu assigns Baijue to lead troops to stop Tianqi. Zhiyang and other gods will guard the Heaven and Earth Platform, the base of the God Realm. Lastly, Shanggu and Gujun will be at the South Sea to protect the lower realm. Yuemi begs Shanggu to let her go with Baijue.

Shanggu tells Yuemi not to be lenient with Tianqi.

Muguang lets Wuhuan come along with the troops, not knowing that she intends to kill Tianqi with a weapon from the Devil Tribe called the Sky Bow. Baijue, flanked by Yuemi and Hongri, leads the troops to the Abyssal Ridge Swamp to stop Tianqi.

Hongri tried, but he couldn’t convince Zihan and the Demon Tribe to surrender. Senjian, Chief of Tiger Demons and made a demigod by Tianqi, arrives to help the Demon Tribe.

Baijue allows Yuemi to talk to Tianqi even though the Destruction Formation is nearing completion.

Full of ambition, Wuhuan hopes to discover evidence of Yuemi colluding with Tianqi and stop the Destruction Formation.

Baijue orders both sides to stop fighting.

Meanwhile, Shanggu and Gujun must seal the South Sea or it will flood the lower realm.

The power of the Destruction Formation seems to be weakening, but Shanggu and Gujun can’t leave until they finish sealing the South Sea.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 12

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 12
Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 12

After killing Qiongqi beasts, Shanggu transfers her power to Baijue to help him feel better.

Shanggu has researched the Inheritance Ceremony, so she is prepared for tomorrow when she receives the Instruction Feather. After the Inheritance Ceremony, Baijue wants to meet Shanggu in the Taoyuan Forest to tell her a secret.

The next morning, Shanggu wakes up late, shocked to see Baijue by her bed.

[Flashback: Wuhuan can’t persuade Shanggu to wake up to get ready for the Inheritance Ceremony.]

Shanggu accepts a dress made of Divine Brocade from Baijue. Many years ago, Baijue read the writing of a young lady born with blocked vessels who deeply felt the sufferings in the realms, so he understands her efforts more than anyone.

At the Heaven and Earth Platform, Shanggu becomes Chief God. Xueying is a spy for Xuanyi, helping him to witness the Inheritance Ceremony. Tianqi steals the Instruction Feather.

Tianqi won’t explain why he needs the Instruction Feather. Shanggu lets Tianqi go, not wanting him to be punished like Xuanyi.

Using Tianqi’s weapon, the Purple Moon Whip, Zihan leads demons to rebel against the God Realm. Baijue, still unwell, can’t capture Zihan.

Like Shanggu, Baijue knows that Tianqi didn’t steal the Instruction Feather to be Chief God. Shanggu has to go to the Phoenix Clan to get the Pith of the Plane Tree to save Baijue, who has fallen into a coma.

While Shanggu is away, Yuemi will help Wuhuan take care of Pilgrimage Hall. Wuhuan panics when Yuemi tells Shanggu to return with Fengyan.

Fengyun gives the Pith of the Plane Tree to Shanggu. Although Wuhuan isn’t comparable to Fengyan, Shanggu won’t replace her.

Shanggu returns to Changyuan Hall.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 11

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 11
Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 11

Baijue motions to Tianqi not to help Shanggu. With the Ancestral Sword, Shanggu vanquishes Moyu and the Qiongqi beasts. Gods, led by Baijue, Zhiyang and Tianqi, welcome Shanggu back to the God Realm.

Shanggu asks Baijue if he helped her in the Nether World. Baijue pretends not to know what Shanggu is talking about. Unlike Baijue, Zhiyang doesn’t pressure Shanggu to cultivate with the Instruction Feather immediately. Tianqi tells Baijue to leave if he isn’t feeling well.

Hongri worries about Baijue.

Shanggu thanks Wuhuan for taking care of Pilgrimage Hall and encourages her to improve her cultivation.

Allowed to return to the God Realm, Xueying is still in love with Baijue. Baijue never wants to see Xueying again.

Shanggu organizes a banquet to celebrate Yuemi’s birthday.

Yuemi rarely sees Baijue, who seems sick all the time. Shanggu suspects Baijue split his spirit from his body because the voice helping her in the Nether World sounded like him.

Shanggu’s toys, including her kite, are stored in Baijue’s study at Changyuan Hall. Hongri tells Shanggu what Baijue did for her.

Shanggu wants to marry Baijue, so she will prepare betrothal gifts befitting a True God.

Yuemi tells Baijue that Shanggu went to the lower realm to fight Qiongqi beasts.

Baijue rushes to help Shanggu.

Baijue sees Shanggu buying valuables from immortals. Teasing Baijue, Shanggu says he didn’t like her when she was in love with him, but after 1,000 years, he is stalking her and begging her to give him a chance. The crowd cheers for Baijue and Shanggu to be together.

In a room full of valuables for Baijue, Shanggu needs him to be honest with her. Mimicking Shanggu, Baijue backs her up against an etagere, and he leans down to kiss her, but she moves away.

A vendor thinks Baijue and Shanggu are siblings. It’s Valentine’s Day, so Baijue buys all the lanterns from the vendor for Shanggu.

Shanggu seals Water God’s lips before he reveals what she wrote about Baijue on a lantern. Seeing Qiongqi beasts, Baijue worries about the barrier in the Demon Realm, and he tells Shanggu to just use the Ancestral Sword because her power is destructive in the lower realm.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 10

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 10
Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 10

Baijue’s spirit helps Shanggu when she fights devils. Shanggu looks around, wondering who helped her when she was in danger.

Searching for herbs to treat her injuries, Shanggu is about to eat Ganoderma. Baijue’s spirit directs the Ancestral Sword to guide Shanggu to another herb nearby and destroys the Ganoderma.

Shanggu hopes Baijue ignores his fans while she is striving to become good enough for him. Baijue’s spirit turns the Ancestral Sword into a blanket to cover Shanggu and kisses her forehead, planning to let her know how he feels after she takes control of the Chief God’s Instruction Feather.

Baijue’s condition worsens as his spirit protects Shanggu year after year. Meanwhile, Shanggu cultivates diligently and visits Xuanyi in her spare time.

Moyu tells Shanggu to give up because she has suffered a lot in 1,000 years. Shanggu masters the Origin of God-defending and obtains the Power of Chaos, realizing that the Power of Chaos creates but also destroys, and with it, she controls everything in the realms.

Hongri blocks Zhiyang from entering Baijue’s room. Zhiyang says Shanggu will return tomorrow. In his room, Baijue smiles.

Xuanyi congratulates Shanggu. Before leaving, Shanggu says goodbye to Xuanyi.

Seeing a streak of light in the sky, Tianqi rushes to the Nether World to beat Baijue.

Baijue says his spirit was damaged during cultivation, but he can’t fool Tianqi.

A guard tells Baijue and Tianqi that Shanggu already left the Nether World.

Led by Moyu, Qiongqi beasts from the Demon Realm attack the God Realm. The Ancestral Sword appears, followed by Shanggu.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 9

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 9
Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 9

Tianqi yells at Baijue for not apologizing to him, the victim, but to Shanggu. To help Gujun become a god, Baijue will let him borrow the Dark Abyss and made a pill to unblock his cold veins. Shanggu asks what happens if Gujun wins, but Baijue’s silence disappoints her.

Shanggu loves Tianqi, but not romantically because he is like her brother. Tianqi intends to keep loving Shanggu and stay by her side, unfazed by her rejection.

Baijue tells Xueying to leave the God Realm after fighting Gujun or he will reveal her crime.

Tianqi wants to talk to Baijue about Shanggu.

Shanggu is worried, not knowing why Baijue hasn’t shown up for their meeting. Gujun doesn’t mind if Baijue won’t let them borrow the Dark Abyss.

Unlike Baijue, Tianqi dared to tell Shanggu how he feels about her. Baijue says love isn’t important to Shanggu, whose destiny is to be Chief God.

Baijue won’t force Shanggu to go to the Nether World if Gujun wins. Smiling with happiness, Shanggu accepts the key of the Dark Abyss. Xueying is determined to defeat Gujun.

In the Dark Abyss, a thunderstorm forms for Gujun’s trial.

Baijue monitors what is happening in the Dark Abyss.

Shanggu helps Gujun with the thunder strikes in his trial, and she takes the last thunder strike to save him.

Hongri is alarmed. However, Baijue doesn’t intervene because he believes in Shanggu.

Baijue becomes a god and thanks Shanggu. Not expecting thunder strikes in trials to be so devastating, Shanggu thinks about Baijue, who took all 49 thunder strikes for her in her trial.

Baijue is proud of Shanggu.

Shanggu shares Gujun’s news with Yuemi. Receiving a report about immortals dying mysteriously, Yuemi finally understands why Baijue pressures Shanggu to become Chief God of Chaos.

Zhiyang is busy in a meeting. Shanggu finds out the Power of Chaos is dissipating, causing an imbalance in the distribution of power in the realms.

Shanggu puts away her dice, toys and romance stories.

Xueying cheats by using spells, but Gujun defeats her. Zhongli and Xiahui confess, blaming Xueying for manipulating them into stealing a Nine-Clawed Lotus from Baijue’s pond and framing Gujun. Baijue banishes Xueying from the God Realm and demotes her to guard the barrier of the Nether World. Shanggu announces her decision to go to the Nether World.

As soon as Shanggu enters the Nether World, she has to fight devils. Moyu signals to his followers to refrain from attacking Shanggu.

Shanggu asks Xuanyi to create another barrier covering the Nether World, preventing her from leaving until she obtains the Power of Chaos. Xuanyi agrees on two conditions: his devils won’t go easy on her and she visits him often.

Ignoring Baijue, Tianqi asks Zhiyang to help him break Xuanyi’s barrier. Zhiyang says they need to stop spoiling Shanggu.

Baijue’s spirit leaves his body to go into the Nether World, even though doing so decreases his cultivation and lifespan. Hongri begs Baijue to be careful because whatever happens to the spirit affects the body, including death.

Baijue’s spirit guards Shanggu as she trains in the Nether World.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 8

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 8
Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 8

Baijue sees plenty of Deicide Flowers at the God-holding Platform. Xuanyi says Deicide Flowers release an aura of chaos when they bloom, which can be absorbed by the Chief God to accelerate cultivation.

Knowing the destruction of the Tribulation of Chaos, Baijue decides to push Shanggu to become Chief God of Chaos as soon as possible.

Hearing a rumor about Baijue wanting to invite her for a meal, Shanggu wonders if her red thread of fate is working already. Wuhuan teases Shanggu not to lose her composure if Baijue confesses his feelings. Hongri tells Shanggu that Baijue wants to see her.

Shanggu dresses up, anticipating her meeting with Baijue.

Baijue tells Shanggu to go to the Nether World by herself to train for 1,000 years. Shocked, Shanggu begs Baijue to reconsider.

Shanggu cries, but Yuemi doesn’t know how to help her.

Knowing the pain of separation, Baijue sends Hongri to help Wuxi transform into human form faster.

On the Day of the Chosen, Zhiyang and Baijue prefer for Shanggu to choose Muguang, a golden dragon who ranks first, to be her disciple. However, Shanggu chooses Gujun because his attitude reminds her of “someone.” Xueying ridicules Gujun for being a demon. In one month, Xueying and Gujun will fight, and if he loses, Shanggu agrees to train in the Nether World until she obtains the Power of Chaos.

Shanggu hopes Gujun can win.

Wuhuan tells Shanggu that Gujun is in trouble, accused of injuring Tianqi.

Shanggu teases Tianqi, knowing that a Nine-Clawed Lotus can’t injure him. Tianqi worries about Shanggu, so he tells her not to go to the Nether World.

Zhongli and Xiahui accuse Gujun of using a Nine-Clawed Lotus to injure Tianqi. However, Gujun has never heard of Nine-Clawed Lotuses, which grow in Baijue’s pond. Tianqi tells Shanggu that Gujun must become a god to have a chance of defeating Xueying.

Baijue finds out a Nine-Clawed Lotus is missing from his pond. Xueying is in charge of the pond, so Hongri suspects her.

Wuhuan lets Baijue know where Shanggu is at, causing Yuemi to glare at her.

Zhiyang is tired of Tianqi pretending to be injured. Tianqi begs Shanggu to help him eat. Interrupting them, Baijue stops Shanggu before she can feed Tianqi food.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 7

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 7
Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 7

Shanggu realizes that Baijue is nice.

Baijue saves Wuxi and Fengyan from Snake Demons. Accepting full responsibility, Fengyan undergoes nirvana so that Baijue will spare Wuxi’s life. Wuxi retaliates by injuring Shanggu.

Fengyun says only the Phoenix Queen or Water Bead can heal Shanggu. Wuhuan, seeing an opportunity to improve her life, brings water from the Icy Pool to ease Shanggu’s pain. Baijue allows Wuhuan to take care of Shanggu.

Xueying agrees to let Baijue borrow the Water Bead on one condition; she wants to be his disciple.

Fengyun transfers his power to Shanggu to no avail.

With his eyes covered, Baijue lowers Shanggu’s shirt and uses the Water Bead to heal her.

Wuhuan tells Shanggu that Baijue sentenced Wuxi to death. Blaming herself, Shanggu is upset at Baijue for not keeping his promise to Fengyan and spare Wuxi’s life.

Shanggu finds out Baijue only destroyed Wuxi’s cultivation. Showing Shanggu two spirits, Baijue lets her decide whether to give Fengyan’s spirit or a fake one to the Phoenix Clan.

Shanggu gives the fake spirit to Fengyun and chooses Wuhuan, a phoenix of low status, to be her divine beast, setting an example for everyone to be judged on qualifications and work ethic, not birth status. Unbeknownst to the Phoenix Clan, Wuxi’s body is a tree while Fengyan’s spirit is in a flower, so they can meet again.

Before returning to the God Realm, Baijue allows Shanggu to eat wontons. Shanggu teases Baijue.

Shanggu encourages Wuhuan to train hard like her so that no one can look down on them. Hongri notifies Shanggu, unable to stop Xueying from entering Changyuan Hall.

Xueying has an Instruction Feather from Baijue to prove she is his disciple. Shanggu uses the Ancestral Sword to force Xueying to leave Changyuan Hall. Because of the Water Bead, Baijue tells Shanggu to get along with Xueying.

Anything associated with Xueying upsets Shanggu, even white dresses sent by Zhiyang for the Day of the Chosen.

Shanggu gives all her books to Xueying and tells her to study on her own. Xueying already read them, and picking up a book about geography, she notices it looks new even though Shanggu claims to have read everything.

Asked about the book of geography, Xueying answers easily. On the other hand, Shanggu cheats by relying on Yuemi and Wuhuan to help her. Baijue asks about the cultivation of Tiger Demons, giving Shanggu a chance to show off. Hongri makes tea for Shanggu and ignores Xueying.

Yuemi gives Shanggu a red thread of fate.

At the Temple of Love, Baijue sees Shanggu throwing away Xueying’s red thread of fate tied to his name tag and replacing it with her own.

On the Day of the Chosen, immortals with the highest cultivation enter the God Realm, so Zhiyang plans for Shanggu to choose one of them to be her disciple. Baijue thinks it’ll take Shanggu 10,000 years to become Chief God of Chaos, but this isn’t fast enough because the Power of Chaos is dissipating.

Baijue checks the God-holding Platform, and surprisingly, the seal is intact even though the barrier of the Nether World continues to weaken.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 6

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 6
Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 6

Baijue thinks Shanggu is losing weight. Hongri points out Shanggu’s waist, which keeps expanding because she is eating more than ever.

Ridiculing Shanggu’s temperament and behavior, Xueying says Baijue tolerates Shanggu out of necessity. Shanggu challenges Xueying to a fight, and if she wins, she expects an apology for damaging her kite.

Baijue watches the fight between Shanggu and Xueying. Xueying cheats by freezing Shanggu. Frustrated, Shanggu resorts to using the Ancestral Sword to gain an advantage.

[Flashback: Xueying says the fight won’t be fair if Shanggu uses the Ancestral Sword. Confident in her ability, Shanggu promises not to use it.]

Baijue denounces Xueying for cheating and scolds Shanggu for falling for Xueying’s provocation. Hurt by Baijue’s criticism, Shanggu says the kite doesn’t mean anything to him, but it’s important to her.

Xueying offers to apologize to Shanggu. Not fooled by Xueying’s pretense, Baijue takes 1,000 years of cultivation from her.

Under Xueying’s name, a gift of 1,000 years of cultivation is sent to Shanggu as an apology.

After sending Xueying’s cultivation to Shanggu, Hongri sees Baijue fixing Shanggu’s kite.

Tianqi mocks Baijue because Shanggu has stopped training. Zhiyang tells Shanggu that Baijue punished Xueying. No longer mad, Shanggu will wait until Baijue has time so that they can go choose her divine beast together.

Baijue won’t go with Shanggu, telling her to learn to do things by herself.

The Phoenix Queen can go through nirvana three times. After each time, she will be reborn as another person but with greater cultivation. Preparing to become Shanggu’s divine beast, Fengyan decides to go through nirvana even though she is in love with a childhood friend, Wuxi. Wuxi couldn’t bear to lose Fengyan, so he steals her spirit to stop her nirvana.

Since Wuxi has concealed his scent, Fengyun, an elder in the Phoenix Clan, asks Baijue for help.

Borrowing Yuemi’s Immortal-seeking Bell, Shanggu travels with Baijue to find Wuxi and Fengyan. Baijue won’t let Shanggu succumb to distractions, vetoing her request to eat wontons.

The Immortal-seeking Bell leads Baijue and Shanggu to an inn. To lure Baijue and Shanggu away from Fengyan, Wuxi attacks them.

Baijue chases after Wuxi.

Shanggu decides to search the inn.

Baijue finds Wuxi.

Following the Immortal-seeking Bell until it stops in front of a room, Shanggu persuades Fengyan to talk to her by claiming to know a lot of news, including a secret from the Phoenix Clan.

Fengyan finds out Baijue is investigating her disappearance.

Wuxi doesn’t have Fengyan’s spirit. Baijue receives a message from Zhiyang, warning him to be careful because immortals and demons are also looking for Fengyan’s spirit.

Fengyan doesn’t aspire to be Shanggu’s divine beast, especially when other phoenixes can replace her, and just wants to grow old with the man she loves. Shanggu lets Fengyan go.

Baijue returns to the inn.

Seeing empty bottles of wine, Baijue scolds Shanggu for letting Fengyan escape. Shanggu asks if Baijue will punish her if she breaks rules, and with the courage of a drunk, she kisses him.

When Shanggu wakes up, she can’t remember if she dared to kiss Baijue.

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