Never Gone

Never Gone
Never Gone

Never Gone
Chinese title: 原来你还在这里
Based on the novel: 原来你还在这里 by Xin Yi Wu
Genre: Campus
Episodes: 36
English subs: Viki

Main Cast
Yang Zishan as Su Yunjin
Elvis Han as Cheng Zheng
Toby Lee as Shen Ju’an
Lyric Lan as Zhang Yue
Su Qing as Mo Yuhua
Tan Jianci as Zhou Ziyi


Su Yunjin and Cheng Zheng are total opposites. From their personalities to their family backgrounds, they live two different lives. Despite their differences, Cheng Zheng pursues Su Yunjin and eventually wins her heart.

Their relationship doesn’t come easy and eventually they go their separate ways. But when Cheng Zheng reappears after several years, will they fall back in love? (Source: Viki)