Love and Destiny: Episode 46

Love and Destiny: Episode 46
Love and Destiny: Episode 46

A’Mo tells Jiu Chen not to abandon her or lie to her.

Jiu Chen kisses A’Mo’s forehead while she is sleeping, and then he disappears.

The next morning, A’Mo wakes up and can’t find Jiu Chen anywhere.

A’Mo looks at the harbor, wondering where Jiu Chen has gone. Physician Sun and Madam Guan notice A’Mo seems sad.

After work, A’Mo arrives home, hoping to see Jiu Chen, but there is only Xiao Bai.

Winds rattle the doors and windows, causing A’Mo to run to Jiu Chen’s room because she thinks he has come back.

Jiu Chen monitors A’Mo. Si Ming doesn’t know what to say to comfort him.

A’Mo eats alone, but she sets the table for two as if Jiu Chen is still with her.

Physician Sun tells A’Mo to take a couple of days off because she doesn’t look well.

A’Mo leaves the gate to her house open.

Worried about Jiu Chen, A’Mo falls sick.

Si Ming says Ling Xi’s tribulations will be over soon, and then she can return to the Heaven Realm. Jiu Chen continues to monitor her.

A’Mo prepares a lot of food for Xiao Bai because she will be gone for a while.

A’Mo asks people for directions to Jiu Chen’s hometown, but no one knows where it is.

Si Ming asks Jiu Chen if the name of Jiu Chen’s hometown is a real place. Jiu Chen rushes back to A’Mo.

A’Mo keeps on looking for Jiu Chen’s hometown.

It’s raining heavily, so A’Mo begs an innkeeper to let her stay for the night. The innkeeper says his place is reserved for government officials, but he allows A’Mo to sleep in a shed nearby.

Jiu Chen appears in the shed after A’Mo falls asleep. Waking up and seeing him, she asks if he likes her because she looks like Ling Xi. Jiu Chen apologizes, unable to tell her the truth.

Jiu Chen reserves a room in an inn for A’Mo. He leaves to get food for her, but she grabs his hand. Jiu Chen says he will come back.

Si Ming says A’Mo will die on her birthday, which coincides with the Mountain Spirit Tribe’s Blood Moon Festival. Ling Xi already passed the life tribulation when the Lin family tried to kill her and she survived. Her second tribulation is death. Jiu Chen asks about Ling Xi’s third tribulation, but Si Ming refuses to explain further.

The demonic mark behind A’Mo’s ear causes her to scream out in pain. Jiu Chen says she is sick and will get better. A’Mo believes him and says she wants to go home.

Resting at home, A’Mo’s condition deteriorates. Jiu Chen says he will go buy food for her. A’Mo asks Jiu Chen to get Physician Sun.

Jiu Chen tells Xiao Bai to watch A’Mo.

A’Mo checks her appearance in the mirror.

A’Mo eats a variety of things, and unable to taste them, she is devastated. Jiu Chen arrives home with Physician Sun.

Jiu Chen tells A’Mo to rest and not worry while Physician Sun researches medical books to find out what is wrong with her. A’Mo says Jiu Chen needs to rest, too.

The demonic mark behind A’Mo’s ear burns, making it hard for A’Mo to sleep. Jing Xiu tells A’Mo to come with him because if she stays, she will die.

Jing Xiu accuses Jiu Chen of sacrificing A’Mo to save Ling Xi. Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu fight. A’Mo asks what her sickness has to do with Ling Xi. Jiu Chen says A’Mo can become Ling Xi after she dies, shocking her.

Zhong Hao needs to abduct A’Mo for the Demon King. While Jiu Chen and Zhong Hao fight, Jing Xiu escapes with A’Mo. Si Ming worries because Jiu Chen’s Fire Essense has weakened considerably after fighting Jing Xiu and Zhong Hao. Jiu Chen tells Si Ming to alert Yun Feng, who must find A’Mo as soon as possible.

A’Mo coughs up blood and goes blind. Jing Xiu gives A’Mo his Life Pearl to prolong her life and restore her eyesight.

Love and Destiny: Episode 45

Love and Destiny: Episode 45
Love and Destiny: Episode 45

Old Madam Lin regrets how she treated A’Mo. After A’Mo left, the relationship between her grandmother and Lin Shaohai deteriorated. A’Mo comforts her grandmother.

Madam Lin is surprised to see A’Mo checking Old Madam Lin’s pulse and prescription. A’Mo says she works as a physician’s apprentice in a pharmacy.

Lin Zhan says she scolded Song Ziyu, who didn’t care about the engagement but caused a scene at the Lin family’s residence after finding out what A’Mo did from his housekeeper. Madam Lin, Lin Shaohai’s concubine and Lin Zhan are curious about Jiu Chen, but only Lin Zhan dares to ask A’Mo.

Jiu Chen impresses the servants with his demeanor.

Lin Shaohai rushes home. A’Mo cries and hugs him.

Lin Shaohai says he searched for her for half a year, but he had to return home when Old Madam Lin fell ill. A’Mo tells her father about Jiu Chen.

Jiu Chen shows Lin Shaohai documents to prove he is wealthy and can take care of A’Mo. However, Lin Shaohai only asks if Jiu Chen is serious about A’Mo. Jiu Chen vows to protect her with his life, and the oath pleases Lin Shaohai.

After visiting the Lin family, Jiu Chen and A’Mo return home. Xiao Bai is in the front yard to greet them.

Cheng Yan follows A’Mo, scaring her.

A’Mo warns Cheng Yan not to harm her or Jiu Chen will punish him. Cheng Yan says he just wanted to look at her from afar even though he promised his sister to stay away.

A’Mo asks Jiu Chen about Cheng Yan and Ling Xi because Cheng Yan called her by that name. Jiu Chen admits to knowing them but won’t explain further.

A’Mo discovers Jiu Chen’s longevity knot. Jiu Chen says someone gave it to him.

A’Mo begins to doubt Jiu Chen, wondering if he likes her because she looks like Ling Xi.

A’Mo stops playing chess with Jiu Chen to see who has come for a visit. It’s Si Ming.

Si Ming tells Jiu Chen to leave because it’s time for A’Mo to face her tribulation. A’Mo makes tea for Si Ming, but Si Ming says he can’t stay.

Jiu Chen says Si Ming is a friend. A’Mo wishes Si Ming could’ve stayed longer since he traveled from far away.

Jiu Chen tells A’Mo not to give up when life is hard because there are things worth cherishing, such as the people she loves, morality and justice. A’Mo asks Jiu Chen if he will always be with her, and Jiu Chen says he will.

Love and Destiny: Episode 44

Love and Destiny: Episode 44
Love and Destiny: Episode 44

Traveling to buy medicine, the Song family’s housekeeper sees A’Mo.

A’Mo asks Immortal Peng why he is standing outside her house. Immortal Peng says he is waiting for Jiu Chen’s permission to talk to him.

A’Mo tells Jiu Chen about Immortal Peng needing to talk to him. Immortal Peng has left, so Jiu Chen says it’s probably not important.

The Song family’s housekeeper scolds A’Mo for running away from home and living with a man. Confused and shocked, A’Mo finds out Jiu Chen isn’t her betrothed.

Jiu Chen says he has loved A’Mo for a long time. Thus, he pretends to be her betrothed to stay with her and protect her. A’Mo asks about his background, so he kisses her to stop her from talking.

A’Mo asks Jiu Chen about his background again, thinking he is joking when he says he is a god. Jiu Chen can’t answer her, so he makes her fall asleep.

Jiu Chen carries A’Mo to her room.

Immortal Peng apologizes if he unknowingly offended Jiu Chen. Jiu Chen tells Immortal Peng to create an identity for him, someone who is wealthy because Madam Guan had asked if he can take care of A’Mo.

The next morning, A’Mo wakes up, not remembering how she had fallen asleep.

Jiu Chen shows A’Mo documents about his background: his parents are dead, he has a brother, he was in the military, his business is in tea and salt, and lastly, he has a lot of properties. He hides documents stating he has concubines before A’Mo sees them.

A’Mo thinks about her grandmother when she sees a grandmother accompanied by her granddaughter at Physician Sun’s pharmacy. According to the Song family’s housekeeper, A’Mo’s grandmother fell ill after A’Mo ran away from home.

A’Mo gives the grandmother and granddaughter their medicinal herbs.

Madam Guan urges A’Mo to go visit Old Madam Lin. Physician Sun tells A’Mo to go with Jiu Chen for safety.

A’Mo says she wants to visit her family. Immediately, Jiu Chen agrees to go with her.

Arriving at the Lin family’s residence, A’Mo hesitates, so Jiu Chen knocks on the door. Seeing A’Mo, a maid alerts the household.

Jiu Chen stands behind A’Mo, watching her.

Madam Lin cries, glad to see A’Mo again. The Song family’s housekeeper had written to the Lin family, saying A’Mo is no longer mute and deaf. Lin Zhan mocks A’Mo for coming back. Lin Shaohai’s concubine tells Jiu Chen to wait for Lin Shaohai, who will be home soon.

Love and Destiny: Episode 43

Love and Destiny: Episode 43
Love and Destiny: Episode 43

A’Mo tells Jiu Chen to go back to his family.

Jiu Chen catches A’Mo trying to start a fire to thaw Xu Hai and Xu Hai’s underling. A’Mo says the elites in town have hired a Taoist priest, and she fears what he can do to Jiu Chen.

Jiu Chen unfreezes Xu Hai and Xu Hai’s underling.

A’Mo decides not to disturb Jiu Chen while he is in his room. Jiu Chen doesn’t know why A’Mo stands outside his room for a while and then leaves.

Jiu Chen asks A’Mo if she needs to talk to him.

A’Mo gives Jiu Chen the clothes she made for him.

Jiu Chen tries on the clothes. A’Mo says it’s beautiful, and then tells him she means his clothes, not him.

Jiu Chen asks Xiao Bai if he looks good.

A’Mo tells Jiu Chen about her plan to raise chickens and sell chicken eggs for money. A’Mo’s excitement makes Jiu Chen smile until he remembers his conversation with Qing Yao. Can he watch A’Mo suffer and not intervene in her tribulations?

Madam Guan tells A’Mo that Xu Hai and his underling have been unfrozen, and surprisingly, the men are alive after being encased in ice for so long.

A vendor tries to sell a hairpin to A’Mo. Jiu Chen asks why A’Mo doesn’t buy it when she likes it. A’Mo says she would rather buy things that can be eaten such as chicken eggs, chicken legs and chicken breasts.

Hearing A’Mo talk about her birthday startles Jiu Chen because he knows she isn’t fated to live past this date. A’Mo tells Jiu Chen to cook longevity noodles instead of buying a gift for her because she wants to save money to buy chickens.

A’Mo pleads with Xiao Bai to come out of the chicken coop she made, but Xiao Bai won’t budge. Jiu Chen only has to say Xiao Bai’s name once, and Xiao Bai leaves the chicken coop.

Jiu Chen persuades A’Mo to take Jing Xiu’s plant out of her room to let it bask in the sun.

A’Mo wants to become a physician because she can make money while helping people. Jiu Chen says if fate disrupts her plan, she mustn’t let her anger corrupt her, and no matter what, he will risk his life to protect her.

Xiao Bai destroys Jing Xiu’s plant.

Disturbed by what has happened lately, Madam Guan gets paintings of Earth Deity from a temple for herself and A’Mo. A’Mo doesn’t want to but has to accept it because of Madam Guan’s insistence.

Jiu Chen sees a painting of Earth Deity hanging on a wall in A’Mo’s house.

Immortal Peng, Earth Deity of where A’Mo lives, chats with Si Ming and suddenly gets chills all over his body.

Standing before the painting of Earth Deity, A’Mo bows with incense sticks and then tells Jiu Chen to do the same. Stunned, Jiu Chen looks at A’Mo, unable to say he outranks Earth Deities.

Jiu Chen’s bowing causes Immortal Peng to vomit blood. The painting of Earth Deity falls off the wall, so Jiu Chen tells A’Mo not to hang it up again.

Love and Destiny: Episode 42

Love and Destiny: Episode 42
Love and Destiny: Episode 42

Returning to A’Mo, Jiu Chen recalls his conversation with Qing Yao.

[flashback] Qing Yao asked why Jiu Chen risks his life to be by Ling Xi’s side when tribulations happen to all immortals. In Qing Yao’s tribulation, she fell in love with a mortal, but Yun Feng accidentally killed him. Jiu Chen said his sacrifice is worth it if Ling Xi returns to the Heaven Realm with hope instead of heartbreak. [flashback ends]

A’Mo worries because she can’t find Jiu Chen. Jiu Chen says he stepped out for a while, and since she hasn’t eaten dinner, he will make noodles for her.

Jiu Chen struggles to make noodles for the first time and ends up with flour all over himself.

A’Mo eats the noodles while trying hard not to laugh at Jiu Chen.

A’Mo asks if people who cultivate like Jiu Chen can marry and need to eat. Jiu Chen says he eats, influenced by a friend who said life is boring without food.

Remembering Si Ming’s warning not to intervene, Jiu Chen worries if Ling Xi can pass her tribulations.

A’Mo watches Jiu Chen wash the dishes. Jiu Chen asks her why she hasn’t gone to bed.

The next morning, A’Mo sees Jiu Chen waiting for her. Jiu Chen says he wants to take her to work.

Arriving at Physician Sun’s pharmacy, Jiu Chen and A’Mo say goodbye to each other.

A’Mo continues to look even after Jiu Chen walks away. Teasing A’Mo, Madam Guan tells her to ask for time off if she prefers to be with Jiu Chen instead of working.

Jiu Chen sees a couple discussing a talisman they bought.

Jiu Chen tells Zhu Zizai to stop deceiving people by selling talismans. Since Jiu Chen is busy, he gives Zhu Zizai a letter, introducing him to another teacher, Master Qingsong at Mount Ziyan. Zhu Zizai asks for Jiu Chen’s name so that he can look for him later.

A’Mo listens as Physician Sun and Madam Guan discuss what has happened to Xu Hai. Government officials couldn’t break the ice even though the weather is extremely hot. As a result, people suspect the gods are punishing Xu Hai for his sins.

Madam Guan asks A’Mo if she saw what happened to Xu Hai. A’Mo says she doesn’t know anything.

Looking at Xu Hai and his underling encased in ice, A’Mo is horrified.

Jiu Chen asks A’Mo if something is wrong, but A’Mo keeps her thoughts to herself.

Physician Sun prescribes medicine for a patient with a cold. However, the patient asks if his illness is caused by a demon.

Madam Guan says the elites in town invited a Taoist priest to perform an exorcism to force demons to reveal themselves. Furthermore, Madam Guan gives A’Mo a bottle of wine that supposedly wards off demons.

Seeing talismans everywhere in town, A’Mo rips off as many as she can.

A’Mo secretly burns the talismans. Jiu Chen touches the wine that wards off demons and a talisman. Immediately, A’Mo forces him to wash his hands.

Love and Destiny: Episode 41

Love and Destiny: Episode 41
Love and Destiny: Episode 41

A’Mo prescribes medicine for a patient. She explains the herbs in the medicine to Physician Sun, who praises her. Madam Guan says A’Mo works hard, unlike Physician Sun’s other assistant.

Madam Guan asks A’Mo why she bought men’s fabrics, but A’Mo, feeling embarrassed, doesn’t answer her.

Relying on the Fire Essense to prolong his life, Jiu Chen knows he can’t use his power anymore, at least until Ling Xi completes her tribulations.

A’Mo arrives home, so Jiu Chen asks what is in her basket. A’Mo doesn’t tell him she bought fabrics to make his clothes.

As A’Mo sews clothes for Jiu Chen, she remembers using her hands to measure his body.

Jiu Chen asks A’Mo what she has been doing in her room lately to cause her to go to bed late at night. A’Mo says it’s nothing.

Zhu Zizai and Bao Suozhu buy breakfast for A’Mo and offer to take her to work, but A’Mo declines their offer.

In A’Mo’s room, Jiu Chen finds the clothes she is making for him and avoids the plant Jing Xiu left for A’Mo.

Xu Hai, a thug, seeks treatment for his wounds at Physician Sun’s pharmacy, and upon seeing A’Mo, he teases her inappropriately. Physician Sun gives Xu Hai medicine and tells him to go away.

After work, Madam Guan gives A’Mo a package of herbs to soothe her nerves after the incident with Xu Hai. A’Mo says she isn’t afraid.

A’Mo buys mooncakes. Meanwhile, Xu Hai and his underlings plan to kidnap and sell A’Mo for money.

Bao Suozhu calls A’Mo’s name, but A’Mo is too far away to hear him.

Xu Hai and his underlings kidnap A’Mo.

Bao Suozhu finds A’Mo’s package of herbs and mooncakes, which she dropped while being kidnapped.

After talking with Bao Suozhu, Zhu Zizai guesses something must have happened to A’Mo and alerts Jiu Chen. Jiu Chen disappears in a flash to look for her.

Xu Hai can’t wait to sell A’Mo to a brothel, betting he can get a lot of money because she is beautiful. A’Mo screams for help.

Filled with rage, Jiu Chen freezes Xu Hai and his underling, encasing them in ice. A’Mo sees what Jiu Chen is capable of and faints in shock.

Jiu Chen carries A’Mo home, remembering Si Ming’s warning not to harm mortals or change their fates.

A’Mo asks Jiu Chen if he is human. Jiu Chen says he has never harmed her and apologizes for not taking better care of her. It’s Mid-Autumn Festival and he didn’t have time to prepare a gift, so Jiu Chen wishes her to be safe and happy. Then to her surprise, he kisses her.

Jiu Chen leaves A’Mo’s room, and A’Mo goes to sleep.

Jiu Chen feels unwell because he used his power to freeze two mortals.

Arriving at Peach Forest, Jiu Chen sees Qing Yao kicking Yun Feng out of her house.

Jiu Chen needs to talk to Qing Yao.

Qing Yao gives Jiu Chen medicine, but the medicine might not help because he doesn’t have a heart. Qing Yao says the counter-effect of Jiu Chen using his power against mortals can extinguish the Fire Essence. Jiu Chen tells Qing Yao to visit Ling Xi, but Qing Yao can’t bear to see Ling Xi suffer and not being able to help her.

Jiu Chen asks Yun Feng about the Mountain Spirit Tribe. Yun Feng says spies have infiltrated but have low ranks, so it takes them time to send messages.

Love and Destiny: Episode 40

Love and Destiny: Episode 40
Love and Destiny: Episode 40

Jiu Chen attacks Taowu Beast, driving it into the woods. He unfreezes Zhu Zizai.

Without the Nuwa Stone, Jiu Chen’s power has weakened, allowing Taowu Beast to escape. Zhu Zizai and Bao Suozhu praise Jiu Chen for handling Taowu Beast. Jiu Chen collapses, shocking them.

There are many injured people in Physician Sun’s pharmacy. A’Mo calls Jing Xiu to help her get supplies, but he has disappeared.

Zhu Zizai and Bao Suozhu take Jiu Chen to Physician Sun’s pharmacy.

After three days, Jiu Chen wakes up. A’Mo chastises Jiu Chen for risking his life to fight Taowu Beast.

Zhu Zizai and Bao Suozhu want to visit Jiu Chen, so A’Mo takes them to see him.

Zhu Zizai kneels and begs to become Jiu Chen’s disciple, refusing to stand up until Jiu Chen agrees. A’Mo thinks Zhu Zizai saved Jiu Chen, so she tells Jiu Chen to agree. Jiu Chen couldn’t say no to A’Mo.

Jiu Chen is annoyed he has a disciple like Zhu Zizai. A’Mo doesn’t know why Jiu Chen dislikes Zhu Zizai.

Jiu Chen must return to the Heaven Realm to let the Heavenly Emperor know about Taowu Beast. Zhu Zizai and Bao Suozhu greet Jiu Chen, but Jiu Chen doesn’t notice them.

The Heavenly Emperor assigns Kai Yang and Han Zhang to investigate if Taowu Beast’s escape from its seal is related to the Demon King’s awakening. The Heavenly Emperor and Thunder Lord want to meet Jiu Chen’s disciple. Jiu Chen says his disciple is ordinary, but the Heavenly Emperor and Thunder Lord find that hard to believe.

A’Mo discovers a letter from Jing Xiu, saying he needs to return to his family to deal with an emergency. Happy to find his opponent gone, Jiu Chen tells A’Mo not to worry since her relationship with Jing Xiu is likely ill-fated.

Jiu Chen and A’Mo go buy food together.

Jiu Chen’s spirit leaves his body to return to the Heaven Realm.

According to Yun Feng, Ling Yue said she has imprisoned Jing Xiu. Jiu Chen needs Yun Feng to look into this matter again because Jing Xiu isn’t in prison but instead was staying with A’Mo.

A’Mo finds Jiu Chen sitting in his room, unmoving and not responding to her.

From what Jiu Chen heard from A’Mo, Jing Xiu was severely injured when he met A’Mo. Yun Feng is afraid the relationship between the Heaven Tribe and Mountain Spirit Tribe will become more strained if he investigates Jing Xiu, so Jiu Chen decides to let Han Zhang secretly handle this.

Jiu Chen’s spirit returns to his body, and he tells A’Mo he was sleeping while sitting. A’Mo says she wanted to check on him before going to work. Jiu Chen coughs and pretends to be sick, so A’Mo decides to stay home to take care of him.

A’Mo washes Jiu Chen’s clothes and brews medicine for him. She sees a rip in his clothes.

A’Mo wants to make an outfit for Jiu Chen, but she can’t find the tape measure. Jiu Chen remembers Yun Feng’s advice to be shameless when wooing A’Mo, so he tells her to measure his body with her hands. Flustered, A’Mo follows his suggestion, but she forgets the measurements. Jiu Chen tells her to do it again.

Love and Destiny: Episode 39

Love and Destiny: Episode 39
Love and Destiny: Episode 39

Jiu Chen stops meditating to go meet Yun Feng, who has come to the Mortal Realm.

Jing Xiu says Jiu Chen has many enemies and puts A’Mo in danger by staying with her. Jiu Chen says Jing Xiu also has many enemies.

Medicine King has convinced the Heavenly Emperor to issue a marriage edict for Yu Li and Yun Feng. Yun Feng is in love with Qing Yao, so he begs Jiu Chen to return to the Heaven Realm to help him stop the marriage. Jiu Chen refuses because he can’t leave A’Mo alone with Jing Xiu.

Telling Jing Xiu to go buy his writing supplies, A’Mo goes to Physician Sun’s pharmacy.

A’Mo asks Physician Sun for a month’s wage in advance.

A’Mo uses the money to prepare a farewell feast for Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu. She tells Jiu Chen to go to the Capital to take the national examination. As for Jing Xiu, his health has recovered, so he should go back to his family.

Jing Xiu asks Jiu Chen if A’Mo wants them to leave, so Jiu Chen says it’s Jing Xiu who should leave.

Jiu Chen vents his frustration on Yun Feng and Si Ming, berating them for not cultivating diligently. Yun Feng gives Jiu Chen advice on how to win A’Mo’s heart: be persistent, be persuasive, and lastly, be shameless.

Madam Guan tells A’Mo that Jing Xiu is working nearby.

A’Mo doesn’t understand why Jing Xiu has to earn money by writing letters for people when he said he is wealthy. Jing Xiu says he can’t leave because he still has to take care of some matters.

A’Mo hopes Jiu Chen won’t shamelessly refuse to leave like Jing Xiu, but she sees him waiting outside her house.

Jiu Chen asks A’Mo to marry him. However, A’Mo tells Jiu Chen to go back to his family and marry someone else.

Jiu Chen conjures up a storm and endures it.

A’Mo allows Jiu Chen to go into the house.

A’Mo helps Jiu Chen dry his hair. Jiu Chen holds A’Mo’s hand and then implores her to let him stay.

A’Mo returns to her room, feeling conflicted. Jiu Chen watches as the light goes out in A’Mo’s room.

The next morning, A’Mo tells Jiu Chen to leave. Jiu Chen pretends to be sick so that A’Mo would let him stay, but he can’t fool her.

A’Mo sees a vendor selling mooncakes. The vendor says Mid-Autumn Festival is in a few days.

A’Mo doesn’t accept mooncakes bought by Jing Xiu, telling him to go see his family during Mid-Autumn Festival. Jing Xiu says he doesn’t have any family.

Zhu Zizai pays respect to Jing Xiu and begs Jing Xiu to be his teacher. Jing Xiu freezes Zhu Zizai to stop him from causing a commotion.

A’Mo remembers Zhu Zizai and Bao Suozhu had tried to capture Xiao Bai.

Taowu Beast appears, injuring and killing people. Jing Xiu yells at everyone to hide and pulls A’Mo into Physician Sun’s pharmacy.

Love and Destiny: Episode 38

Love and Destiny: Episode 38
Love and Destiny: Episode 38

Insulting each other doesn’t work, so Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu fight to determine who can stay and who should leave.

Zhu Zizai and his disciple, Bao Suozhu, spy on Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu. Amazed by their power, Zhu Zizai wants to ask either Jiu Chen or Jing Xiu to be his teacher. Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu disappear as soon as they realize there are mortals nearby.

A’Mo doesn’t want to deal with Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu, so she asks to stay overnight at the pharmacy. Physician Sun tells A’Mo to go home and let her problem resolve itself naturally.

A’Mo sees Jing Xiu waiting outside Physician Sun’s pharmacy. Jing Xiu says everything is fine between him and Jiu Chen.

After investigating A’Mo’s life at the Lin family, Jing Xiu understands why she is wary of people’s intentions, so he will give her time to make her decision.

On his way to Physician Sun’s pharmacy, Jiu Chen easily destroys the obstacles set up by Jing Xiu.

Jiu Chen ruins the snack Jing Xiu bought for A’Mo, acting like it’s an accident but not fooling A’Mo or Jing Xiu.

A’Mo, Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu arrive home. The house is in shambles, and there is a hole in the roof.

[flashback] Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu had fought each other, destroying various parts of the house including the roof. [flashback ends]

Jing Xiu offers to fix the roof. Jiu Chen says he can also do it. A’Mo thanks both of them.

Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu figure out each other’s identity.

A’Mo is happy with her life and doesn’t want to go back to her hometown with Jiu Chen. Jiu Chen says he will stay with her to protect her.

Jing Xiu uses rain to force A’Mo and Jiu Chen to return home, then he creates a rainbow to cheer up A’Mo. A’Mo is surprised by the sudden change in the weather.

Jing Xiu thanks Jiu Chen for saving A’Mo from the Heaven Tribe. Nevertheless, Jing Xiu feels he can take care of A’Mo, so he won’t give up even though he is competing against the God of War.

Jing Xiu pushes the task of fixing the roof onto Jiu Chen and breaks the ladder, causing Jiu Chen to fall to the ground. Jiu Chen pretends to be injured so that Jing Xiu would have to fix the roof. While Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu argue, A’Mo climbs up the ladder and fixes the roof.

Madam Guan scolds Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu for not fixing the roof for A’Mo. A’Mo slips. Simultaneously, Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu stabilize A’Mo so she wouldn’t fall off the roof.

Madam Guan asks if Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu have financial assets to take care of A’Mo. A’Mo says she can take care of herself. Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu eavesdrop on A’Mo and Madam Guan.

Madam Guan scolds Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu for being useless.

Although needing money, A’Mo doesn’t sell Jing Xiu’s ring because it seems valuable. Jing Xiu tells A’Mo not to worry because he is wealthy. Jiu Chen has a bowl of water ready and extinguishes the fire the moment Jing Xiu’s sleeve bursts into flames.

Love and Destiny: Episode 37

Love and Destiny: Episode 37
Love and Destiny: Episode 37

Jing Xiu says he can take care of A’Mo. A’Mo tells him to leave now that he can see again.

Jing Xiu doesn’t show up for breakfast, so A’Mo goes to his room to look for him. Jing Xiu has disappeared.

Xiao Bai plays with a peach. A’Mo picks it up.

A’Mo washes the peach, eats it, and surprisingly she can hear everything, including her voice when she speaks.

Seeing Jiu Chen, A’Mo cries in happiness because she can hear his voice. She also tells Jing Xiu what happened.

A’Mo introduces Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu to each other. Jiu Chen pressures A’Mo to reveal their betrothal to Jing Xiu. Jing Xiu says he lives with A’Mo.

Xiao Bai likes Jiu Chen while continuing to act hostile toward Jing Xiu. Trading insults back and forth, Jing Xiu says Jiu Chen looks like a butcher, and Jiu Chen says Jing Xiu looks like a conman. A’Mo leaves to escape the tension.

Jing Xiu warns Jiu Chen, saying Jiu Chen doesn’t know who he is dealing with. Undaunted, Jiu Chen issues the same warning to Jing Xiu.

Jiu Chen reminds A’Mo about their betrothal, telling her to keep her distance from Jing Xiu. He puts his hand on her neck to suppress the demonic mark behind her ear, making it disappear.

Jing Xiu interrupts Jiu Chen and A’Mo’s conversation.

Jing Xiu tells A’Mo that no one, including Jiu Chen, can take her away.

Jiu Chen seems different from last time, confusing and making A’Mo feel sad. Thus, she isn’t in the mood to play with Xiao Bai.

Jiu Chen is sick again.

Jing Xiu uses his zither to attack Jiu Chen, so Jiu Chen retaliates by breaking a string in the zither. Meanwhile, A’Mo can’t fall asleep.

Jing Xiu helps A’Mo make breakfast, so Jiu Chen makes A’Mo splash water on Jing Xiu. Jing Xiu has to go change his clothes, giving Jiu Chen a chance to replace him.

Jiu Chen says he and A’Mo have changed. A’Mo says she and Jing Xiu are friends. She doesn’t think she is good enough to marry Jiu Chen, so she wants him to leave her alone.

Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu fight with a table of food between them. When A’Mo joins them to eat, the table breaks in half.

Jing Xiu says he will spend time with Jiu Chen. Sensing trouble, A’Mo agrees to let Jing Xiu take her to work.

Jing Xiu feels he should leave if A’Mo plans to marry Jiu Chen. A’Mo tells Jing Xiu to stay until his eyes heal.

There is rain where Jing Xiu’s stands, and the rain follows him. Holding an umbrella, Jiu Chen says he will take A’Mo to Physician Sun’s pharmacy. A’Mo tells Jing Xiu to go home and change clothes because he is wet.

Arriving at Physician Sun’s pharmacy, A’Mo introduces Jiu Chen to Madam Guan.

Madam Guan is surprised to hear about Jiu Chen and A’Mo’s betrothal. Moreover, A’Mo isn’t an orphan, but she ran away from home. Physician Sun asks what A’Mo plans to do about Jing Xiu. A’Mo tells Physician Sun and Madam Guan she can hear, and they are happy for her.

Guessing Jiu Chen is pretending to be A’Mo’s betrothed, Jing Xiu threatens Jiu Chen and tells him to leave. Jiu Chen says it’s Jing Xiu who should leave.