Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 6

Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 6
Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 6

Cheng Yang’s nanny accuses Lianfang of stealing Cheng Yang’s desk. However, Cheng Shaogong’s desk has a carving of a qilin head, making it a unique item. Cheng Shaoshang’s mother gives Lianfang and Changpu a chance to explain why they fought.

[Seeing Lianfang retrieving a desk for Cheng Shaoshang, Changpu instructed her maidservant friends to grab it and put it in Cheng Yang’s room, promising to return it after Cheng Yang has seen it. Lianfang knew better than to believe Changpu’s lie.]

Cheng Shaoshang’s mother punishes not just Changpu but also Lianfang.

With a few questions, Cheng Shaoshang exposes Changpu for stealing her desk. Cheng Shaoshang’s mother blames Cheng Shaogong for not giving Cheng Yang a desk, too. Frustrated, Cheng Shaoshang points out that she needs a desk, not Cheng Yang, and confronts her mother for disguising favoritism under the name of fairness. Cheng Shaoshang’s brothers support her for speaking out.

Life is unfair for Cheng Shaoshang. Cheng Yang doesn’t have a mother but seems to have a mother everywhere. Ironically, Cheng Shaoshang has a mother but doesn’t seem to have a mother at all.

To make up for what happened, Third Aunt allows Cheng Shaoshang to go to the Lantern Festival.

At the Lantern Festival, Cheng Shaoshang’s mother walks with Cheng Yang. Cheng Shaoshang forms another group with her brothers and father.

Ling Buyi and his guards are at the Lantern Festival to find the person with a lantern made by Xu Jinzhong. From a distance, Ling Buyi sees Cheng Shaoshang for the first time.

Cheng Shaoshang watches as her mother buys hairpins for Cheng Yang.

A restaurant gives out lanterns to people who can solve the riddles on the lanterns. He Zhaojun points to the lantern she wants, but her companion, Lou Yao, doesn’t know the answer.

Like every year, Yuan Shen solves all the riddles. For everyone’s enjoyment, he comes up with his own riddle: how deep is the restaurant’s well?

The restaurant owner, Tian Shuo, will give a jar of Thousand Miles Drunk to the winner.

Cheng Shaoshang figures out the answer, to everyone’s amazement.

The buyer of Xu Jinzhong’s weapons turns out to be Prince Xiao. His father, Prince Yong, is from Fengyi Prefecture like Xu Jinzhong, and has erased all traces of Xu Jinzhong there.

Princess Yuchang’s maidservant begs Ling Buyi to save her mistress.

Lou Yao isn’t Cheng Shaoshang’s only admirer. Yuan Shen throws Cheng Shaoshang an embroidered ball, but she throws it back, not understanding his intention.

Ling Buyi ignores Princess Yuchang’s plea to save her from drowning. Cheng Shaoshang kicks a servant of Princess Yuchang into the water to show that the water isn’t deep.

The restaurant is on fire, so Cheng Shaoshang doesn’t know how she’ll get her jar of Thousand Miles Drunk. Before a burning section falls on Cheng Shaoshang, Ling Buyi saves her. He leaves before she can see his face clearly and thank him.

Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 5

Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 5
Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 5

Xu Jinzhong sold a large batch of weapons quickly, so he must have dealt directly with the buyer. Seeing the Cheng family’s carriage, Ling Buyi feels nostalgic because he will celebrate the Lunar New Year in the capital for the first time. 

Auspicious hours are critical for Old Madam Cheng. Thus, the Cheng family moves to their new residence before dawn and watches an exorcism dance before going inside.

Old Madam Cheng can’t wait for Cheng Shaoshang’s father to get a government position, so she could get monetary gifts and show off by hosting a banquet lasting three days. 

Cheng Shaoshang is tired. Her mother compares Cheng Shaoshang to Cheng Yang, who wakes up early to study every day. Her father is also tired, having to appease Old Madam Cheng.

Cheng Shaoshang speculates that the Emperor still needs her father for military matters, hence a title but no government position, so her father will leave home again. Her cleverness impresses her father but worries her mother.

Cheng Shaoshang builds a swing from discarded wood items. Since she has time for carpentry, starting tomorrow her mother expects her to have time to study the classics.

Cheng Shaoshang asks Lianfang to decipher the smile that flashed across her mother’s face. Lianfang is impressed by Cheng Shaoshang’s carpentry skills, so she assumes Cheng Shaoshang’s mother must be, too.     

Old Madam Cheng‘s favorite child, Third Uncle, has come home with her least favorite person, Third Aunt. Cheng Shaoshang also meets her second brother, Cheng Song, and fraternal twin, Cheng Shaogong. Old Madam Cheng pushes Cheng Shaoshang out of the way to fuss over her grandsons, again wishing for more males in the family.  

Old Madam Cheng disapproves of Third Aunt, even though Third Aunt is of higher status because she is Bailu Mountain Master’s daughter. Seeing her three children get along, Cheng Shaoshang’s mother reminds her sons to pay attention to Cheng Yang, too.  

Cheng Shaoshang’s mother teaches Cheng Yang, but not Cheng Shaoshang, how to manage a household. Cheng Shaoshang hears her mother complain about her to Third Aunt.

Ling Yi and Madam Chunyu urge Ling Buyi to marry Princess Yuchang. Like always, Ling Buyi ignores his father and stepmother, despising them for what they have done to his mother. Ling Buyi is certain he’ll know his future wife at first sight, and she isn’t Princess Yuchang.

Lanterns have a bamboo frame, but the lanterns at the blacksmith shop where Xu Jinzhong hid had a metal base.

Princess Yuchang leaves a lantern for Ling Buyi, with a message on it expressing her feelings. Ling Buyi realizes that Xu Jinzhong made lanterns and used them to communicate with the buyer.

Cheng Shaoshang receives an abundance of gifts from her brothers. Outraged that Cheng Shaoshang uses a child’s desk, Cheng Shaogong will let her have his mahogany desk. Cheng Shaoshang sends Lianfang to retrieve it.

Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 4

Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 4
Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 4

Second Aunt yells at Cheng Shaoshang for tricking her. Following what seemed to be sound advice, Second Aunt vowed not to move out of the main quarters until she has a boy. However, the Cheng family, including Second Uncle, will move to another residence. Cheng Shaoshang sees her mother eavesdropping outside, so she goads Second Aunt to air grievances against Second Uncle, who is disabled.

[Cheng Shaoshang’s mother had just given birth to a boy. Ordered by the Emperor, Cheng Shaoshang’s parents must go rescue the Huo family at Gu City. Second Aunt said the baby can shield Old Madam Cheng from misfortune, so Old Madam Cheng insisted on keeping the baby. Cheng Shaoshang’s mother gave birth to another child, this time a girl.

Cheng Shaoshang’s parents left with their three sons, leaving newborn Cheng Shaoshang behind.]

Ling Buyi discovers Xu Jinzhong hiding in a secret room of a blacksmith shop. Xu Jinzhong, who has a birthmark on his neck, commits suicide.

[Troops delivered defective weapons to Gu City. Identified by the distinctive birthmark, the troop leader was Xu Jinzhong.]

Ling Buyi orders his guards to arrest anyone connected to Xu Jinzhong and demolish the blacksmith shop.    

Cheng Yang is happy to see her maternal grandfather, Old Master Ge, and Aunt Ge again. 

Old Master Ge apologizes to the Cheng family, then slaps Second Aunt for causing trouble. Although the Ge family helped the Cheng family by providing provisions during the war, Old Master Ge won’t object if Second Uncle divorces Second Aunt.

Second Aunt wants sons, not daughters, so Cheng Yang was raised by the Ge family. Cheng Shaoshang used to think Cheng Yang was unlucky, but the Ge family provided a loving environment. It’s Cheng Shaoshang who is unlucky. 

Cheng Yang wants to live with the Ge family, but by law, she belongs to the Cheng family. Aunt Ge tells Cheng Yang that children are not at fault for their parents’ misdeeds and that females need to be independent and self-reliant. Agreeing wholeheartedly, Cheng Shaoshang offers Aunt Ge buttermilk.

[Cheng Shaoshang didn’t offer Aunt Ge buttermilk to shift everyone’s attention from Cheng Yang to her. Despite Cheng Shaoshang’s explanation, her mother doesn’t believe calculative people will act without wanting something in return.  

Her mother intends to apply methods she used to train stubborn soldiers to turn Cheng Shaoshang into a carbon copy of Cheng Yang, who is gentle and diligent.]

Steeling her heart, Cheng Shaoshang would rather depend on herself than change to please people who don’t like her.

Old Master Ge and Aunt Ge will take Second Aunt back to the Ge family. Divorced from his wife, Second Uncle is free to go to Bailu Mountain to study. Cheng Shaoshang’s mother assures them that she will treat Cheng Yang like her daughter. Cheng Shaoshang sees her mother comfort Cheng Yang.

Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 3

Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 3
Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 3

Granduncle Dong sold weapons to Xu Jinzhong. Ling Buyi will let Granduncle Dong say goodbye to the Cheng family before being exiled to the frontiers.

Over the years, Cheng Shaoshang’s mother accumulated gifts until she could give them to Cheng Shaoshang. Cheng Shaoshang likes everything except books. To her parents’ horror, she is illiterate.

Unlike Cheng Shaoshang, Second Aunt’s daughter, Cheng Yang, is educated and well-mannered.

Granduncle Dong blames the Cheng family for his predicament, so he makes the farewell memorable by revealing some secrets. Old Madam Cheng mistreated Cheng Shaoshang because she hates Cheng Shaoshang’s mother. Second Aunt didn’t educate Cheng Shaoshang on purpose, and she stole all the money Cheng Shaoshang’s father had sent home over the years.

Xu Jinzhong is hiding somewhere, probably a place familiar to him. Since Xu Jinzhong comes from a family of blacksmiths, Ling Buyi dispatches guards to blacksmith shops to find him.

Second Aunt refuses to move out of the main quarters even though Cheng Shaoshang and her parents should live there because her father is the patriarch of the family.

Cheng Shaoshang is too hungry to memorize anything. Her father brings her food, but her mother forces her to study instead of letting her eat.

Cheng Shaoshang wants to study the mechanics of how things work in the real world, not the classics. Her mother fears that if she doesn’t teach Cheng Shaoshang right from wrong, a troublemaker like Cheng Shaoshang can cause the family’s downfall.

Cheng Shaoshang contemplates why her mother allows Second Aunt to live in the main quarters.

Cheng Shaoshang teaches Second Aunt how she can remain in the main quarters. If Second Aunt says living there is auspicious and helps her to conceive a son, Old Madam Cheng will believe her. Second Aunt takes Cheng Shaoshang for a fool. It seems Cheng Shaoshang will help an enemy to get back at her mother.

Cheng Shaoshang modifies brushes to write multiple words at the same time so she can copy books faster. Her mother scolds her for taking revenge on Second Aunt. Cheng Shaoshang has figured out that the Emperor will reward her parents for fighting in the war, so they will move to a better residence, which explains why her mother doesn’t care who lives in the main quarters.

The Emperor promotes Cheng Shaoshang’s father to Marquis Quling, responsible for 500 households.

Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 2

Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 2
Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 2

The Emperor wants Ling Buyi, his foster son, to wrap up the armament case. However, Ling Buyi is too invested to stop.

Ling Buyi passes by his father’s residence without going inside to see his father, Ling Yi, Marquis Chengyang.

Cheng Shaoshang continues to pretend to be sick, fooling her father but not her mother.

While Cheng Shaoshang’s parents were away, the Cheng family punished Cheng Shaoshang by banishing her to the countryside. They didn’t give her money, clothes, or food and wouldn’t pay for a physician when she fell sick. 

Cheng Shaoshang’s mother returned home earlier to see how the Cheng family treats her daughter. She intends to be strict in disciplining Cheng Shaoshang to curb her from being rebellious.

Cheng Shaoshang sends Ling Buyi a bundle of hay and fabric pieces.

Acting on the tip, Ling Buyi investigates a fabric store owned by Second Aunt. The ledger shows a large amount of money laundered by Granduncle Dong.

Cheng Shaoshang doesn’t want to take bitter medicine. Her father allows her to add sugar but not her mother.

Old Madam Cheng threatens suicide. Acting just as melodramatic, Cheng Shaoshang’s father doesn’t see how he can save Granduncle Dong. If she wants to report him for being unfilial because he doesn’t do what she wants, just know that conviction means he could be executed and his assets seized.

Cheng Shaoshang’s mother catches Cheng Shaoshang watching the theatrical battle with glee.

Afraid of torture, Granduncle Dong confesses to Ling Buyi.

Cheng Shaoshang’s father convinces Old Madam Cheng to put their family first instead of siding with relatives.

Cheng Shaoshang’s father tells his wife to not scold Cheng Shaoshang while they are eating.

Old Madam Cheng adores Cheng Shaoshang’s father and Third Uncle as much as she disapproves of their wives. 

Cheng Shaoshang’s mother hits Cheng Shaoshang’s hand with a ruler for gossiping about her elders. Cheng Shaoshang has been looking forward to going to the Lantern Festival for the first time, but now she has to stay in her room and copy the Book of Rites.

[Smoke didn’t come out of the chimney, so Old Madam Cheng panicked. It turns out Cheng Shaoshang modified the chimney to scare her superstitious grandmother. 

Cheng Shaoshang’s mother had a ruler because she wanted to take Cheng Shaoshang’s measurements to make new clothes for her.]

Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 1

Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 1
Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 1

News of victory reaches the capital, followed by the return of Ling Buyi and his troops. For his accomplishments on the battlefield, he is awarded more titles, authority, and privileges by the Emperor.

Servants from the Cheng family have to bring Cheng Shaoshang back to the capital, dead or alive.

The Cheng family abandoned Cheng Shaoshang in the countryside, not caring that she fell ill and almost died. Her parents are away fighting in a war and send her sporadic letters over the years.

Ling Buyi monitors Cheng Shaoshang’s house.

Falling for Cheng Shaoshang’s prank, Head Housemaid Li calls her a troublemaker.

Head Housemaid Li will use force if Cheng Shaoshang refuses to go with them.

Cheng Shaoshang, haggard and dressed shabbily, looks old to Ling Buyi’s lieutenants, Liang Qiufei and Liang Qiuqi.

Cheng Shaoshang notices footsteps from the carriage going to a haystack.

Lianfang, Cheng Shaoshang’s maid, doesn’t like how the carriage smells. Cheng Shaoshang says it’s the smell of a man who hasn’t bathed for some time.

Unlike Lianfang, Cheng Shaoshang isn’t as optimistic in thinking her life will improve if her parents return home.

Ling Buyi’s group demands to search the Cheng family’s carriage. Head Housemaid Li protests, citing impropriety because Cheng Shaoshang is unmarried. Cheng Shaoshang urges Ling Buyi to burn the haystack next to her house first, and he might find what he is looking for. Ling Buyi doesn’t see Cheng Shaoshang’s face, just her hand pointing to the haystack.

After the haystack is set on fire, Cheng Shaoshang’s Granduncle Dong crawls out and is arrested.

Cheng Shaoshang would rather betray her granduncle than have the Cheng family get in trouble for hiding a criminal. Her parents will return home soon, but her future is uncertain. If her parents love her, why did they abandon her when she was born?

Ling Buyi looks at the procession of the Cheng household and repeats the name he heard: Cheng Shaoshang.

Cheng Shaoshang meets her parents for the first time. Her grandmother, Old Madam Cheng, and Second Aunt claim they tried their best to raise Cheng Shaoshang, but her parents see that isn’t true. Old Madam Cheng pretends to be sick and faints, but she loses to Cheng Shaoshang, who appears sicker and faints more dramatically.

Old Madam Cheng and Second Aunt lament how they sacrificed, dealing with a rebel like Cheng Shaoshang. Cheng Shaoshang’s parents see through the lies, but they can’t criticize Old Madam Cheng. Assessing the situation, Cheng Shaoshang acts contrite to gain sympathy for her suffering.

Cheng Shaoshang’s parents learn that Ling Buyi arrested Granduncle Dong for stealing armament. Their shock seems genuine to Ling Buyi.

Ling Buyi praises Cheng Shaoshang for putting country before family. Moreover, he compares her to officials in the Ministry of Justice because she upheld justice by turning in a relative.

But to Cheng Shaoshang, it sounds like Ling Buyi is mocking her.

Love Like the Galaxy

Love Like the Galaxy
Love Like the Galaxy

Love Like the Galaxy
Chinese title: 星汉灿烂
Based on the novel: 星汉灿烂, 幸甚至哉 by Guanxin Zeluan
Genre: Ancient
Episodes: part I (27); part II (29)

Main Cast
Wu Lei as Ling Buyi
Zhao Lusi as Cheng Shaoshang
Guo Tao as Cheng Shaoshang’s father, Cheng Shi
Zeng Li as Cheng Shaoshang’s mother, Xiao Yuanyi
Bao Jianfeng as Emperor Wen
Tong Lei as Empress Xuan
Li Yunrui as Yuan Shen
Yu Chengen as Lou Yao


The young Cheng Shao Shang was left behind because her parents had gone off to fight in the war. To protect herself from her scheming aunt, she has to be astute while pretending to be the opposite. When her parents return home, years of estrangement make it difficult for them to be a family.

Lacking love her whole life, Cheng Shaoshang is pragmatic and insecure in choosing a partner for marriage. She encounters three men: the emperor’s foster son Ling Buyi, the talented Yuan Shen of Bailu Mountain, and the aristocrat Lou Yao who each have their pros and cons. Although the road to love is bumpy, she never regrets her choices. Through her interactions with Ling Buyi, she unintentionally becomes involved in the mystery surrounding his family and his identity. The two grow from their experiences and work together, upholding the righteousness in their hearts to resolve a national crisis. (Source:

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 14

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 14
Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 14

Baijue is shocked when he sees falling stars in the sky.

Shanggu also sees the falling stars and refuses to believe that Yuemi died.

Wuhuan, the sole eyewitness, says Tianqi killed Yuemi. Zihan is certain Tianqi would never do that. Baijue orders Hongri to keep both sides from fighting each other.

It’s time for Baijue to talk to Tianqi.

Baijue gives Tianqi a chance to explain what happened to Yuemi. Tianqi says some things, like the realms, are replaceable while some things are not. Baijue and Tianqi fight.

Muguang disobeys Baijue’s order and attacks Tianqi. With the integration of the Instruction Feather, the Destruction Formation begins to obliterate troops on both sides. Baijue pierces Tianqi’s chest with the Taicang Spear. Tianqi says Baijue will regret this.

Baijue retrieves the Instruction Feather and grieves for Tianqi.

Shocked to see more falling stars, Shanggu leaves Gujun at the South Sea while she rushes to find Baijue.

Hongri says Zihan returned to the Demon Realm. Shanggu sees a statue resembling Yuemi. Baijue doesn’t think Zihan will talk to them, so they won’t know why Tianqi tried to create the Destruction Formation.

Shanggu drinks wine and cries, remembering her times with Tianqi and Yuemi.

Relaying a message left by Yuemi for Shanggu, Muguang says his teacher felt guilty because she helped Baijue and Shanggu to be together for her benefit since she was in love with Tianqi. Shanggu issues a decree, allowing Yuemi to be the owner of the Taoyuan Forest forever and promoting Muguang to be God of Moon and Stars. Baijue asks Shanggu to come with him.

Baijue needs Shanggu’s help to seal the Purple Moon Whip so it can be put away in the Hidden Pavilion. Feeling uneasy, Shanggu accepts the Instruction Feather from Baijue.

Shanggu realizes there must be a reason why Baijue pushed her to become Chief God of Chaos, Xuanyi rebelled when he could have been Chief God of Chaos, and lastly, Tianqi wanted to become Chief God of Chaos.

Baijue checks Tianqi’s natal chart.

[Flashback: The barrier of the Demon Realm is broken, so Tianqi thinks there is a link between the Power of Chaos and the Tribulation of Chaos.]

Baijue delves into Tianqi’s natal chart.

[Flashback: At the Heaven and Earth Platform, Tianqi finds out the Tribulation of Chaos will destroy the God Realm and all living beings unless the Chief God of Chaos sacrifices herself.]

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 13

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 13
Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 13

Shanggu saves Baijue, and holding his hand, she promises to be with him forever.

Reviewing what Zihan stole from the Hidden Pavilion, Baijue suspects Tianqi wants to create the Destruction Formation, which destroys the realms and enables the creator to become God of Chaos. Shanggu doesn’t believe that Tianqi is doing this to be Chief God.

Shanggu borrows the Immortal-seeking Bell from Yuemi. Yuemi is in love with Tianqi, so she begs Shanggu to help him.

Baijue searches books for a way to stop the Destruction Formation.

At the Abyssal Ridge Swamp, Shanggu offers to let Tianqi be Chief God, so there is no need for the Destruction Formation. Tianqi refuses to surrender and attacks Shanggu with the Purple Moon Whip.

Wuhuan asks Shanggu about her injury. Shanggu orders Wuhuan not to tell anyone, especially Baijue.

Baijue knows that Shanggu is injured the moment he sees her. Shanggu cries, devastated by Tianqi’s betrayal.

Shanggu says even gods are powerless against destiny. Before Baijue knew Shanggu, he stuck to his principles, but now, he would give her the benefit of the doubt if she did something wrong and is willing to be punished with her.

Shanggu convenes a meeting.

Shanggu assigns Baijue to lead troops to stop Tianqi. Zhiyang and other gods will guard the Heaven and Earth Platform, the base of the God Realm. Lastly, Shanggu and Gujun will be at the South Sea to protect the lower realm. Yuemi begs Shanggu to let her go with Baijue.

Shanggu tells Yuemi not to be lenient with Tianqi.

Muguang lets Wuhuan come along with the troops, not knowing that she intends to kill Tianqi with a weapon from the Devil Tribe called the Sky Bow. Baijue, flanked by Yuemi and Hongri, leads the troops to the Abyssal Ridge Swamp to stop Tianqi.

Hongri tried, but he couldn’t convince Zihan and the Demon Tribe to surrender. Senjian, Chief of Tiger Demons and made a demigod by Tianqi, arrives to help the Demon Tribe.

Baijue allows Yuemi to talk to Tianqi even though the Destruction Formation is nearing completion.

Full of ambition, Wuhuan hopes to discover evidence of Yuemi colluding with Tianqi and stop the Destruction Formation.

Baijue orders both sides to stop fighting.

Meanwhile, Shanggu and Gujun must seal the South Sea or it will flood the lower realm.

The power of the Destruction Formation seems to be weakening, but Shanggu and Gujun can’t leave until they finish sealing the South Sea.

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