Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 6

Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 6

Cheng Yang’s nanny accuses Lianfang of stealing Cheng Yang’s desk. However, Cheng Shaogong’s desk has a carving of a qilin head, making it a unique item. Cheng Shaoshang’s mother gives Lianfang and Changpu a chance to explain why they fought.

[Seeing Lianfang retrieving a desk for Cheng Shaoshang, Changpu instructed her maidservant friends to grab it and put it in Cheng Yang’s room, promising to return it after Cheng Yang has seen it. Lianfang knew better than to believe Changpu’s lie.]

Cheng Shaoshang’s mother punishes not just Changpu but also Lianfang.

With a few questions, Cheng Shaoshang exposes Changpu for stealing her desk. Cheng Shaoshang’s mother blames Cheng Shaogong for not giving Cheng Yang a desk, too. Frustrated, Cheng Shaoshang points out that she needs a desk, not Cheng Yang, and confronts her mother for disguising favoritism under the name of fairness. Cheng Shaoshang’s brothers support her for speaking out.

Life is unfair for Cheng Shaoshang. Cheng Yang doesn’t have a mother but seems to have a mother everywhere. Ironically, Cheng Shaoshang has a mother but doesn’t seem to have a mother at all.

To make up for what happened, Third Aunt allows Cheng Shaoshang to go to the Lantern Festival.

At the Lantern Festival, Cheng Shaoshang’s mother walks with Cheng Yang. Cheng Shaoshang forms another group with her brothers and father.

Ling Buyi and his guards are at the Lantern Festival to find the person with a lantern made by Xu Jinzhong. From a distance, Ling Buyi sees Cheng Shaoshang for the first time.

Cheng Shaoshang watches as her mother buys hairpins for Cheng Yang.

A restaurant gives out lanterns to people who can solve the riddles on the lanterns. He Zhaojun points to the lantern she wants, but her companion, Lou Yao, doesn’t know the answer.

Like every year, Yuan Shen solves all the riddles. For everyone’s enjoyment, he comes up with his own riddle: how deep is the restaurant’s well?

The restaurant owner, Tian Shuo, will give a jar of Thousand Miles Drunk to the winner.

Cheng Shaoshang figures out the answer, to everyone’s amazement.

The buyer of Xu Jinzhong’s weapons turns out to be Prince Xiao. His father, Prince Yong, is from Fengyi Prefecture like Xu Jinzhong, and has erased all traces of Xu Jinzhong there.

Princess Yuchang’s maidservant begs Ling Buyi to save her mistress.

Lou Yao isn’t Cheng Shaoshang’s only admirer. Yuan Shen throws Cheng Shaoshang an embroidered ball, but she throws it back, not understanding his intention.

Ling Buyi ignores Princess Yuchang’s plea to save her from drowning. Cheng Shaoshang kicks a servant of Princess Yuchang into the water to show that the water isn’t deep.

The restaurant is on fire, so Cheng Shaoshang doesn’t know how she’ll get her jar of Thousand Miles Drunk. Before a burning section falls on Cheng Shaoshang, Ling Buyi saves her. He leaves before she can see his face clearly and thank him.

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