Love and Destiny: Episode 36

Love and Destiny: Episode 36
Love and Destiny: Episode 36

A’Mo says Teacher Shen asked her to make him a pouch, but she didn’t want to do it. Jing Xiu cautions A’Mo to make sure she knows the person she plans to marry because marriage is a commitment for life.

A’Mo isn’t interested in Teacher Shen, but Madam Guan pressures A’Mo to give the relationship a chance.

Jing Xiu stops by Physician Sun’s pharmacy to pick up A’Mo. He thanks Madam Guan for treating A’Mo well. Even though Jing Xiu can’t see, he makes a good impression on Madam Guan.

A’Mo finds a gift in front of her house. It’s a book from Teacher Shen.

Jing Xiu secretly extinguishes the candles in A’Mo’s room so she can’t read Teacher Shen’s book at night.

A’Mo looks for a lighter to light the candles. Jing Xiu convinces her to go to sleep because reading at night isn’t good for her eyes.

At Congji Abyss, Jiu Chen guards the Shennong Cauldron.

Jing Xiu returns home late, but A’Mo still waits for him so they can eat together. The peach wine will be ready tomorrow.

Jing Xiu indirectly asks A’Mo to marry him by telling her about the marriage tradition in the Mountain Spirit Tribe where men propose marriage by giving women a bamboo leaf on the seventh day in February. Jing Xiu drinks peach wine. He can see again and realizes A’Mo is Ling Xi.

Jing Xiu doesn’t know why Ling Xi is in the Mortal Realm, but he is certain about her identity because she pulled out the bone nails. He remembers her kindness to him such as when he bumped into a table because he couldn’t see, so she covered the corners of the table with fabric.

At Congji Abyss, Thunder God forces his way into Jiu Chen’s residence.

At this time, A’Mo is sleeping.

Thunder God can’t believe that Jiu Chen stole the Shennong Cauldron. Jiu Chen fights Thunder God to stop him from taking the Shennong Cauldron back to the Heaven Realm.

Still asleep, A’Mo screams out in pain. Jing Xiu can’t do anything to help her.

Jiu Chen says he has the Heavenly Emperor’s approval to use the Shennong Cauldron, but Thunder God doesn’t believe him. Jiu Chen successfully protects the Shennong Cauldron, but he is injured.

A’Mo stops screaming and continues to sleep. Jiu Chen sees the demonic mark behind her ear.

Kneeling, Jiu Chen begs Thunder God to give him time and promises to return the Shennong Cauldron when it has served its purpose. Thunder God tells Jiu Chen to uphold the rules even when the rules seem unreasonable.

Jing Xiu realizes the Heaven Tribe will go after A’Mo if they know she is still alive. He decides to investigate her background in the Mortal Realm.

Jiu Chen continues to guard the Shennong Cauldron.

At the Lin family’s residence, Jing Xiu looks into the past to see how A’Mo grew up. Except for Lin Shaohai, everyone else bullied or ignored her.

The next morning, A’Mo wakes up, not knowing why her body aches. Jing Xiu tells her he can see again.

Elated for Jing Xiu, A’Mo praises Physician Sun’s skills, but Jing Xiu doesn’t think Physician Sun’s medicine helped him.

Jing Xiu stops by Physician Sun’s pharmacy to pick up A’Mo at the end of her workday.

A’Mo says goodbye to Madam Guan and leaves with Jing Xiu.

Jing Xiu tells A’Mo about his conversation with Madam Guan. He asked Madam Guan to stop matchmaking for A’Mo.

Love and Destiny: Episode 35

Love and Destiny: Episode 35
Love and Destiny: Episode 35

Shi San asks Hua Yan if it’s possible Jiu Chen liked Ling Xi. Jiu Chen doesn’t help Shi San when she is in trouble, but he always helped Ling Xi and even accepted punishment for her. Turning around, Shi San doesn’t dare to speak further, not knowing how long Jiu Chen has been standing behind her and how much he heard.

Hua Yan brings peaches sent by the Queen Mother of the West to Jiu Chen. The peaches cause Jiu Chen to think of Ling Xi. Has she eaten the fruit of the peach tree he planted and regained her hearing?

A’Mo tells Jing Xiu that Physician Sun has accepted her as his disciple. Wuwan keeps growling at Jing Xiu.

Jing Xiu doesn’t think the medicine A’Mo keeps brewing for him can treat his eyes. To comfort him, A’Mo talks about her father, who loves her even though she is deaf. If she can hear and becomes a physician, she will return home so that her family can be proud of her.

Eager to play matchmaker, Madam Guan needs to know A’Mo’s birthdate. A’Mo is unsure because of her disability, but Madam Guan tells her not to worry.

Wuwan alerts A’Mo to check on Jing Xiu.

A’Mo finds Jing Xiu unconscious in his room with bone nails embedded in his chest. She pulls out the bone nails and bandages his wounds.

After four days, Jing Xiu regains consciousness. Unbelievably, he finds out A’Mo had pulled out all the nail bones in his body. According to Zhong Hao, only descendants of the Phoenix Tribe can do this.

Jiu Chen is annoyed, unable to concentrate because he hears Si Ming and Shi San talking outside his room.

Jiu Chen’s teacher blames Si Ming for helping Jiu Chen and threatens to punish Si Ming if something happens to Jiu Chen. As a result, Si Ming begs Jiu Chen to stop going to the Mortal Realm.

Jing Xiu asks A’Mo about her father and secretly tests to see if she has any power, but he doesn’t find anything suspicious.

Madam Guan asks A’Mo to go with her to get vegetables.

But it’s actually a ruse by Madam Guan to introduce A’Mo to Teacher Shen.

Teacher Shen says his parents died when he was young and he had to live with relatives. He opened a school in a small village because he wants a peaceful life and he likes teaching kids. A’Mo says she is deaf, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

A’Mo returns home late. Jing Xiu asks why she has a lot of herbs, so A’Mo has to tell him about her meeting with Teacher Shen, who gave her the herbs.

Love and Destiny: Episode 34

Love and Destiny: Episode 34
Love and Destiny: Episode 34

A’Mo finds work at a restaurant, but the owner discovers she is deaf and fires her. A’Mo meets Madam Guan, the woman who had given her money previously. Madam Guan cooks for Physician Sun and is looking for an assistant.

Madam Guan asks Physician Sun to let A’Mo work as her assistant. Physician Sun knows A’Mo, so he hires her.

A’Mo asks Physician Sun how he regained his ability to taste, and Physician Sun guesses his experimentation with acupuncture finally worked. Physician Sun gives A’Mo the money he made from selling her peaches because he couldn’t eat all of them.

Zhu Zizai and his disciple Bao Suozhu try to capture Wuwan. A’Mo thinks Wuwan is a dog and takes it home.

A’Mo tells Jing Xiu that Physician Sun is a good person because he treated Jing Xiu and gave her a job. She hopes Wuwan can be a companion for Jing Xiu, not knowing that he had kicked Wuwan out of the house.

A’Mo gives Jing Xiu sweet cakes to eat while she prepares dinner.

Remembering what the fortune teller had said, A’Mo looks at Jing Xiu. Could Jing Xiu be her benefactor? A’Mo gives Wuwan a name — Xiao Bai.

Zi Guang is investigating Jiu Chen, so Si Ming advises Jiu Chen to stop going to the Mortal Realm for a while. A bird flies by, capturing Jiu Chen’s attention. Like Jiu Chen, Shi San and Hua Yan also miss Ling Xi.

Hua Yan has urgent news for Jiu Chen.

Shi San is in trouble for injuring Yuan Tong and destroying the Yuan clan’s ancestral shrine. Jiu Chen and Si Ming can’t help her because she already admitted her guilt. Stubbornly, Shi San says she will fight with Yuan Tong again, so Immortal Lord Puhua increases her punishment from being whipped 10 times to 30 times.

Jiu Chen forbids Shi San from going anywhere to stop her from causing trouble.

Jing Xiu holds a ladder for A’Mo while A’Mo picks more peaches from the peach tree. She falls, and he catches her.

Filling a customer’s prescription, Physician Sun’s assistant can’t differentiate between two similar medicinal herbs and chooses the wrong one. A’Mo sees the mistake and tells Madam Guan. Madam Guan acts quickly, stopping the customer from taking the wrong medicine home.

Physician Sun allows A’Mo to work as his assistant, filling prescriptions. Madam Guan wants to know if A’Mo is single.

Jiu Chen’s teacher worries because if something happens to him, the responsibility of protecting the six realms passes to Jiu Chen. Therefore, if the Fire Essence fails to prolong Jiu Chen’s life, his teacher will retrieve the Nuwa Stone to save Jiu Chen even if Ling Xi’s soul will be destroyed.

Yuan Tong greets Jiu Chen. Jiu Chen ignores her.

At Xixian Pond, Yuan Tong begs Jiu Chen to give her another chance. She would rather be a shadow by his side than be a general or restore the Yuan clan’s prestige. Jiu Chen coldly rejects her, saying he has to refrain from pushing her into Xixian Pond, which is what she had done to Ling Xi.

Love and Destiny: Episode 33

Love and Destiny: Episode 33
Love and Destiny: Episode 33

After talking to Ling Yue, Yun Feng reports back to Jiu Chen. In Yun Feng’s opinion, Ling Yue was defensive, saying she killed Zhong Hao and imprisoned Jing Xiu. Kai Yang and Han Zhang looked around but couldn’t find anything suspicious.

A’Mo searches for fish and shellfish at the seashore, cooking whatever she can find.

A’Mo doesn’t want Jing Xiu to know she cut her hand digging for clams. Jing Xiu tells A’Mo he doesn’t have any family or friends.

A’Mo looks at the peach tree in full bloom in the front yard. Soon, there will be peaches to eat.

Jing Xiu tells A’Mo to sell his ring and use the money to buy food. A’Mo doesn’t want him to think he is a burden. She also doesn’t have anyone, so they can help each other by staying together. Jing Xiu discovers A’Mo’s hand is injured.

Jing Xiu bandages A’Mo’s hand. A’Mo says she can be his eyes, and he can be her ears. Jing Xiu agrees to stay, smiling for the first time since knowing her.

Jiu Chen thinks it’s strange Ling Yue hasn’t gone after him for revenge. After all, this is someone who overthrew her father to take over the Mountain Spirit Realm. Yun Feng says he will keep an eye on Ling Yue. Si Ming has urgent news for Jiu Chen and Yun Feng.

The peach tree has too many peaches. A’Mo can’t eat them all.

A’Mo gives Physician Sun a bag of peaches. Physician Sun says she can use peaches to make wine. Years ago, he damaged his tongue testing medicine, and after that, he couldn’t taste anything. He eats a peach, and surprisingly, he can taste it.

A’Mo asks Jing Xiu to carry baskets of peaches into the kitchen so she can make wine. They can make money by selling wine.

A’Mo washes the peaches, and then she puts them into containers. In half a month, this will become wine. Belatedly, A’Mo realizes she hasn’t saved any peaches to eat. Jing Xiu says the peach tree will have more fruit in a few days.

A’Mo looks for a job, but no one wants to hire her.

Cheng Yan is whipped 30 times, his punishment in the Heaven Realm for injuring Yuan Tong. Qing Yao thanks Jiu Chen and Yun Feng for saving her brother. Qing Yao has to take care of Cheng Yan, so it’s up to Jiu Chen to protect Ling Xi.

Jiu Chen takes Wuwan to Ling Xi.

A’Mo eats quickly so she can go look for a job. Jing Xiu tells her to be careful.

Jiu Chen arrives at A’Mo’s home with Wuwan.

Si Ming tells Jiu Chen that Thunder Lord is forcing his way into Suoyao Tower. As a result, Si Ming had to ask Shi San to try to stop Thunder Lord until Jiu Chen can get there.

Jiu Chen stops Thunder Lord from injuring Shi San further. Jiu Chen says the Heavenly Emperor ordered him to guard Suoyao Tower. If Thunder Lord wants to go into Suoyao Tower, he needs to get approval from the Heavenly Emperor.

Jiu Chen tells Si Ming to take Shi San to the Medicine Department. Si Ming is afraid Thunder Lord will talk to the Heavenly Emperor about Suoyao Tower.

Actually, the Heavenly Emperor didn’t want to kill Ling Xi, so he told Jiu Chen that the Shennong Cauldron could save her. However, Jiu Chen must bear all responsibilities if something goes wrong.

Love and Destiny: Episode 32

Love and Destiny: Episode 32
Love and Destiny: Episode 32

A’Mo shares her food with Jing Xiu.

Jing Xiu heals A’Mo’s throat while she sleeps. He leaves before she wakes up.

Jiu Chen tells Si Ming where he planted the magical seed and Huo Dou’s senses. Si Ming needs to figure out how to get Ling Xi to live there. Jiu Chen asks about Ling Xi’s next tribulation, but Si Ming doesn’t know when it will occur.

Yuan Tong apologizes to Jiu Chen. Jiu Chen ignores her.

Two men carrying a sedan chair yell at A’Mo for being in their way. Thus, a woman feels sorry for A’Mo and gives her money. A’Mo discovers she can speak while trying to thank the woman.

Disguised as a fortune teller, Si Ming tells A’Mo to go northwest. In that direction, she will find a place to live and meet a benefactor.

Disguised as a woman at a fishing village, Si Ming directs A’Mo to the place Jiu Chen prepared for her. It’s an abandoned house with a peach tree in the front yard.

The abandoned house is fully furnished. A’Mo cleans the house and weeds the yard.

A’Mo buries the dirt from her hometown at the base of the peach tree in the front yard. Jing Xiu collapses in front of A’Mo’s house.

A’Mo asks Physician Sun to examine Jing Xiu. Alarmed by the extent of Jing Xiu’s injuries, Physician Sun warns A’Mo not to let Jing Xiu stay at her house.

Jing Xiu insists on leaving.

A’Mo finds Jing Xiu’s scarf. As she is about to chase after him, it starts to rain.

A’Mo sees Jing Xiu bumping into people and drenched in the rain, so she asks him to return with her. He can leave after the rain stops.

Jing Xiu wakes up after being unconscious for half a month. A’Mo puts medicine on his eyes. She has been doing this while he was unconscious.

Late at night, A’Mo looks at Jing Xiu’s room. There isn’t any commotion, so he should be all right.

Ling Yue’s soldiers won’t let Jiu Chen enter the Mountain Spirit Realm. As a result, Jiu Chen tells Yun Feng, Kai Yang and Han Zhang to go on without him.

Physician Sun doesn’t know how to heal Jing Xiu’s eyes.

Jing Xiu tries to heal his eyes, but he can’t do it and ends up in pain. A’Mo tells Jing Xiu her name, so Jing Xiu tells A’Mo his name.

Love and Destiny: Episode 31

Love and Destiny: Episode 31
Love and Destiny: Episode 31

Lin Shaohai puts A’Mo on a raft, cuts the binding ropes and pushes the raft into the lake. The raft breaks apart. Lin Shaohai couldn’t look as A’Mo sinks into the water.

Si Ming persuades Jiu Chen not to intervene. Otherwise, everything Jiu Chen has done would be in vain.

The demonic mark behind A’Mo’s ear glows, and A’Mo regains consciousness. She struggles to swim out of the lake and saves herself.

Qing Yao cures the crown prince. As a result, the mystic is executed for spreading lies, and people arrested for being born on a certain date are released.

A’Mo returns home. Lin Shaohai begs A’Mo to forgive him whereas Lin Zhan blames A’Mo for bringing trouble to the family. Incensed, Lin Shaohai slaps Lin Zhan. Lin Shaohai’s concubine says Lin Shaohai shouldn’t treat his adopted daughter better than his biological daughter.

A’Mo can’t bear to talk to Lin Shaohai after finding out she was adopted, and if necessary, the Lin family will kill her to save themselves.

Si Ming tells Jiu Chen that Ling Xi has passed her first tribulation.

A’Mo pays respect to the Lin family. She thanks Lin Shaohai for taking care of a deaf orphan like her. Thus, she will always love him the most. However, she decides to leave to find her own path in life.

To remember her hometown, A’Mo takes a bit of dirt with her. Jiu Chen secretly follows her.

A’Mo doesn’t have a destination in mind. Jiu Chen keeps following her until Si Ming appears with urgent news.

The Demon Tribe has attacked the Mountain Spirit Realm, but Ling Yue hasn’t asked the Heaven Tribe for help. The Heavenly Emperor convenes a meeting and assigns Jiu Chen to lead an army to the Mountain Spirit Realm to help Ling Yue.

After conquering the Mountain Spirit Realm, Zhong Hao seals Jing Xiu’s power, leaving Jing Xiu blind. A’Mo and Jing Xiu meet during a downpour. The roof leaks, so she gives him her umbrella. She writes in his palm to let him know there is a village nearby.

Love and Destiny: Episode 30

Love and Destiny: Episode 30
Love and Destiny: Episode 30

Si Ming reminds Jiu Chen not to intervene in Ling Xi’s tribulations or there will be consequences. Besides, Ling Xi won’t live past 19 years old in the Mortal Realm.

Jiu Chen touches A’Mo’s head while she sleeps. Frost develops on his hand, and he becomes visible. A’Mo wakes up and sees him before he could leave.

Jiu Chen’s hands are frigid to the touch, surprising A’Mo.

A’Mo gets a basin of warm water for Jiu Chen to soak his hands. Jiu Chen takes the pouch she is making for him even though she hasn’t embroidered his name on it. She begs him to leave because it isn’t proper for them to be alone in a room.

Unable to visit A’Mo until she passes her tribulation, Jiu Chen tells her to be optimistic. He puts his hand over her eyes and disappears.

Jiu Chen waits until A’Mo goes to sleep, and then he leaves.

A servant gossips with A’Mo. Recently, a man said their county doesn’t have talented scholars, so Song Ziyu challenged him and won. Song Ziyu forced him to apologize to all the scholars in the county. A’Mo is confused. The man she knows is kind, not competitive.

Lin Zhan takes her anger out on the servant gossiping with A’Mo, ordering the servant to rewash her clothes until she is satisfied.

A’Mo doesn’t know she is in danger. Far away in the capital, the crown prince is severely ill. According to a mystic, a demon has been born to jinx the crown prince. Therefore, everyone born on that date needs to be killed. Coincidentally, that is when Lin Shaohai adopted A’Mo, so it became her birthdate.

Soldiers knock on the front door and barge in to arrest A’Mo. Lin Shaohai and A’Mo escape out the back door.

The Lin family has a cabin near the mountain where Lin Shaohai and A’Mo gather medicinal herbs. Lin Shaohai tells A’Mo to trust him and leaves her at the cabin.

Late at night, Lin Shaohai returns with food. A’Mo asks why she can’t go home, but Lin Shaohai won’t say anything. A’Mo eats and loses consciousness because Lin Shaohai had tampered with the food.

Love and Destiny: Episode 29

Love and Destiny: Episode 29
Love and Destiny: Episode 29

A’Mo arrives home just as Lin Shaohai is about to go look for her. Jiu Chen makes sure A’Mo returns home safely.

Jiu Chen finds a suitable place, so he plants the magical seed and Huo Dou’s five senses in the front yard and restores the house.

A’Mo’s ankle miraculously heals. She thinks about her betrothed.

Song Ziyu is a scholar who left home to study martial arts. Lin Shaohai hasn’t seen him for a long time, so he worries how Song Ziyu will treat A’Mo. A’Mo says she has met her betrothed, and Lin Shaohai is glad Song Ziyu knows sign language. Lin Shaohai teaches A’Mo to say “father” and “husband.”

Jiu Chen smiles while spying on A’Mo.

The Song family sends gifts to A’Mo because her birthday is tomorrow. Feeling jealous, Lin Zhan criticizes the gifts. Lin Zhan says the Song family chose A’Mo because Lin Shaohai had helped Song Cheng’en. Moreover, the Song family’s son is probably against the marriage, which explains why he hasn’t returned home to meet A’Mo.

A’Mo thinks about her betrothed. The man she met on the mountain was kind, not like Lin Zhan’s description.

For the first time, Old Madam Lin tells the housekeeper to make longevity noodles for A’Mo to eat on her birthday.

A’Mo tells the peach tree in front of her room about her marriage. After she is gone, will the peach tree still bloom on her birthdays?

The next morning, the housekeeper brings a bowl of longevity noodles to A’Mo.

A’Mo asks Madam Lin to eat longevity noodles with her. A’Mo’s disability causes people to ridicule Madam Lin, so A’Mo doesn’t resent Madam Lin for not liking her. Madam Lin tells A’Mo not to feel inferior when A’Mo lives with the Song family.

The peach tree that always blooms on A’Mo’s birthdays has been cut down. Lin Zhan gloats while A’Mo is devastated. Lin Shaohai’s concubine orders servants to get rid of the peach tree.

A’Mo watches the servants throw the peach tree away. A stranger walks by and chops up the peach tree for firewood.

A’Mo walks through a field of peach trees. Jiu Chen makes all the peach trees bloom to cheer her up.

The Song family sends betrothal gifts to the Lin family.

Madam Lin teaches A’Mo how a wife should behave so that A’Mo can get along with the Song family’s son. Madam Lin received a gold hairpin from her mother before marriage, and now she passes it to A’Mo.

A’Mo sleeps at night, oblivious to the thunderstorm raging outside her room.

Si Ming warns Jiu Chen. Ling Xi’s life tribulation will occur soon.

Love and Destiny: Episode 28

Love and Destiny: Episode 28
Love and Destiny: Episode 28

The years fly by, and A’Mo grows into a young lady, looking exactly like Ling Xi.

Lin Shaohai and Song Cheng’en agree to become in-laws. Old Madam Lin, Lin Shaohai’s concubine and Lin Zhan are delighted because Song Cheng’en’s son, Song Ziyu, has an excellent reputation. Lin Shaohai says the Song family chose A’Mo. Lin Zhan couldn’t believe she lost to someone who is deaf and mute.

Si Ming suspects Huo Dou took Ling Xi’s hearing. Many years ago, Huo Dou was the steed of Fire God Zhu Rong. For some reason, Huo Dou ran away during a battle against the Demon Tribe. Jiu Chen captured Huo Dou. Punished for desertion, Huo Dou lost his senses and has to guard Suoyao Tower forever.

After trying to damage the Shennong Cauldron so he could escape, Huo Dou is demoted to being a prisoner. Jiu Chen needs to talk to Huo Dou.

Chang You points out Huo Dou’s location to Jiu Chen.

Huo Dou’s obsession is to find out why Zhu Rong tricked him into leaving when they fought the Demon Tribe. As a result, the Heaven Tribe thought Huo Dou was a deserter. Jiu Chen says everyone died in that battle, including Zhu Rong. Huo Dou is consumed with grief. Apparently, Zhu Rong tricked Huo Dou to save him.

Si Ming asks Jiu Chen what happened with Huo Dou.

Since Zhu Rong is dead, Huo Dou wants to stay in Suoyao Tower to cultivate. Huo Dou tells Jiu Chen that Ling Xi exchanged her hearing for the Fire Essence. This means Ling Xi didn’t know Jiu Chen was helping her when she died. Huo Dou gives up all of his senses to Jiu Chen to atone for his wrongdoing.

Jiu Chen can’t transfer the hearing sense to Ling Xi because her human body can’t bear it. Si Ming gives Jiu Chen a magical seed. Jiu Chen needs to plant the magical seed and Huo Dou’s senses together in the Mortal Realm. The magical seed will grow into a tree, and when Ling Xi eats the fruit, she will regain her hearing.

Lin Shaohai believes the Song family will treat A’Mo well because his family and the Song family have known each other for a long time. Also, the Song family is near, so Lin Shaohai can easily visit A’Mo. Nevertheless, Lin Shaohai checks with A’Mo because he won’t force her to marry. A’Mo says she will obey him.

Lin Shaohai praises A’Mo for knowing how to identify two medicinal herbs that look similar. He teaches her about medicinal herbs and gives her a book to study.

Using the book as a reference, A’Mo gathers medicinal herbs on a mountain. The sky darkens, and as she hurries home, A’Mo falls into a hunter’s net. Jiu Chen saves her.

A’Mo is surprised her savior knows sign language. Jiu Chen says she has grown up, causing A’Mo to mistakenly think he is her betrothed, Song Ziyu. Jiu Chen checks her ankle and extends his hand toward her. A’Mo accepts his help.

Jiu Chen carries A’Mo on his back. The weather turns bad, so A’Mo guides him to a house. They arrive just as the rain begins.

It isn’t proper for a man and a woman to be alone in a house, so A’Mo stays outside in a gazebo even though she is wet and cold.

Jiu Chen starts a fire so A’Mo can stay warm. A’Mo worries about his health, so she checks his pulse. Shockingly, she can’t detect a pulse at all. Jiu Chen says he is all right and won’t let her check his pulse again.

Jiu Chen and A’Mo wait in silence. The rain eventually stops, so Jiu Chen makes the rain continue even though using his power causes his hand to become frozen.

Love and Destiny: Episode 27

Love and Destiny: Episode 27
Love and Destiny: Episode 27

Jiu Chen makes the bare peach tree in front of A’Mo’s room bloom. A’Mo thanks the tree for making her happy.

Jiu Chen senses something is wrong.

Yuan Tong provokes Huo Dou to damage the Shennong Cauldron and discovers Jiu Chen had switched the cauldron. She pretends to stop Huo Dou from escaping when she sees Thunder Lord, Immortal Lord Puhua and Immortal Lord Baishan. Jiu Chen makes sure the Nuwa Stone is still in Suoyao Tower.

Yu Li wants to become Jiu Chen’s physician. Jiu Chen declines the offer and continues to rely on Qing Yao.