Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 8

Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 8

Princess Yuchang invites everyone to eat golden dates and ridicules Cheng Shaoshang, who has never eaten them. Wang Ling and Lou Li mock Wan Qiqi, whose family always shows off their wealth. Speaking eloquently, Cheng Shaoshang lists the sacrifices of military families to protect the country, but aristocratic families living in luxury in the capital treat them with disrespect.

Wang Ling calls Cheng Shaoshang a country bumpkin for not knowing someone named “Zisheng.” Cheng Shaoshang says “Zisheng” likes her, but the feeling isn’t mutual, so she won’t stay to see him. Ling Buyi and Cheng Shaoshang meet, and he introduces himself by repeating her boast verbatim.

With Cheng Shaoshang gone, Ling Buyi also leaves, despite Princess Yuchang’s plea for him to stay.

Wan Qiqi confirms Cheng Shaoshang’s fear. “Zisheng” turns out to be Ling Buyi. Furthermore, Princess Yuchang has become a joke after her drowning at the Lantern Festival was sabotaged by Cheng Shaoshang. 

Prince Xiao proposes marriage to He Zhaojun.

Yuan Shen asks Cheng Shaoshang why she dresses like an old lady.

He Zhaojun and Lou Yao don’t want to marry each other, but they have been betrothed since they were children.

Weapons have been smuggled into the Shu region, and the extent of the Xiao family’s involvement is unknown.

Cheng Yang cries for help after falling into a pond. Wang Ling and Lou Li hide nearby, waiting for Cheng Shaoshang to trip on their rope and fall into the pond after Cheng Yang. Cheng Shaoshang cuts the rope and saves Cheng Yang. Wang Ling insults Cheng Shaoshang. Cheng Shaoshang beats up Wang Ling and Lou Li, then punches herself in the face.

Cheng Shaoshang and Wang Ling blame each other when they explain what happened to the elders. Ling Buyi threatens everyone with an investigation by the Ministry of Justice. Thus, Princess Consort Ruyang changes her tone from wanting to punish Cheng Shaoshang to dismissing the incident as a prank. Wang Ling wails in despair. Acting more melodramatic, Cheng Shaoshang faints.

In actuality, Wang Ling, a victim of Cheng Shaoshang’s pinching attack, has worse injuries. 

Not fooled by Cheng Shaoshang’s theatrics, her mother orders her to apologize to Wang Ling.  

Cheng Song and Cheng Shaogong urge Cheng Shaoshang to leave home for a while to avoid punishment from their mother. 

Leaving in a hurry, Cheng Shaoshang shivers in the cold and vows to plan better if she were to run away from home again. 

Cheng Shaoshang won’t go to a matchmaking event for Yuan Shen organized by his mother. Yuan Shen says he doesn’t want to marry Cheng Shaoshang either, and although they continue to argue, he gives her ointment to treat the bruises on her face.

Cheng Shaoshang decides to go to Wan Qiqi’s house.

Ling Buyi asks Wan Songbai to hand over a map of the Shu region. Even though Wan Songbai has fought there, he says he doesn’t have the map.

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