Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 9

Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 9

Wan Songbai doesn’t recognize Cheng Shaoshang at first because of her bruised face. Seeing Cheng Shaoshang, Ling Buyi changes his mind and accepts Wan Songbai’s invitation to stay for dinner, breaking the habit of never eating at someone else’s residence.

Old Madam Wan scolds Wan Qiqi for misbehaving and not studying.

Wan Qiqi’s grandfather died when Wan Songbai was a child. Old Madam Wan vowed not to remarry to prevent the family’s wealth from falling into the hands of an outsider, but the men in the clan didn’t believe her, so she cut off her left ear and threw it at the leader.

Ling Buyi hears Cheng Shaoshang talking to Wan Qiqi, so he stops to listen.

Wan Qiqi’s grandfather treated Old Madam Wan exceptionally well despite her background, and thus, she was devoted to him. Like Old Madam Wan, Cheng Shaoshang is also loyal to people who treat her well.    

The topic shifts to Cheng Shaoshang and Wan Qiqi’s future husbands.

The Liang brothers want to keep on eavesdropping, but Ling Buyi won’t let them.

It’s unlikely for Cheng Shaoshang to marry into an aristocratic family, which is why her mother doesn’t bother to teach her to manage a household.

A bridge in the Wan family’s garden can’t be repaired, so it will be demolished and rebuilt.

Cheng Shaoshang discovers that removing pieces of wood under the bridge will cause it to collapse.

Wan Songbai insists he doesn’t have a map of the Shu region, even though he conquered the territory. Ling Buyi doesn’t expose Cheng Shaoshang for eavesdropping.

Wan Qiqi picks out a horse for Cheng Shaoshang but doesn’t have time to teach her.

Cheng Shaoshang struggles, learning to ride the horse by herself. 

Ling Buyi teaches Cheng Shaoshang how to control her horse and then adjusts the stirrups for her. Cheng Shaoshang denies eavesdropping on the conversation between Ling Buyi and Wan Songbai.

The Cheng family has survived Granduncle Dong’s indictment, but if Wan Songbai is prosecuted for hiding a map of the Shu region, the Cheng family might not be lucky again. Ling Buyi recruits Cheng Shaoshang to find the map for him, and in return, he won’t reveal her bridge scheme.

Ling Buyi has searched the Wan family’s residence except for Old Madam Wan’s chamber, so Cheng Shaoshang, unconvincingly disguised as Wan Qiqi, starts searching there.

Accepting Cheng Shaoshang’s charade, Old Madam Wan warns her not to touch a sandalwood box that has an item from Wan Songbai. Cheng Shaoshang opens the box and finds the map.

Notified about Cheng Shaoshang’s success, Ling Buyi can finally leave the Wan family’s residence. 

As Cheng Shaoshang is about to go home, she hears Wan Songbai beg Old Madam Wan to stop hitting him.

Cheng Shaoshang tells her parents why Ling Buyi visited Wan Songbai, including his concern about a rebellion brewing in the Shu region. Fearful for Cheng Shaoshang’s safety, her father forbids her from talking about the matter again.

Emperor Wen’s decision to travel to the Shu region can provoke the rebels, so Ling Buyi decides to strike first.

Led by Ling Buyi, guards surround Prince Xiao’s residence.

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