Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 12

Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 12

The bandits kill Magistrate Cheng and pillage Hua County. When they arrive, Ling Buyi orders his guards to kill the bandits.

[Before going outside the city to fight the bandits, Magistrate Cheng told his granddaughter, Cheng Xiaomei, to hide the seal of Hua County until she could give it to the next magistrate.]

An arrow pierces Ling Buyi’s shoulder while he protects Cheng Xiaomei. Liang Qiuqi tells Ling Buyi that Cheng Shaoshang should have arrived at Hua County yesterday.

The bandits breach the hunting lodge, and Fan Chang brags about killing Miao. Ling Buyi and his guards save Cheng Shaoshang’s group.

Liang Qiufei praises Cheng Shaoshang for treating the wounded, including him, without acting squeamish. 

Cheng Shaoshang cauterizes a servant’s wound, causing him to cry out in pain.

Ling Buyi gives Cheng Shaoshang a handkerchief with calming powder to cover her nose if the stench of blood makes her feel ill. Afraid of delaying Ling Buyi, Cheng Shaoshang suggests that he leaves the injured guards behind and she’ll take care of them.

Cheng Shaoshang’s servant doesn’t dare to cut open Ling Buyi’s shoulder because he can’t suture the wound. Cheng Shaoshang wraps the string of her necklace around the arrow’s tip, then pulls the arrow out of Ling Buyi’s shoulder. This type of arrow is reserved for the military, confirming that the bandits are rebels from the Shu region because they use weapons stolen by Granduncle Dong.

Cheng Shaoshang wants to kill the bandits that have been captured. Ling Buyi tells Cheng Shaoshang to rest while he handles the matter.

Disobeying Ling Buyi, Cheng Shaoshang watches him and his guards execute the bandits. Ling Buyi doesn’t want Cheng Shaoshang to see the blood on his sword, so he hides it behind his body.

Outside the hunting lodge, Ling Buyi turns to look at Cheng Shaoshang before leaving.

It takes a long time for Third Uncle and Lou Yao to find Cheng Shaoshang and Third Aunt, and Third Uncle blames Lou Yao for fainting repeatedly. However, Lou Yao’s version of what happened is the opposite.

[Lou Yao found Third Uncle and told him about the bandits’ ambush. Third Uncle fainted.

Lou Yao and Third Uncle arrived at the place of ambush. Third Uncle fainted.

Lou Yao and Third Uncle came across their group’s belongings abandoned by the road. Third Uncle fainted.]

A squad of Ling Buyi’s guards, led by Liang Qiuqi, will escort Cheng Shaoshang’s group to Hua County.

Ling Buyi touches a trail of blood left by Fan Chang, and he decides to wipe his hand on Liang Qiufei’s sleeve instead of the handkerchief used by Cheng Shaoshang.

Liang Qiuqi’s squad escorts Cheng Shaoshang’s group safely to Hua County.

At Hua County, Cheng Shaoshang sees the carnage of battle for the first time. The carnage also shocks Third Uncle, Third Aunt and Lou Yao.

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