Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 7

Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 7

At the Cheng family’s housewarming banquet, Cheng Shaoshang meets her father’s sworn brother, Wan Songbai. Wan Songbai gives Cheng Shaoshang a dagger as a gift and offers his help if she gets into trouble.

Old Madam Cheng shows off a new hairpin, which costs two taels of gold. Wang Ling and Lou Li disdain people who are not from aristocratic families like them, so they belittle Cheng Shaoshang based on rumors they have heard about her. The young ladies are happy to see Yuan Shen, but Cheng Shaoshang remains oblivious to his charms.

Yuan Shen asks Cheng Shaoshang to deliver a message in the form of a rhapsody to Third Aunt.

Cheng Shaoshang only remembers a couple of words. Nevertheless, Cheng Yang can identify the rhapsody and explains it to Cheng Shaoshang.

Cheng Shaoshang is happy to get out of the house, even if she is just accompanying Cheng Yang to pick a birthday present for Princess Yuchang.

The fire destroys Tian Shuo’s restaurant, including any evidence from Prince Xiao. Ling Buyi orders his guards to cause trouble at Prince Xiao’s shops to force Prince Xiao to continue dealing weapons illegally to make money. The sight of Cheng Shaoshang distracts Ling Buyi.

Yuan Shen mocks Cheng Shaoshang for not knowing different types of poetry.

Yuan Shen asks Cheng Shaoshang if she likes him and is playing hard to get. Cheng Shaoshang promises to deliver Yuan Shen’s message so that he will stop bothering her.

Ling Yi and Madam Chunyu are cousins and had an affair while he was married to Ling Buyi’s mother. Pretending not to notice Ling Buyi’s coldness, Madam Chunyu tries to persuade him to attend Princess Yuchang’s birthday banquet.

Liang Qiufei accepts the invitation without Ling Buyi’s permission and gets a flogging as punishment. 

Unable to recite Yuan Shen’s rhapsody, Cheng Shaoshang struggles to explain it to Third Aunt. Third Aunt and Third Uncle realize that the message comes from Yuan Shen’s teacher, an old friend of Third Aunt, wanting to know how she is doing. 

Princess Yuchang has invited the Cheng family and He Zhaojun to her birthday banquet. He Zhaojun and Prince Xiao have been spending a lot of time together, so he’ll likely be there. Ling Buyi decides to go, too. Liang Qiufei could get another flogging if he can’t find the invitation, which he has thrown away.

At Princess Yuchang’s birthday banquet, Cheng Shaoshang meets Wan Qiqi, Wan Songbai’s youngest daughter. Wan Qiqi shares her jewelry with Cheng Shaoshang and Cheng Yang because they can’t dress plainly when meeting their peers.

Princess Yuchang finds out who sabotaged her drowning at the Lantern Festival. If looks could kill, Cheng Shaoshang would be slayed by Princess Yuchang’s glare.  

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