Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 5

Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 5

Xu Jinzhong sold a large batch of weapons quickly, so he must have dealt directly with the buyer. Seeing the Cheng family’s carriage, Ling Buyi feels nostalgic because he will celebrate the Lunar New Year in the capital for the first time. 

Auspicious hours are critical for Old Madam Cheng. Thus, the Cheng family moves to their new residence before dawn and watches an exorcism dance before going inside.

Old Madam Cheng can’t wait for Cheng Shaoshang’s father to get a government position, so she could get monetary gifts and show off by hosting a banquet lasting three days. 

Cheng Shaoshang is tired. Her mother compares Cheng Shaoshang to Cheng Yang, who wakes up early to study every day. Her father is also tired, having to appease Old Madam Cheng.

Cheng Shaoshang speculates that Emperor Wen still needs her father for military matters, hence a title but no government position, so her father will leave home again. Her cleverness impresses her father but worries her mother.

Cheng Shaoshang builds a swing from discarded wood items. Since she has time for carpentry, starting tomorrow her mother expects her to have time to study the classics.

Cheng Shaoshang asks Lianfang to decipher the smile that flashed across her mother’s face. Lianfang is impressed by Cheng Shaoshang’s carpentry skills, so she assumes Cheng Shaoshang’s mother must be, too.     

Old Madam Cheng‘s favorite child, Third Uncle, has come home with her least favorite person, Third Aunt. Cheng Shaoshang also meets her second brother, Cheng Song, and fraternal twin, Cheng Shaogong. Old Madam Cheng pushes Cheng Shaoshang out of the way to fuss over her grandsons, again wishing for more males in the family.  

Old Madam Cheng disapproves of Third Aunt, even though Third Aunt is of higher status because she is Bailu Mountain Master’s daughter. Seeing her three children get along, Cheng Shaoshang’s mother reminds her sons to pay attention to Cheng Yang, too.  

Cheng Shaoshang’s mother teaches Cheng Yang, but not Cheng Shaoshang, how to manage a household. Cheng Shaoshang hears her mother complain about her to Third Aunt.

Ling Yi and Madam Chunyu urge Ling Buyi to marry Princess Yuchang. Like always, Ling Buyi ignores his father and stepmother, despising them for what they have done to his mother. Ling Buyi is certain he’ll know his future wife at first sight, and she isn’t Princess Yuchang.

Lanterns have a bamboo frame, but the lanterns at the blacksmith shop where Xu Jinzhong hid had a metal base.

Princess Yuchang leaves a lantern for Ling Buyi, with a message on it expressing her feelings. Ling Buyi realizes that Xu Jinzhong made lanterns and used them to communicate with the buyer.

Cheng Shaoshang receives an abundance of gifts from her brothers. Outraged that Cheng Shaoshang uses a child’s desk, Cheng Shaogong will let her have his mahogany desk. Cheng Shaoshang sends Lianfang to retrieve it.

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