Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 4

Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 4

Second Aunt yells at Cheng Shaoshang for tricking her. Following what seemed to be sound advice, Second Aunt vowed not to move out of the main quarters until she has a boy. However, the Cheng family, including Second Uncle, will move to another residence. Cheng Shaoshang sees her mother eavesdropping outside, so she goads Second Aunt to air grievances against Second Uncle, who is disabled.

[Cheng Shaoshang’s mother had just given birth to a boy. Ordered by Emperor Wen, Cheng Shaoshang’s parents must go rescue the Huo family at Gu City. Second Aunt said the baby can shield Old Madam Cheng from misfortune, so Old Madam Cheng insisted on keeping the baby. Cheng Shaoshang’s mother gave birth to another child, this time a girl.

Cheng Shaoshang’s parents left with their three sons, leaving newborn Cheng Shaoshang behind.]

Ling Buyi discovers Xu Jinzhong hiding in a secret room of a blacksmith shop. Xu Jinzhong, who has a birthmark on his neck, commits suicide.

[Troops delivered defective weapons to Gu City. Identified by the distinctive birthmark, the troop leader was Xu Jinzhong.]

Ling Buyi orders his guards to arrest anyone connected to Xu Jinzhong and demolish the blacksmith shop.    

Cheng Yang is happy to see her maternal grandfather, Old Master Ge, and Aunt Ge again. 

Old Master Ge apologizes to the Cheng family, then slaps Second Aunt for causing trouble. Although the Ge family helped the Cheng family by providing provisions during the war, Old Master Ge won’t object if Second Uncle divorces Second Aunt.

Second Aunt wants sons, not daughters, so Cheng Yang was raised by the Ge family. Cheng Shaoshang used to think Cheng Yang was unlucky, but the Ge family provided a loving environment. It’s Cheng Shaoshang who is unlucky. 

Cheng Yang wants to live with the Ge family, but by law, she belongs to the Cheng family. Aunt Ge tells Cheng Yang that children are not at fault for their parents’ misdeeds and that females need to be independent and self-reliant. Agreeing wholeheartedly, Cheng Shaoshang offers Aunt Ge buttermilk.

[Cheng Shaoshang didn’t offer Aunt Ge buttermilk to shift everyone’s attention from Cheng Yang to her. Despite Cheng Shaoshang’s explanation, her mother doesn’t believe calculative people will act without wanting something in return.  

Her mother intends to apply methods she used to train stubborn soldiers to turn Cheng Shaoshang into a carbon copy of Cheng Yang, who is gentle and diligent.]

Steeling her heart, Cheng Shaoshang would rather depend on herself than change to please people who don’t like her.

Old Master Ge and Aunt Ge will take Second Aunt back to the Ge family. Divorced from his wife, Second Uncle is free to go to Bailu Mountain to study. Cheng Shaoshang’s mother assures them that she will treat Cheng Yang like her daughter. Cheng Shaoshang sees her mother comfort Cheng Yang.

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