Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 10

Love Like the Galaxy: Episode 10

Ling Buyi uses the excuse of looking for robbers so his guards can search Prince Xiao’s residence. Prince Xiao yells at Ling Buyi in frustration.

A plaque at the entrance of Prince Xiao’s residence says “Steadfast Allegiance,” written by Emperor Wen to praise the Xiao family. Ling Buyi warns Prince Xiao not to be an apple that falls far from the tree.

At Old Madam Wan’s birthday banquet, Cheng Shaoshang and her parents notice that Wan Songbai walks awkwardly.

Wan Qiqi tells Cheng Shaoshang that Old Madam Wan beat Wan Songbai until he almost died.

Warned by her mother, Cheng Shaoshang will get a beating if she causes trouble.

Cheng Shaoshang pretends to feel unwell so she can be alone.

Lou Yao sees Cheng Shaoshang removing pieces of wood from under a bridge in the Wan family’s garden.

Lou Yao stops Lou Li from picking on Cheng Shaoshang. Wang Ling makes fun of Lou Yao because He Zhaojun doesn’t want to marry him. Cheng Shaoshang twists what Wang Ling says to make it seem like Wang Ling is criticizing Princess Yuchang and He Zhaojun.

Ling Buyi invites a group of young men, including Yuan Shen, to go look at flowers in the garden.

But in the garden, Yuan Shen doesn’t see any flowers.

Cheng Shaoshang points out Ling Buyi’s group to the young ladies.

Out of the blue, Ling Buyi starts laughing and urges Yuan Shen to laugh with him.

The young ladies, led by Princess Yuchang and Wang Ling, rush toward Ling Buyi’s group to see them more clearly.

Cheng Shaoshang stops Wan Qiqi and Lou Yao from going.

From across the garden, Cheng Shaoshang nods at Ling Buyi.

The young ladies ignore all signs of caution and gather on the bridge.

Cheng Shaoshang counts down to 1, and just as she expected, the bridge collapses.

The young ladies fall into the water, servants and guests scramble to save them while everyone else looks on in shock. Princess Yuchang weeps in humiliation.

Cheng Shaoshang, laughing and dancing, celebrates her victory.

Cheng Shaoshang isn’t surprised when she is summoned by her mother.

Even if the punishment is a military beating, Cheng Shaoshang refuses to apologize.

Cheng Shaoshang puts a piece of cloth into her mouth.

And Cheng Shaoshang endures the beating in silence.

Cheng Shaoshang’s father, Third Uncle and Third Aunt criticize Cheng Shaoshang’s mother for being heavy-handed. Fed up, Cheng Shaoshang’s mother wants Cheng Shaoshang to go with Third Uncle when he leaves for a government position in Hua County.

Cheng Shaoshang’s condition makes her father cry.

Wan Qiqi wonders who tattled to Cheng Shaoshang’s mother. Cheng Shaoshang blames Ling Buyi, so she won’t accept an ointment sent by him.

Liang Qiufei keeps asking what should be done with the ointment, but Ling Buyi focuses on the rebellion instead of answering him. Liang Qiuqi puts his hand over Liang Qiufei’s mouth.

Cheng Shaoshang’s mother is absent when the Cheng family’s members exchange goodbyes as Cheng Shaoshang, Third Uncle and Third Aunt leave for Hua County.

From a distance, Cheng Shaoshang’s mother watches the procession, protected by her military maids, leave the Capital.

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