Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 12

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 12

After killing Qiongqi beasts, Shanggu transfers her power to Baijue to help him feel better.

Shanggu has researched the Inheritance Ceremony, so she is prepared for tomorrow when she receives the Instruction Feather. After the Inheritance Ceremony, Baijue wants to meet Shanggu in the Taoyuan Forest to tell her a secret.

The next morning, Shanggu wakes up late, shocked to see Baijue by her bed.

[Flashback: Wuhuan can’t persuade Shanggu to wake up to get ready for the Inheritance Ceremony.]

Shanggu accepts a dress made of Divine Brocade from Baijue. Many years ago, Baijue read the writing of a young lady born with blocked vessels who deeply felt the sufferings in the realms, so he understands her efforts more than anyone.

At the Heaven and Earth Platform, Shanggu becomes Chief God. Xueying is a spy for Xuanyi, helping him to witness the Inheritance Ceremony. Tianqi steals the Instruction Feather.

Tianqi won’t explain why he needs the Instruction Feather. Shanggu lets Tianqi go, not wanting him to be punished like Xuanyi.

Using Tianqi’s weapon, the Purple Moon Whip, Zihan leads demons to rebel against the God Realm. Baijue, still unwell, can’t capture Zihan.

Like Shanggu, Baijue knows that Tianqi didn’t steal the Instruction Feather to be Chief God. Shanggu has to go to the Phoenix Clan to get the Pith of the Plane Tree to save Baijue, who has fallen into a coma.

While Shanggu is away, Yuemi will help Wuhuan take care of Pilgrimage Hall. Wuhuan panics when Yuemi tells Shanggu to return with Fengyan.

Fengyun gives the Pith of the Plane Tree to Shanggu. Although Wuhuan isn’t comparable to Fengyan, Shanggu won’t replace her.

Shanggu returns to Changyuan Hall.

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