Never Gone: Episode 36 (Final)

Never Gone: Episode 36 (Final)
Never Gone: Episode 36 (Final)

Visiting her mother, Su Yunjin says she saw Cheng Zheng with a pregnant woman. Up until now, Su Yunjin thought she was doing fine, but seeing Cheng Zheng again makes her feel sad. Su Yunjin’s mother worries because Su Yunjin is still single. Eventually, Su Yunjin will realize the importance of having someone by her side.

In her room, Su Yunjin finds the design Cheng Zheng gave her when they were in college. She looks at it and cries.

Cheng Zheng asks Shen Ju’an if he can use The Y Bar’s WeChat account to clarify his relationship with Chen Xiaoyu. Cheng Zheng regrets not telling Su Yunjin the truth when they met again, just because he wanted to test her reaction after seeing him with another woman.

Su Yunjin looks at The Y Bar’s WeChat account and reads Cheng Zheng’s post, which includes a picture of Chen Xiaoyu.

Su Yunjin tells Mo Yuhua about the post on The Y Bar’s WeChat account. Now that everything is cleared up, Mo Yuhua thinks there is hope for Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin. Unlike Mo Yuhua, Su Yunjin isn’t so sure.

The construction of a building, headed by Zhou Ziyi’s company and based on a design by Cheng Zheng, is almost done. Zhou Ziyi tells Cheng Zheng he plans to invite their classmates to the ribbon-cutting ceremony. More importantly, Zhou Ziyi wants to help Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin get back together.

After talking with Su Yunjin’s assistant, Zhou Ziyi calls Cheng Zheng with bad news. Apparently, CEO Xu is divorced and might be pursuing Su Yunjin.

Cheng Zheng tells CEO Xu he intends to get back with Su Yunjin. CEO Xu admits he hinted to Su Yunjin about liking her, but she rejected him, which means she already has someone in her heart. If Cheng Zheng succeeds in winning her back, CEO Xu tells Cheng Zheng not to lose her again. Cheng Zheng asks CEO Xu to help him.

Su Yunjin’s assistant tells Su Yunjin about her meeting with Zhou Ziyi. Su Yunjin’s assistant brags about exaggerating Su Yunjin’s popularity and made it seem like there is something between CEO Xu and Su Yunjin.

CEO Xu tells Su Yunjin to go meet a client this weekend. He will text her the location later.

Su Yunjin looks at a picture of her high school class, remembering the karaoke party that took place long ago.

Su Yunjin arrives at The Y Bar. Answering a call from CEO Xu, she asks him if he has any instructions before she meets the client. CEO Xu tells her to follow her intuition.

Su Yunjin walks inside and sees animal lanterns everywhere. Notes hang from the animal lanterns, describing Cheng Zheng’s regret and how hard it has been for him since their break-up. She cries while reading the notes.

Cheng Zheng doesn’t care about Su Yunjin’s faults anymore and asks for another chance. He gives Su Yunjin the ring he bought with his own money. If she doesn’t want it, she can give it back to him at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Zhou Ziyi’s building.

Zhang Yue doesn’t understand why Cheng Zheng asked her to come to The Y Bar. Cheng Zheng introduces her to the owner of the bar – Shen Ju’an. Cheng Zheng leaves, giving Shen Ju’an and Zhang Yue a chance to talk.

Su Yunjin doesn’t know if she should give Cheng Zheng another chance, afraid they would have the same problems as in the past. Su Yunjin and Mo Yuhua decide to go to the ribbon-cutting ceremony to support Zhou Ziyi. In Su Yunjin’s house, Cheng Zheng’s design is in a frame and displayed prominently on a shelf.

Su Yunjin and Mo Yuhua go to the ribbon-cutting ceremony together. Su Yunjin is speechless when she sees the building because it is based on the design Cheng Zheng had given her.

Cheng Zheng tells Su Yunjin he is glad the building is complete. The design is meaningful because it came from her encouraging him. He takes back the ring he gave her and kneels down, asking her to marry him. He knows how it feels to pursue her, to have her with him and to lose her. Thus, he promises to treat her well this time around. Su Yunjin agrees to marry him.

Together, Cheng Zheng, Su Yunjin, Zhou Ziyi and Mo Yuhua walk into the building.

In front of their friends, Cheng Zheng congratulates Zhou Ziyi and Mo Yuhua on their new relationship. Cheng Zheng also congratulates Shen Ju’an and Zhang Yue on getting back together. Zhou Ziyi announces Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin’s engagement.

Cheng Zheng realizes there is something he has never said to Su Yunjin. Before he tells her, she says it first: I love you.

Never Gone: Episode 35

Never Gone: Episode 35
Never Gone: Episode 35

CEO Xu has an empty house Su Yunjin can stay at. Su Yunjin turns down his offer, so he reserves a room at a hotel for her, paid by the company. He can drive her to the hotel, but she says she can go by herself.

As Su Yunjin walks to a taxi, a woman rushes from behind and pushes her aside to get into the taxi first. As a result, Su Yunjin drops her plant, breaking it. Su Yunjin picks up what’s left of the plant and cries. CEO Xu stops his car and helps her.

Cheng Zheng and Zhou Ziyi drive by Su Yunjin’s company. They see Su Yunjin getting into CEO Xu’s car. Zhou Ziyi urges Cheng Zheng to talk to her, but Cheng Zheng refuses.

Su Yunjin asks CEO Xu about her plant. CEO Xu takes it out of the trunk of his car and gives it to her.

CEO Xu guesses Su Yunjin argued with her boyfriend. To him, this isn’t necessarily bad. It’s worse when people don’t care enough to argue with each other. Su Yunjin never thought her argument with Cheng Zheng would lead to a break-up. Given her personality, he says maybe she should be with someone who is more mature.

After a few days, Zhou Ziyi calls Su Yunjin, asking if she has heard from Cheng Zheng. Su Yunjin doesn’t know anything. They decide to go to Cheng Zheng’s house to look for him.

Cheng Zheng’s house is empty. Su Yunjin knocks on the door, but no one answers. She calls Cheng Zheng. Again, no one answers. Zhou Ziyi panics. Su Yunjin calls Cheng Zheng’s mother, who says Cheng Zheng has gone abroad.

Time flies by, and Su Yunjin graduates from college. Busy with meetings and projects, she continues to work for CEO Xu.

Zhou Ziyi’s father is sick, so Zhou Ziyi calls Cheng Zheng with the bad news. This prompts Cheng Zheng to return to China.

Su Yunjin catches up with Mo Yuhua, who is still studying abroad. Su Yunjin doesn’t know what has happened to Cheng Zheng ever since their break-up. Although Mo Yuhua thinks of Zhou Ziyi from time to time, she is more worried about Su Yunjin.

As soon as Cheng Zheng is back, he goes to see Zhou Ziyi immediately. Zhou Ziyi’s father has late-stage cancer and doesn’t have much time left. Actually, Zhou Ziyi’s father knew a long time ago and kept it a secret. Zhou Ziyi thinks about the trouble he caused and regrets not being a better son.

Returning to work, Cheng Zheng apologizes to his boss for leaving suddenly. Nevertheless, Cheng Zheng still turned in his designs on time from abroad. The designs have all sold, so his boss gives Cheng Zheng a share of the profit.

Finally having enough money, Cheng Zheng buys the couple rings he previously wanted to buy for himself and Su Yunjin. At this time, Su Yunjin’s taxi drives past the same jewelry store. Hanging the rings on the mirror inside his car, Cheng Zheng remembers a happier time between him and Su Yunjin.

Zhou Ziyi inherits his father’s company after his father passes away. Being in his father’s office causes Zhou Ziyi to miss his father deeply. Cheng Zheng tells Zhou Ziyi to let him know if Zhou Ziyi needs anything.

Cheng Zheng can’t sleep at night. The house seems empty without Su Yunjin.

At her place, Su Yunjin also has trouble falling asleep.

[A few years later]

Chen Xiaoyu is heavily pregnant. She feels tired while out walking with Cheng Zheng, so they stop at a place called The Y Bar.

The owner turns out to be Shen Ju’an. Cheng Zheng and Shen Ju’an greet each other, surprised to meet again. Shen Ju’an says Cheng Zheng can get a discount by subscribing to The Y Bar’s WeChat account.

Cheng Zheng tells Chen Xiaoyu that Shen Ju’an is an old friend.

Shen Ju’an brings Cheng Zheng and Chen Xiaoyu their drinks. After Shen Ju’an leaves, Chen Xiaoyu praises Shen Ju’an’s good looks.

Cheng Zheng tells Shen Ju’an that Zhang Yue’s dream is to own a place like The Y Bar, but now, she has become a workaholic at Hengkai Company. Thinking about what happened, Shen Ju’an regrets focusing on his career and taking her love for granted. The confession makes Cheng Zheng realize that Shen Ju’an did love Zhang Yue.

Shen Ju’an congratulates Cheng Zheng, thinking Cheng Zheng and Chen Xiaoyu are married. Cheng Zheng says he and Chen Xiaoyu are friends. She doesn’t know anyone in Shanghai, so Cheng Zheng is helping her. Shen Ju’an says Su Yunjin follows The Y Bar’s WeChat account, which shares stories about everyday life.

CEO Xu tells Su Yunjin something surprising: their boss’s son is interested in her. CEO Xu thinks she is better off with someone more mature, so he rejected the boss’s son for her already. Su Yunjin thanks CEO Xu for helping her.

Su Yunjin’s assistant is eager for gossip about CEO Xu and Su Yunjin. Now that CEO Xu and his wife have divorced, he might pursue Su Yunjin. Su Yunjin tells her assistant to stop talking nonsense and focus on her work.

Mo Yuhua has returned and is working at a hospital. Su Yunjin eats lunch with Mo Yuhua, and they discuss CEO Xu’s divorce. Mo Yuhua suspects Su Yunjin is single because Su Yunjin can’t forget Cheng Zheng. Mo Yuhua says Su Yunjin’s mother is concerned and asked Mo Yuhua to persuade Su Yunjin to go on matchmaking dates.

Cheng Zheng accompanies Chen Xiaoyu to the same hospital for a check-up.

While waiting for an elevator, Su Yunjin and Mo Yuhua run into Cheng Zheng, who is with Chen Xiaoyu. In shocked silence, Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin look at each other. Cheng Zheng says a brief greeting and then asks Mo Yuhua where the ultrasound room is located.

After Cheng Zheng and Chen Xiaoyu walk away, Mo Yuhua is upset while Su Yunjin stays silent. Mo Yuhua can’t believe it. Why haven’t they heard about Cheng Zheng’s marriage?

Although Su Yunjin appears calm, she leaves the hospital in a daze. She mistakes the entrance of the parking garage for the exit and nearly collides with another car. Alone in her car, she finally breaks down and cries.

Never Gone: Episode 34

Never Gone: Episode 34
Never Gone: Episode 34

Su Yunjin apologizes to Cheng Zheng, but Cheng Zheng is fed up with her excuses. Unable to reason with him, she starts working on the project she brought home. He grabs her file and rips it up in anger, demanding to know what is more important: him or her work?

The next morning, Su Yunjin still prepares breakfast for Cheng Zheng even though she has to go to work early. Cheng Zheng says his mother wants him to return home for the weekend. Su Yunjin says she also plans to visit her mother.

Su Yunjin’s mother is happy to see Su Yunjin again. Uncle Ding tells Su Yunjin to stop buying him gifts when she returns home. Not seeing Cheng Zheng, Su Yunjin’s mother suspects Su Yunjin and Cheng Zheng might have had a falling out. Su Yunjin says Cheng Zheng is busy, so he can’t come with her.

Meng Xue invites Su Yunjin to a gathering of their high school classmates. Actually, Meng Xue called Cheng Zheng already and thought he could let Su Yunjin know, but he refused to do it. This causes Meng Xue to think Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin have argued. Not wanting Meng Xue to get any ideas, Su Yunjin says Cheng Zheng must have been joking.

Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin go to the gathering separately. Coincidentally, they bump into each other in an elevator. They exchange glances uncomfortably, not knowing what to say.

At the gathering, Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin go their own ways and talk to different people. Meng Xue notices and asks Cheng Zheng if he and Su Yunjin are fighting. Cheng Zheng is saved from having to answer by the arrival of Zhou Ziyi, who arrives with Jin Zi.

When it’s time to eat, Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin don’t sit together. Zhou Ziyi, finding himself next to Cheng Zheng, offers to switch places with Su Yunjin, but Su Yunjin says there is no need. Hearing her answer, Cheng Zheng starts drinking. Jin Zi asks Su Yunjin if she is unhappy because he often saw the same expression on Mo Yuhua’s face. Su Yunjin says she is just tired.

Zhou Ziyi tells Cheng Zheng not to drink. Cheng Zheng ignores the advice and continues drinking anyway. Su Yunjin begs Cheng Zheng to stop, but he won’t listen to her. Worried for Cheng Zheng, Meng Xue offers to drink on his behalf.

Zhou Ziyi receives a call from Mo Yuhua. He tells her to berate Cheng Zheng, who is drinking too much and isn’t taking care of his health. Cheng Zheng deflects the attention away from him by mentioning Jin Zi, who is eager to talk to Mo Yuhua.

The phone gets passed to Su Yunjin, who walks away to talk to Mo Yuhua in private. Su Yunjin says Cheng Zheng isn’t listening to her because they had an argument. Mo Yuhua doesn’t dare to give relationship advice. The only thing Mo Yuhua can do is remind Su Yunjin how deeply Cheng Zheng loves her. Su Yunjin says Cheng Zheng’s love can be suffocating.

Su Yunjin tries to get Cheng Zheng, who is drunk, to go home with her. Cheng Zheng pushes her away and bumps into Meng Xue, who lets him lean on her so he wouldn’t fall down. He says Su Yunjin can stay out late at night and get drunk, then he can do the same. Zhou Ziyi promises to take care of Cheng Zheng, so Su Yunjin goes home by herself.

Cheng Zheng apologizes to Meng Xue, but Meng Xue still slaps him. He doesn’t have to return her feelings, but he shouldn’t use her to make Su Yunjin jealous. Cheng Zheng apologizes to everyone for causing a ruckus. Zhou Ziyi tries to convince Cheng Zheng to go home, but Cheng Zheng pushes Zhou Ziyi away.

Cheng Zheng returns home and finds Su Yunjin waiting for him. He feels foolish trying to provoke her. She is like a robot, never reacting to anything. She is thoughtful towards everyone except him. Is she with him because she pities him? She says she respects whatever decision he makes. He says he doesn’t think he succeeded in making her love him, so let’s break up.

Su Yunjin packs her things, taking the plant Cheng Zheng gave her on their first date with her. She puts her house key on a table in the living room. Crying, she leaves the house, shutting the front door for the last time.

Hearing the front door closes, Cheng Zheng walks out of his room. He cries, seeing the house key Su Yunjin left behind.

Walking aimlessly, Su Yunjin remembers a happier time with Cheng Zheng. He had promised he would never let her go or allow her to leave him.

Zhou Ziyi checks with Cheng Zheng to see if everything is all right. Cheng Zheng says he and Su Yunjin just broke up.

In the middle of the night, Su Yunjin can’t think of anywhere else to go except her company. CEO Xu is still there. He tells her his relationship with his wife isn’t good, so his wife doesn’t care what he does.

Zhou Ziyi can’t believe how the situation between Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin could spiral out of control so quickly. Cheng Zheng says he doesn’t feel like Su Yunjin loves him. Zhou Ziyi disagrees, naming everything Su Yunjin has done for Cheng Zheng, from doing the laundry to cooking to cleaning the house. Worried for Su Yunjin, they decide to go look for her.

Never Gone: Episode 33

Never Gone: Episode 33
Never Gone: Episode 33

Cheng Zheng’s operation is successful. The doctor tells Zhou Ziyi and Mo Yuhua that Cheng Zheng needs to stay in the hospital for a few days to recuperate.

Waking up from surgery, Cheng Zheng sees Zhou Ziyi and Mo Yuhua, but not Su Yunjin. Mo Yuhua says she already called several times, but Su Yunjin is probably too busy to answer her phone. Disappointed and frustrated, Cheng Zheng tells Mo Yuhua to stop trying. To Su Yunjin, work is always more important.

The meeting ends later than expected. The client likes Su Yunjin’s plan, so CEO Xu pushes her to finish the project before she leaves the company. Su Yunjin checks her phone and sees Mo Yuhua’s text messages about Cheng Zheng. Seeing Su Yunjin in a rush to get to the hospital, CEO Xu offers to take her there.

When she finds Cheng Zheng at the hospital, Su Yunjin says she couldn’t check her phone during her meeting, so she didn’t know what happened to him. It’s late, so Zhou Ziyi, Mo Yuhua and CEO Xu go home while Su Yunjin stays to take care of Cheng Zheng. Su Yunjin tells CEO Xu she won’t be able to finish the client’s project quickly.

After everyone leaves, Su Yunjin apologizes to Cheng Zheng, feeling terrible because she wasn’t with him when he needed her.

In the middle of the night, Cheng Zheng wakes up in pain. Su Yunjin panics and gets a doctor for Cheng Zheng. After an examination, the doctor says it’s normal to feel pain because the anesthesia is wearing off.

Cheng Zheng didn’t like being sick in the beginning, but now he is glad because he has Su Yunjin’s attention.

The next day, Cheng Zheng’s mother and Zhang Yue visit Cheng Zheng. Cheng Zheng’s mother wants to stay to take care of him, but Cheng Zheng says that isn’t necessary because he already has Su Yunjin. Still wanting to do something, Cheng Zheng’s mother insists on hiring an aide to help Su Yunjin.

Su Yunjin and Zhang Yue find a place where they can talk in private. Zhang Yue doesn’t blame Su Yunjin for helping Shen Ju’an because Su Yunjin didn’t know anything. Moreover, Zhang Yue and Shen Ju’an have divorced. Although she has to start over, Zhang Yue is determined to move on and live happily.

As usual, Cheng Zheng and Zhang Yue bicker when they are around each other. Cheng Zheng’s mother doesn’t want to leave. Once again, Cheng Zheng tells his mother to go home.

Su Yunjin gets a call from Elsa, who asks to meet as soon as possible to work on the client’s project. Since Su Yunjin is taking time off from work, CEO Xu assigned Elsa to help out. Cheng Zheng isn’t happy with how hard Su Yunjin’s company pushes her. He tells Su Yunjin to stay home and be a housewife.

Elsa comes to the hospital to discuss the client’s project with Su Yunjin. Annoyed, Cheng Zheng tells Su Yunjin to work at Hengkai Company if she insists on having a career. Su Yunjin stays silent, not wanting to provoke him further.

Mo Yuhua visits Cheng Zheng before going abroad. Worried about Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin, Mo Yuhua tells him to be patient and cherish his relationship. After all, it wasn’t easy for him and Su Yunjin to be together.

Su Yunjin and Jin Zi go to the airport with Mo Yuhua. Su Yunjin tries not to cry while Jin Zi gives Mo Yuhua a book by his favorite poet. Arriving late because of traffic, Zhou Ziyi asks Mo Yuhua if she would change her mind if her friends want her to stay. Mo Yuhua says she won’t, joking about losing money if she cancels her ticket.

Cheng Zheng is discharged from the hospital. The doctor’s instruction is for Cheng Zheng to rest and come back in a week for a check-up. Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin smile happily. Finally, they can go home!

At home, Su Yunjin covers Cheng Zheng with a blanket and puts what she thinks he needs within his reach. Unfortunately, she has to go to work. Therefore, he will be home alone. He can call her if he needs her. She promises to answer her phone immediately.

Zhou Ziyi is depressed. Mo Yuhua is abroad while his ex-wife has reconciled with her boyfriend. Cheng Zheng is also grumpy because Su Yunjin is always working. Cheng Zheng considers pressuring Su Yunjin to join Hengkai Company, but Zhou Ziyi says Su Yunjin probably wouldn’t like that.

Su Yunjin and Elsa finish the client’s project. CEO Xu praises them for working well together. A meeting has been scheduled tomorrow to present the project to the client.

Su Yunjin asks CEO Xu if she can skip the meeting because she wants to take Cheng Zheng to his check-up. CEO Xu gives his permission. However, she is in charge of the project, so he prefers her to attend the meeting.

Su Yunjin asks Zhang Yue to take Cheng Zheng to his check-up. Zhang Yue is happy to help.

Su Yunjin tells Cheng Zheng that Zhang Yue will take him to his check-up. Cheng Zheng is upset again because she is always busy working. If she were sick, he would be near her to care for her.

The meeting with the client ends well, and the client invites everyone out to dinner. Su Yunjin wants to go home, but the client won’t take no for an answer because she contributes the most to make the project a success.

After Cheng Zheng’s check-up, Zhang Yue takes Cheng Zheng out to dinner. Although he can’t eat seafood during his recovery, he chooses to go to a seafood restaurant so that he can buy crabs for Su Yunjin.

Cheng Zheng receives a text message from Su Yunjin, letting him know she will come home late.

After dinner, Zhang Yue drives Cheng Zheng back to his place. Out of habit, Cheng Zheng looks at his house to see if the lights are on or off. If the lights are on, this means Su Yunjin is home. If the lights are off, then he has to wait for Su Yunjin to come home. Either way, he is happy. Zhang Yue jokes about being single and not having to worry about the lights in her house.

Cheng Zheng can’t get into the house because he forgot his key, so he calls Su Yunjin. CEO Xu answers her phone and says Su Yunjin drank too much and isn’t feeling well. Cheng Zheng wants to go get her, but CEO Xu won’t tell Cheng Zheng the location, afraid Cheng Zheng would disrupt their celebration. CEO Xu says a female colleague will take Su Yunjin home.

Cheng Zheng angrily throws the crabs he bought for Su Yunjin on the ground.

Su Yunjin is drunk and falls asleep on a couch as the dinner continues without her. Elsa switches Su Yunjin’s phone to vibration mode. As a result, Cheng Zheng continues calling Su Yunjin, but no one answers.

Thanking Elsa for taking her home, Su Yunjin is surprised to see Cheng Zheng outside the house. Su Yunjin opens the door while Elsa explains to Cheng Zheng what happened at dinner. Elsa picks up the bag of crabs he had thrown on the ground and gives it to Su Yunjin. Su Yunjin asks him what is in the bag. Cheng Zheng says it’s trash.

Never Gone: Episode 32

Never Gone: Episode 32
Never Gone: Episode 32

After knowing what Shen Ju’an had done, Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin go back to bed but can’t fall asleep.

In the morning, Su Yunjin makes breakfast. She asks Zhou Ziyi to wake up Cheng Zheng, but Zhou Ziyi won’t do it after seeing Cheng Zheng in a bad mood last night.

Cheng Zheng tells Su Yunjin a story from his childhood. One time, he scratched Zhou Ziyi’s face, but Zhou Ziyi wouldn’t tell his parents because they might not let him play with Cheng Zheng again. Now, Cheng Zheng feels like Zhou Ziyi. Even if Su Yunjin did something wrong, Cheng Zheng would forgive her because he doesn’t want to lose her.

With Zhou Ziyi and Mo Yuhua as witnesses, Cheng Zheng promises to never act badly toward Su Yunjin again.

Cheng Zheng is glad his company is near Su Yunjin’s company, which makes it easy for them to go to work together. He wants to eat lunch with Su Yunjin, but as usual, she is busy.

As soon as Su Yunjin gets to the office, she asks Elsa if CEO Xu is available. Elsa says CEO Xu has been looking for Su Yunjin, too.

Su Yunjin gives CEO Xu her resignation letter. She violated the company’s rules by helping a competitor, even though she did so unknowingly. CEO Xu says he plans to quit to open his own company. Chuck already agreed to help him. Now, CEO Xu recruits her to work for him.

Needing more money, Cheng Zheng asks his boss for more projects. Previously, Cheng Zheng didn’t want to work too much because he wanted to spend more time with Su Yunjin.

Cheng Zheng gets a call from Shen Ju’an, who wants to meet with him.

Shen Ju’an apologizes for causing trouble between Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin. Cheng Zheng says he and Su Yunjin are fine because they are always honest with each other. Shen Ju’an feels terrible for deceiving and hurting Zhang Yue. As a result, he will leave Hengkai Company and divorce Zhang Yue. Cheng Zheng calls Shen Ju’an a coward.

Cheng Zheng is surprised to see Zhou Ziyi again so soon. Zhou Ziyi says his wife has asked for a divorce because she wants to get back with her ex-boyfriend, who is the father of her child. Zhou Ziyi won’t tell anyone else about this, especially Mo Yuhua. It’s not fair to burden Mo Yuhua, especially since she will go abroad to study.

The alarm in Cheng Zheng’s phone rings, reminding him it’s time for Su Yunjin to get off work. He calls her, checking to see if she can go home. However, she has to work overtime. He decides to also work overtime so they can go home together.

CEO Xu needs Su Yunjin to go with him to meet a client. Thus, Su Yunjin calls Cheng Zheng to tell him not to wait for her. Once again, Cheng Zheng grumbles about her being a workaholic. She says she already resigned, so she has to wrap up everything before leaving.

Cheng Zheng rushes to Su Yunjin’s company and catches her as she is about to leave with CEO Xu. Cheng Zheng gives her the hamburgers he bought so she has something to eat. Introducing himself to CEO Xu, Cheng Zheng thanks him for taking care of Su Yunjin.

Arriving at a restaurant, Su Yunjin waits while CEO Xu parks the car. She throws the hamburgers from Cheng Zheng into a trash can. Then she sends Cheng Zheng a text, telling him to go home.

CEO Xu says the meeting focuses on internet usage, so he encourages Su Yunjin to speak freely because she is from a younger generation, which knows more about the internet than older people like him.

While driving home, Cheng Zheng’s stomach begins to hurt. He calls Mo Yuhua and asks for advice. Mo Yuhua is at work and tells him to come to the hospital immediately. Su Yunjin doesn’t answer her phone, so Mo Yuhua sends her a text about Cheng Zheng’s condition.

Meanwhile, Su Yunjin is busy in a meeting.

Mo Yuhua waits for Cheng Zheng at the hospital’s entrance. As soon as Cheng Zheng arrives, she takes him to the emergency room. After an examination, the doctor thinks Cheng Zheng has appendicitis, but they need a blood test and an ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis.

After checking the results of the blood test and ultrasound, the doctor says Cheng Zheng needs surgery as soon as possible or his condition will turn critical. Cheng Zheng asks Mo Yuhua to call Su Yunjin. Mo Yuhua keeps on calling, but Su Yunjin doesn’t answer her phone. At this time, Zhou Ziyi shows up at the hospital after receiving a call from Mo Yuhua.

Never Gone: Episode 31

Never Gone: Episode 31
Never Gone: Episode 31

Mo Yuhua tells Su Yunjin she plans to go abroad to study. Su Yunjin says a change of environment may be what Mo Yuhua needs.

Cheng Zheng’s office party takes place at a karaoke bar. Hanging out with his co-workers, Cheng Zheng calls Su Yunjin to say he is behaving himself. Unexpectedly, he bumps into Meng Xue, who is extremely drunk. He leaves Meng Xue in the care of his co-workers and then uses his phone to call someone.

Cheng Zheng waits outside the karaoke bar until Song Ming arrives. Song Ming thanks Cheng Zheng for letting him know and goes inside to take care of Meng Xue. Meanwhile, Cheng Zheng goes home.

Arriving home, Cheng Zheng looks at his house. The lights are on, which means Su Yunjin is still up. He smiles.

Cheng Zheng says he talked to Zhang Yue and Shen Ju’an, making it clear Shen Ju’an needs to stop bothering Su Yunjin. Su Yunjin smells perfume on Cheng Zheng and finds a strand of long hair on his shirt. Immediately, Cheng Zheng explains about bumping into Meng Xue. Su Yunjin says there is no need for him to be anxious because she believes him.

Su Yunjin calls Shen Ju’an, turning on her phone’s speaker so that Cheng Zheng can hear the conversation. She tells Shen Ju’an the project is done. Also, she will transfer money to his bank account periodically to pay off the loan. From now on, they don’t need to stay in touch. Cheng Zheng is pleased, trying not to smile.

Before going out on a date, Su Yunjin gives Cheng Zheng a scarf to wear. Actually, she wanted to knit one for him, but she’s been too busy, so she had to buy it.

While Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin are outside, there is a heavy downpour. Su Yunjin hurts her foot, so Cheng Zheng carries her on his back. He asks if she has gained weight, causing her to hit him playfully.

Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin stop in front of a jewelry store. An employee invites them inside to escape from the rain. Su Yunjin buys a necklace for Cheng Zheng’s mother. Cheng Zheng wants to buy couple rings, but Su Yunjin says it’s more meaningful if he uses his own money, not his parents’ money. He agrees to save his money and will come back in a few months.

Finally, Zhou Ziyi is well enough to leave the hospital. Instead of reserving a room at a restaurant, Cheng Zheng invites Zhou Ziyi, Mo Yuhua and Jin Zi to his house to celebrate. Zhou Ziyi doesn’t understand why Cheng Zheng has turned into a cheapskate.

Zhou Ziyi’s release from the hospital coincides with New Year’s Eve. At midnight, Cheng Zheng, Su Yunjin, Zhou Ziyi, Mo Yuhua and Jin Zi gather at the windows to watch fireworks. With everyone in a good mood, Mo Yuhua breaks the news about going abroad to study.

After the party, Zhou Ziyi and Mo Yuhua stay at Cheng Zheng’s house for the night. Su Yunjin can’t imagine what it would be like if Mo Yuhua were to go abroad and be far away. Mo Yuhua says Su Yunjin will be fine because Su Yunjin has Cheng Zheng.

Cheng Zheng doesn’t understand why Zhou Ziyi got married because it seems Zhou Ziyi cares about Mo Yuhua. However, Zhou Ziyi isn’t in the mood to talk about his wife or Mo Yuhua.

Zhang Yue calls Cheng Zheng in the middle of the night. Sensing an emergency, Cheng Zheng rushes to see her.

Cheng Zheng can’t remember the last time he saw Zhang Yue cry. Zhang Yue says Shen Ju’an secretly started a company. She doesn’t know if Su Yunjin is in on the scheme, though Su Yunjin recently did a project for Shen Ju’an. Cheng Zheng yells at Zhang Yue to stop making excuses for Shen Ju’an. What Shen Ju’an has done doesn’t just hurt their family but Hengkai Company!!!

Cheng Zheng thinks about how well Su Yunjin treats him. Has she been deceiving him all along?

Su Yunjin and Mo Yuhua can’t sleep, ever since they heard Cheng Zheng leave the house.

When Cheng Zheng arrives home, the house is dark. He texts Su Yunjin, wanting to talk to her if she is still awake.

Su Yunjin comes out of her bedroom to talk to Cheng Zheng. After finding out about Shen Ju’an, she denies knowing anything about it. Nevertheless, Cheng Zheng is disappointed in her. He says she would’ve realized Shen Ju’an was lying if she bothered to check carefully. At this moment, the only thing she can do is apologize.

The commotion wakes up Zhou Ziyi, who decides to sleep on the sofa in the living room instead of going back to Cheng Zheng’s bedroom. Obviously, Cheng Zheng is in a bad mood, and Zhou Ziyi wants to avoid him.

Never Gone: Episode 30

Never Gone: Episode 30
Never Gone: Episode 30

Su Yunjin makes breakfast for Cheng Zheng. Cheng Zheng gets a call from his mother, who heard about Su Yunjin from Zhang Yue. Su Yunjin agrees to meet Cheng Zheng’s mother, but she is afraid his mother will judge her for living with him.

Cheng Zheng’s mother shows up at Cheng Zheng’s house, happy to see her son finally dating someone. The house is spotless. Given Cheng Zheng’s personality, his mother guesses the cleaning is done by Su Yunjin. Cheng Zheng says he will go buy food, giving his mother and Su Yunjin a chance to get to know each other.

Cheng Zheng’s mother tells Su Yunjin to let her know if Cheng Zheng bullies her. In addition, Cheng Zheng’s parents want to meet the elders in Su Yunjin’s family. Walking around the house, Cheng Zheng’s mother realizes that Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin have separate bedrooms. She gives Su Yunjin a red envelope, but Su Yunjin refuses it because it is too much money.

Cheng Zheng’s mother gives the red envelope to Cheng Zheng to give to Su Yunjin. Cheng Zheng tells Su Yunjin to take it.

Su Yunjin’s mother and Uncle Ding have a meal with Cheng Zheng’s parents. Cheng Zheng’s father says Su Yunjin is a good influence on Cheng Zheng. Calling for a toast, Cheng Zheng thanks the four elders for approving his relationship with Su Yunjin. Su Yunjin’s mother gives Cheng Zheng a red envelope, which he accepts quickly.

Su Yunjin gets a text from Shen Ju’an, asking her to help him with something.

At work, Elsa tells Su Yunjin to go to CEO Xu’s office. When Su Yunjin gets there, she sees CEO Xu and Chuck. CEO Xu praises Su Yunjin because the data she prepared persuaded Chuck to work for him.

Shen Ju’an asks Su Yunjin to do a project for him. Su Yunjin feels uneasy but agrees to help because he says the project doesn’t affect her company or Hengkai Company. She pays back a portion of the loan he gave to her family. Shen Ju’an tells her to keep the money as compensation for helping him, but she says helping him and paying back the loan are two different things.

As soon as Su Yunjin arrives home, she starts working on Shen Ju’an’s project. Cheng Zheng doesn’t understand why she is always busy. He already bought groceries, so she begins making dinner.

Su Yunjin can’t believe that Cheng Zheng spent so much money buying imported vegetables and tells him not to do it again. She calls her mother to ask how to make braised pork. He sees her cooking and working on her laptop if she can. When dinner is done, he tries the food she made and is impressed by her cooking skills.

Cheng Zheng gets a call from his boss, reminding him about their office party. Su Yunjin can’t go with him because she is busy. She says the project is for Shen Ju’an, not her company. She feels obligated to help Shen Ju’an because Shen Ju’an once helped her family. Cheng Zheng is unhappy she didn’t tell him sooner.

Cheng Zheng calls Zhang Yue, asking if he can drop by her house.

Upon arriving, Cheng Zheng tells Shen Ju’an to leave Su Yunjin alone. Shen Ju’an says his department doesn’t have enough people, so he thought Su Yunjin could help. Given Cheng Zheng’s reaction, Shen Ju’an says he won’t bother Su Yunjin again.

Never Gone: Episode 29

Never Gone: Episode 29
Never Gone: Episode 29

Su Yunjin asks CEO Xu for time off because she needs to return to school to accept an award. Giving his approval, CEO Xu forgets she is still a student because she is a great employee. Meng Xue shows up at the company, and he lets Su Yunjin deal with Meng Xue.

Meng Xue is angry because negotiation between her side and Su Yunjin’s company ends in failure. She doesn’t know if Su Yunjin sabotaged the negotiation or Su Yunjin’s company never intended to collaborate at all. Su Yunjin says the fault lies with Meng Xue. Due to personal feelings, it had been Meng Xue who delayed the negotiation.

CEO Xu praises Su Yunjin for dealing with Meng Xue effectively. Chuck is coming back to China, and CEO Xu tells Su Yunjin to pick Chuck up at the airport. More importantly, CEO Xu wants her to persuade Chuck to work for him.

After collecting her award at school, Su Yunjin thinks about her father and cries. She has fulfilled her promise to him. She got into a good university and has a job that pays well.

Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin decide to talk to Jin Zi. Walking around Jin Zi’s school reminds Cheng Zheng of how miserable he was in high school because his relationship with Su Yunjin was bad. She says she didn’t hate him. Back then, her focus was to study and take care of her mother. She didn’t know how to deal with him, so she ignored him.

Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin kiss, and they are embarrassed when Jin Zi interrupts them. The three of them go to a coffee shop to talk.

Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin encourage Jin Zi to pursue Mo Yuhua. Jin Zi hesitates because Mo Yuhua likes Zhou Ziyi. Cheng Zheng says it isn’t possible between Zhou Ziyi and Mo Yuhua because Zhou Ziyi is married. Ultimately, Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin convince Jin Zi to try harder to win Mo Yuhua’s heart.

Su Yunjin gets a call from CEO Xu. Apparently, Chuck will be in China sooner than expected. As a result, she needs to prepare data to persuade Chuck to work for CEO Xu.

Cheng Zheng sees a street vendor selling plants and flowers. He buys a few plants so that the vendor can go home early. At the same time, the plants will make Su Yunjin happy because she likes them. Su Yunjin praises Cheng Zheng for his thoughtfulness.

At home, Su Yunjin is busy working, but Cheng Zheng won’t leave her alone. She glares at him. He teases her by pretending to be scared.

Never Gone: Episode 28

Never Gone: Episode 28
Never Gone: Episode 28

At the end of the workday, Su Yunjin finishes typing up the contract and emails it to CEO Xu. She gets a call from Cheng Zheng, letting her know he’s waiting outside her company.

Su Yunjin leaves work and gets into Cheng Zheng’s car. Cheng Zheng leans forward, wanting to kiss her. She orders him to drive.

Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin drop by the hospital to visit Zhou Ziyi and finds Meng Xue already there. Zhou Ziyi is upbeat, despite knowing he can’t play soccer again. Su Yunjin sees Mo Yuhua wearing the necklace from Zhou Ziyi. Another friend, Song Ming, drops by to visit Zhou Ziyi. Zhou Ziyi says he and Mo Yuhua decided to stay as friends.

Su Yunjin needs to talk to Mo Yuhua about Zhou Ziyi.

Su Yunjin apologizes to Mo Yuhua for not telling her about Zhou Ziyi’s marriage. Mo Yuhua doesn’t blame Su Yunjin.

Happy to see Meng Xue again, Song Ming tries to convince her to stay in China. Zhou Ziyi says he won’t tell his father about his accident to prevent his father’s mistresses showing up at the hospital and creating a ruckus. Zhou Ziyi also won’t tell his wife because he doesn’t want her to worry.

Mo Yuhua says she could accept Zhou Ziyi’s marriage because she is used to him hurting her feelings. However, she was devastated when he tried to end their friendship. Su Yunjin thinks Mo Yuhua should move on, but she can’t tell Mo Yuhua what to do. Su Yunjin says she has moved in with Cheng Zheng. Mo Yuhua is happy for Su Yunjin and Cheng Zheng.

It’s hard to catch a taxi at night, so Meng Xue asks Cheng Zheng for a ride back to her hotel.

Finding out that Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin are living together, Meng Xue stops playing games and emails Su Yunjin the information for the contract. For some reason, the information from Meng Xue doesn’t match the information Su Yunjin got from Elsa. Su Yunjin tells Cheng Zheng to take her back to her company.

Upon arriving, Su Yunjin gets out of the car and looks at Meng Xue before leaving. Cheng Zheng interprets it as a warning to Meng Xue and is happy.

Meng Xue wonders if Cheng Zheng still likes Su Yunjin if Su Yunjin accepted him from the start. Cheng Zheng is glad Su Yunjin waited until he is more mature before they start their relationship.

CEO Xu tells Su Yunjin not to change the contract. All along, he plans to work with another company while trying to hold off Meng Xue’s side. Since Su Yunjin and Meng Xue don’t get along, he forces them to work together, expecting Meng Xue to drag out the negotiation to make Su Yunjin look bad. Disappointed, Su Yunjin realizes he has been using her.

Cheng Zheng drops Meng Xue off at her hotel and speeds off.

To CEO Xu, the end justifies the means. He says people are selfish, and there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of people’s selfishness for one’s own gain. Su Yunjin doesn’t think like him. For example, her goal is to work hard, and she hopes to be compensated fairly for her effort.

Su Yunjin leaves work and finds Cheng Zheng waiting outside her company. She doesn’t ask what happened between him and Meng Xue because she trusts him.

The maid who cleans Cheng Zheng’s house is on leave. As a result, his house is a mess. Cheng Zheng doesn’t know how to use the washing machine, so Su Yunjin has to do his laundry. She isn’t narcissistic to think he is working near her company on purpose. He says that is why he accepted the job offer.

Never Gone: Episode 27

Never Gone: Episode 27
Never Gone: Episode 27

Zhou Ziyi says at least he and Mo Yuhua are friends, unlike Cheng Zheng and Meng Xue. To Zhou Ziyi, love is illogical. He can’t help how he feels, why he loves his wife and not Mo Yuhua, who has done so much for him.

Meng Xue says goodbye to Cheng Zheng and Zhou Ziyi. Zhou Ziyi decides to leave, too.

Su Yunjin and Jin Zi try to stop Mo Yuhua from drinking more wine. Cheng Zheng tells Su Yunjin to convince Mo Yuhua to forget about Zhou Ziyi. However, Su Yunjin feels she shouldn’t interfere. Maybe it is better if Mo Yuhua works through the heartbreak herself.

Mo Yuhua gets a phone call. Her demeanor changes because Zhou Ziyi has been in an accident.

Cheng Zheng, Su Yunjin, Mo Yuhua and Jin Zi rush to the hospital. Critically injured, Zhou Ziyi is taken to an operating room.

Cheng Zheng, Su Yunjin, Cheng Zheng and Jin Zi wait outside the operating room. When the operation is over, the doctor says Zhou Ziyi’s leg is broken and will take a long time to heal.

Since Mo Yuhua is a doctor, she is the best person to stay at the hospital to care for Zhou Ziyi. Su Yunjin reassures Mo Yuhua because doctors tend to give the worst prognosis.

Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin think Mo Yuhua is better off with Jin Zi than Zhou Ziyi. Su Yunjin heard from Mo Yuhua that the probability of two people liking each other and ending up together is rarer than winning the lottery. Cheng Zheng vows to never let Su Yunjin go.

Cheng Zheng’s house is close to the hospital. Therefore, he persuades Su Yunjin to stay at his house while waiting for news about Zhou Ziyi.

Cheng Zheng covers Su Yunjin’s eyes and guides her into his house, which is decorated with balloons, teddy bears and flowers. He already moved her things to his house and even made a list of cohabitation rules favorable to her, so she agrees to live with him. After Zhou Ziyi’s accident, she realizes they need to treasure every moment they have together.

Staying in separate bedrooms, Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin text back and forth. She sees the expensive price tag of her bedsheets and feels uneasy. Meanwhile, he waits for her reply and doesn’t know why she has gone silent.

The next morning, Cheng Zheng calls Mo Yuhua, who says Zhou Ziyi has woken up and is doing well.

Cheng Zheng sees a bunch of price tags hanging on Su Yunjin’s bedroom doorknob. He can’t find her and panics. She walks into the house with breakfast for them. While appreciative of his intention, she says he shouldn’t waste money buying expensive things for her.

Cheng Zheng drops Su Yunjin off at work. He tries to kiss her goodbye, but she doesn’t fall for his trick.

Su Yunjin can’t contact Meng Xue despite emailing and calling her.

Not knowing what else to do, Su Yunjin checks with CEO Xu to see if he wants to replace her with someone else to work with Meng Xue. CEO Xu tells Su Yunjin to draw up a contract even though she doesn’t have the information she needs from Meng Xue’s side.

Su Yunjin gets an email from Elsa. Elsa tells Su Yunjin to draw up a contract based on the information in the email.

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