Never Gone: Episode 8

Never Gone: Episode 8

Su Yunjin doesn’t know what to do. Her mother wants to marry a neighbor, Uncle Ding, and asks for her approval. She wants her mother to be happy, but she still misses her father.

Shen Ju’an tells Su Yunjin about his background. His family is poor, and his father left when Shen Ju’an was young. At first, his father sent money to cover school fees, but the money eventually stopped. Thus, the financial burden fell on his mother. Because of his mother’s sacrifice, he wants her to be happy. He encourages Su Yunjin to be open-minded and support her mother.

Su Yunjin decides to go home to meet Uncle Ding. Shen Ju’an gives her a phone so it’s easier for her to stay in touch with everyone.

Cheng Zheng can’t find Su Yunjin. He asks Mo Yuhua, but she won’t tell him anything. Annoyed, he threatens to go to Hengkai Company and cause trouble for Shen Ju’an. She relents and says Su Yunjin has returned home.

At home, Su Yunjin meets Uncle Ding at the front door as he’s leaving to buy food for her. It’s an awkward moment, but they are courteous to each other.

Su Yunjin’s mother is nervous, uncertain how Su Yunjin feels about Uncle Ding. Since Yunjin has known Uncle Ding for a long time, she tells her mother not to worry. Suddenly, Su Yunjin sees Cheng Zheng peeking over the wall. A few moments later, he knocks on her door. He says he’s a school friend, so Su Yunjin’s mother invites him to eat with them.

During the meal, Cheng Zheng gestures to Su Yunjin. Both of them make a toast to Su Yunjin’s mother and Uncle Ding. Uncle Ding promises to take good care of Su Yunjin’s mother. Su Yunjin’s mother thanks Su Yunjin for accepting Uncle Ding.

After the meal, Su Yunjin pushes Cheng Zheng out the door, wanting him to be gone as soon as possible. A worker interrupts them, looking for Uncle Ding. Apparently, materials need to be moved at a construction site, but Uncle Ding didn’t know and let many workers have the day off. Cheng Zheng offers to help. Worried, Su Yunjin goes with them.

Cheng Zheng boasts to Su Yunjin about having a class A driver’s license. Being at construction sites is like a second home to him because his father is an architect. Su Yunjin wants to help Uncle Ding while he moves things, but Cheng Zheng tells her not to do it. Obviously, Uncle Ding wants to show he’s still strong and can take care of Su Yunjin’s mother.

It’s late when Cheng Zheng, Su Yunjin and Uncle Ding return home. Once again, Su Yunjin tries to get Cheng Zheng to leave. Su Yunjin’s mother worries about Cheng Zheng going home in the dark, so she tells him to stay and sleep on the sofa.

Su Yunjin doesn’t know if she should call Shen Ju’an. Cheng Zheng complains that she’s nice to everyone except him. Then he sings a love song, causing her to walk away. He follows her, still singing. They see Su Yunjin’s mother saying goodbye to Uncle Ding and zipping up his jacket because it’s cold. Cheng Zheng says he’s also cold, earning a glare from Su Yunjin.

In the middle of the night, Cheng Zheng wakes up and sees Su Yunjin making animal lanterns. It’s unbelievable to him this can earn enough money to live because the lanterns are cheap. He wants to help her by buying them. As usual, she ignores him. He writes a riddle on a lantern confessing his love. She tells him to stop joking or they can’t be friends anymore.

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