Never Gone: Episode 23

Never Gone: Episode 23

Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin apologize to the man, not realizing that this is her new boss, CEO Xu. She offers to wash his clothes while Cheng Zheng offers money, but CEO Xu turns down both options. Giving her company’s address, she tells CEO Xu to send his clothes to her. She will wash and send his clothes back to him.

Cheng Zheng looks forward to going on dates with Su Yunjin.

Cheng Zheng wants to drive Su Yunjin to work tomorrow. Su Yunjin says she has to work outside the company, so she already planned to go with Brother Li. However, if Cheng Zheng insists, he can pick her up after work. Cheng Zheng leans in to kiss her goodbye, but his attempt is interrupted by two students walking past them.

Cheng Zheng texts Su Yunjin his plan for their first date, which will take place at an amusement park. Also anticipating their date, Su Yunjin goes through her clothes to look for an outfit.

Out of the blue, Cheng Zheng gets an email from a company interested in working with him. Coincidentally, the company is near Su Yunjin’s company.

Su Yunjin goes with Brother Li and her co-workers to a party venue. It is her company’s anniversary. Therefore, her department is responsible for setting up the celebration this year. Her co-workers gossip about the new boss, who will make his appearance tonight.

Brother Li tells the group to keep everything to a minimum because they don’t know the preferences of the new boss.

Cheng Zheng goes to the company that contacted him. The terms are favorable, so he agrees to work for them after graduation, but with one condition. He wants the interviewer’s office. If the desk faces the windows, Cheng Zheng can see Su Yunjin’s company.

Cheng Zheng calls Su Yunjin to see what she is doing. Su Yunjin tells him about her company’s party. He wants to go on a date with her, so he pressures her to skip it.

Brother Li notices Su Yunjin seems distracted. Su Yunjin asks if she can skip the party since she is just an intern. He denies her request because Sister Guo wants everyone in their department to greet the new boss and make a good impression.

Finally, CEO Xu appears at the party. Everyone looks at him except Su Yunjin, who is answering Cheng Zheng’s phone call. CEO Xu frowns at her, causing her to become the center of attention. Brother Li signals to her to hang up.

Cheng Zheng waits outside the party venue. He keeps trying to contact Su Yunjin, but she doesn’t answer her phone.

CEO Xu shocks everyone with his first speech, forbidding parties and projects with little profit. In addition, funding for projects will be reduced drastically. Sister Guo voices her objection. Not caring how everyone feels, he gives them a choice: obey him or leave.

Su Yunjin tells CEO Xu about her department, including how hard everyone works and how much they’ve tried to cut costs. However, her plea falls on deaf ears. CEO Xu expects the employees to come up with answers instead of questioning him.

Someone calls Su Yunjin’s name. It’s Meng Xue, who has come back from studying overseas and is at the party representing CEO Xu’s business partner. Meng Xue asks Su Yunjin about Cheng Zheng. Su Yunjin answers vaguely, so Meng Xue thinks Cheng Zheng has given up pursuing Su Yunjin.

Su Yunjin leaves the party with Sister Guo and Brother Li. In the parking lot, they see Elsa, CEO Xu’s secretary. Elsa says her boss values ability, not empty words. He is willing to discuss funding for the project in Su Yunjin’s department. However, he only wants to see Su Yunjin, and this opportunity isn’t given to other departments.

Cheng Zheng shows up at the party to look for Su Yunjin. Meeting Meng Xue again, he ignores her like always. He gets a call from Su Yunjin, wanting to cancel their date because she has to go to the office to work overtime. Meng Xue asks Cheng Zheng if he wants to go for a drink.

Su Yunjin sees Meng Xue getting into Cheng Zheng’s car.

Cheng Zheng drives Meng Xue back to her hotel. Meng Xue says she emailed him often, but he never responds. She asks about Su Yunjin and learns that they are dating. Meng Xue says Su Yunjin has a new boss and it seems like they know each other.

Arriving at the hotel, Meng Xue asks Cheng Zheng to have a drink with her. Once again, he turns down her invitation and leaves.

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