Love and Destiny: Episode 46

Love and Destiny: Episode 46

A’Mo tells Jiu Chen not to abandon her or lie to her.

Jiu Chen kisses A’Mo’s forehead while she is sleeping, and then he disappears.

The next morning, A’Mo wakes up and can’t find Jiu Chen anywhere.

A’Mo looks at the harbor, wondering where Jiu Chen has gone. Physician Sun and Madam Guan notice A’Mo seems sad.

After work, A’Mo arrives home, hoping to see Jiu Chen, but there is only Xiao Bai.

Winds rattle the doors and windows, causing A’Mo to run to Jiu Chen’s room because she thinks he has come back.

Jiu Chen monitors A’Mo. Si Ming doesn’t know what to say to comfort him.

A’Mo eats alone, but she sets the table for two as if Jiu Chen is still with her.

Physician Sun tells A’Mo to take a couple of days off because she doesn’t look well.

A’Mo leaves the gate to her house open.

Worried about Jiu Chen, A’Mo falls sick.

Si Ming says Ling Xi’s trial will be over soon, and then she can return to the Heaven Realm. Jiu Chen continues to monitor her.

A’Mo prepares a lot of food for Xiao Bai because she will be gone for a while.

A’Mo asks people for directions to Jiu Chen’s hometown, but no one knows where it is.

Si Ming asks Jiu Chen if the name of Jiu Chen’s hometown is a real place. Jiu Chen rushes back to A’Mo.

A’Mo keeps on looking for Jiu Chen’s hometown.

It’s raining heavily, so A’Mo begs an innkeeper to let her stay for the night. The innkeeper says his place is reserved for government officials, but he allows A’Mo to sleep in a shed nearby.

Jiu Chen appears in the shed after A’Mo falls asleep. Waking up and seeing him, she asks if he likes her because she looks like Ling Xi. Jiu Chen apologizes, unable to tell her the truth.

Jiu Chen reserves a room in an inn for A’Mo. He leaves to get food for her, but she grabs his hand. Jiu Chen says he will come back.

Si Ming says A’Mo will die on her birthday, which coincides with the Mountain Spirit Tribe’s Blood Moon Festival. Ling Xi passed the life hardship when the Lin family tried to kill her and she survived. Her second hardship is death. Jiu Chen asks about the third hardship, but Si Ming refuses to explain further.

The demonic mark behind A’Mo’s ear causes her to scream out in pain. Jiu Chen says she is sick and will get better. A’Mo believes him and says she wants to go home.

Resting at home, A’Mo’s condition deteriorates. Jiu Chen says he will go buy food for her. A’Mo asks Jiu Chen to get Physician Sun.

Jiu Chen tells Xiao Bai to watch A’Mo.

A’Mo checks her appearance in the mirror.

A’Mo eats a variety of things, and unable to taste them, she is devastated. Jiu Chen arrives home with Physician Sun.

Jiu Chen tells A’Mo to rest and not worry while Physician Sun researches medical books to find out what is wrong with her. A’Mo says Jiu Chen needs to rest, too.

The demonic mark behind A’Mo’s ear burns, making it hard for A’Mo to sleep. Jing Xiu tells A’Mo to come with him because if she stays, she will die.

Jing Xiu accuses Jiu Chen of sacrificing A’Mo to save Ling Xi. Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu fight. A’Mo asks what her sickness has to do with Ling Xi. Jiu Chen says A’Mo can become Ling Xi after she dies, shocking her.

Zhong Hao needs to abduct A’Mo for the Demon King. While Jiu Chen and Zhong Hao fight, Jing Xiu escapes with A’Mo. Si Ming worries because Jiu Chen’s Fire Essense has weakened considerably after fighting Jing Xiu and Zhong Hao. Jiu Chen tells Si Ming to alert Yun Feng, who must find A’Mo as soon as possible.

A’Mo coughs up blood and goes blind. Jing Xiu gives A’Mo his Life Pearl to prolong her life and restore her eyesight.

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