Love and Destiny: Episode 47

Love and Destiny: Episode 47

Yun Feng bolsters Jiu Chen’s Fire Essene. Jiu Chen’s teacher orders Jiu Chen to leave Ling Xi to fate, and if she fails, he will destroy her soul. Si Ming says the heavens will bless Ling Xi.

In A’Mo’s nightmare, Ling Xi takes over her life. Then people turn to dust and vanish, including Physician Sun, Madam Guan, Teacher Shen, the Lin family, Zhu Zizai, Bao Suozhu, Jiu Chen, Ling Xi and, lastly, A’Mo.

Watching A’Mo having a nightmare, Jing Xiu vows to protect her.

Jiu Chen thinks about Ling Xi. Si Ming tells Jiu Chen to go to a meeting convened by the Heavenly Emperor.

Accusing Qing Yao of distributing pills that didn’t protect against demonic energy, Yuan Tong says her soldiers turned demonic while stationed at Mount Youdu, so she had to kill them. Yun Feng defends Qing Yao while Thunder Lord calls for her punishment. Jiu Chen interrogates Yuan Tong. Qing Yao accepts responsibility to prevent an investigation, which could expose what Jiu Chen did to save Ling Xi.

Si Ming doesn’t believe Yuan Tong because there were holes in her story when Jiu Chen interrogated her. Jiu Chen also suspects Yuan Tong, but he isn’t certain Qing Yao didn’t tamper with the pills. He has to go to Mount Youdu to investigate.

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