Love and Destiny: Episode 38

Love and Destiny: Episode 38

Insulting each other doesn’t work, so Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu fight to determine who can stay and who should leave.

Zhu Zizai and his disciple, Bao Suozhu, spy on Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu. Amazed by their power, Zhu Zizai wants to ask either Jiu Chen or Jing Xiu to be his teacher. Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu disappear as soon as they realize there are mortals nearby.

A’Mo doesn’t want to deal with Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu, so she asks to stay overnight at the pharmacy. Physician Sun tells A’Mo to go home and let her problem resolve itself naturally.

A’Mo sees Jing Xiu waiting outside Physician Sun’s pharmacy. Jing Xiu says everything is fine between him and Jiu Chen.

After investigating A’Mo’s life at the Lin family, Jing Xiu understands why she is wary of people’s intentions, so he will give her time to make her decision.

On his way to Physician Sun’s pharmacy, Jiu Chen easily destroys the obstacles set up by Jing Xiu.

Jiu Chen ruins the snack Jing Xiu bought for A’Mo, acting like it’s an accident but not fooling A’Mo or Jing Xiu.

A’Mo, Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu arrive home. The house is in shambles, and there is a hole in the roof.

[Flashback: Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu fight, destroying the roof and other parts of the house.]

Jing Xiu offers to fix the roof. Jiu Chen says he can also do it. A’Mo thanks both of them.

Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu figure out each other’s identity.

A’Mo is happy with her life and doesn’t want to go back to her hometown with Jiu Chen. Jiu Chen says he will stay with her to protect her.

Jing Xiu uses rain to force A’Mo and Jiu Chen to return home, then he creates a rainbow to cheer up A’Mo. A’Mo is surprised by the sudden change in the weather.

Jing Xiu thanks Jiu Chen for saving A’Mo from the Heaven Tribe. Nevertheless, Jing Xiu feels he can take care of A’Mo, so he won’t give up even though he is competing against the God of War.

Jing Xiu pushes the task of fixing the roof onto Jiu Chen and breaks the ladder, causing Jiu Chen to fall to the ground. Jiu Chen pretends to be injured so that Jing Xiu would have to fix the roof. While Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu argue, A’Mo climbs up the ladder and fixes the roof.

Madam Guan scolds Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu for not fixing the roof for A’Mo. A’Mo slips. Simultaneously, Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu stabilize A’Mo so she wouldn’t fall off the roof.

Madam Guan asks if Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu have financial assets to take care of A’Mo. A’Mo says she can take care of herself. Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu eavesdrop on A’Mo and Madam Guan.

Madam Guan scolds Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu for being useless.

Although needing money, A’Mo doesn’t sell Jing Xiu’s ring because it seems valuable. Jing Xiu tells A’Mo not to worry because he is wealthy. Jiu Chen has a bowl of water ready and extinguishes the fire the moment Jing Xiu’s sleeve bursts into flames.

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