Love and Destiny: Episode 37

Love and Destiny: Episode 37

Jing Xiu says he can take care of A’Mo. A’Mo tells him to leave now that he can see again.

Jing Xiu doesn’t show up for breakfast, so A’Mo goes to his room to look for him. Jing Xiu has disappeared.

Xiao Bai plays with a peach. A’Mo picks it up.

A’Mo washes the peach, eats it, and surprisingly she can hear everything, including her voice when she speaks.

Seeing Jiu Chen, A’Mo cries in happiness because she can hear his voice. She also tells Jing Xiu what happened.

A’Mo introduces Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu to each other. Jiu Chen pressures A’Mo to reveal their betrothal to Jing Xiu. Jing Xiu says he lives with A’Mo.

Xiao Bai likes Jiu Chen while continuing to act hostile toward Jing Xiu. Trading insults back and forth, Jing Xiu says Jiu Chen looks like a butcher, and Jiu Chen says Jing Xiu looks like a conman. A’Mo leaves to escape the tension.

Jing Xiu warns Jiu Chen, saying Jiu Chen doesn’t know who he is dealing with. Undaunted, Jiu Chen issues the same warning to Jing Xiu.

Jiu Chen reminds A’Mo about their betrothal, telling her to keep her distance from Jing Xiu. He puts his hand on her neck to suppress the demonic mark behind her ear, making it disappear.

Jing Xiu interrupts Jiu Chen and A’Mo’s conversation.

Jing Xiu tells A’Mo that no one, including Jiu Chen, can take her away.

Jiu Chen seems different from last time, confusing and making A’Mo feel sad. Thus, she isn’t in the mood to play with Xiao Bai.

Jiu Chen is sick again.

Jing Xiu uses his zither to attack Jiu Chen, so Jiu Chen retaliates by breaking a string in the zither. Meanwhile, A’Mo can’t fall asleep.

Jing Xiu helps A’Mo make breakfast, so Jiu Chen makes A’Mo splash water on Jing Xiu. Jing Xiu has to go change his clothes, giving Jiu Chen a chance to replace him.

Jiu Chen says he and A’Mo have changed. A’Mo says she and Jing Xiu are friends. She doesn’t think she is good enough to marry Jiu Chen, so she wants him to leave her alone.

Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu fight with a table of food between them. When A’Mo joins them to eat, the table breaks in half.

Jing Xiu says he will spend time with Jiu Chen. Sensing trouble, A’Mo agrees to let Jing Xiu take her to work.

Jing Xiu feels he should leave if A’Mo plans to marry Jiu Chen. A’Mo tells Jing Xiu to stay until his eyes heal.

There is rain where Jing Xiu’s stands, and the rain follows him. Holding an umbrella, Jiu Chen says he will take A’Mo to Physician Sun’s pharmacy. A’Mo tells Jing Xiu to go home and change clothes because he is wet.

Arriving at Physician Sun’s pharmacy, A’Mo introduces Jiu Chen to Madam Guan.

Madam Guan is surprised to hear about Jiu Chen and A’Mo’s betrothal. Moreover, A’Mo isn’t an orphan, but she ran away from home. Physician Sun asks what A’Mo plans to do about Jing Xiu. A’Mo tells Physician Sun and Madam Guan she can hear, and they are happy for her.

Guessing Jiu Chen is pretending to be A’Mo’s betrothed, Jing Xiu threatens Jiu Chen and tells him to leave. Jiu Chen says it’s Jing Xiu who should leave.

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