Love and Destiny: Episode 39

Love and Destiny: Episode 39

Jiu Chen stops meditating to go meet Yun Feng, who has come to the Mortal Realm.

Jing Xiu says Jiu Chen has many enemies and puts A’Mo in danger by staying with her. Jiu Chen says Jing Xiu also has many enemies.

Medicine King has convinced the Heavenly Emperor to issue a marriage edict for Yu Li and Yun Feng. Yun Feng is in love with Qing Yao, so he begs Jiu Chen to return to the Heaven Realm to help him stop the marriage. Jiu Chen refuses because he can’t leave A’Mo alone with Jing Xiu.

Telling Jing Xiu to go buy his writing supplies, A’Mo goes to Physician Sun’s pharmacy.

A’Mo asks Physician Sun for a month’s wage in advance.

A’Mo uses the money to prepare a farewell feast for Jiu Chen and Jing Xiu. She tells Jiu Chen to go to the Capital to take the national examination. As for Jing Xiu, his health has recovered, so he should go back to his family.

Jing Xiu asks Jiu Chen if A’Mo wants them to leave, so Jiu Chen says it’s Jing Xiu who should leave.

Jiu Chen vents his frustration on Yun Feng and Si Ming, berating them for not cultivating diligently. Yun Feng gives Jiu Chen advice on how to win A’Mo’s heart: be persistent, be persuasive, and lastly, be shameless.

Madam Guan tells A’Mo that Jing Xiu is working nearby.

A’Mo doesn’t understand why Jing Xiu has to earn money by writing letters for people when he said he is wealthy. Jing Xiu says he can’t leave because he still has to take care of some matters.

A’Mo hopes Jiu Chen won’t shamelessly refuse to leave like Jing Xiu, but she sees him waiting outside her house.

Jiu Chen asks A’Mo to marry him. However, A’Mo tells Jiu Chen to go back to his family and marry someone else.

Jiu Chen conjures up a storm and endures it.

A’Mo allows Jiu Chen to go into the house.

A’Mo helps Jiu Chen dry his hair. Jiu Chen holds A’Mo’s hand and then implores her to let him stay.

A’Mo returns to her room, feeling conflicted. Jiu Chen watches as the light goes out in A’Mo’s room.

The next morning, A’Mo tells Jiu Chen to leave. Jiu Chen pretends to be sick so that A’Mo would let him stay, but he can’t fool her.

A’Mo sees a vendor selling mooncakes. The vendor says Mid-Autumn Festival is in a few days.

A’Mo doesn’t accept mooncakes bought by Jing Xiu, telling him to go see his family during Mid-Autumn Festival. Jing Xiu says he doesn’t have any family.

Zhu Zizai pays respect to Jing Xiu and begs Jing Xiu to be his teacher. Jing Xiu freezes Zhu Zizai to stop him from causing a commotion.

A’Mo remembers Zhu Zizai and Bao Suozhu had tried to capture Xiao Bai.

Taowu Beast appears, injuring and killing people. Jing Xiu yells at everyone to hide and pulls A’Mo into Physician Sun’s pharmacy.

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