Love and Destiny: Episode 29

Love and Destiny: Episode 29

A’Mo arrives home just as Lin Shaohai is about to go look for her. Jiu Chen makes sure A’Mo returns home safely.

Jiu Chen finds a suitable place, so he plants the magical seed and Huo Dou’s five senses in the front yard and restores the house.

A’Mo’s ankle miraculously heals. She thinks about her betrothed.

Song Ziyu, a scholar, left home to study martial arts. Lin Shaohai hasn’t seen him for a long time, so he worries how Song Ziyu will treat A’Mo. A’Mo says she has met her betrothed, and Lin Shaohai is glad Song Ziyu knows sign language. Lin Shaohai teaches A’Mo to say “father” and “husband.”

Jiu Chen smiles while spying on A’Mo.

The Song family sends gifts to A’Mo because her birthday is tomorrow. Feeling jealous, Lin Zhan criticizes the gifts. Lin Zhan says the Song family chose A’Mo because Lin Shaohai had helped Song Cheng’en. Moreover, the Song family’s son is probably against the marriage, which explains why he hasn’t returned home to meet A’Mo.

A’Mo thinks about her betrothed. The man she met on the mountain was kind, not like Lin Zhan’s description.

For the first time, Old Madam Lin tells the housekeeper to make longevity noodles for A’Mo to eat on her birthday.

A’Mo tells the peach tree in front of her room about her marriage. After she is gone, will the peach tree still bloom on her birthdays?

The next morning, the housekeeper brings a bowl of longevity noodles to A’Mo.

A’Mo asks Madam Lin to eat longevity noodles with her. A’Mo’s disability causes people to ridicule Madam Lin, so A’Mo doesn’t resent Madam Lin for not liking her. Madam Lin tells A’Mo not to feel inferior when A’Mo lives with the Song family.

The peach tree that always blooms on A’Mo’s birthdays has been cut down. Lin Zhan gloats while A’Mo is devastated. Lin Shaohai’s concubine orders servants to get rid of the peach tree.

A’Mo watches the servants throw the peach tree away. A stranger walks by and chops up the peach tree for firewood.

A’Mo walks through a field of peach trees. Jiu Chen makes all the peach trees bloom to cheer her up.

The Song family sends betrothal gifts to the Lin family.

Madam Lin teaches A’Mo how a wife should behave so that A’Mo can get along with the Song family’s son. Madam Lin received a gold hairpin from her mother before marriage, and now she passes it to A’Mo.

A’Mo sleeps at night, oblivious to the thunderstorm raging outside her room.

Si Ming warns Jiu Chen. Ling Xi’s life hardship will occur soon.

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