Love and Destiny: Episode 28

Love and Destiny: Episode 28

The years fly by, and A’Mo grows into a young lady, looking exactly like Ling Xi.

Lin Shaohai and Song Cheng’en agree to become in-laws. Old Madam Lin, Lin Shaohai’s concubine and Lin Zhan are delighted because Song Cheng’en’s son, Song Ziyu, has an excellent reputation. Lin Shaohai says the Song family chose A’Mo. Lin Zhan couldn’t believe she lost to someone who is deaf and mute.

Si Ming suspects Huo Dou took Ling Xi’s hearing. Many years ago, Huo Dou was the steed of Fire God Zhu Rong. For some reason, Huo Dou ran away during a battle against the Demon Tribe. Jiu Chen captured Huo Dou. Punished for desertion, Huo Dou lost his senses and has to guard Suoyao Tower forever.

After trying to damage the Shennong Cauldron so he could escape, Huo Dou is demoted to being a prisoner. Jiu Chen needs to talk to Huo Dou.

Chang You points out Huo Dou’s location to Jiu Chen.

Huo Dou’s obsession is to find out why Zhu Rong tricked him into leaving when they fought the Demon Tribe. As a result, the Heaven Tribe thought Huo Dou was a deserter. Jiu Chen says everyone died in that battle, including Zhu Rong. Huo Dou is consumed with grief. Apparently, Zhu Rong tricked Huo Dou to save him.

Si Ming asks Jiu Chen what happened with Huo Dou.

Since Zhu Rong is dead, Huo Dou wants to stay in Suoyao Tower to cultivate. Huo Dou tells Jiu Chen that Ling Xi exchanged her hearing for the Fire Essence. This means Ling Xi didn’t know Jiu Chen was helping her when she died. Huo Dou gives up all of his senses to Jiu Chen to atone for his wrongdoing.

Jiu Chen can’t transfer the hearing sense to Ling Xi because her human body can’t bear it. Si Ming gives Jiu Chen a magical seed. Jiu Chen needs to plant the magical seed and Huo Dou’s senses together in the Mortal Realm. The magical seed will grow into a tree, and when Ling Xi eats the fruit, she will regain her hearing.

Lin Shaohai believes the Song family will treat A’Mo well because his family and the Song family have known each other for a long time. Also, the Song family is near, so Lin Shaohai can easily visit A’Mo. Nevertheless, Lin Shaohai checks with A’Mo because he won’t force her to marry. A’Mo says she will obey him.

Lin Shaohai praises A’Mo for knowing how to identify two medicinal herbs that look similar. He teaches her about medicinal herbs and gives her a book to study.

Using the book as a reference, A’Mo gathers medicinal herbs on a mountain. The sky darkens, and as she hurries home, A’Mo falls into a hunter’s net. Jiu Chen saves her.

A’Mo is surprised her savior knows sign language. Jiu Chen says she has grown up, causing A’Mo to mistakenly think he is her betrothed, Song Ziyu. Jiu Chen checks her ankle and extends his hand toward her. A’Mo accepts his help.

Jiu Chen carries A’Mo on his back. The weather turns bad, so A’Mo guides him to a house. They arrive just as the rain begins.

It isn’t proper for a man and a woman to be alone in a house, so A’Mo stays outside in a gazebo even though she is wet and cold.

Jiu Chen starts a fire so A’Mo can stay warm. A’Mo worries about his health, so she checks his pulse. Shockingly, she can’t detect a pulse at all. Jiu Chen says he is all right and won’t let her check his pulse again.

Jiu Chen and A’Mo wait in silence. The rain eventually stops, so Jiu Chen makes the rain continue even though using his power causes his hand to become frozen.

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