Love and Destiny: Episode 26

Love and Destiny: Episode 26

Ashamed of A’Mo, Lin Zhan asks Old Madam Lin to lock A’Mo in her room. Old Madam Lin appeases Lin Zhan by letting her have a new outfit. Madam Lin and Lin Shaohai’s concubine ignore A’Mo.

Sitting down for a meal, Lin Zhan complains about the food in front of her. Old Madam Lin orders servants to never make it again. A servant switches it with the food in front of A’Mo.

Old Madam Lin discusses how the family will celebrate Lunar New Year. Lin Shaohai pays attention to A’Mo instead of listening, and this displeases Old Madam Lin. Lin Shaohai knows that his mother and his wives treat A’Mo badly, but he doesn’t say anything to avoid arguments.

On his latest trip, Lin Shaohai bought food and a gold pendant for A’Mo. Using sign language, A’Mo thanks him. She can speak a little and can read because Lin Shaohai teaches her. Lin Shaohai just transferred to the government’s Medicine Bureau, so he can be home more often to prevent people from bullying A’Mo.

From a distance, Jiu Chen watches the father and daughter duo.

A’Mo feels sleepy while reading.

Lin Zhan sees A’Mo sleeping and steals A’Mo’s gold pendant. A’Mo wakes up, alarmed to find her gold pendant missing.

A’Mo wants to tell Lin Shaohai what happened, but he is busy talking to a colleague, Song Cheng’en. People are falling sick, so the Medicine Bureau could be dealing with an epidemic.

After Song Cheng’en leaves, Lin Shaohai is extremely worried. Therefore, A’Mo doesn’t tell Lin Shaohai what happened to her gold pendant.

Jiu Chen refuses to see Du Yu. Shi San is annoyed because Du Yu keeps begging Jiu Chen to help Yuan Tong.

Lin Zhan shows off her new gold bracelet to A’Mo, and she threatens to talk to their grandmother about kicking A’Mo out of the house.

A’Mo looks at the peach tree in front of her room. Jiu Chen makes the bare tree bloom to cheer her up.

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