The Rise of Phoenixes

The Rise of Phoenixes
Chinese title: 天盛长歌
Based on the novel 凰权 by Tianxia Guiyuan
Genre: Historical romance
Episodes: 70

Main Cast
Chen Kun as Ning Yi
Ni Ni as Feng Zhiwei / Wei Zhi
Wang Ou as Hua Qiong
Bai Jingting as Gu Nanyi
Yuan Hong as Jin Siyu


Ning Yi is the calculating and ambitious sixth prince of the ruling Tiansheng kingdom, yet has learned to hide his true personality behind a carefree facade.

Feng Zhiwei is the illegitimate daughter of the Qiu clan and is banished from her household after being falsely accused of a crime. Disguised as a man, she becomes a politician and befriends Ning Yi.

Manipulated into thinking that the current kingdom was built upon the corpses of her loved ones, Zhiwei decides to take revenge against her enemies, including Ning Yi. Will they be able to put their vengeance behind them and live a life without hatred? (Source: Wikipedia)


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