The Legends: Episode 6

Lu Zhaoyao is on her way to Wanlu Sect to take back her position. Qin Zhiyan couldn’t help but worry. Li Chenlan is powerful and has turned Wanlu Sect into a formidable organization. Assisting him are Captain Lin and Yuan Jie. Lu Zhaoyao’s other three deputies have disappeared, and no one knows what happened to them.

Arriving at a town near Wanlu Sect, Lu Zhaoyao forces Qin Zhiyan to wear a veiled hat so that people won’t know they look like each other. Qin Zhiyan complains about having to hide her face and gets a glare from Lu Zhaoyao.

An innkeeper brags about the foundation of his inn, which is made of white jade and given to him by Li Chenlan. Lu Zhaoyao seethes with anger. When she was in charge, she spent a lot of effort to get the white jade. With it as a base, she built a formation filled with contraptions to kill invaders. Now, the formation has been dismantled.

Next, Lu Zhaoyao sees a restaurant owner boasting about the pork dishes in his restaurant. The meat is delicious because the pigs are raised in a pigsty made of ebony wood taken from the gate of Wanlu Sect. Like the innkeeper, the restaurant owner got the ebony wood from Li Chenlan.

Previously, Lu Zhaoyao set up a formation around Wanlu Sect so that the area was like a fortress, but now the land is used for farming. She watches farmers tilling the soil and planting crops, and her hatred for Li Chenlan deepens. She vows to make him pay for stealing her position and changing her sect.

Captain Lin reports to Li Chenlan with bad news. The Dark Guards sent out to deal with New Mountain Sect haven’t returned. Li Chenlan decides to let Ah Da find out what happened.

Ah Da discovers the Dark Guards sent out have been killed except for one person. Captain Lin wants to kill Jiang Wu, the leader of New Mountain Sect. However, Li Chenlan tells her to look into Jiang Wu’s background first. They need to find out why Jiang Wu acts savagely and if he is working for someone.

Alone by himself, Li Chenlan thinks about Lu Zhaoyao, wondering if it’s possible to have peace.

Lu Zhaoyao goes to see Yuan Jie first. She demands the guards at the entrance to tell Yuan Jie to come out and talk to her. The guards tell her to go away, so she attacks one to teach him a lesson. Belatedly, she realizes she isn’t powerful anymore and loses the fight.

At this moment, Liu Cangling appears and saves Lu Zhaoyao, mistaking her for Qin Zhiyan. He takes her to Wanlu Sect’s forbidden area because no one will dare to follow them.

Lu Zhaoyao tells Liu Cangling he saved the wrong person, but he won’t listen to her. Liu Cangling believes she is mad because she thinks his father killed her father. Lightning spooks their horse, causing it to throw them to the ground. Liu Cangling blacks out while Lu Zhaoyao falls into a hole in a magical tree, which links to another place.

Li Chenlan senses someone has trespassed into the forbidden area.

In a flash, Li Chenlan arrives at the forbidden area. The lead guard says he didn’t kill the intruders because Li Chenlan forbids killing people without cause. Li Chenlan says this is an exception. Anyone who trespasses into the forbidden area will be killed.

Li Chenlan orders the guards to take Liu Cangling away and find the other trespasser.

There is a nameless grave in the forbidden area. Although Lu Zhaoyao’s body couldn’t be found in the Sword Tomb, there is still a burial site to commemorate her. Li Chenlan lovingly brushes away debris from the grave.

When Lu Zhaoyao stumbles out of the magical tree, she crashes into two men walking by. According to the older man, this place is a mystical market selling all types of pills. For example, there are recovery pills, which allow spirits to recover their fighting power and turn back into human form for a brief time.

The magical tree shows what happens in Wanlu Sect’s forbidden area, so Lu Zhaoyao sees Li Chenlan kneeling by her grave. Li Chenlan apologizes for not daring to visit her grave. In addition, he says he is working hard to take care of Wanlu Sect. He promises to fulfill all of her dreams. She thinks he is bragging and explodes in anger.

Lu Zhaoyao goes into the magical tree to cross back to Wanlu Sect’s forbidden area. She attacks Li Chenlan, forgetting she isn’t a match for him. Li Chenlan lifts his hand and easily subdues her.

Coldly, Li Chenlan walks toward Lu Zhaoyao, intending to kill her.

Lu Zhaoyao begs for mercy. Li Chenlan freezes in shock because this is what Lu Zhaoyao taught him to do if he couldn’t run away from his enemies. She pretends to be Qin Zhiyan and pleads with him to be her teacher. He doesn’t say anything, but he allows her to stay at Wanlu Sect. Before leaving, he puts a mystical barrier around her grave to protect it.

Captain Lin asks Li Chenlan why he didn’t kill Lu Zhaoyao, but he doesn’t answer her. Instead, he orders her to make sure no one can trespass into the forbidden area from now on.

Lu Zhaoyao tells the guards at the forbidden area to get a palanquin for her. She interprets Li Chenlan’s silence to mean he has agreed to become her teacher.

Li Chenlan works late into the night. On his desk is Lu Zhaoyao’s favorite fruit to motivate him to continue to work hard. Captain Lin tells him she has finished investigating the trespassers. Indeed, it appears Qin Zhiyan hasn’t lied about her identity.

Qin Zhiyan manages to get to Wanlu Sect, but she doesn’t know how to find Lu Zhaoyao.

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