The Legends: Episode 5

After Lu Zhaoyao destroys the formation, a veiled person appears and attacks her.

Li Chenlan rushes to the Sword Tomb. As soon as he arrives, he asks a Wanlu Sect’s disciple about Lu Zhaoyao. The disciple says she had gone into the tomb.

During the fight, Lu Zhaoyao exposes her attacker’s face. It’s Liu Suruo. As she moves to kill Liu Suruo, Lu Zhaoyao is injured by the energy emitted from the Wanjun Sword.

Li Chenlan senses energy from within the Sword Tomb. Nevertheless, he still runs into the tomb to look for Lu Zhaoyao.

Lu Zhaoyao sees disciples from the immortal sects searching for her after they helped Liu Suruo out of the tomb. At this point, Lu Zhaoyao realizes she has fallen into a trap.

Li Chenlan finds Lu Zhaoyao. Lu Zhaoyao suspects he likes her, so she appeals to him to help her. In return, she will give him a promotion and her Silver Mirror necklace. She doesn’t know how she got the necklace, but it seems valuable. He says he can give up everything for her. She scoffs, thinking he can say that because he doesn’t have anything.

Looking longingly at Lu Zhaoyao, Li Chenlan vows to do everything he can to protect her.

Li Chenlan draws the attention of the immortal sects away from Lu Zhaoyao. He fights with them and incurs severe injuries. His blood seeps into the ground. The ground cracks like a puzzle falling apart, revealing the Wanjun Sword.

Lu Zhaoyao yells at Li Chenlan not to touch the Wanjun Sword because the first person to touch it becomes its master. Li Chenlan wants to obey her, but a force pushes his hand toward the sword. He pulls the sword out of the ground while she yells at him, accusing him of planning to steal it all along.

The moment the Wanjun Sword acknowledges Li Chenlan as its master, the scars on his face disappear. The energy from the sword decimates everything around him and causes the tomb to collapse. As Lu Zhaoyao loses consciousness, she thinks about Li Chenlan betraying her and causing her death.

[Five years later…]

Li Chenlan has become the new leader of Wanlu Sect. The sect sent disciples to dig into the Sword Tomb, but they couldn’t find Lu Zhaoyao’s body. Yuan Jie and Captain Lin of the Dark Guards argue because Yuan Jie prefers Lu Zhaoyao as their leader while Captain Lin supports Li Chenlan.

Li Chenlan eats wild fruits. This causes him to think of Lu Zhaoyao because she liked eating them.

Far away at Thousand Dust Pavilion, Qin Zhiyan is trying to escape. Consequently, she runs into an ice cave and gets lost in a maze.

Walking around hoping to find a way out, Qin Zhiyan trips and bumps her head on a block of ice. Her blood splashes onto a wall, which splinters into pieces, revealing a frozen Lu Zhaoyao.

When Lu Zhaoyao regains consciousness, she introduces herself to Qin Zhiyan. Qin Zhiyan is shocked because Lu Zhaoyao supposedly died in the Sword Tomb. Lu Zhaoyao sees her reflection in a wall of ice and doesn’t understand why she looks like Qin Zhiyan. Fortunately, Qin Zhiyan can see the real Lu Zhaoyao.

Lu Zhaoyao is confident she can get out of the maze. Qin Zhiyan says she wants to join Wanlu Sect so that she can become powerful and kill Liu Wei, the leader of an immortal sect and Liu Suruo’s brother. Qin Zhiyan wants revenge because Liu Wei killed her father. Lu Zhaoyao tells Qin Zhiyan they can go to Wanlu Sect together.

Lu Zhaoyao doesn’t know how she ended up frozen in an ice cave. Qin Zhiyan says her uncle is Qin Qianxian, Sect Leader of Thousand Dust Pavilion. Qin Zhiyan trips over a rock and winces in pain. Likewise, Lu Zhaoyao also feels the same pain in her foot.

Lu Zhaoyao leads Qin Zhiyan out of the ice cave. The maze is difficult, but it’s not a problem for a sect leader like Lu Zhaoyao.

Lu Zhaoyao runs into a Thousand Dust Pavilion’s disciple. The disciple mistakes her for Qin Zhiyan, so he tells her to return with him. Qin Zhiyan catches up to Lu Zhaoyao, and the disciple is confused to see two Qin Zhiyans. Lu Zhaoyao knocks him out before he could ask questions.

Yuan Jie asks Li Chenlan for permission to destroy a gang called New Mountain that’s been causing trouble for Wanlu Sect. On the other hand, Captain Lin advocates a more peaceful solution – negotiation. Li Chenlan approves Yuan Jie’s suggestion, but he lets the Dark Guards handle the matter instead of Yuan Jie.

Li Chenlan is lenient, not ruthless like Lu Zhaoyao, so Captain Lin asks him why he chose to destroy the New Mountain gang. Coincidentally, the gang is located near the mountain Lu Zhaoyao used to live. Li Chenlan says he won’t allow anyone to disturb that area.

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