The Legends: Episode 4

Luo Mingxuan tortures Lu Zhaoyao to force her to admit she is wrong to protect the Demon King’s son, but Lu Zhaoyao won’t change her mind. She believes she was right to save an innocent life. As a result, she is imprisoned for doing a good deed. She isn’t wrong. It’s Luo Mingxuan who is wrong!! Her stubbornness angers Luo Mingxuan, and he decides to kill her.

Unexpectedly, Lu Zhaoyao’s grandfather appears and saves her.

Lu Zhaoyao’s grandfather opens a portal and throws Lu Zhaoyao into it so she could return to the mountain. Lu Zhaoyao begs her grandfather to come with her, but her grandfather has to block Luo Mingxuan and Liu Suruo. As the portal closes, Lu Zhaoyao screams as Luo Mingxuan kills her grandfather.

In the heavy rain, Lu Zhaoyao cries for her grandfather. Her grandfather’s staff falls through the portal onto the ground near her. She holds it and remembers her life with him on the mountain. She realizes her foolishness, but it’s too late. Consequently, her grandfather had to sacrifice his life to save her.

Li Chenlan is glad to see Lu Zhaoyao again. However, her face is devoid of emotions, and she is injured. He follows her, not daring to ask what happened.

Lu Zhaoyao tells Li Chenlan that Luo Mingxuan deceived her. She doesn’t believe in justice anymore and vows not to be a hypocrite like the immortal sects. Luo Mingxuan is her enemy now. She will establish a sect called Wanlu, and she will show the world what justice is through violence.

Lu Zhaoyao gains a reputation as a demon by killing and saving people randomly. Likewise, Wanlu Sect is hated and feared by everyone. Lu Zhaoyao takes in outcasts from the immortal sects and has 4 deputies to assist her: Gu Hanguang, Lu Shiqi, Sima Rong and Yuan Jie. Lastly, Lu Zhaoyao seals Luo Mingxuan, putting him in a coma forever.

Lu Zhaoyao assigns Li Chenlan to guard the entrance of Wanlu Sect. Seasons come and go, Li Chenlan dutifully stands at the entrance, watching people coming and leaving.

[Five years later…]

A group of fighters from the immortal sects plans to kill Lu Zhaoyao. The Wanjun Sword, which belonged to the Demon King, will appear soon. If Lu Zhaoyao has it, she will be unstoppable. Yuan Jie and Lu Shiqi volunteer to deal with the fighters so Lu Zhaoyao could focus on getting the Wanjun Sword. Lu Zhaoyao tells them she can handle this matter.

As soon as Lu Zhaoyao appears at a market, everyone runs away in fear. She takes candied fruit from a kid, making him cry.

At an inn, the fighters discuss how to kill Lu Zhaoyao. Lu Zhaoyao surprise them with her appearance. Ruthlessly, she kills everyone in the time it takes to eat a stick of candied fruit.

Arrogantly, Lu Zhaoyao walks out of the inn. It’s time to go to the Sword Tomb to get the Wanjun Sword. Yuan Jie, Lu Shiqi and Wanlu Sect’s disciples march behind Lu Zhaoyao, proud to have her as their leader.

Outside the Sword Tomb, there is a large crowd of people fighting each other. Easily subduing her enemies, Lu Zhaoyao orders her followers to guard the entrance while she goes inside the tomb.

Inside the Sword Tomb, Lu Zhaoyao walks into a formation by the immortal sects. The formation is designed to kill. In other words, she will die if she can’t escape.

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