The Legends: Episode 3

Lu Zhaoyao is too injured to walk, so Li Chenlan carries her on his back. As snow falls heavily, he can only find wild fruit for them to eat.

Arriving at a village, Li Chenlan asks the two beggars who previously beat him up to give him their candied fruit. The beggars see Li Chenlan with a woman covered in blood. Thinking the worst, the beggars throw the candied fruit at Li Chenlan and run away. Li Chenlan catches the candied fruit and gives it to Lu Zhaoyao, who loves eating it.

Slowly, Lu Zhaoyao recovers. While Lu Zhaoyao and Li Chenlan are eating, they see a group of disciples searching for them. Li Chenlan hides while Lu Zhaoyao brazenly fights the disciples, easily defeating everyone.

Lu Zhaoyao teases Li Chenlan for being quiet. He won’t tell her his name, so she gives him one: Mo Qing. She tells him to fight back when people bully him. She pretends to attack him, but he doesn’t defend himself against her. To him, she is a good person. This is exactly what she wants to hear, so she pats his head happily.

After drinking too much, Lu Zhaoyao is drunk and mutters Luo Mingxuan’s name over and over in her sleep. Aware of his ugliness, Li Chenlan pulls the hood of his outer garment over his head.

Li Chenlan remembers the Demon King chaining him in a cave, promising to come back one day. No matter how much Li Chenlan begged, the Demon King still put a seal on him and abandoned him.

While asleep, Lu Zhaoyao calls for water, so Li Chenlan gets her a cup of water. Suddenly, she opens her eyes and says his eyes are beautiful, just like stars. She falls asleep again, not remembering what she said. Nevertheless, the compliment makes him smile.

After traveling for a while, Lu Zhaoyao and Li Chenlan find a cavern in the wilderness.

Lu Zhaoyao wants to go looking for Luo Mingxuan. The immortal sects are probably targeting her now rather than Li Chenlan, so it’s better if he doesn’t follow her. She tells Li Chenlan to run away if he meets enemies he can’t beat. If running away isn’t possible, she shows him how to beg for mercy. Li Chenlan says he will wait for her.

Lu Zhaoyao tells Li Chenlan about Luo Mingxuan. It’s Luo Mingxuan who inspires her to do good deeds. One day, she will start her own sect. Instead of fighting, her disciples will be farmers, and people will think well of them. Li Chenlan asks if he can join her sect, and she says of course! In fact, he can be her special helper.

Li Chenlan wakes up and doesn’t see Lu Zhaoyao. He searches for her, but she is already far away. He calls after her. She turns around and waves goodbye, telling him not to wait for her.

But Li Chenlan chooses to wait for Lu Zhaoyao. Meanwhile, Lu Zhaoyao continues her journey, determined to find Luo Mingxuan.

Reaching her destination, Lu Zhaoyao tells the disciples guarding the entrance to let Luo Mingxuan know she has arrived.

Escorted inside, Lu Zhaoyao meets Luo Mingxuan again. Also present are the immortal sect leaders and Deacon Chi. Lu Zhaoyao realizes Luo Mingxuan wants to kill the Demon King’s son, and her trust in him shatters. Lu Zhaoyao refuses to tell Luo Mingxuan where the Demon King’s son is at, so Luo Mingxuan orders his followers to lock her up.

Meanwhile, Li Chenlan continues to wait in vain for Lu Zhaoyao.

Liu Suruo, Luo Mingxuan’s future wife, offers Lu Zhaoyao a deal. If Lu Zhaoyao tells the immortal sects where the Demon King’s son is at, maybe they will spare her life. Lu Zhaoyao mutters Luo Mingxuan’s name, not wanting to believe he has deceived her.

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