The Legends: Episode 2

Lu Zhaoyao accompanies Luo Mingxuan to the mystical barrier that envelops the mountain, preventing anyone from entering or leaving. With his power, Luo Mingxuan opens a gap in the mystical barrier and walks through it. If she wants to see him again, she has to leave the mountain.

Lu Zhaoyao’s grandfather tries to make a creature from wood that can move and talk to play with Lu Zhaoyao. Lu Zhaoyao says that isn’t necessary. She wants to travel the world and do good deeds. From now on, she will train until her power is strong enough to break through the mystical barrier.

Lu Zhaoyao trains diligently, but she can’t defeat her grandfather. As her training progresses, her power increases, giving her the ability to teleport.

In the meantime, an immortal sect finds and captures Li Chenlan.

Deacon Chi shows Li Chenlan to Luo Mingxuan, checking to make sure they captured the right person. Luo Mingxuan gives the order for the immortal sects to convene and kill Li Chenlan as soon as possible. Luo Mingxuan can’t participate because he is in the middle of cultivating to the next level.

Finally, Lu Zhaoyao defeats her grandfather in a fight. It’s possible she can open the mystical barrier now.  Her grandfather sighs, watching her run away in excitement.

After trying over and over, Lu Zhaoyao manages to open a gap in the mystical barrier. She says goodbye to her grandfather and leaves the mountain.

Beginning her journey, Lu Zhaoyao finds the world beautiful like she thought it would be.

Two drunk men discuss the execution of the Demon King’s son. They warn Lu Zhaoyao not to interfere or she will bring trouble onto herself. Lu Zhaoyao scoffs. Everyone deserves a second chance. Besides, if she saves the Demon King’s son, this would be her first good deed.

The immortal sects hang Li Chenlan up in the air. Lu Zhaoyao asks a disciple in the crowd what the Demon King’s son has done to deserve death. The disciple says the immortal sects are carrying out Luo Mingxuan’s order. The Demon King’s son hasn’t harmed anyone, but he must be evil and should be killed. At this time, Deacon Chi uses his power to slowly strangle Li Chenlan.

Lu Zhaoyao cuts Li Chenlan down. Deacon Chi says if Lu Zhaoyao defeats him, then she can take Li Chenlan away. Stating her name proudly, Lu Zhaoyao fights anyone who challenges her, defeating them all. Meanwhile, Li Chenlan watches as Lu Zhaoyao risks her life to save him. No matter how badly she is injured, she refuses to surrender.

Lu Zhaoyao and Deacon Chi fight each other. When it seems like she is about to lose, she uses her last strength and defeats him. The immortal sects have to honor what Deacon Chi said. However, if Lu Zhaoyao opposes them, she will become a fugitive like Li Chenlan. Lu Zhaoyao says this is the road she has chosen, and she isn’t afraid.

Although severely injured, Lu Zhaoyao is happy. She told Li Chenlan she would save him, and she did. She holds out her hand and tells him to come with her. Li Chenlan puts his hand into her hand, and they leave together.

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