The Legends: Episode 1

Many years ago, the Demon King suffered fire deviation during cultivation and injured his son, Li Chenlan, who absorbed the Demon King’s energy. Slowly, the energy would overwhelm Li Chenlan, so the Demon King sealed him in a mountain and ordered the Lu clan to guard the seal. The Demon King went to a foreign land to find a remedy and was never heard of again.

Affected by the Demon King’s energy, the mountain becomes barren. Generation after generation, the Lu clan declines until there are only two people left: Lu Zhaoyao and her grandfather. One day, Lu Zhaoyao sees a pig and chases after it. Her grandfather attempts to kill it for her, causing her to yell at him. She needs the pig alive!

Lu Zhaoyao and her grandfather search for the pig. It’s lonely on the mountain, so she wants a pet. Finally locating the pig, she follows it to a cave. A mystical barrier surrounds the cave, preventing anyone from going inside. Frustrated, she kicks at the mystical barrier.

Standing in front of the cave, Lu Zhaoyao’s grandfather forces Lu Zhaoyao to bow with him to pay respect to the Demon King’s son, who is inside. It’s been many years, so Lu Zhaoyao thinks the Demon King’s son escaped from the mountain already, like her parents. Her grandfather says the Demon King’s son can’t leave as long as the seal is intact.

Inside the cave, there are chains with symbols on them, imprisoning Li Chenlan, who is unconscious.

The pig is too noisy as a pet. As a result, Lu Zhaoyao changes her mind and roasts it. Suddenly, the ground suddenly trembles. Lu Zhaoyao’s grandfather leaves immediately to check on the seal.

Golden Immortal Luo Mingxuan breaks the mystical barrier and walks inside the cave. As soon as he sees Li Chenlan, Luo Mingxuan tries to kill him. The seal controls the chains and rocks in the cave, protecting Li Chenlan and injuring Luo Mingxuan. To save himself, Luo Mingxuan uses his power and breaks the seal. With the seal broken, Li Chenlan turns into smoke and flies away.

Li Chenlan lands in a forest, not knowing where he is. The scars on his face and arms make him look like a monster.

Wandering around, Lu Zhaoyao comes across Luo Mingxuan, who is injured severely. She saves him because he is the most beautiful person she has ever seen.

Lu Zhaoyao doesn’t tell her grandfather about saving Luo Mingxuan. Her grandfather, not wanting her to find out about the broken seal because she might leave the mountain, says the tremor earlier in the day was an earthquake.

When Luo Mingxuan regains consciousness, he sees Lu Zhaoyao. He knows she is powerful, which is surprising given her young age. She introduces herself as his savior and wants him to stay on the mountain with her. He says he has a lot of responsibilities, so he must leave after his injuries heal.

Li Chenlan befriends a puppy. Two beggars bully Li Chenlan for looking like a monster. A woman gives out a basket of buns, and the two beggars quickly seize it. Li Chenlan steals a bun, so the two beggars stomp on him and call the other beggars to join them. Enduring the beating, Li Chenlan holds onto the bun.

After the beggars leave, Li Chenlan feeds the bun to the puppy first. As Li Chenlan is about to eat the rest of the bun, he sees a sick beggar. Li Chenlan checks on the sick beggar, who grabs the bun from Li Chenlan’s hand and gulps it down.

Lu Zhaoyao puts on make-up and checks her appearance in a mirror before going to see Luo Mingxuan. Her grandfather tells her she looks beautiful like her mother.

Through an illusion, Luo Mingxuan shows Lu Zhaoyao what the world is like outside the mountain. Lu Zhaoyao’s admiration for him deepens. She says the people in her clan who left the mountain are thought of as demons and are ostracized in society. He says everyone has a choice to be good or evil. Inspired by him, she vows to be good and help people.

Striving to be good, Lu Zhaoyao saves a bird and brings it to Luo Mingxuan. Every day, she brings him medicine and food. Together, they take care of the bird.

Eventually, Luo Mingxuan recovers, and he can leave the mountain. Lu Zhaoyao is sad but isn’t surprised because the outside world is beautiful. He tells her where he lives so that she can go look for him if she wants. In addition, he reminds her to be a good person and not become a demon.

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