Love and Destiny: Episode 8

Love and Destiny: Episode 8
Love and Destiny: Episode 8

As soon as Ling Xi returns to Peach Forest, she gets into a fight with Cheng Yan. She pretends to be injured. Cheng Yan always falls for this trick and capitulates immediately.

Ling Xi remembers hearing about an object that can restore anything, including things that have been burned to ashes. Cheng Yan says that is the Shuiyue Cauldron. Immortal Elder Nanji bragged about creating it during a drinking contest with Ling Xi’s father.

In her father’s supply room, Ling Xi takes anything that can be useful in making pills.

Yun Feng hasn’t returned from Mount Youdu. Under house arrest, the only way for Jiu Chen to go to Mount Youdu is by his spirit.

With Si Ming and Kai Yang guarding him, Jiu Chen’s spirit splits from his body and leaves the Heaven Realm.

Jiu Chen’s spirit arrives at Mount Youdu. The Demon King is still sealed, but he has awakened.

When Ling Xi returns to the Heaven Realm, she runs into Thunder Lord’s subordinates: Zi Guang and Fang Sheng. They give her a hard time, taking her purse and dumping the contents out. These are items Ling Xi took from her father’s supply room, and as she picks up a book, Zi Guang steps on her hand.

Invisible to everyone, Jiu Chen’s spirit witnesses what happened to Ling Xi, so he hits Zi Guang’s face and stomach.

Jiu Chen’s spirit rejoins his body. Jiu Chen tells Si Ming and Kai Yang the bad news: the Demon Lord has awakened.

Ling Xi suspects Jiu Chen helped her deal with Thunder Lord’s subordinates. However, Shi San says Jiu Chen hasn’t left the residence to go anywhere.

After gathering medicinal ingredients at different places, Ling Xi returns to the Heaven Realm. She tells Jiu Chen she feels ashamed as a physician’s daughter because she hasn’t been practicing what her father taught her, so she asks if she can make pills in her room. Jiu Chen gives his permission.

There are explosions in Ling Xi’s room. Jiu Chen sighs, ignoring what seems like Ling Xi’s attempt to blow up his residence.

Still alive, Ling Xi crawls out of her room covered in soot and coughing. Shi San asks if Ling Xi is making pills or weapons. Hua Yan tells Ling Xi to eat power-boosting food. Although pills can increase power faster, it’s difficult and dangerous trying to make them.

With determination, Ling Xi returns to making pills. This is much harder than she thought, but she won’t give up!!!

Love and Destiny: Episode 7

Love and Destiny: Episode 7
Love and Destiny: Episode 7

Stalling for time, Ling Xi packs up her belongings as slow as possible. Her father urges Ling Xi to hurry up. If she likes being a maid so much, she can be his maid when they return to Peach Forest.

Ling Xi sees Shi San changing the brazier. The ashes in the brazier are blown out by the wind. Shi San gathers the ashes back into the brazier, but not all of it. Yuan Tong tells Shi San to give the brazier to her, and she will take the leftover Wujin Wood to Medicine King, who can use it to make pills for Jiu Chen.

For destroying a war report, the Heavenly Emperor demotes Jiu Chen from being the God of War temporarily. In addition, Jiu Chen has to stay in his residence to reflect on his misconduct.

Yun Feng suspects Jiu Chen burned the war report to cover for either Yuan Zheng or Zhu Xie. Jiu Chen willingly accepts his punishment to save a clan from execution. Jiu Chen tells Yun Feng to go to Mount Youdu to find out what happened to Lie Yi’s descendants.

Except for Hua Yan, the maids leave, not wanting to be associated with Jiu Chen’s household. Unexpectedly, Shi San and Hua Yan see someone they thought had left forever – Ling Xi. Ling Xi looks like a beggar and smells horrible because she had to hide from her father.

Ling Xi tells her dog to go bother Jiu Chen, but her dog runs away in the opposite direction.

Jiu Chen asks Ling Xi if she has been to Mount Youdu. Ling Xi says her father caught her while she was halfway there, and that was the angriest she ever saw him. Ling Xi brags about reaching the lowest level of immortality at 22,000 years old. Jiu Chen says he cultivated to the highest level at that age.

Shi San tells Ling Xi to go get pills for Jiu Chen.

At the Medicine Department, Ling Xi sees Old Madame Yuan and Medicine King leaving together.

Ling Xi asks a medical assistant about Jiu Chen’s pills. The medical assistant says Medicine King has gone on a trip, so Ling Xi would need to come back later.

Ling Xi runs into Qing Yao. Qing Yao tells Ling Xi to return to Peach Forest.

Qing Yao says half of the Heaven Tribe have family members that died in the final battle at Mount Youdu, and now they blame Jiu Chen after he burned the war report. The Medicine Department wants to stay out of this and will stop treating Jiu Chen. Ling Xi begs Qing Yao, so Qing Yao lets her have a few pills for the last time.

Hua Yan worries because the pills are only enough for a few days. Ling Xi decides to go back to Peach Forest to see what she can find. The Medicine Department isn’t the only place that can make pills.

Jiu Chen’s spirit travels to Mount Youdu to make sure the seal of the Demon King is still intact.

Jiu Chen remembers the Demon King’s prediction in the final battle at Mount Youdu: Jiu Chen will become demonic. Like the Demon King, Jiu Chen has killed too many. Moreover, Jiu Chen was contaminated by the Demon King’s energy when they fought each other.

Love and Destiny: Episode 6

Love and Destiny: Episode 6
Love and Destiny: Episode 6

Ling Xi sees a totem while cleaning, so she asks Shi San. Shi San says the totem belonged to Lie Yi, a general under Jiu Chen. Lie Yi turned demonic, so Jiu Chen killed him. The Heavenly Emperor destroyed the immortal power of Lie Yi’s family members and banished them to the Mountain Spirit Realm.

Jing Xiu looks at the longevity knot dropped by Ling Xi, remembering meeting her in the Heaven Realm.

Jiu Chen tells Yuan Tong to deliver a letter to Ling Yue for him. In the letter, Jiu Chen asks Ling Yue to spare Lie Yi’s descendants. If caught, Lie Yi’s son Zhong Hao will be killed for attempting to assassinate Jing Xiu. However, the rest of Lie Yi’s descendants are innocent and shouldn’t have to die for Zhong Hao’s crime.

Pretending she didn’t eavesdrop on Jiu Chen and Yuan Tong’s conversation, Ling Xi wonders if she could be a general like Yuan Tong. Jiu Chen says that’s not possible. It’s not because Ling Xi is too pretty to be in the military; it’s because Ling Xi is incompetent.

Sand flows out of the totem. Then the totem breaks into pieces. A small mark appears behind Ling Xi’s ear, and she faints. The pendant on Ling Xi’s necklace glows, alerting her father.

Shi San panics when she realizes Ling Xi has fainted.

When Ling Xi regains consciousness, she sees her father and Qing Yao. Ling Xi doesn’t know what happened to cause the totem to break into pieces.

Looking at the broken totem, Jiu Chen worries Lie Yi’s descendants must have made a blood oath.

Ling Xi’s father says he misses Ling Xi and forces her to come home with him. Jiu Chen leaves the decision of what to do up to Ling Xi. Ling Xi says she likes being Jiu Chen’s maid and refuses to return to Peach Forest.

Yuan Tong reports what happened in the Mountain Spirit Realm to Jiu Chen. Lie Yi’s descendants thought they would be killed. As a result, they swore a blood oath and sacrificed themselves to awaken the Demon King.

Thunder Lord gives the God of War’s seal back to Jiu Chen and asks Jiu Chen to use the seal to open Zhu Xie’s last war report, written by Zhu Xie before he died in the final battle at Mount Youdu. Jiu Chen unlocks the container holding the war report, but instead of revealing the content, he throws the war report into a brazier, burning it.

From Yuan Tong, Jiu Chen learns that Thunder Lord reported what happened to the Heavenly Emperor, and the Heavenly Emperor has convened a meeting with a group of gods and immortals. Jiu Chen tells Shi San to change the brazier.

Love and Destiny: Episode 5

Love and Destiny: Episode 5
Love and Destiny: Episode 5

Jiu Chen thanks Ling Xi for helping him and praises her quick thinking during the banquet. Ling Xi complains about the factions in the Heaven Realm and wishes she could beat up Thunder Lord and Old Madame Yuan, making Jiu Chen smile for the first time while in her presence.

Shi San heard what happened at the banquet. Together with Ling Xi, they regret not being powerful enough to help Jiu Chen.

Ling Xi realizes the accusations against Jiu Chen at the banquet match what she saw in her dreams.

Jiu Chen can’t forget he had to kill a demonic Yuan Zheng in the final battle at Mount Youdu.

Ling Xi tries to make a longevity knot for Jiu Chen, but it doesn’t look right. Hua Yan had lived in the Mortal Realm and knows how to make knots, so she helps Ling Xi.

Shi San notices the depletion of household items. Hua Yan says she and the other maids have gone to various departments repeatedly, but they can’t get anything because of the rumors about Jiu Chen. Ling Xi offers to go get what they need, and Shi San follows her example.

Like the maids, Ling Xi can’t get anything either.

Ling Xi saves a dog that’s about to become food for ancient beasts. The dog is from the Mortal Realm and was brought to the Heaven Realm by accident.

Shi San thinks the dog is useless and jokes about eating it. Ling Xi tells Shi San to stay away from her dog, which she calls Xiao Bai.

In the middle of the night, Ling Xi’s dog wiggles out of its leash and runs out of the room while Ling Xi and Shi San are sleeping.

When Ling Xi wakes up in the morning, her dog has disappeared. Still asleep, Shi San mumbles about delicious dog meat, scaring Ling Xi.

Ling Xi searches for her dog everywhere.

Jiu Chen walks out of his room, looking grumpy and holding Ling Xi’s dog. Jiu Chen allows Ling Xi to keep it, but she has to be responsible for it. Ling Xi tells Jiu Chen she doesn’t believe the rumors about him.

Ling Xi works hard to make a longevity knot, and she has to ask Hua Yan for help. Shi San says what Ling Xi made doesn’t look like a longevity knot, so Ling Xi argues with her.

Ling Xi finishes the longevity knot and puts it in her sewing basket. Her dog overturns the sewing basket and ends up with the longevity knot stuck to its body.

Jiu Chen sees Ling Xi’s dog running into his room and finds the longevity knot on its body. Ling Xi’s dog pees on his shoes.

As punishment, Jiu Chen orders Ling Xi to clean the residence every day for one month, and she can’t use her power. Ling Xi tries to pass off her handmade longevity knot as the one she took from him, but he knows it’s fake, so she has to confess she lost it.

Ling Xi doesn’t have the heart to scold her dog and kisses its face instead.

Just as Ling Xi finishes cleaning one room, her dog makes a mess in the next room.

Jiu Chen hears Ling Xi scolding her dog, and he smiles.

Love and Destiny: Episode 4

Love and Destiny: Episode 4
Love and Destiny: Episode 4

Chi Bi, Jing Xiu’s subordinate, carries out Jing Xiu’s plan and tricks Zhong Hao, whose clan was banished from the Heaven Realm to the Mountain Spirit Realm, into killing Kai Yang. Jiu Chen arrives in time and saves Kai Yang. Zhong Hao escapes with the help of his followers.

Jiu Chen uses his power to help Kai Yang heal faster.

Ling Xi gives a cup of medicine to Jiu Chen, and the cup freezes at the touch of his hand. Shi San says Jing Xiu is waiting outside the residence. Jiu Chen decides not to meet, and instead, he gives a box to Shi San to give to Jing Xiu.

While meditating, ice forms all over Jiu Chen and spreads to the area around him. Ling Xi puts Wujin Wood closer to Jiu Chen and watches him carefully, relieved to see the ice thawing.

The next morning, Ling Xi is glad to see Jiu Chen doing better. Jiu Chen reminds her she has 1 day left to give the longevity knot back to him.

Ling Xi searches her room, but she can’t find the longevity knot. Shi San is surprised because Ling Xi looks at it every day.

Jiu Chen, Si Ming, Kai Yang, and Han Zhang discuss Jing Xiu and Zhong Hao. Many years ago, Jing Xiu’s clan rebelled against Yuan Du, the king of the Mountain Spirit Realm. Jing Xiu survived by testifying against his father and promising to serve Yuan Du’s clan forever. After Yuan Du died, his daughter, Ling Yue, became State Master, and Jing Xiu has worked as her adviser ever since. Zhong Hao is impulsive and arrogant, so he and Jing Xiu have become enemies.

Yun Feng says Thunder Lord asked the Heavenly Emperor for permission to organize a banquet for Jiu Chen. Clearly a trap, Jiu Chen knows he still has to attend.

Hua Yan gossips about the banquet. Certainly, Jiu Chen’s fans will be there, including Yu Li, Medicine King’s daughter. Shi San tells Ling Xi to take medicine to Jiu Chen, who already left for the banquet.

Yuan Zheng and Yuan Tong’s mother, Old Madame Yuan, is at the banquet. Upon arriving, Jiu Chen greets Old Madame Yuan and meets Yuan Tong’s betrothed, Du Yu, for the first time.

When Ling Xi gets to the banquet, she is mistaken for a guest and ushered inside, arranged to sit next to Yu Li.

Ling Xi thinks it’s better for Jiu Chen if she pretends not to know him. Yu Li warns Ling Xi not to fall in love with Jiu Chen because he is beyond their reach.

Zi Guang, Thunder Lord’s subordinate, brings up the final battle at Mount Youdu to embarrass Jiu Chen. Yun Feng reminds everyone about a drunk incident involving Zi Guang, and as a result, all the soldiers under Zi Guang’s command died. Si Ming diffuses the situation by starting an argument with Immortal Peng.

The fighting between the factions in the Heaven Realm shocks Ling Xi. On the other hand, Yu Li praises Jiu Chen even though he hasn’t said anything.

Worried because Jiu Chen is drinking wine, Ling Xi sneaks to his side to give him his medicine. Jiu Chen ignores her.

Thunder Lord says he found Yuan Zheng’s weapon at Mount Youdu, and he gives it to Old Madame Yuan and Yuan Tong. Suddenly, the weapon flies up into the air. Jiu Chen steps in front of the Heavenly Emperor to protect him while Ling Xi hurries to stand in front of Jiu Chen.

The weapon comes down straight at Jiu Chen, and he is able to grab it. Only Ling Xi is close enough to see that Jiu Chen’s hand has frozen, so she secretly uses her power to thaw it.

Since Yuan Zheng’s weapon attacked Jiu Chen, Thunder Lord accuses Jiu Chen of killing all the soldiers from the Heaven Realm, including Yuan Zheng, in the final battle at Mount Youdu. Old Madame Yuan pressures Jiu Chen to explain how he could have survived and everyone else died, their bodies and souls obliterated.

Jiu Chen repeats what he has been saying ever since his return, which is everyone under his command died fighting against the Demon King. Jiu Chen takes Ling Xi’s hand, and they leave the banquet together.

Love and Destiny: Episode 3

Love and Destiny: Episode 3
Love and Destiny: Episode 3

Qing Yao says the cold in Jiu Chen’s body affected Ling Xi. For now, Ling Xi is unconscious, but she will be fine.

According to Qing Yao, Wujin Wood, which burns forever, can alleviate the cold in Jiu Chen’s body, but the wood is in a cave guarded by the ancient bird Bifang and fire crows. Yun Feng says he will get the wood.

Ling Xi tosses and turns in bed, mumbling about feeling cold. Jiu Chen covers her with a blanket.

When Ling Xi wakes up, she realizes she slept in her idol’s bed!!!

Shi San and the maids see Ling Xi walking out of Jiu Chen’s room. Innocently, Ling Xi says she slept in his room, but she doesn’t clarify further because she can’t tell them about Jiu Chen’s illness.

Suddenly, a lot of immortals and gods send Ling Xi gifts. Shi San guesses they must like Ling Xi. Ling Xi doesn’t see how that’s possible when she doesn’t know them.

Han Zhang and Kai Yang praise Ling Xi’s beauty and give her gifts. Ling Xi is scared to accept their gifts because she hasn’t done anything for them, but they insist.

Han Zhang and Kai Yang tell Jiu Chen that Yuan Tong has returned. Jiu Chen decides to go see her.

Jiu Chen praises Yuan Tong for doing a good job ever since she took over Yuan Zheng’s position. Yuan Tong congratulates Jiu Chen on his relationship. The rumor of Ling Xi sleeping in Jiu Chen’s room had spread like wildfire.

Jiu Chen is angry at Ling Xi for starting the rumor. Ling Xi doesn’t think what she said is a big deal. Her father let her sleep in Cheng Yan’s room when she lived at Peach Forest.

After obtaining Wujin Wood from Yun Feng, Qing Yao burns it in Jiu Chen’s room. Someone has to watch the fire to make sure it doesn’t burn out of control, and the task falls to Ling Xi because she can withstand the intense heat.

Qing Yao reminds Ling Xi to be more mindful at Jiu Chen’s residence.

Ling Xi is excited because she has an excuse to stay in Jiu Chen’s room. Rambling nonstop to Jiu Chen, she promises to do her best to watch the fire. Yun Feng notices Ling Xi is very happy.

Yun Feng’s opinion about Ling Xi has changed for the better. Jiu Chen can’t detect demonic energy from her, but some things are still strange: Tuntian Beast’s closeness to her and her father’s demeanor like he is hiding something.

Jiu Chen travels to Peach Forest to look into Ling Xi’s background. Ling Xi’s father has created a barrier, preventing anyone and everything from entering or leaving Peach Forest.

Walking around, Jiu Chen can imagine how Ling Xi spent her days: reading books, goofing off, cultivating, changing clothes, painting, etc.

Cheng Yan attacks Jiu Chen for trespassing into Peach Forest. Jiu Chen wards off the attack easily. Ling Xi’s father hits Cheng Yan for acting disrespectfully and apologizes to Jiu Chen.

Ling Xi’s father says he is strict to prevent Ling Xi from being seduced by a scoundrel. He worries because Ling Xi is the result of a one-night stand and doesn’t know her mother. Jiu Chen notices Ling Xi’s father spends a lot of effort to keep Ling Xi at Peach Forest.

Shi San and the maids don’t want to go get medicine for Jiu Chen because Qing Yao scares them. Shi San tells Ling Xi to do it. Ling Xi says Qing Yao scares her, too!!!

Passing by a gate, Ling Xi sees Jing Xiu from the Mountain Spirit Realm telling a gatekeeper he needs to speak with Thunder Lord.

Ling Xi and Yun Feng watch Qing Yao treat Immortal Peng by breaking his legs. Yun Feng says he has insomnia, but he changes his mind about seeking treatment and leaves quickly.

Jing Xiu waits for a long time, so Ling Xi tells him the gatekeeper probably lied about informing Thunder Lord. Unexpectedly, Ling Xi sees Thunder Lord walking toward them. In her haste to escape, Ling Xi drops the longevity knot. Jing Xiu picks it up and keeps it.

Love and Destiny: Episode 2

Love and Destiny: Episode 2
Love and Destiny: Episode 2

Being back in the Heaven Realm reminds Jiu Chen of his subordinates. Ling Xi interrupts his thoughts, eagerly bragging about herself to convince her idol he made the right decision in picking her as his maid.

Jiu Chen returns to his residence, but he doesn’t recognize his housekeeper. Once a male soldier under Jiu Chen’s command, the housekeeper has become a woman, dresses flamboyantly and goes by another name: Shi San.

Shi San believes Jiu Chen would return. Therefore, she cleans the residence every day and tries to keep everything the same as the day Jiu Chen left.

Jiu Chen tells Shi San to teach Ling Xi and watch her closely because Ling Xi is a troublemaker.

Jiu Chen pays respect to the 100,000 soldiers under his command who died in the final battle at Mount Youdu.

Ling Xi disagrees with Jiu Chen’s assessment: she isn’t a troublemaker!!!

Ling Xi’s father yells at Ling Xi for leaving home to chase after her idol. Then he gives her a necklace, forcing her to always wear it. Shi San glares at Ling Xi’s father for suspecting Jiu Chen’s intention toward Ling Xi. Qing Yao, Ling Xi’s senior sister who works for Medicine King, tells Ling Xi to let her know if she needs anything.

Thinking Ling Xi must feel sad, Shi San says Ling Xi can return to Peach Forest any time to visit her father. However, Ling Xi jumps for joy because she has escaped!!!

Shi San tells Ling Xi to never step into Jiu Chen’s room, and then she explains the hierarchy and rules in the Heaven Realm to Ling Xi. In awe, Ling Xi learns that Jiu Chen ranks third in importance, after his teacher and the Heavenly Emperor.

Shi San doesn’t believe Ling Xi could memorize all the rules so quickly. To demonstrate, Ling Xi summarizes the rules for Shi San: don’t go anywhere, can’t do anything, bow to everyone, and lastly, talk less do more.

Yun Feng, Jiu Chen’s junior brother, brings maids to Jiu Chen’s residence to help Shi San. With Yun Feng are two of Jiu Chen’s generals, Kai Yang and Han Zhang.

From Kai Yang and Han Zhang, Jiu Chen finds out what happened to his other generals: Yuan Zheng and Zhu Xie. Yuan Zheng died in the final battle at Mount Youdu, and his sister, Yuan Tong, has taken his position. As for Zhu Xie, he and his clan died at Mount Youdu like Yuan Zheng.

Jiu Chen tells Yun Feng he has to keep Ling Xi close to investigate her. Somehow, Ling Xi managed to wake up Jiu Chen, so it’s possible she could wake up the Demon King. Yun Feng says their teacher couldn’t cope with Jiu Chen’s death and has been cultivating ever since, not seeing anyone.

Jiu Chen lets his teacher know he has returned safely.

Thunder Lord tortures Ling Xi to find out the relationship between her and Tuntian Beast. Ling Xi says she doesn’t know the beast. Jiu Chen interrupts the interrogation and saves her.

Ling Xi thanks Qing Yao for treating her wounds. Qing Yao says Jiu Chen is severely injured after being frozen in the Changsheng Sea and having to save Ling Xi.

Ling Xi goes to Jiu Chen’s room to check on him. Jiu Chen’s sword flies toward her and hovers in front of her, but she doesn’t run away because she knows Jiu Chen won’t harm her.

Ling Xi explains to Jiu Chen how she ended up at the Changsheng Sea. Jiu Chen gives her 10 days to return the longevity knot she stole from him.

Jiu Chen orders Shi San to watch Ling Xi closely and let him know what Ling Xi is up to.

Shi San tells Ling Xi to move into her room. Ling Xi refuses. A man and a woman can’t live in the same room, even if the man is a woman now.

Shi San moves into Ling Xi’s room. Ling Xi says she snores, grinds her teeth and talks in her sleep, so Shi San won’t be able to sleep.

Night falls, and Ling Xi tells Shi San to stop staring at her because she wants to go to sleep. However, Shi San keeps staring at Ling Xi even in the dark.

Ling Xi can’t sleep because of Shi San’s snoring, so she tries to do something about it and falls on top of Shi San. Still asleep, Shi San stretches and puts her hand on Ling Xi’s chest.

Ling Xi is disappointed Jiu Chen monitors her more strictly than her father.

Unable to forget what he did in the final battle at Mount Youdu, including killing all of his soldiers, Jiu Chen loses control while meditating.

Ling Xi decides to leave Jiu Chen’s residence and go where she can be free.

Passing by Jiu Chen’s room, Ling Xi sees the room covered in ice with Jiu Chen frozen inside. She saves him and then collapses in exhaustion.

Love and Destiny: Episode 1

Love and Destiny: Episode 1
Love and Destiny: Episode 1

Ling Xi, a fairy at Peach Forest, falls asleep while reading about her idol, the God of War. She dreams about the final battle between the Heaven Tribe led by the God of War and the Demon Tribe led by the Demon King at Mount Youdu.

Searching for her father, Ling Xi finds him passed out from drinking too much.

Ling Xi asks her father why she keeps dreaming about the final battle at Mount Youdu in which the God of War sealed the Demon King, but what happened in her dream is different from what she read. Her father, drunk like always, ignores her.

Ling Xi’s father tells Ling Xi to take medicine to Cheng Yan so that Cheng Yan can deliver it to an immortal in the Heaven Realm.

For as long as Ling Xi can remember, her father forbids her from leaving Peach Forest.

Ling Xi can’t find Cheng Yan, so she decides to deliver the medicine herself.

Transforming into a bird, her true form, Ling Xi sneaks out of Peach Forest.

At the Southern Gate in the Heaven Realm, the gatekeepers won’t let Ling Xi enter because she doesn’t have an invitation. Ling Xi leans on a tree and is surprised to see it disintegrate at the touch of her hand.

While the gatekeepers investigate what happened to the tree, Ling Xi sneaks inside.

Wandering around, Ling Xi meets Si Ming, Immortal Peng and Yun Feng. They point out Thunder Lord, the likeliest candidate to be the next God of War, to her. Ling Xi isn’t impressed by her idol’s replacement.

Seeing the gatekeepers searching for her, Ling Xi quickly leaves the Heaven Realm. Nevertheless, the gatekeepers chase and attack her, causing her to fall into the Changsheng Sea.

Deep under the Changsheng Sea, Ling Xi hides in a forbidden area that’s off-limits to the Heaven Tribe. The gatekeepers don’t dare to follow her and leave.

Ling Xi sees a frozen immortal and causes him to wake up from a deep sleep, not realizing he is her idol – Jiu Chen, the God of War. Before Jiu Chen thaws completely, Ling Xi runs away, taking the longevity knot in his hand.

When Jiu Chen can move, he summons his sword.

Far away, the sword flies to the Changsheng Sea and lands in Jiu Chen’s hand.

Tuntian Beast, sealed near the Southern Gate in the Heaven Realm, escapes and follows Ling Xi. Thunder Lord and a group of soldiers chase them, intending to capture the beast.

Ling Xi says she doesn’t know Tuntian Beast, but Thunder Lord doesn’t believe her because the beast saved her. A fight breaks out. Jiu Chen arrives and subdues Tuntian Beast easily.

The Heavenly Emperor is glad to see Jiu Chen again. The Heaven Tribe thought Jiu Chen had died after sealing the Demon King.

The Heavenly Emperor asks if Ling Xi trespassed into the forbidden area of the Changsheng Sea and saw Jiu Chen, which is a crime punishable by death. Ling Xi says she didn’t do that. Jiu Chen lies for her, saying he has never seen her.

Arriving in the Heaven Realm, Ling Xi’s father begs the Heavenly Emperor to spare Ling Xi, his only child. Given the contributions from Ling Xi’s father and his tribe, the Heavenly Emperor pardons Ling Xi.

Needing someone to care for him while he recovers, Jiu Chen asks Ling Xi to be his maid because she is a physician’s daughter and knows medicine. Despite her father’s objection, Ling Xi agrees.

Love and Destiny

Love and Destiny
Love and Destiny

Love and Destiny
Chinese title: 宸汐缘
Genre: Fantasy
Episodes: 60
English subs: Youtube

Main Cast
Chang Chen as Jiu Chen
Ni Ni as Ling Xi
Ethan Li as Jing Xiu
Jessie Zhang as Qing Yao
Li Jiaming as Yun Feng


A love story between the God of War and a fairy whose very existence can destroy the world.

Fifty thousand years ago, Jiu Chen, the God of War, fell into a deep slumber after sealing the Demon King. Ling Xi accidentally wakes him from his sleep, and they fall in love. It is discovered that Ling Xi has demonic energy that can help the Demon King escape and allow the Demon Tribe to rise to power.

Jiu Chen refuses to kill an innocent and tries to change Ling Xi’s fate. Through the encouragement of Jiu Chen, Ling Xi, who was once innocent and naive, transforms into a brave leader in a fight against evil. (Source: Mydramalist)

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