Love and Destiny: Episode 18

Love and Destiny: Episode 18
Love and Destiny: Episode 18

Ling Xi is glad to see Jiu Chen returning to Congji Abyss. Jiu Chen notices the mark has appeared again behind her ear.

Jiu Chen suppresses the demonic energy inside Ling Xi, causing the mark to disappear. Ling Xi senses something is wrong because Jiu Chen doesn’t want her to leave Congji Abyss. Jiu Chen says he will find a way to stay at Congji Abyss permanently, making Ling Xi happy.

Jiu Chen has to return to the Heaven Realm. Ling Xi follows him to the front door to see him off.

Jiu Chen puts a mystical barrier around his residence so that no one can enter. Yuan Tong, hiding outside, sees this.

Jiu Chen decides to talk to the Heavenly Emperor.

Jiu Chen resigns and nominates Thunder Lord to replace him as the God of War. The Heavenly Emperor doesn’t understand why Jiu Chen would suddenly resign, especially since Jiu Chen isn’t someone who takes his duties lightly.

Despite the Heavenly Emperor’s anger, Jiu Chen doesn’t explain why he wants to resign.

Ling Xi is disturbed by a commotion outside the residence. It is the Queen Mother of the West destroying the mystical barrier put up by Jiu Chen.

Like the Heavenly Emperor, Thunder Lord is surprised by Jiu Chen’s resignation. Jiu Chen senses someone has destroyed the mystical barrier at Congji Abyss, so he leaves while in the middle of a meeting with the Heavenly Emperor and Thunder Lord.

Walking inside, the Queen Mother of the West orders soldiers to search Jiu Chen’s residence thoroughly. As a result, Ling Xi runs around to find somewhere to hide and ends up going to the ice chamber.

The Queen Mother of the West discovers Ling Xi. Ling Xi says what happened at the banquet was a misunderstanding. Moreover, Ling Xi denies killing soldiers at Mount Kunlun. To capture Ling Xi, the Queen Mother of the West uses force and injures her.

Jiu Chen arrives in time and saves Ling Xi. He says he will talk to the Heavenly Emperor. The Queen Mother of the West has no choice but to leave.

Jiu Chen comforts Ling Xi, knowing she must be scared.

Ordered by the Heavenly Emperor to follow Jiu Chen, Zi Guang sees what happened between Jiu Chen, Ling Xi and the Queen Mother of the West.

Jiu Chen tells Ling Xi they have to return to the Heaven Realm to see the Heavenly Emperor.

Jiu Chen transfers his power into the longevity knot.

In a way, Ling Xi is glad she was discovered because she won’t have to hide anymore. Jiu Chen tells her not to be afraid because he is with her. He teases her for talking too much, and he gives her the longevity knot.

Jiu Chen and Ling Xi find Immortal Lord Baishan, sent by the Heavenly Emperor, waiting for them. Together, the three of them return to the Heaven Realm.

In silence, Jiu Chen and the Heavenly Emperor wait for the result of Ling Xi’s interrogation.

During the investigation, Ling Xi says what happened is a misunderstanding. The Queen Mother of the West accuses Ling Xi of being demonic. Immortal Lord Puhua checks and couldn’t detect demonic energy from Ling Xi because the longevity knot conceals it.

The Heavenly Emperor reminds Jiu Chen to remember his status as the God of War. Jiu Chen says he doesn’t dare to forget.

Ling Xi passes the interrogation, but she has to stay in the Heaven Realm until the investigation finishes. Jiu Chen looks at the longevity knot hanging on Ling Xi’s waist, knowing he used it to help her conceal the demonic energy inside her.

Jiu Chen doesn’t want anyone to know he is sick again.

Ling Xi guesses Jiu Chen is sick because he used his power on her. She tells him she won’t turn demonic. However, she is afraid of gossip because it could hurt her family and Jiu Chen.

Ling Xi doesn’t want to give the longevity knot back to Jiu Chen, so Jiu Chen lets her keep it. Ling Xi busily packs up many things for their move to Congji Abyss.

Testing to see if she could turn demonic, Ling Xi tries to scare Wuwan. Ling Xi thinks everything will be all right once she and Jiu Chen return to Congji Abyss.

Jiu Chen teases Ling Xi for wasting her time packing because his residence at Congji Abyss already has everything. The only thing that needs to be sent to Congji Abyss is Ling Xi.

Ling Xi complains to Qing Yao. For some reason, Immortal Lord Puhua, Thunder Lord and the Queen Mother of the West think Ling Xi could be demonic. Qing Yao already talked to Ling Xi’s father and knows about Ling Xi’s identity. Qing Yao tells Ling Xi to trust and obey Jiu Chen.

Love and Destiny: Episode 17

Love and Destiny: Episode 17
Love and Destiny: Episode 17

Ling Xi finds Tuntian Beast injured and chained in a pool of boiling water.

Jiu Chen and Kai Yang arrive at Mount Kunlun. The Queen Mother of the West is happy Jiu Chen is attending her banquet.

The immortal who met Ling Xi apologizes to the Queen Mother of the West for arriving late. Wuwan escapes from his sleeve and runs to Jiu Chen. The immortal tells Jiu Chen how he helped Ling Xi. The Queen Mother of the West asks if Jiu Chen can give Wuwan to her, but Jiu Chen tells her to talk to Wuwan’s owner, his maid.

The Queen Mother of the West announces the reason for the banquet. Tuntian Beast has been boiled for 49 days in a pool at Mount Kunlun. After it’s killed, the Queen Mother of the West will donate the corpse to the Medicine Department so that the corpse can be used to make pills.

Ling Xi tries to rescue Tuntian Beast. Hearing voices coming her way, she hides nearby.

Zhong Hao and Hei Chi find Tuntian Beast. Ling Xi tries to stop them from killing it. Zhong Hao orders Hei Chi to get rid of Ling Xi. Tuntian Beast throws Ling Xi onto its back and breaking the chains, it flies away.

Tuntian Beast destroys the banquet and escapes. Jiu Chen sees Ling Xi on Tuntian Beast’s back.

After they escape, Ling Xi tells Tuntian Beast to land on the ground. Zhong Hao catches up to them. Tuntian Beast sacrifices itself to save Ling Xi. The Demon King’s blade is repaired when it’s coated with Tuntian Beast’s blood. Ling Xi loses control, and her necklace’s pendant alerts her father at Peach Forest.

The demonic energy inside Ling Xi overwhelms her, and Zhong Hao recognizes her as the baby at the final battle at Mount Youdu. Jiu Chen arrives in time to save Ling Xi. Zhong Hao wounds Jiu Chen in a sneak attack and flees since he can’t defeat Jiu Chen.

At Congji Abyss, Jiu Chen uses his power to suppress the demonic energy inside Ling Xi.

While Ling Xi is unconscious, Jiu Chen confiscates her necklace. Ling Xi’s father won’t be alerted again and have to worry about her.

As soon as Ling Xi wakes up, she looks for Jiu Chen. She hugs him and finds his shoulder bloody from an injury.

Ling Xi tries to treat Jiu Chen’s injury, but it won’t heal. Jiu Chen says the injury is caused by the Demon King’s blade, so it will only heal slowly through cultivation.

Ling Xi blames herself because Tuntian Beast sacrificed itself to save her. Jiu Chen says Tuntian Beast was the Demon King’s steed and has killed many. Thus, it was fated to die. Jiu Chen allows Ling Xi to stay at Congji Abyss, but she won’t have her family, her friends, etc. There is only him. Ling Xi happily agrees.

Jiu Chen returns to the Heaven Realm with bad news for the Heavenly Emperor. The Demon King’s blade has appeared again.

With Jiu Chen gone, Ling Xi can’t sleep at night.

Yun Feng praises Jiu Chen for deftly shifting everyone’s attention from Ling Xi to the Demon King’s blade. Although Yun Feng and Ling Xi are friends, he will intervene if she causes Jiu Chen to turn against the six realms. Jiu Chen says that is impossible.

Deciding to eliminate Zhong Hao before Zhong Hao becomes too powerful, Jiu Chen discusses how to attack Mount Youdu with Yun Feng and Han Zhang.

Jiu Chen tells Yun Feng that Zhong Hao’s target is Ling Xi. Yun Feng promises to behave so that their plan at Mount Youdu is successful.

Kai Yang doesn’t know what to do with Wuwan. Jiu Chen says he will take care of it.

Yuan Tong sees Jiu Chen leaving the Heaven Realm while carrying Wuwan.

Wuwan licks Ling Xi’s hand, waking her up. Ling Xi can’t find Jiu Chen, so she runs outside, but he has left already. Yuan Tong has followed Jiu Chen to Congji Abyss and sees Ling Xi.

The Heaven Realm launches an attack against Zhong Hao at Mount Youdu. Zhong Hao accuses Jiu Chen of wanting to kill him because of Ling Xi. From afar, Jing Xiu blocks Jiu Chen, giving Zhong Hao a chance to escape because only Zhong Hao can open Fuling Abyss. Yuan Tong hears what Zhong Hao said about Ling Xi.

Jiu Chen returns to Congji Abyss. Ling Xi is glad to see him again.

Love and Destiny: Episode 16

Love and Destiny: Episode 16
Love and Destiny: Episode 16

Jiu Chen forces Ling Xi to return to Peach Forest with him.

Arriving at Peach Forest, Ling Xi is unhappy. Ling Xi’s father yells at her because he knows she doesn’t want to return home.

By now, Jiu Chen has figured out Ling Xi’s identity. Ling Xi’s father found her at Mount Youdu and adopted her. Eventually, Ling Xi’s father found out she has demonic energy from the Demon King, so he kept her at Peach Forest. Jiu Chen vows to protect Ling Xi, and Ling Xi’s father thanks him.

Teasing Ling Xi, Cheng Yan says she probably did something wrong, so Jiu Chen doesn’t want her around anymore. Ling Xi lies, saying she begged and begged Jiu Chen to let her return to Peach Forest for a visit.

Jiu Chen wants to talk to Ling Xi in private.

Jiu Chen teaches Ling Xi how to use her bracelet as a weapon, such as turning it into a sword. Then he tells her goodbye. Ling Xi kisses him and says she wants to be with him because she loves him. Jiu Chen says he doesn’t like her. He returns to the Heaven Realm, leaving behind a devastated Ling Xi.

Cheng Yan doesn’t understand why Ling Xi is inconsolable while Ling Xi’s father tries to cheer her up. Ling Xi refuses to believe Jiu Chen doesn’t have any feelings for her.

Cheng Yan tells Ling Xi not to take Jiu Chen’s rejection personally. Jiu Chen is the God of War known throughout the six realms while she is a nobody. Ling Xi remembers Jiu Chen had said she is too young with weak cultivation. Did Jiu Chen reject her because she isn’t powerful like him?

Ling Xi begins to train diligently. Cheng Yan teases her, so she turns her bracelet into a sword and scares him off.

The Heavenly Emperor worries because fairies are disappearing in the Heaven Realm. Jiu Chen knows about this and already sent Kai Yang to investigate.

Jiu Chen admonishes Yun Feng for neglecting his duties to chase after Qing Yao.

Reporting to Jiu Chen, Kai Yang says he hasn’t discovered who is kidnapping fairies. However, there is one link, which is all the fairies are 50,000 years old. Jiu Chen realizes the Demon King must be looking for Ling Xi. Jiu Chen orders Kai Yang to increase security in the Heaven Realm and assigns more soldiers to monitor Mount Youdu.

Like Jiu Chen, Yun Feng suspects the Demon Tribe is behind the kidnappings.

Yun Feng apologizes to Jiu Chen for goofing off. Jiu Chen knows better than to expect Yun Feng to be responsible like him. Nevertheless, Jiu Chen hopes Yun Feng lives up to his potential as a powerful god. Yun Feng says Jiu Chen has become more talkative and happier after knowing Ling Xi.

At Mount Youdu, Jiu Chen orders Kai Yang and soldiers from the Heaven Realm to guard the entrances into the mountain. Yun Feng says he will go look around.

Jiu Chen monitors Mount Youdu.

Chased by demons, two fairies run into Ling Xi, so Ling Xi helps them fight the demons. An immortal passes by and drives away the demons. The immortal says he is a messenger of the Queen Mother of the West at Mount Kunlun.

According to a bird, an immortal took Wuwan. Ling Xi guesses it must be the immortal from Mount Kunlun, so she heads there to look for Wuwan.

Jiu Chen saves a group of fairies from demons. The fairies are not just from the Heaven Realm but other realms as well.

Hei Chi, working for Zhong Hao and the Demon King, appears at Peach Forest. Ling Xi’s father lures Hei Chi to another area.

Jiu Chen saves Ling Xi’s father and says the Demon Tribe is kidnapping fairies around Ling Xi’s age, so Ling Xi is in danger. Ling Xi’s father immediately returns to Peach Forest.

Reporting to Jiu Chen, Kai Yang says a demonic force is heading toward Mount Kunlun. Coincidentally, the Queen Mother of the West will have a banquet to celebrate the killing of Tuntian Beast.

At Mount Kunlun, Ling Xi sees a big crowd at the Queen Mother of the West’s banquet. She decides to go to the back of the mountain to search for Wuwan.

Ling Xi finds a cave. At this time, Zhong Hao and his followers already killed all the guards in the area.

Ling Xi detects the smell of an ancient beast, so she walks deeper into the cave, thinking it’s Wuwan. Zhong Hao and his followers are also in the cave, looking for Tuntian Beast. Zhong Hao can use Tuntian Beast’s blood to repair the Demon King’s blade.

Ling Xi finds Tuntian Beast chained in a pool of boiling water.

Love and Destiny: Episode 15

Love and Destiny: Episode 15
Love and Destiny: Episode 15

Jiu Chen wants to lock Baize Beast in Suoyao Tower, a prison for demons and beasts. Baize Beast reminds Ling Xi of her dog, so she persuades Jiu Chen to let her keep it as a pet.

Ling Xi asks Jiu Chen where they are going. Staring intently at her, Jiu Chen says they are going to Mount Youdu.

Ling Yue welcomes Jiu Chen to the Mountain Spirit Realm, thanking him for sending Yun Feng to warn her about Zhong Hao. To her surprise, Ling Yue discovers Ling Xi is around the same age as her lost daughter.

On behalf of Ling Yue, Ling Yue’s maid asks Ling Xi about her background. Ling Xi says she was raised by her father, and she has siblings. Ling Yue is disappointed because it doesn’t seem like Ling Xi could be her lost daughter.

Aiming for a name that is cute and easy to say, Ling Xi calls her pet “Wuwan,” meaning “five bowls” because it always eats at least five bowls of food. Jiu Chen allows Ling Xi to accompany him to a banquet, but she has to stay close to him.

Not seeing Jing Xiu, Bao Qing, Ling Yue’s adopted daughter, leaves the banquet early. Wuwan has disappeared, so Ling Xi asks Jiu Chen to let her go look for Wuwan.

A maid tells Ling Xi to try searching in the garden.

In the garden, Bao Qing hits Wuwan for biting her and orders soldiers to capture it. Ling Xi attacks them so Wuwan can escape.

Chased by soldiers, Ling Xi hides at Jing Xiu’s place. Tied up by vines, she begs Jing Xiu to help her but won’t tell him who she is.

Ling Xi uses her bracelet to escape the vines. As she is leaving, she sees Jiu Chen’s longevity knot in the room.

Ling Xi finds Wuwan. Jiu Chen puts a mystical barrier around Ling Xi and Wuwan, preventing two soldiers from seeing them.

The next day, Jiu Chen and Ling Xi travel into Mount Youdu to where the Demon King is sealed. No one can come to this area except Jiu Chen because the demonic energy is too strong, but Ling Xi isn’t affected by it.

Jiu Chen and Ling Xi arrive at Congji Abyss where he has another residence. Ling Xi points to the beautiful lights in the night sky. Jiu Chen looks at her, not saying anything.

Seeing Jiu Chen, his housekeeper cries in happiness. Ling Xi follows Jiu Chen into the residence, but Wuwan doesn’t want to go with them.

The housekeeper leads Jiu Chen, Ling Xi and Wuwan to an ice chamber. Jiu Chen tells Ling Xi to stay there by herself. The housekeeper closes the door, locking Ling Xi inside.

Ling Xi turns into a bird and flies around, but she can’t find an exit. Is Jiu Chen testing her ability? Ling Xi cultivates to stay warm, but eventually, she gives up because it’s too cold. She regrets not giving the longevity knot back to Jiu Chen.

Wuwan runs around in front of Jiu Chen as if begging him to release Ling Xi. Jiu Chen ignores it.

Ling Xi slowly freezes to death. Meanwhile, Jiu Chen remembers Ling Xi’s faith in his goodness and how she repeatedly risked her life to save him.

Jiu Chen changes his mind. Appearing in the ice chamber, he saves Ling Xi. Ling Xi gives the longevity knot back to Jiu Chen.

[Flashback: After sealing the Demon King, Jiu Chen is fatally wounded. He hears a baby crying and discovers Ling Xi with a longevity knot in her blanket. The Demon King infects Ling Xi with demonic energy, so Jiu Chen uses his energy to save her.]

Ling Xi thinks she did something wrong, so Jiu Chen wants to punish her. Nevertheless, she is confident he won’t harm her. Scared to be alone, Ling Xi begs Jiu Chen to stay with her. Jiu Chen sits at the foot of her bed, deep in thought.

Jiu Chen thinks the safest place for Ling Xi is Peach Forest.

Love and Destiny: Episode 14

Love and Destiny: Episode 14
Love and Destiny: Episode 14

Shi San wants to take revenge for Ling Xi. However, she changes her mind when Hua Yan says the culprit is Yu Li’s bird. Shi San isn’t scared of Yu Li, but she doesn’t want to offend Medicine King because he controls the distribution of pills.

Jiu Chen hears Ling Xi complaining to Shi San and Hua Yan about Yu Li’s bird.

Ling Xi fails to bait Yu Li’s bird with food, so she turns into a bird and chases it.

Qin Yuan is in the Heaven Realm. He sees Ling Xi flying around and remembers seeing a similar bird at Immortal Elder Nanji’s place.

Ling Xi beats up Yu Li’s bird. Yu Li catches Ling Xi and ties her up.

Qin Yuan asks Jiu Chen to return the Shuiyue Cauldron, lying about taking it back to Immortal Elder Nanji. Actually, Qin Yuan is Zhong Hao’s godson, so he wants to get the Shuiyue Cauldron for Zhong Hao. Jiu Chen acts like he doesn’t know anything.

Yu Li drags Ling Xi in front of Jiu Chen and asks him to punish Ling Xi. As soon as Ling Xi sees Qin Yuan, she covers her wrist to hide her bracelet. Shi San argues with Yu Li, so Jiu Chen orders them to be quiet. He tells Ling Xi to return to her room and think about what she did, giving her a chance to escape.

Once again, Qin Yuan asks Jiu Chen about the Shuiyue Cauldron. Jiu Chen continues to act like he doesn’t know anything. Yu Li scolds Qin Yuan for being disrespectful. Given Jiu Chen’s status, there is no need for Jiu Chen to covet anything from Immortal Elder Nanji.

After Qin Yuan leaves, Yu Li tells Jiu Chen she has admired him for a long time. Moreover, she never believed the rumors about him and wishes she could be his maid like Ling Xi. Jiu Chen says he is tired, politely ending their conversation.

Shi San doesn’t understand why Ling Xi is afraid of Qin Yuan.

Yu Li warns Ling Xi to stay away from her bird.

Ling Xi worries she has to give up the Shuiyue Cauldron to Qin Yuan. Jiu Chen tells her to stop causing trouble.

Ling Xi tells Shi San that Jiu Chen wants to see her.

Jiu Chen has a task for Shi San.

Shi San tells Jiu Chen she followed Qin Yuan, but she lost track of him near Mount Youdu. Jiu Chen realizes he needs to go to Mount Youdu to investigate because he can’t depend on Shi San to do it.

Ling Xi attempts to find out what is going on, so she brings Jiu Chen tea. Jiu Chen tells Ling Xi to stay in her room and stop running around, causing trouble.

Since Jiu Chen appears serious, Ling Xi thinks Shi San did something to annoy him. Shi San says she knows Jiu Chen best, so she can’t possibly annoy him and not know it.

At Mount Youdu, Jiu Chen finds Zhong Hao. Since Zhong Hao has the Demon King’s blade, it is obvious he has turned demonic and is working for the Demon King. Jiu Chen and Zhong Hao fight. Zhong Hao runs to where the Demon King is sealed. Jiu Chen injures Zhong Hao, so the Demon King pulls Zhong Hao into the seal, saving him.

Jiu Chen goes to Peach Forest.

Cheng Yan tells Jiu Chen that Ling Xi’s father isn’t at Peach Forest.

Jiu Chen returns to the Heaven Realm.

Needing to talk to Yun Feng, Jiu Chen sends Shi San to find him.

Yun Feng agrees with Jiu Chen. Zhong Hao is up to something. Jiu Chen wants to take Ling Xi to Mount Youdu to test her connection to the Demon King. In addition, Jiu Chen tells Yun Feng to warn Ling Yue so that she will alert them if she discovers traitors working for the Demon King in her realm.

Jiu Chen asks Hua Yan about Ling Xi. Hua Yan says she doesn’t know where Ling Xi is at.

Sitting at the Wangyue Stream, Ling Xi sees Jiu Chen’s reflection in the water. She assumes it’s an illusion until the image speaks, startling her. Jiu Chen tells her to accompany him to the Mortal Realm. Ling Xi looks forward to the delicious food she can eat.

Jiu Chen and Ling Xi travel together on a cloud. She asks him where they are going in the Mortal Realm, but there is no answer. Jiu Chen has disappeared.

Baize Beast terrorizes a village as it searches for food. Jiu Chen can subdue the beast. Nevertheless, Ling Xi tries to help by using buns to lure it away from crowded streets.

Ling Xi panics when Baize Beast chases after her, thinking it wants to eat her. Jiu Chen shrinks the beast into a small animal.

Love and Destiny: Episode 13

Love and Destiny: Episode 13
Love and Destiny: Episode 13

Jiu Chen keeps drinking tea to stay awake while working. Ling Xi worries he is drinking too much tea.

Jiu Chen can’t wave a finger to extinguish the candles in his room. Now he has to blow them out one by one. After drinking so much tea during the day, he can’t sleep at night.

Jiu Chen wants to go for a stroll and tells Ling Xi not to follow him.

Ling Xi follows Jiu Chen, and she hides by turning invisible or into a rock when he looks her way. Jiu Chen confronts her.

Caught in the rain, Ling Xi holds an umbrella over Jiu Chen’s head. Jiu Chen orders her to stop following him.

Resuming his position as the God of War, Jiu Chen makes personnel changes to fill Yuan Tong’s spot. Thunder Lord can’t attend the meeting because he is “sick.” Zi Guang isn’t happy when Jiu Chen puts him under Kai Yang’s command.

It’s time for Qing Yao to remove the seal on Jiu Chen’s power. Ling Xi can’t believe 49 days have passed so quickly.

Ling Xi wants to watch Qing Yao treat Jiu Chen, but Jiu Chen tells Ling Xi to go do her chores. Qing Yao asks Yun Feng to leave, too.

Yun Feng says it isn’t possible to get near gods with deep cultivation like him or Jiu Chen. Ling Xi remembers one of the panels in a cave at Immortal Elder Nanji’s place showed her kissing Jiu Chen, which means Jiu Chen would have to allow her to kiss him.

Qing Yao tells Jiu Chen to be careful when using his power. His cold illness has receded, but it isn’t gone completely.

Wanting to talk to Yuan Tong, Jiu Chen sends Shi San to find her. Shi San hates Yuan Tong, so she tells Hua Yan to do it. Hua Yan is scared of Yuan Tong, so she begs Ling Xi to go with her.

Ling Xi tells Yuan Tong that Jiu Chen wants to see her. A loud noise interrupts their conversation. It is Old Madame Yuan, and she has killed herself with Yuan Zheng’s weapon. Devastated, Yuan Tong looks at Ling Xi with hatred.

Old Madame Yuan’s suicide shocks Ling Xi and Hua Yan. They can’t bear to tell Shi San what happened. Hua Yan figures Shi San will know soon enough.

Jiu Chen finds Ling Xi crying in an isolated spot. He tells her not to blame herself. It’s Old Madame Yuan’s fault for putting the Yuan clan’s prestige above everything. Consequently, it’s fated Yuan Zheng and Yuan Tong would do wrong things to appease their mother’s ambition. Ling Xi wonders if it’s possible to escape fate.

Ling Xi asks Jiu Chen about her bracelet. Jiu Chen says the bracelet recognizes her as its owner, so she can’t remove it. He thinks she should let Immortal Elder Nanji know she has it now. Ling Xi doesn’t dare to go by herself, so Jiu Chen offers to go with her.

As Jiu Chen and Ling Xi leave the Heaven Realm, they pass by Yuan Tong, who is one of the gatekeepers. Yuan Tong greets them. Jiu Chen ignores her while Ling Xi bows in response.

Ling Xi asks Jiu Chen if they can travel on a cloud together. Jiu Chen tells Ling Xi to turn into a bird and fly.

Busy with cultivation, Immortal Elder Nanji isn’t available. Nevertheless, he knew Jiu Chen and Ling Xi would come, so he told his disciples to tell Jiu Chen to accept what is destined, meaning Ling Xi should keep the bracelet. Jiu Chen says the “treasure” will be used well.

Yu Li’s bird poops on Ling Xi. Just as Ling Xi is about to teach it a lesson, Yu Li stops her and wants her to apologize to the bird. Ling Xi won’t do it. Yu Li’s bird scratches Ling Xi’s hand and flies away.

Love and Destiny: Episode 12

Love and Destiny: Episode 12
Love and Destiny: Episode 12

Jiu Chen blames himself for not noticing Yuan Zheng had turned demonic. Jiu Chen was the commander, so he takes full responsibility for what happened at Mount Youdu. The Heavenly Emperor spares the Yuan clan. As for Jiu Chen, he will be struck by lightning seven times.

Jiu Chen arrives at Ziyun Platform to receive his punishment.

Lightning strikes Jiu Chen seven times.

Yuan Tong cries when she sees Jiu Chen enduring the lightning strikes.

Ling Xi, Shi San and Hua Yan hear thunder from Ziyun Platform. Shi San says a fool is being punished. Ling Xi suddenly worries about Jiu Chen.

When the punishment ends, Jiu Chen collapses.

To save Jiu Chen from falling into a deep sleep again, Qing Yao seals his power for 49 days. If Jiu Chen rests and takes care of his health, he will recover.

Ling Xi stays in Jiu Chen’s room to care for him. Afraid he would be cold, she places burning braziers around his bed. She also shuts the windows and doors to keep in the heat. Eventually, she falls asleep by his bed.

After a week, Jiu Chen wakes up, feeling dizzy and weak like he has been poisoned. He asks Ling Xi if she knows that placing burning braziers in a closed room for a prolonged period is dangerous. This can kill humans, or in his case, a god whose power has been sealed. Ling Xi runs to open the windows and doors.

Ling Xi tells Jiu Chen not to sit outside in the damp air. Jiu Chen ignores her. Now he has to blow on his tea to cool it before drinking it. Ling Xi tries not to laugh.

Yu Li sees Ling Xi at Jiu Chen’s residence and realizes this is the maid who saved Jiu Chen. Yu Li warns Ling Xi not to have romantic hopes about Jiu Chen. In terms of looks, cultivation level and status, Yu Li beats Ling Xi in all aspects.

Yu Li gives Jiu Chen a heat box made by Zhu Rong, the God of Fire. Yu Li wants to replace Qing Yao and be Jiu Chen’s physician, but Jiu Chen says that isn’t necessary.

Jiu Chen can sleep while sitting straight, so Ling Xi mimics him.

Jiu Chen watches Ling Xi sleeping while sitting, swaying in different directions. Her antic makes him laugh. His demeanor turns back to serious when Ling Xi wakes up. He gives her Zhu Rong’s heat box because it can help her cultivation.

Ling Xi places the heat box near where she sleeps. In the middle of the night, the mark behind her ear emits demonic energy, which goes into the heat box. Her necklace’s pendant alerts her father at Peach Forest, but he is sleeping and misses the warning.

Love and Destiny: Episode 11

Love and Destiny: Episode 11
Love and Destiny: Episode 11

According to Zhu Xie’s war report, Yuan Zheng turned demonic and killed Zhu Xie in the final battle at Mount Youdu.

Old Madame Yuan doesn’t want to believe the war report is real.

Jiu Chen had to kill Yuan Zheng. Yuan Zheng begged Jiu Chen to take care of the Yuan clan, so Jiu Chen promised he would keep what happened a secret.

Qing Yao says Jiu Chen was willing to take the blame to protect the Yuan clan. It’s Old Madame Yuan’s fault for forcing the issue to the point of no return.

Ling Xi’s external wounds are expected. Qing Yao worries about Ling Xi’s internal wounds, sustained from being in Xixian Pond for an entire night. Ling Xi might never be able to move to the next cultivation level if she doesn’t heal completely.

Ling Xi regains consciousness while Jiu Chen is taking care of her. She doesn’t want him to stop, so she pretends she is still unconscious. Jiu Chen sees through the ruse.

Du Yu begs Jiu Chen to save Yuan Tong and the Yuan clan. Yuan Tong had a letter from Yuan Zheng, which could prove Jiu Chen’s innocence, but Du Yu convinced her to destroy it, thinking Jiu Chen could deal with anything given his status.

Jiu Chen tells Ling Xi to stop pretending she is unconscious. He gives her a rare pill, the last one he has, that speeds up her healing. Ling Xi wishes Yuan Tong would apologize to her. Moreover, Ling Xi wants to forbid Yuan Tong from eating for 100 years. Lastly, Ling Xi wants all the treasures Yuan Tong accumulated while being a general.

Ling Xi asks Jiu Chen where they are going, but he won’t tell her.

Ling Xi follows Jiu Chen until they encounter Yuan Tong.

Jiu Chen says it’s unforgivable what Yuan Tong did, especially since she tried to kill Ling Xi. Jiu Chen destroys Yuan Tong’s cultivation for the past 50,000 years and demotes her to a regular soldier. He also orders Yuan Tong to apologize to Ling Xi, not eat for 100 years and hand over the treasures she accumulated during her time as a general to Ling Xi.

Ling Xi can’t stop smiling and thanks Jiu Chen for taking revenge for her. Jiu Chen denies doing that. To him, Yuan Tong’s punishment is justified.

Qing Yao says the only way to cure Jiu Chen’s cold illness is to seal his power for 30 to 50 years. During this time, Jiu Chen will be helpless like people in the Mortal Realm, feeling hunger, tired, etc. Yun Feng supports this idea enthusiastically and gets a glare from Jiu Chen.

After Qing Yao leaves, Yun Feng rambles on about how he is falling in love with her. Jiu Chen walks away, not interested in Yun Feng’s nonsense.

The Heavenly Emperor convenes a meeting to discuss the Yuan clan. Thunder Lord says they should follow the rules, which means the Yuan clan should be punished like Lie Yi’s descendants. Du Yu begs the Heavenly Emperor to show mercy.

Love and Destiny: Episode 10

Love and Destiny: Episode 10
Love and Destiny: Episode 10

Inside the cave, there is a basin with water in it. Ling Xi touches the water. Four columns of water shoot upward, condensing into panels showing what will happen to Ling Xi in the future. The panels disappear, and the Shuiyue Cauldron appears in the basin.

Ling Xi puts the ashes of Zhu Xie’s burned war report into the Shuiyue Cauldron. Once restored, the war report shows Yuan Zheng turning demonic in the final battle at Mount Youdu, so Jiu Chen had to kill him. The Shuiyue Cauldron turns into a bracelet on Ling Xi’s wrist, and Ling Xi can’t take it off.

Ling Xi flies back to the Heaven Realm.

Shi San is nervous, giving Jiu Chen a new tea to drink. Jiu Chen says the tea is good.

Ling Xi tells Jiu Chen about her dog’s death. She asks Jiu Chen if he suffers when he is blamed for something he didn’t do. It’s unfair since Jiu Chen always lives for others, sacrificing himself for the greater good and defending the weak. Jiu Chen doesn’t mind because taking the blame won’t kill him.

Ling Xi looks at Yuan Zheng’s memorial tablet, resenting what he did but vowing to keep his secret. Yuan Tong appears before Ling Xi could burn Zhu Xie’s war report.

Seeing Ling Xi’s bracelet, Yuan Tong guesses Ling Xi must have restored Zhu Xie’s war report. Ling Xi realizes Yuan Tong knows the truth but lets Jiu Chen take the blame so that the Yuan clan won’t be punished. A fight breaks out between them.

Running to Xixian Pond, Ling Xi refuses to give Yuan Tong the war report. Yuan Tong attacks Ling Xi, forcing Ling Xi to fall into the pond.

Falling into a bottomless spiral, lightning strikes Ling Xi from all directions, and she loses consciousness. At this time, Ling Xi’s bracelet activates, saving her.

Shi San gives Jiu Chen new pills made by Qing Yao. Jiu Chen asks if Shi San has seen Ling Xi, and Shi San says Ling Xi hasn’t returned.

It’s the day Yuan Zheng’s weapon will be placed in Gongde Hall. Jiu Chen urges Yun Feng, Kai Yang and Han Zhang to go to the ceremony. However, Yun Feng, Kai Yang and Han Zhang would rather accompany Jiu Chen to his trial.

Si Ming rushes to Jiu Chen’s residence with bad news. Shi San caused trouble at Gongde Hall because she won’t let anyone touch Jiu Chen’s armor. Jiu Chen hurries to Gongde Hall, with Yun Feng, Si Ming, Kai Yang and Han Zhang following close behind.

Walking around, Qing Yao sees a feather that appears to come from Ling Xi. Tracing a trail of feathers, Qing Yao finds Ling Xi by Xixian Pond. Ling Xi is severely injured, so she is in her true form as a bird. Right next to Ling Xi is Zhu Xie’s war report.

Arriving at Gongde Hall, Jiu Chen tells Shi San to go with him. However, Old Madame Yuan won’t let Jiu Chen leave, demanding to know if Jiu Chen killed Yuan Zheng. Jiu Chen says he did, shocking everyone. Old Madame Yuan orders the Yuan clan’s disciples to kill Jiu Chen.

Qing Yao arrives at Gongde Hall with Ling Xi. Jiu Chen treats Ling Xi’s injury so that she can turn back into human form. Qing Yao reveals Zhu Xie’s war report, letting everyone see what happened in the final battle at Mount Youdu.

Love and Destiny: Episode 9

Love and Destiny: Episode 9
Love and Destiny: Episode 9

Yun Feng couldn’t go into Mount Youdu because of the demonic energy in the mountain, but Zhong Hao was able to do it. Jiu Chen says the Demon King has awakened but is extremely weak, as if without his power. Jiu Chen doesn’t think Ling Xi has the Demon King’s power. Si Ming is surprised someone smart, kind and cheerful like Ling Xi is caught up in this.

An explosion startles Yun Feng and Si Ming. Jiu Chen says the explosion is caused by the person Si Ming described as smart, kind and cheerful – Ling Xi.

Ling Xi succeeds in making pills. Hua Yan worries the pills could be poisonous since Ling Xi has never done this before. Ling Xi remembers Shi San talking about the Wangyue Stream. Shi San says a little immortal fell into the frigid stream and almost died. After that, the little immortal has a cold illness like Jiu Chen.

In the middle of the night, Ling Xi sneaks outside. Jiu Chen is aware of her movement.

At the Wangyue Stream, the water is so cold Ling Xi can’t even put her foot in. She eats her pill and takes off her outer clothes. Jiu Chen, following her, looks away and hears a splash. He pulls her out of the stream, carrying her back to shore.

Ling Xi is excited because her pills work. From now on, she can make pills for Jiu Chen, and they don’t need to depend on the Medicine Department. At this point, Jiu Chen understands what she has been doing.

Ling Xi asks Jiu Chen not to walk so fast. Jiu Chen stops and waits for her to catch up.

Not just for Jiu Chen, Ling Xi offers to make all types of pills for Shi San and Hua Yan. Shi San isn’t so sure, so Ling Xi shows Shi San her medicine book.

Yun Feng flips through Ling Xi’s medicine book and sees a flower he helped Qing Yao obtain. Ling Xi says the flower, which is hard to find, is the main ingredient of a remedy for the cold illness.

Ling Xi tells Jiu Chen that Qing Yao made new pills for him. Jiu Chen doesn’t mind taking pills made by Ling Xi if they are equally effective.

Looking at a pill made by Ling Xi, Jiu Chen is shocked by its abnormally large size. Ling Xi gives him a knife and chopsticks to make eating the pill easier.

Like always, Ling Xi’s dog makes a mess in her room. Ling Xi chastises it lovingly.

While making more pills, Ling Xi senses something is wrong.

Ling Xi searches for her dog. When she finds it, it’s already dead.

Ling Xi carries her dog to Xixian Pond. According to Shi San, immortals who commit crimes are thrown into the pond, which destroys their immortal power and takes them to the Mortal Realm. Broken-hearted, Ling Xi puts her dog into the pond so that it can return to the realm it came from.

Inside her room, Ling Xi hears Shi San and Hua Yan calling for her dog.

Jiu Chen worries about Ling Xi, who hasn’t stepped out of her room for several days.

Not seeing Ling Xi’s dog lately, Hua Yan asks Ling Xi. Ling Xi doesn’t say anything.

In three days, Jiu Chen has to attend a trial to explain why he destroyed Zhu Xie’s war report.

According to Si Ming, Thunder Lord wants to replace Jiu Chen’s armor with Yuan Zheng’s weapon in Gongde Hall. The Heavenly Emperor permits Yuan Zheng’s weapon to be placed in Gongde Hall and will make a decision regarding Jiu Chen’s armor after the trial.

Ling Xi can’t sleep because of Jiu Chen’s upcoming trial and what Si Ming said about Gongde Hall. She remembers how she was able to save the ashes of Zhu Xie’s burned war report when Shi San changed the brazier.

At Immortal Elder Nanji’s place, Ling Xi runs into a familiar face – Jing Xiu. Jing Xiu fights with Immortal Elder Nanji’s assistant, Qin Yuan, while Ling Xi turns into a bird and escapes.

Ling Xi lands in a cave.

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