Never Gone: Episode 6

Never Gone: Episode 6
Never Gone: Episode 6

Su Yunjin and Mo Yuhua admire Song Ming’s courage. To pursue Meng Xue, he chose a college near where Meng Xue is studying even though he could go to a better school. Su Yunjin says she can’t take risks like that. Her wish is a simple life with someone who understands her.

It’s late at night, but Su Yunjin’s mother is still making animal lanterns. Su Yunjin offers to deliver the lanterns to the factory for her mother.

While her mother is asleep, Su Yunjin looks at a family photo and cries. Her father said that families reunite when the moon is full, but no matter how many times the moon will be full, she can’t see him again.

Cheng Zheng isn’t happy with how Su Yunjin is treating him, so he decides to go look for her.

Cheng Zheng finds Su Yunjin as she’s delivering 2 boxes of animal lanterns on her bicycle. He stops his bicycle in front of her, forcing her to brake suddenly. As a result, the boxes fall to the ground, and some of the lanterns are destroyed. Contrite, he gives her all the money in his pocket. She throws the money back at him and tells him to stay away from her.

The summer ends. It’s time for Su Yunjin and Mo Yuhua to return to college. Su Yunjin’s mother goes with them to the bus terminal. Saying goodbye, Su Yunjin tells her mother to not work so hard and call if she needs anything.

Su Yunjin always looks sad when she leaves home. Mo Yuhua asks about the money Su Yunjin earned from working part-time. Su Yunjin says she couldn’t give it to her mother. Some of the animal lanterns her mother made were ruined, so the money was used to pay the factory.

Arriving at the bus terminal in Shanghai, Su Yunjin sees Shen Ju’an waiting for her. Mo Yuhua doesn’t want to be the third wheel, so she returns to school by herself.

Walking back to her dorm, Su Yunjin says she isn’t ambitious, and she’s afraid she can’t ever achieve great things. Shen Ju’an says he believes in her.

Shen Ju’an wants to tell Su Yunjin that he accepted a job offer from Hengkai Company, but he couldn’t do it.

Su Yunjin hears from her roommate about Shen Ju’an working at a branch of Hengkai Company over the summer. Her roommate thinks he will work there after graduation. Su Yunjin believes what happened is temporary and he will study further for a graduate degree.

Shen Ju’an buys a scarf for Su Yunjin. He puts it around her neck. She smiles, happy with the gift.

Chen Xiaoyu asks Cheng Zheng about his summer break. She texted him many times, but he didn’t respond. She says she likes him. He apologizes if he gave her the wrong impression. He says he already likes someone else. Walking away, he vows to repair his relationship with Su Yunjin.

Su Yunjin and Shen Ju’an are about to go on an outing. Suddenly, Cheng Zheng appears. Shen Ju’an introduces himself and puts out his hand, but Cheng Zheng refuses to shake it. Hearing that Su Yunjin and Shen Ju’an will go to a temple, Cheng Zheng insists on tagging along.

At the temple, Su Yunjin stops at a booth selling trinkets. While Shen Ju’an bargains with the seller for a lower price, Cheng Zheng pulls out several bills and pays without caring about the cost.

Never Gone: Episode 5

Never Gone: Episode 5
Never Gone: Episode 5

Su Yunjin talks to Mo Yuhua about her bad experience working as a product advertiser. The conversation turns to their high school classmates. Zhou Ziyi tells Su Yunjin not to worry. Not naming anyone in particular, he says some people might go far away but will come back in the end.

Cheng Zheng’s roommates tease Cheng Zheng for being a heartbreaker. The latest victim is a fellow student who borrows his architecture books even though her major is Chinese literature.

Su Yunjin’s roommates use too much electricity and cause a blackout in the dorm. As dorm leader, Shen Ju’an demands to know who did it. Su Yunjin takes the blame and says she was cooking ramen. He confiscates her pot, but it’s not hot, which means she’s not the culprit. Nevertheless, he doesn’t call her out on her lie.

Adhering to the rules, Shen Ju’an can’t return the pot. In return, he gives Su Yunjin tips on where she can buy cheap food. More importantly, he helps her find a better part-time job.

Shen Ju’an takes Su Yunjin to the school’s library where he works as an assistant. This is his senior year, so he doesn’t have a lot of time. If she wants, she can take over for him.

Su Yunjin resigns from her job as a product advertiser and begins working in the library. Shen Ju’an trains her and tells her not to worry. He comes to the library often to study. If she has questions, she can always ask him.

Shen Ju’an goes to the library regularly and brings Su Yunjin snacks if he can. One time, her hair tie breaks. He says she looks prettier with her hair down.

Su Yunjin says there’s nothing going on between her and Shen Ju’an, but Mo Yuhua doesn’t believe it. If Shen Ju’an isn’t interested in Su Yunjin, why would he help her so much?

After the library closes, Su Yunjin still has to stay to shelve books. Shen Ju’an appears and helps her. As they work, they share stories about the professors they’ve had.

In class, Su Yunjin hears other students gossip about her and Shen Ju’an. They can’t believe someone talented like him, the president of the Student Council, would date a nobody like her.

Zhou Ziyi hears about Su Yunjin and Shen Ju’an. He asks Su Yunjin if the rumors are true. Once again, she says she and Shen Ju’an are just friends.

Looking around the school cafeteria, Chen Xiaoyu searches until she finds Cheng Zheng so she can eat with him. While they talk, he receives a call from Zhou Ziyi, who’s eager to provide an update on Su Yunjin. Cheng Zheng hangs up as soon as he hears Su Yunjin’s name. Zhou Ziyi continues to call, so Cheng Zheng turns off his phone.

Zhou Ziyi warns Shen Ju’an to stay away from Su Yunjin because she already has a boyfriend. Su Yunjin catches Zhou Ziyi bothering Shen Ju’an. She tells Zhou Ziyi to leave then apologizes to Shen Ju’an. Shen Ju’an says it’s normal for guys at Zhou Ziyi’s age to act immature.

The first year of college ends. Su Yunjin and Mo Yuhua go home for the summer break.

Zhou Ziyi organizes a gathering of old classmates. Mo Yuhua wants to go and convinces Su Yunjin to come along.

At the gathering, Zhou Ziyi praises Su Yunjin for changing from an ugly duckling into a swan. Cheng Zheng keeps on grilling food and doesn’t say anything. Su Yunjin greets Cheng Zheng, but he walks away. Still mad at her, he won’t let her eat the food he grilled.

Zhou Ziyi attempts to play peacemaker. Su Yunjin looks at Cheng Zheng but doesn’t know what to say, so she leaves. Cheng Zheng is angry by her attitude, not understanding why she is friendly with everyone except him.

Never Gone: Episode 4

Never Gone: Episode 4
Never Gone: Episode 4

[The end of high school…] At the class party, Cheng Zheng wants to sing karaoke with Su Yunjin, but Meng Xue insists on singing with him. He couldn’t say no because Meng Xue has to go abroad for college. Nevertheless, he refuses to let go of Su Yunjin’s hand. After trying repeatedly, Su Yunjin pulls her hand free so she can go search for Mo Yuhua.

Mo Yuhua is inconsolable. She told Zhou Ziyi that she likes him, but he turned her down. Not wanting to ruin the party, Mo Yuhua goes home to deal with her emotions.

Meng Xue talks to Su Yunjin in private. Meng Xue says Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin are in different social classes. Therefore, Su Yunjin shouldn’t start anything with Cheng Zheng or it won’t end well for them. Moreover, Meng Xue refuses to apologize for the donation incident. Su Yunjin says she doesn’t expect an apology.

After the party, Zhou Ziyi gathers everyone outside for a picture. Su Yunjin purposely stands far away from Cheng Zheng. After the picture is taken, it begins to rain. Su Yunjin walks home and Cheng Zheng follows her.

Su Yunjin stops in front of the bookstore where she worked part-time. Following her lead, Cheng Zheng stops a few steps behind her. Once again, he reminds her to choose a college in Beijing. She hugs him and promises to do that to repay him for tutoring her.

But once she gets away, Su Yunjin cries. She has to stay in Shanghai to take care of her mother. Unlike her, Cheng Zheng has endless options. She’s sure once he begins a new life in college, he’ll forget her.

The summer ends. Su Yunjin says goodbye to her mother and heads to college. Far away in Beijing, Cheng Zheng has moved into his dorm. He cuts out images of himself and Su Yunjin from the class picture taken after the karaoke party. Then he glues their images together onto another picture.

At college, Su Yunjin runs into Zhou Ziyi. She thought he had gone abroad to study, but he says that’s not possible with his bad English. Already familiar with the campus, he shows her where her dorm is and helps take her luggage up to her room.

Su Yunjin’s roommates suspect Zhou Ziyi is Su Yunjin’s boyfriend because of his attentiveness towards her. Unpacking her things, Su Yunjin finds money in the food box her mother gave her.

Zhou Ziyi buys cleaning items for Su Yunjin. She won’t accept them, so he leaves everything on the steps of her dorm and runs away.

After asking Su Yunjin for her phone number, Zhou Ziyi texts it to Cheng Zheng. Cheng Zheng calls but doesn’t say anything. Hearing her voice answering the phone confirms that she lied about going to college in Beijing.

Cheng Zheng goes on a run to vent out his frustration.

Su Yunjin and Mo Yuhua attend the same college. Su Yunjin tells Mo Yuhua that Zhou Ziyi is at their school studying physical education. Mo Yuhua worries about Su Yunjin’s financial situation. Su Yunjin says her family is in debt, so she wants to find a part-time job.

A fellow student convinces Su Yunjin to work as a product advertiser. The hours are flexible, and she would be paid by commission based on the number of people she can register.

The job involves passing out flyers and speaking to strangers, which is difficult for Su Yunjin. She forces herself and gradually becomes good at it. Unfortunately, Su Yunjin’s partner is sneaky and offers to help in registering clients. At the end of the day, the registration sheets show that the partner registered all the clients.

Zhang Yue scolds Cheng Zheng for going to college far from home. Her dream is to open a bar and live a life of leisure. However, she is stuck working in the family’s company. She will do it for three more years. Then he has to take over whether he wants to or not. He’s saved from further scolding by the appearance of Chen Xiaoyu, a fellow student.

Chen Xiaoyu praises Zhang Yue’s beauty and demeanor. Cheng Zheng doesn’t agree because he grew up with Zhang Yue and used to seeing her. Since Chen Xiaoyu is in the drama club, she invites him to join the club’s activities. He declines with the excuse of not knowing what they do.

After being cheated by her partner, Su Yunjin makes sure to register her clients herself. Suddenly, there’s a heavy downpour. Her partner runs off, leaving her to pack up everything. Shen Ju’an happens to walk by. He shares his umbrella with her and accompanies her back to her dorm.

Never Gone: Episode 3

Never Gone: Episode 3
Never Gone: Episode 3

[flashback] The teacher returns graded tests to the class. Cheng Zheng takes his test and also gets Su Yunjin’s test for her. Cheng Zheng looks pessimistic, so Su Yunjin thinks she did badly, but he’s teasing her. Upon seeing her grade, she smiles. He says her reward for getting a good grade is she gets to watch him play soccer.

At the next soccer match, Cheng Zheng keeps checking the stands, but Su Yunjin isn’t there. He kicks his opponent out of frustration and gets a yellow card. She arrives late with Mo Yuhua. His mood improves and he begins to score.

Cheng Zheng’s team wins first place. Since Cheng Zheng led the team to victory, he gets to give a speech. He says the first airplane was thought of like a weird bird, but it was the start for people to conquer the sky. Therefore, let’s not judge students who don’t do well in school. They could be gifted in other areas, and if they work hard, they can do amazing things later on.

Instead of hanging out with his friends, Cheng Zheng spends his time tutoring Su Yunjin. As her grades improve, her relationship with him also improves.

Su Yunjin treats Cheng Zheng to a big meal at KFC to thank him. Unknowingly, she has ketchup on her lips, so he helps her wipe it off. Unfortunately, their teacher sees them.

The teacher talks to Su Yunjin first, reminding her about the school’s rules forbidding students to date. At this age, students should only concentrate on studying. She stays silent while he scolds her.

Then the teacher talks to Cheng Zheng. Cheng Zheng hears that Su Yunjin didn’t say anything, which seems like she didn’t deny their relationship, so he’s happy and praises her. The teacher becomes more annoyed and says Cheng Zheng needs to turn in a letter of repentance.

Cheng Zheng returns to class. He sees Su Yunjin carrying her books and moving to another desk far away from him. [flashback ends]

On the way to the wedding, Cheng Zheng stops by his old high school. His phone stops working, so he doesn’t realize he’s late.

The wedding begins. Su Yunjin and Mo Yuhua are happy for Song Ming, who persisted from high school and finally wins Meng Xue’s heart. Suddenly, a student disrupts the ceremony with news about Cheng Zheng. Apparently, Cheng Zheng was in a car accident. He’s fine, but he won’t be able to make it to the wedding.

Zhou Ziyi rushes to the scene of the accident. The driver at fault says he was distracted by his phone and would have hit two students if Cheng Zheng’s car hadn’t blocked his way.

[flashback] After school, Cheng Zheng waits for Su Yunjin. He says they didn’t do anything wrong. There’s no need to worry about gossip. She ignores him.

When Su Yunjin returns home, her mother says her father is back from the hospital. The doctor didn’t stop him because there’s nothing left that can be done.

Su Yunjin checks on her father. Her father remembers how she used to talk nonstop when she was little. She shows her father the latest report card, making him happy with her improved grades.

At school, Su Yunjin tells Cheng Zheng that the college entrance examination is coming up. Hence, she wants to cut off all contacts with him. If he bothers her, she will transfer school. In exchange for having tutored her, he asks her to choose a college in Beijing.

The teacher calls Su Yunjin’s name, looking alarmed. Su Yunjin knows it’s about her father, so she leaves school. As she pedals as fast as she could, the front bicycle tire deflates. Cheng Zheng, who has been following behind, catches up and takes her to the hospital.

At the hospital, Su Yunjin finds her mother, who is standing in front of an operating room. A doctor talks to her mother and shakes his head. Su Yunjin and her mother hug each other and cry. Watching them, Cheng Zheng also becomes emotional.

Darkness has fallen. After searching for a long time, Zhou Ziyi finds Cheng Zheng sitting outside the hospital. [flashback ends]

After a health check, Cheng Zheng sits outside the hospital with Zhou Ziyi. Zhou Ziyi says if Cheng Zheng wanted to come to the wedding, not even a car accident can stop him. Time brings progress to everything except Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin’s relationship. Maybe Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin should have a clean break and start new relationships with other people.

[flashback] After her father’s funeral, Su Yunjin returns to class and sees Meng Xue taking up a donation for her. Meng Xue says Su Yunjin’s family is poor, so it’s hard for them to pay the hospital bills. Cheng Zheng yells at Meng Xue to stop because she is insulting Su Yunjin by turning the donation into a spectacle.

Su Yunjin walks outside. Worried, Cheng Zheng follows her. She tells him to leave her alone.

As the day of the college entrance examination draws closer, students push themselves to study harder, especially Su Yunjin.

Cheng Zheng’s mother sees Cheng Zheng researching schools in Beijing. She teases him for being in a hurry to leave his parents.

It’s the day of the college entrance examination. When the test is over, students cheer and toss away their books. To celebrate, Zhou Ziyi invites the class to go sing karaoke. Mo Yuhua convinces Su Yunjin to go. [flashback ends]

After the wedding, Meng Xue apologizes to Su Yunjin for what happened in the past. Su Yunjin hugs her, letting her know that all is forgiven.

Never Gone: Episode 2

Never Gone: Episode 2
Never Gone: Episode 2

[flashback] Cheng Zheng teases Su Yunjin by kicking her chair and throwing paper balls at her. As a result, the teacher punishes both by making them do math problems on the blackboard. Cheng Zheng pretends he doesn’t know how to do it to cover for Su Yunjin. Fed up, the teacher yells at them to go stand at the back of the class.

Later, Cheng Zheng shows Su Yunjin how to solve the math problem she couldn’t do on the blackboard. There are two ways to do it using the teacher’s method or Cheng Zheng’s method. He berates her for not understanding something so simple. She glares at him and runs away.

Mo Yuhua follows Su Yunjin. Patiently, she explains the math problem until Su Yunjin understands. Mo Yuhua looks over Cheng Zheng’s notes and praises his cleverness. Su Yunjin envies Cheng Zheng and Mo Yuhua for doing well in school without having to work hard. She would be happy if she can get into a good college so she can get a good job and take care of her parents. [flashback ends]

Su Yunjin wants to buy new clothes to wear to the wedding. She calls Mo Yuhua to see if Mo Yuhua has time to go shopping together. After many years, the two of them are still good friends, but Mo Yuhua is a busy doctor. Mo Yuhua wonders what’s become of Cheng Zheng. Su Yunjin says if she sees him again, she hopes she has a happier life than him.

[flashback] Cheng Zheng sees a Coke on Su Yunjin’s desk and drinks it. Su Yunjin doesn’t want what’s left and throws it away. Annoyed, Cheng Zheng accepts a bottle of water from Meng Xue, drinks it and slams the bottle on Su Yunjin’s desk. Meng Xue needs help in math, but Cheng Zheng ignores her. Song Ming says he’ll help her. Cheng Zheng realizes Su Yunjin listens to Song Ming teaching Meng Xue, so he tells Song Ming to stop being long-winded and takes over, talking loudly so Su Yunjin can hear him.

Suddenly, Su Yunjin leaves with her math book. Cheng Zheng tells her he can teach her. There’s no need to go to the teacher to ask for help. She says she’s going to the bathroom, but he doesn’t believe her. He grabs her math book, and a sanitary pad falls out. She picks it up and runs away. Zhou Ziyi tells Cheng Zheng to stop harassing her.

After a while, Su Yunjin returns to class. Cheng Zheng asks the teacher for permission to go to the bathroom. Actually, he goes outside to get a bottle of hot water for Su Yunjin. She ignores the peace offering and puts it back on his desk.

To see Su Yunjin, Cheng Zheng goes to the bookstore where she works. He threatens to complain to the owner if she keeps telling him to go away. Aware of her “condition,” he doesn’t want her to stand on a stool to retrieve books for him. Another argument occurs, and they end up knocking over a pile of books. The owner orders them to clean up the mess.

When Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin finish organizing the books, it’s time for the bookstore to close. She can’t take it anymore and begs him to leave her alone. She will move to another desk if he doesn’t like her sitting in front of him. Moreover, she’s confused why he’s obsessed with how she’s doing in school. Stunned, he says he doesn’t hate her. [flashback ends]

Su Yunjin and Mo Yuhua go shopping together. Su Yunjin suspects Cheng Zheng sent her new clothes after knowing she was splashed with wine. Mo Yuhua says Cheng Zheng and Su Yunjin argue when they are together but miss each other when they are apart. Su Yunjin needs to decide if it’s worth it to jump into the “fire hole” again. After all, how many 5 years does a person have in a lifetime?

Meanwhile, Cheng Zheng accompanies Zhou Ziyi to buy new clothes to wear to the wedding. Cheng Zheng isn’t sure he will go.

It’s the day of Song Ming and Meng Xue’s wedding. Su Yunjin and Mo Yuhua arrive together. Su Yunjin looks around to see if Cheng Zheng has arrived.

[flashback] It’s the day parents can tour the school. Su Yunjin is surprised to see her parents show up. Cheng Zheng introduces himself to her parents and takes them to her desk. Cheng Zheng’s mom notices her son’s eagerness and asks Meng Xue, who says Cheng Zheng is nice to Su Yunjin because her grades are bad. Suddenly, Su Yunjin’s father faints, startling everyone.

As rain pours down, medics arrive and take Su Yunjin’s father to a hospital in an ambulance.

Eventually, Su Yunjin’s father regains consciousness. He feels bad because the burden of taking care of the family falls on Su Yunjin, who is still a young girl. She promises to study hard so she will have a good future.

The next day at school, Su Yunjin shocks Cheng Zheng by asking him to tutor her in math. He agrees. However, she has to do something for him. He’ll let her know later when he thinks of something. [flashback ends]

Su Yunjin sits at a table and waits for the wedding to start.

[flashback] Instead of practicing soccer with his friends, Cheng Zheng uses the time to tutor Su Yunjin. He brings bread buns then complains about the bread buns appearing spoiled. She doesn’t want him to throw away good food and is tricked into eating the bread buns. He asks which math problems she needs help with. She says she needs help with everything. [flashback ends]

Never Gone: Episode 1

Never Gone: Episode 1
Never Gone: Episode 1

Su Yunjin is waiting for a client. Suddenly, a woman hurls a glass of wine at Su Yunjin, accusing Su Yunjin of having an affair with her husband, CEO Xu. Su Yunjin says she and CEO Xu are only colleagues. Su Yunjin’s assistant threatens to call security if CEO Xu’s wife won’t leave.

While Su Yunjin is in the bathroom dealing with her stained clothes, her assistant walks in with a sweater. She had borrowed it from someone who claims to know Su Yunjin. Su Yunjin doesn’t have time to ask questions because her client has arrived.

Outside the building, Cheng Zheng waits in his car. His cousin, Zhang Yue, is the sweater owner. She saw what happened to Su Yunjin and took pictures, which she sends to Cheng Zheng. It seems Su Yunjin is still stubborn but no longer a pushover. Zhang Yue says this is not a good time for him to appear back in Su Yunjin’s life.

[flashback] In a garden, Cheng Zheng leans forward until his face is mere inches from Su Yunjin’s face. He tells her he likes her. [flashback ends]

Driving home, Su Yunjin asks her assistant about the sweater owner, but her assistant can only give a vague description. Her assistant rambles on in admiration because Su Yunjin kept her composure and won a contract despite the incident with CEO Xu’s wife. Su Yunjin checks her phone and sees a wedding invitation from her old classmates, Song Ming and Meng Xue.

Cheng Zheng follows Su Yunjin home. His phone rings, and it’s Meng Xue. Instead of sending an invitation, she calls to make sure he will go to her wedding. She’s afraid he won’t go because of Su Yunjin.

Since Su Yunjin’s old classmates are getting married, her assistant urges her to go, even if Su Yunjin might meet people she wants to avoid like former boyfriends. Su Yunjin receives a text message from Meng Xue. Meng Xue apologizes for what she did in the past, and if she doesn’t see Su Yunjin at her wedding, she’ll think Su Yunjin won’t forgive her.

Su Yunjin wants to wash her stained shirt and tells her assistant to bring a new laundry detergent bottle. Doing so reminds Su Yunjin of a similar situation in the past.

[flashback] Out of laundry detergent, Su Yunjin tells Cheng Zheng to bring a new bottle, but he gives her toilet bowl cleaner instead. The two of them laugh at his mistake. [flashback ends]

Su Yunjin’s assistant doesn’t hear what Su Yunjin said and asks her to repeat it. However, remembering a happier time with Cheng Zheng affects Su Yunjin, and she’s no longer in the mood to do laundry.

[flashback] It’s late at night. Su Yunjin’s mother is still awake, making animal lanterns to earn money. Su Yunjin’s father is sick and has to go to the hospital periodically for treatments. As a result, the family is in debt from paying medical bills.

In high school, students focus their studies on natural sciences or social sciences. Su Yunjin tells her father about her decision to study natural sciences, earning his praise. He feels guilty because his illness is affecting the family’s finance. She assures him she’s happy with their simple life.

Su Yunjin stays up late to study. Her father’s coughing breaks her concentration, causing her to cry. [flashback ends]

Giving Su Yunjin a ride to work, CEO Xu apologizes and gives her a gift to make up for what his wife had done. Su Yunjin says she can understand his wife’s anger, but his wife targeted the wrong person. He tells her he wishes his wife would have reasons to be mad at her. She looks at him, not knowing what to say.

At work, Cheng Zheng approves a blueprint and hands it off to his assistant. The photo on his desk shows cut out images of himself and Su Yunjin when they were in high school.

[flashback] In a corridor crowded with students, Cheng Zheng and his friend, Zhou Ziyi, goof around. Distracted, Cheng Zheng collides into Su Yunjin. He says he is all right, so she leaves. Not recognizing her, he asks Zhou Ziyi, who guesses she could be a new student after seeing her in a teacher’s office a few days ago.

Despite studying diligently, Su Yunjin struggles in school. Her teacher pressures her to switch to social sciences to get better grades, but she refuses and promises to study harder. By accident, Cheng Zheng overhears their conversation and marvels at Su Yunjin’s stubbornness.

Su Yunjin’s best friend, Mo Yuhua, doesn’t agree with the teacher’s tone, but she knows about Su Yunjin’s weakness in math. Eventually, Su Yunjin could get in trouble if her grades don’t improve. Mo Yuhua gives Su Yunjin her notebook, which contains notes on how to solve equations so Su Yunjin can study during the summer break. [flashback ends]

Cheng Zheng waits near Su Yunjin’s company. He sees CEO Xu and Su Yunjin arrive at work together.

CEO Xu and Su Yunjin discuss Meng Xue’s wedding. He’s too busy to go, so he’ll give her a money envelope to give to Meng Xue. He asks if she wants to have dinner later. She declines, saying she has another commitment. As she walks to her office, a receptionist hands her a package.

[flashback] Su Yunjin looks for a part-time job to help her parents. Riding her bicycle around town, she spots a job advertisement at a bookstore. She talks to the owner, who agrees to hire her. He puts her to work immediately, telling her to sort and shelve a new shipment of books that just came in.

Zhou Ziyi drags Cheng Zheng to the same bookstore, hoping to run into the girl he likes. Cheng Zheng makes fun of Zhou Ziyi and says he’ll be direct if he likes someone. Glancing around, Cheng Zheng sees Su Yunjin shelving books. Her shirt gets caught on a nail and rips. He has a new shirt in his backpack, and he gives it to her.

Cheng Zheng can’t sleep at night because he keeps thinking about Su Yunjin. The next day, he returns to the bookstore and sees Su Yunjin reading while on break. When she looks up and sees him, she tells him to wait. She runs to get his shirt and returns it to him. [flashback ends]

In her office, Su Yunjin opens the package. Inside is a blouse.

[flashback] It’s a new school year. Meng Xue gives Cheng Zheng a pair of gloves, with her initials on one glove and Cheng Zheng’s initials on the other glove. He isn’t interested and lies about saving the seat in front of him for someone else. Su Yunjin arrives in class last. There’s only one empty desk left – the one in front of Cheng Zheng. [flashback ends]

Su Yunjin wonders who sent her the blouse.

Never Gone

Never Gone
Never Gone

Never Gone
Chinese title: 原来你还在这里
Based on the novel: 原来你还在这里 by Xin Yi Wu
Genre: Campus
Episodes: 36
English subs: Viki

Main Cast
Yang Zishan as Su Yunjin
Elvis Han as Cheng Zheng
Toby Lee as Shen Ju’an
Lyric Lan as Zhang Yue
Su Qing as Mo Yuhua
Tan Jianci as Zhou Ziyi


Su Yunjin and Cheng Zheng are total opposites. From their personalities to their family backgrounds, they live two different lives. Despite their differences, Cheng Zheng pursues Su Yunjin and eventually wins her heart.

Their relationship doesn’t come easy and eventually they go their separate ways. But when Cheng Zheng reappears after several years, will they fall back in love? (Source: Viki)