Siege in Fog: Episode 8

Seeing Liankai sleeping in their room, Qin Sang examines his head to find his childhood injury.

Liankai wakes up and pulls Qin Sang onto the bed, hovering over her. After she explains what she was doing, he reveals that Lianshen saved Yanyun, not him. He also denies there’s anything between Yanyun and him. Suddenly, he changes the topic.

Liankai: Do you remember when we first met?

Qin Sang: My mother took me to your party. Didn’t she arrange our meeting?

Liankai rolls off her and sighs, as if disappointed by her answer.

Qin Sang wanders around the city, her mind preoccupied by what happened with Liankai. A car almost hits her. Fortunately, Jianchi pulls her out of the way in time.

Earlier, Jianchi saw her leaving by herself. He was worried, so he followed her. Sensing her unhappiness, he advises her to get out of her marriage.

Once again, Qin Sang tells Jianchi to leave her alone. There are benefits to being a daughter-in-law of the Yi family, such as being able to help her father gain more political power.

After Jianchi leaves, Qin Sang sees Hongyu in a car nearby. After a casual chat, the two of them sit down for a meal. Since Hongyu is known for her intelligence, Qin Sang gets straight to the point.

Qin Sang: If Liankai fights for power in the Yi family, can he win?

Hongyu: I don’t know how to answer, but look at the fish on this table. Everyone wants to eat it, but if it’s divided, no one will get everything. Have you heard of how pirates divide their loot? Whoever makes the first move gets the most and the best part. However, it depends on whether Liankai and you are willing to make the first move and if you have the ability to succeed.

At this time, Yi Jipei considers teaming up with the Murong family. After the two families defeat the other warlords, they’ll fight each other for control of the country. Although Advisor Fan advocated for provincial autonomy, Yi Jipei thinks the country is better off united under one rule instead of being divided into regions, which can cause chaos.

Lianshen supports Yi Jipei’s decision and volunteers to take their elite troops north to train with the Murong family. However, Lianyi cautions against this plan. Advisor Fan established the elite troops to fight for provincial autonomy, so if the division has to go against their ideology, they might not obey. Besides, if the Yi family uses force to take over the country, a civil war can break out.

Lianshen dares Lianyi to oppose their father’s plan, but he doubts anyone would support Lianyi. Throughout the argument between his elder brothers, Liankai stays silent.

After the meeting, Liankai comforts Lianyi. Since Lianshen has a hot temper, he’ll eventually regret what he said. Also, there are many people around Lianshen. Someone probably influenced his opinions.

But Lianyi knows better. Lianshen meant everything he said, even if his words were hurtful. Lianyi is afraid Lianshen’s hot temper will cause trouble for the Yi family.

A servant reports the conversation between Lianyi and Liankai to Lianshen. Lianshen isn’t happy, suspecting that his brothers are uniting against him. Yanyun tries to play peacemaker, but this makes Lianshen angrier. He doesn’t understand why she always defends Liankai.

Yanyun tells Lianshen not to overthink things. He should talk to Liankai to revolve their differences.

Lianshen and Liankai meet in the garden, at the stone mountain Liankai loved to climb when he was little. Admitting that he was confrontational to Lianyi, Lianshen explains that he doesn’t want the Yi family to lose all they’ve gained after fighting many bloody wars.

Lianshen: After talking to Eldest Brother, what’s your decision?

Liankai: I want to help him.

Lianshen: Since we’re close in age, we used to argue over everything: toys, servants, candy. It was simple when we were kids, because whoever won the fistfight would be the winner.

Liankai: I couldn’t beat you, so you usually won.

Lianshen: I’ll win again, but remember that the three of us are brothers. We may fight, but we promised to never harm each other.

As Advisor Fan’s eldest disciple, Rongcai shows up at the Yi family’s mansion to supposedly pay his respect. In addition, he aims to replace Advisor Fan as strategist for the Yi family.

But Liankai notices that Rongcai doesn’t bother to wear a mourning flower on his shirt, so the excuse of paying respect is empty talk. He orders Rongcai to go away and never appear in front of him again.

Qin Sang’s father, Qin Housheng, arrives by train. Later at dinner, he meets everyone in the Yi family.

Liankai gives Qin Sang a bowl of osmanthus chestnut soup, teasing her for having a sweet tooth. Not many people know this, so Qin Housheng and Qin Sang are surprised Liankai is aware of this quirk of Qin Sang. Liankai feels fortunate to be married to Qin Sang, praising her courage when she went to Mount Zhi to be with him even though it was dangerous.

Yanyun is bitter by Liankai’s attention toward Qin Sang. At the mention of Mount Zhi, she brings up her father’s death, effectively destroying the atmosphere of the dinner.

After the meal, Yi Jipei discusses politics with Qin Housheng. In Qin Housheng’s opinion, the path to power is through caring for the people. Whoever has the support of the people will rule; whoever loses the support of the people will lose the world. This is the governing system in the West.

But no matter how well this system works in the West, Yi Jipei doesn’t think it can be copied in China, a country much larger in size and with different traditions. The hearts of people are fluid like water, and their will is as predictable as smoke. They’ll demand something, but the next day, they’ll demand something else.

After not getting anywhere with the Yi family, Rongcai switches his goal to working for another warlord. Implementing his plan, he begins by insulting Chen Pei, a senior officer of Li Chongnian, in public. Displeased, Chen Pei’s soldiers drag Rongcai to Chen Pei to be punished.

Rongcai relies on his knowledge of medicine to impress Chen Pei. He teaches Chen Pei a breathing technique, which cures Chen Pei’s cough. Then he persuades Chen Pei to introduce him to Li Chongnian. Once he gains an important position, he promises to reward and help Chen Pei.

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