Siege in Fog: Episode 6

Liankai hands over his house to Hongyu. Comparing Lianshen and Liankai, Hongyu predicts Liankai will win in the end because he’s a patient person.

Inside the house, there’s an embroidered tapestry of Liankai’s mother. He plans to take it, but Hongyu won’t let him. If she can’t have it, then she won’t accept the house.

Unable to reason with her, Liankai capitulates and lets her keep the tapestry.

Lianshen’s uncle can’t believe someone arrogant like Liankai is copying Lianshen. He thinks Liankai is up to something.

Unlike his uncle, Lianshen trusts Liankai. Even if they fight, he’s confident they won’t harm each other because they’re brothers.

Out of the blue, Murong Qian announces her intention to visit her father, Murong Chen.

Lianyi knows that someone convinced her to return to the Murong family to retrieve Advisor Fan’s body. His father wouldn’t force her to do it. Likewise, his brothers won’t say anything, especially Liankai. As for Yanyun, she’ll throw a tantrum and head straight for Lianyi. The list of suspects dwindles to one person – Qin Sang.

Lianyi talks to Qin Sang, making it clear he doesn’t want his wife pulled into the politics of the Yi family. Murong Qian prefers a simple life. She shouldn’t have to choose between Lianshen and Liankai.

Qin Sang apologizes and promises to leave Murong Qian alone from now on.

Hongyu tries to get Liankai to reveal why he hasn’t touched Qin Sang.

Hongyu: You’re worried your brother will suspect you, so you’re waiting until he has a child before touching your precious wife? In history, Yang Shuzi of the country of Wei was a contender for the throne, so he purposely fell off his horse and became impotent. Someone who can’t have children, how can he be a ruler?

Liankai: It was worth giving you the house.

Accompanied by Liankai and Qin Sang, Murong Qian returns to the Murong family. The last time Murong Qian saw Murong Feng, he was still a boy. It’s been 10 years, and the Murong siblings have a teary reunion.

Murong Chen is watching soldiers fight each other. He pressures Murong Qian and Qin Sang to guess who would win. Unfortunately, Qin Sang’s choice loses the match, and Murong Chen kills the man.

Qin Sang asks for another wager, and this time, she bets her own life.

Liankai volunteers to fight and manages to hold off a bigger, stronger opponent. As a result, Murong Chen agrees to release Advisor Fan’s body.

The Murong siblings have a private moment to say goodbye. Murong Feng lets Murong Qian have Advisor Fan’s luggage so that she could return it to Yanyun. Moreover, he stresses that she shouldn’t let Liankai and Qin Sang know about the luggage.

Liankai, Qin Sang and Murong Qian bring back Advisor Fan’s body. Everyone bows in respect, from Yi Jipei down to the servants. Making her way to the coffin, Yanyun weeps inconsolably and collapses.

From a distance, Jianchi watches, remembering what happened with Advisor Fan.

Right from the beginning, Advisor Fan spotted a mistake in Jianchi’s uniform and knew that the Murong family didn’t send him. Recognizing Jianchi’s murderous intention, Advisor Fan requested to be shot in the head because he wanted a clean death.

Liankai examines Advisor Fan’s body and finds only a gunshot to the head.

Lianyi recalls what Advisor Fan told him. Discussing various ways of dying, Advisor Fan warned that if he’s killed by a gunshot to the head, then his last advice to the Yi family is to strive for provincial autonomy.

Meanwhile, Murong Qian gives Advisor Fan’s luggage to Lianshen. There are two things in the luggage: the assassin’s uniform and a letter. Seeing a pen in the front pocket of the uniform, Lianshen pulls it out and keeps it.

Eventually, Yanyun returns to the room. After reading the letter, she cries again and tries to tear up the uniform. Embracing her, Lianshen swears to do whatever it takes to catch whoever killed her father.

During the family’s meal, Yanyun encourages Qin Sang to eat meat, even though Yi Jipei already ordered everyone to stop eating meat out of respect for Advisor Fan.

But Yi Jipei doesn’t become angry at Qin Sang. Instead, he praises her for daring to go and negotiate with the Murong family. Although Murong Qian also went, she’s a member of the Murong family, so they’d never harm her.

Liankai chimes in, reminding everyone about Qin Sang going to the mountain even though it was surrounded by Murong Feng’s forces.

Alone with Advisor Fan’s coffin, Yi Jipei reminisces about the past, remembering how Advisor Fan and another old friend gave him valuable advice. Together, they overcame adversities and carved out an empire for the Yi family. Consumed by loneliness, Yi Jipei cries because he’s the only person from the group still alive.

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