Siege in Fog: Episode 5

Liankai apologizes for causing trouble on the mountain. He also thanks Lianshen for coming to his rescue.

Yi Jipei analyzes everything that’s happened: Li Chongnian and the Sky Alliance causing trouble, the Murong family’s betrayal and Advisor Fan’s assassination. He feels like there’s a mastermind manipulating these events and orders Lianshen and Liankai to find the culprit.

Murong Qian brings Qin Sang some food. She hopes Qin Sang won’t take what other people said to heart. Advisor Fan was close to the Yi family, so everyone is grieving, especially Yanyun.

Not seeing Lieutenant Song, Lianshen checks with Liankai.

Liankai pretends not to know, explaining that he took a shortcut while Lieutenant Song went with other people by a longer route. The group will probably arrive later.

Lianshen’s uncle worries because Yi Jipei is using the investigation to test Lianshen and Liankai. He heard about Hongyu helping Liankai travel through Li Chongnian’s territory. Since she’s a valuable resource due to her connections, he plans to introduce Lianshen to her.

After a fencing match, Yi Jipei tells Liankai to stop hiding his talent, whether in fencing or anything else. He releases a bird, cautioning that the bird will fly if given a chance to be free, but it might not be able to return to its old cage.

Liankai leaves the fate of the bird to his father. If his father sets the bird free, the bird will fly. If his father traps the bird inside a cage, the bird will endure the loneliness and won’t be tempted by what’s outside.

Lianshen and his uncle meet with Hongyu. Lianshen is cold, making it clear he doesn’t approve of her flirtatiousness.

Asked by Lianshen’s uncle to compare Lianshen and Liankai, Hongyu refuses to do so, joking that men usually fight over women and power.

Lianshen disagrees, stating that only thing worth fighting for is power. He walks out, leaving Hongyu to conclude that he’ll lose to Liankai.

Lianyi tells his wife to stay out of the power struggle between his brothers.

His brothers are used to fighting each other. When they were young, they fought over games and love. Now, they fight over power. In the past, Liankai always yielded so that Lianshen could win.

While Qin Sang reads in the bedroom, Liankai strolls in.

Qin Sang: You’re not going out today?

Liankai: If I do, how can I show we’re madly in love?

Jianchi’s new mission is to continue working for Liankai. The Sky Alliance can’t send another spy because it’s hard to infiltrate into the Yi family.

The goal of the Sky Alliance is to rid the country of warlords, and their first target is the Yi family. Jianchi swears to do whatever it takes, even if it means sacrificing himself.

In front of Advisor Fan’s portrait, Liankai promises to try to live up to his potential and take care of Yanyun.

Moved by Liankai’s confession, Yanyun cries and hugs him, but he pushes her away. In anger, she bites his hand, leaving a deep wound.

Qin Sang imagines the Yi siblings as little boys, guessing that Lianshen and Liankai must fight a lot due to their different temperament.

Surprisingly, Murong Qian says that the brothers had a good relationship because Liankai always let Lianshen win. Apparently, Liankai gave up something important, but Murong Qian doesn’t know all the details.

Qin Sang returns to her room and sees a plate of star fruits. According to her servant, Yanyun sent the fruit because Liankai likes them.

Qin Sang puts the star fruit she was about to eat back on the plate.

The Yi family gathers for a meal, and Liankai shows up late. His excuse is he was busy looking for the assassin.

Yi Jipei scolds him, pointing out that they don’t need to search for the assassin but must force him out. He orders Liankai to take off his gloves at the dining table. Seeing a bite mark on Liankai’s hand, he demands to know what happened.

Liankai kicks Qin Sang’s foot under the table.

Getting the hint, Qin Sang lies about Liankai and her having another argument.

After the meal, Liankai thanks Qin Sang for helping him.

Qin Sang: I know who bit you. You met me once but wanted to marry me. My father is a low-ranking official, so how can I be a match for you? It’s been 2 years, but we’re married in name only. Now that I think about it, you married me to be your shield.

Liankai: The truth isn’t like that.

Qin Sang: If you like Yanyun, you don’t give her up. If you respect Second Brother, you don’t lie to him. More importantly, you shouldn’t use me.

Liankai: I don’t love her.

Qin Sang: Then do you love me?

The news of Liankai and Qin Sang having another fight reaches Yi Jipei. He thinks about Liankai’s mother. If she didn’t die young, maybe Liankai’s temper wouldn’t be uncontrollable.

Lianshen suspects that the bite mark on Liankai’s hand isn’t from Qin Sang but another woman. It seems Liankai is back to his womanizing ways rather than concentrating on the investigation.

A drunk Liankai drops by Hongyu’s place. Since she helped him pass through Li Chongnian’s territory, he’ll fulfill his part of the deal and give her his house.

The next morning, Liankai returns home and bumps into Lianshen’s uncle.

Liankai claims that he hasn’t made much progress, preferring to leave the investigation to Lianshen.

Base on what Yi Jipei said, Lianshen and his uncle realize they don’t need to find the assassin. What they must do is figure out who Yi Jipei wants to blame for the crime.

Lianshen’s uncle pushes Lianshen to have a boy to cement his position in the Yi family. However, Lianshen doesn’t want to pressure Yanyun at this time because she’s still grieving.

Liankai surprises Qin Sang by giving her jewelry.

Qin Sang: You’re giving it to me because someone doesn’t want it, right? Gifts don’t come freely. What drama do you want me to help you act?

Liankai: A shopping drama.

Reporting to his father, Lianshen concludes that the Sky Alliance is the culprit. The other warlords are wary of a change in the balance of power, so they wouldn’t benefit much from Yi Jipei’s demise.

However, the Sky Alliance is different. They want to eliminate all warlords since they view the warlords as tyrannical rulers.

Jianchi meets a contact in the Sky Alliance.

After exchanging code to confirm their identities, the contact informs Jianchi that the Yi family is arresting many people to find Advisor Fan’s assassin. Thus, the situation is tense right now.

Liankai brings Qin Sang to a jewelry store.

Not bothering to look around, Qin Sang requests the most expensive item, which is a sapphire necklace.

Leaving the jewelry store, Liankai wants Qin Sang to meet someone.

Qin Sang: Who?

Liankai: A man.

Qin Sang: That’s strange. You’re bold when meeting women. Why so secretive when meeting a man?

The man turns out to be Jianchi. In Jianchi’s opinion, if Lianshen wants to target the Sky Alliance, then Liankai should do the same.

Besides the investigation, another pressing matter is Advisor Fan’s funeral. To get back Advisor Fan’s body, Liankai needs  Qin Sang to talk to Murong Qian.

Meeting with his father, Liankai blames the Sky Alliance for everything.

Yi Jipei isn’t happy. To him, Liankai didn’t make an effort and only copying Lianshen.

Murong Qian’s father is Murong Chen. Therefore, she’s the best person to ask the Murong family if they could give Advisor Fan’s body back to the Yi family.

Qin Sang pleads with Murong Qian to help Liankai.

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