Siege in Fog: Episode 4

Qin Sang’s mother pushed Qin Sang to marry Liankai, hoping he could help Qin Sang’s father regain political power. Once the Qin family becomes powerful again, Qin Sang plans to leave Liankai.

Jianchi: Then I’ll help Liankai become the heir. If I help him, I’m also helping you gain freedom. Whether you choose me or not, I’ll never leave you again.

He shows Qin Sang their ring, which he still wears on a necklace around his neck.

Hongyu agrees to help Liankai, but in return, she asks for his house in Fuyuan as payment.

Liankai has heard rumors about Hongyu, and in dealing with her, it seems she does live up to her reputation.

Liankai informs Qin Sang and Jianchi about using Hongyu’s connections to pass through Li Chongnian’s territory to return to Fuyuan, which is the base of the Yi family.

Yi Jipei reviews a report on four young men who were released from prison. He also monitors what’s happened since the news of his assassination was released.

Lianyi reports that things have been quiet except their spies can’t locate Li Chongnian.

Hongyu teases Qin Sang. Despite being a married woman, Qin Sang seems like an innocent. Perhaps her marriage to Liankai is in name only?

Qin Sang retorts that she’s lived in isolation since marriage, unlike Hongyu, an experienced woman who’s met many people.

The comfort of traveling by car lulls Jianchi to sleep. Seeing how much Jianchi likes being in a car, Liankai offers to give Jianchi one because his opinion, everyone should enjoy life while they can.

Jianchi thanks Liankai, but he doesn’t think that’s necessary.

Jianchi guesses that Liankai doesn’t want to be in with him, leaving Hongyu and Qin Sang in another car.

Surprisingly, Liankai clarifies that he was the one who wanted to travel with Jianchi.

At a train station, Lianshen meets up with his wife, Yanyun. She’s devastated because Advisor Fan was her father.

Lianshen swears to avenge his father-in-law’s death.

Despite being in enemy territory, Liankai doesn’t worry because they’re with Hongyu. She promised to help them, and he trusts her to fulfill that pledge. If Li Chongnian’s soldiers discover him, he jokes about letting Jianchi deal with them.

Hongyu praises Liankai for knowing when to be bold and when to be cautious. Not many people can be flexible like him.

Li Chongnian’s soldiers put up roadblocks, but Hongyu forbids them from searching the people traveling with her. She tells them to call Li Chongnian or they’ll regret it if they give her trouble.

Upon receiving the phone call, Li Chongnian gives permission for Hongyu’s party to pass through without being searched.

Yi Jipei can’t concentrate while playing chess with Lianyi. He doesn’t know if his second son or third son will return first. When he can determine who’s better, he’ll choose his heir and sacrifice the other son.

Yanyun tries to be strong. Her father already warned her about the possibility of his death since people in power are always be in danger.

Lianshen thinks his responsibilities will increase with Advisor Fan’s passing and his father on the verge of death.

Liankai returns to the Yi family before Lianshen. Lianyi tells his younger brothers not to worry. Everything’s fine.

Lianshen scolds Liankai for going to the mountain and getting into trouble with Murong Feng. If not for this, Advisor Fan wouldn’t need to go rescue him and die.

Lianyi explains that their father pretended to be assassinated to lure out the culprit who killed Advisor Fan. At the same time, this gives him a chance to test the loyalty of the people around him.

Lianyi comforts Yanyun. Her father was an important part of the Yi family. They’ll do whatever it takes to find and punish the killer.

Qin Sang blames herself for contributing to Advisor Fan’s death. She insisted going with him to the mountain, so he had to give her some of his guards, leaving him more vulnerable.

Yanyun mocks Qin Sang, pointing out that if her father hadn’t done that, the person grieving is Liankai.

Liankai talks about the risks he took in returning home, especially having to travel through Li Chongnian’s territory.

Lianshen disagrees with Liankai’s method. In his opinion, Liankai should send a telegram so that the brothers could meet up and return home together.

Lianshen doesn’t want Yanyun to force herself to be strong. He apologizes because his family hasn’t found the culprit. However, they must move carefully or risk causing instability in the region and unease for the people.

Yanyun blames Qin Sang for her father’s death.

Liankai doesn’t want Qin Sang to blame herself for Advisor Fan’s death. It’s not possible to predict or control what will happen. Having grown up with Yanyun, he knows she can be direct and she’s venting at Qin Sang, but she’s not malicious.

Qin Sang doesn’t understand why Liankai didn’t tell Lianyi what happened with Lieutenant Song.

Qin Sang: Second Brother may do worse next time if you don’t tell anyone.

Liankai: Don’t always try to drive a wedge between my brother and me. Lieutenant Song acted alone!! He had nothing to do with my brother!!

Lianshen has a meeting with senior officers, who are reluctant to obey Lianshen because of his young age. Lianshen orders a soldier to read out evidence of collusion between the senior officers and Li Chongnian.

Yi Jipei appears and kills the reading soldier. He acts as if he hasn’t heard about his senior officers betraying him. He demotes the senior officer who causes the most trouble and gives the rest another chance.

Yi Jipei gives his condolences to Yanyun and promises to get back Advisor Fan’s body so that Yanyun could say goodbye to her father.

It’s not often all the members of the Yi family are together, especially since it’s the mid-autumn festival. Everyone’s in a good mood until someone brings up Advisor Fan by accident.

Yanyun holds back tears and leaves the room.

Qin Sang wants to kneel and pay respect to Advisor Fan. She knows how it feels to lose a loved one. When the Qin family was in trouble, her mother fell ill and died in bitterness.

However, Yanyun doesn’t allow Qin Sang to kneel and questions Qin Sang’s motive for marrying into the Yi famly.

Yanyun: Back then, if you weren’t a daughter-in-law of the Yi family, your father would’ve died in prison. You don’t care about Liankai’s womanizing. When the mountain was surrounded, didn’t you gamble with your life to gain the reputation of a loyal wife? If my father didn’t give you some of his guards, why would he be assassinated?

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