Siege in Fog: Episode 3

Huaixiu, a seamstress, arrives at the Yi family’s mansion to make funeral clothes. Spies relay the information back to Lianshen’s maternal uncle.

[Note: Yi Jipei has several wives. Therefore, Lianshen’s uncle on his mother’s side isn’t related to Lianyi or Liankai due to the Yi siblings having different mothers.]

Lianshen’s uncle concludes that Yi Jipei must be gravely wounded, hence the need for funeral clothes. He urges Lianshen to leave the battlefield and return home, stressing that he must do so before Liankai.

He warns Lianshen to be cautious about Liankai, who seems like a useless fool but showed intelligence and courage when dealing with Murong Feng. It’s possible Liankai is cunning and hiding his ability all these years.

Unlike his uncle, Lianshen trusts Liankai. He promises to go home once the region is stabilized.

Yulin apologizes to Qin Sang for not being honest about Jianchi. However, if Qin Sang knew, she might try to save him, which could cause Liankai to suspect them.

Qin Sang wonders if Jianchi is in the Sky Alliance.

As police commissioner, Lianshen’s uncle hasn’t made much progress in his investigation or arrested anyone for the assassinations of Advisor Fan and Yi Jipei.

A senior officer accuses Lianshen’s uncle of wanting Yi Jipei to die so that Lianshen can assume power.

Actually, Huaixiu is making two funeral outfits: one for Advisor Fan and one for Yi Jipei.

Yi Jipei asks Huaixiu to drop by often because he enjoys her company.

During a hunt, Jianchi proves to be a remarkable shooter. He confesses that he graduated from a top military school in Japan. Apparently, his achievements have become a legend in China.

Hearing this, Officer Gao’s son tries to recruit Jianchi while Officer Yao tries to persuade him to work for Li Chongnian, but he turns down their offers. He also doesn’t want to work for the Yi family, stating that they have many talented people and won’t need him.

Liankai asks if Jianchi is interested in the Sky Alliance. Jianchi replies that while he admires the group, he already stayed in prison and has no wish to repeat that experience.

Everyone makes a toast to Jianchi, and Liankai notices that Qin Sang doesn’t join in.

As Huaixiu makes the funeral outfits, Yi Jipei listens to her cutting scissors and finds peace that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Jianchi tries to repair his relationship with Qin Sang, but she refuses to give him another chance.

Jianchi: I came to find you. Would you believe me?

Qin Sang: From the moment I met you, I can’t tell what’s true and what’s false. Save your lies for naive young ladies.

Liankai watches Qin Sang and Jianchi talk to each other from afar.

Lieutenant Song informs Liankai about Yi Jipei’s assassination. Given the uncertainty of Yi Jipei’s condition, they must return to the Yi family.

Instead of leaving the mountain by car, Liankai decides to travel by horse and take a more secretive route to avoid being seen.

Jianchi sees Lieutenant Song acting suspicious around the horses.

On the way down the mountain, Liankai’s horse goes crazy and throws him off.

Before the horse tramples Liankai, Jianchi shoots it dead. He finds bugs in the horse’s ears and exposes Lieutenant Song as the culprit.

Lieutenant Song pulls out a gun to shoot Liankai, but Jianchi subdues him. An assassin appears, but before he could do anything, Jianchi kills the assassin.

The assassin’s gun looks like the ones used by soldiers in Lianshen’s army, but Liankai thinks this is a plan to frame his Second Brother.

Qin Sang thanks Jianchi for saving Liankai.

Jianchi claims to have done it for her, but she doesn’t believe him. He admits to having a hidden motive, which is to convince her to give him another chance.

Jianchi: I never lied to you. I said I’d take you to France, to Paris. I had someone go find a house at Rue Goethe, and I found an assistant job…

Qin Sang: But you never showed up! I knelt in the rain waiting for you. People said I didn’t care about my reputation, wanting to elope with a man only to be abandoned by him. My heart was broken into pieces, but I’ve cleaned my muddy past and mended my heart. Leave. I don’t want any connections with you.

Liankai remembers Lianshen once saved Lieutenant Song’s life. He demands to know who’s behind the scheme meant to drive a wedge between him and his brother.

However, Lieutenant Song insists that he’s doing this for Lianshen.

Lianshen would benefit the most from Liankai’s death because he’ll have a clear path to assume power in the Yi family, but Liankai refuses to believe his brother wants to kill him.

To protect Lianshen’s reputation, Liankai forces Lieutenant Song to commit suicide. Then he allows Jianchi to become his new aide.

Huaixiu mends an old outfit for Yi Jipei, and it’s not the first time she’s worked on it.

Although he replaces his clothes every year, he never throws away this outfit.

Yi Jipei explains that an old friend gave it to him when he was young so that he could stay warm when fighting in the mountain. Compared to his wives, the girl was average, but he can’t forget the way she looked at him and the warm feeling the outfit gives him years later.

Huaixiu thought Yi Jipei judges women based on looks. She praises him for feeling gratitude toward women, even after many years.

Liankai, Qin Sang and Jianchi continue on their journey. Jianchi worries about the group’s safety since Lieutenant Song planned the route.

Liankai decides to ask a friend for help.

Liankai’s friend turns out to be Hongyu, who jokes about the possibility of Liankai and her becoming lovers.

Liankai asks Qin Sang and Jianchi to give him and Hongyu privacy. Before he finishes talking, Qin Sang already walks off.

Hongyu sees through Liankai’s playboy pretense. She suggests that perhaps he should drop the act and sharpen his claws to prepare for the worst.

Liankai asks for Hongyu’s help so that he could return to the Yi family.

Used to seeing Liankai flirt with other women, Qin Sang ignores his antics rather than argue with him and make their relationship worse.

Jianchi doesn’t understand why she married Liankai. She reveals that she hates her husband, but it was her mother’s dying wish for Qin Sang to marry into the Yi family.

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