Siege in Fog: Episode 2

Qin Sang asks Liankai to help get Yulin’s cousin out of jail.

Liankai: I now understand why you were willing to die with me on the mountain.

Qin Sang: If you can help me, then help me. If it’s too much trouble, then forget it.

Qin Sang lets Yulin know she already talked to Liankai, but she doesn’t know what he’ll do.

Yulin senses that Qin Sang trusts Liankai now, unlike before when she criticized him for being a playboy. Qin Sang defends him because he saved them, but Yulin argues that they’re lucky the wind didn’t blow the other way and burn everyone on the mountain.

Qin Sang promises to keep on asking Liankai until he agrees to help.

Looking at a miniature replica of the mountain, Yi Jipei analyzes his youngest son’s strategy, which stopped Murong Feng from attacking and prevented a war between the Murong family and the Yi family.

Li Chongnian hears about Liankai defeating Murong Feng and wants to meet him. Officer Yao threatens to use force if Liankai doesn’t go willingly.

Liankai thinks the fire worked because Murong Feng is a coward. Officer Yao disagrees, pointing out that Murong Feng is known for being intelligent and courageous, gaining fame as a military commander at just 16 years old.

Liankai credits Officer Gao’s son for thinking up the fire tactic, but Officer Yao doesn’t believe it.

Officer Yao proposes using guns to shoot golf balls. If Liankai loses, he has to go meet Li Chongnian.

Lieutenant Song shows up and introduces himself as Liankai’s new aide, adding that Lianshen ordered him to escort Liankai back to the Yi family. Hearing this, Officer Yao backs down.

Liankai asks Officer Gao’s son to help get Yulin’s cousin out of jail. He can’t risk being linked with the Sky Alliance or his father will break his legs.

Qin Sang mocks Liankai for looking at Advisor Fan’s scroll, telling him to burn it since he has no intention of completing his teacher’s wish.

Qin Sang: Advisor Fan died because of you. Do you not plan to avenge him?

Liankai: I don’t know who’s the killer. How can I avenge him? Besides, there are Father and Second Brother. When would it be my turn?

Qin Sang: You asked Mr. Gao to help rather than do it yourself. You’re afraid of Father or Second Brother? If Advisor Fan knew about your lacking ambition, he’d regret giving this to you.

Liankai: I’m not afraid. I just respect my brother. We’re brothers, not opponents. My brother wishes to destroy the Sky Alliance. I can’t risk upsetting him to help you.

Qin Sang: I don’t want you to bury your talent.

Liankai: Do you want me to pick up a gun so you’ll live the life of a widow?

Qin Sang: How am I different from a widow? Those words are what Advisor Fan wishes for you. Are you afraid or are you incapable?

Yi Jipei wants to scold his second son for leaving the battlefield against Li Chongnian. He has three sons, but two of them infuriate him.

After Advisor Fan’s assassination, Yi Jipei is certain he’s the next target.

Officer Gao and his son take several people out of prison, one of whom is Jianchi. Officer Gao’s son is surprised because Jianchi doesn’t know that his savior is Liankai.

Jianchi wants to meet Liankai to thank him.

Yi Jipei orders his driver to drive around to draw out assassins, but nothing happens. This worries him because his enemies could be taking their time to plan something worse.

Lianyi volunteers to be the target, feeling useless compared to his younger brothers. Lianshen fights against Li Chongnian, and Liankai outsmarted Murong Feng.

Yi Jipei laments about Lianyi’s paralysis after falling off a horse. If he had three capable sons, he’d have less stress in his old age.

He shoots his driver dead, making it seem like an assassination has occurred.

Lianshen surveys a prison filled with people screaming for freedom. He yells that freedom doesn’t mean anyone can break the laws or cause chaos in society. He orders the guards to cut off food and water. When the prisoners starve, will they still have the strength to demand freedom?

In Jianchi’s empty cell, Lianshen finds a notebook containing details about his recent battle against Li Chongnian.

Seeing Jianchi, Liankai jokes that he didn’t know he saved someone very handsome.

Jianchi denies being a member of the Sky Alliance, explaining that he was walking around and arrested by mistake.

Liankai thinks it’s strange Jianchi came to see him immediately instead of going home.

Jianchi: People see the mountain as a place of leisure, but I see it’s a place hidden with talent.

Liankai: What do you mean?

Jianchi: You own this land, planted the trees. The dragon (leader) is here. The Murong family resides in the north with a lot of land and a strong army. In the northwest, Jiang Shuangxi is ambitious. The Japanese want to invade the northeast, so their hands are tied. Jiang Shuangxi doesn’t have talented generals and when he falls, his area is up for grabs. Your second brother is the family’s warrior and is courageous, but he lacks foresight. The Yi family’s foresight is here.

Liankai pulls out his gun and aims it at Jianchi’s head. Qin Sang appears, afraid he’d do something rash.

When Qin Sang and Jianchi look at each other, they’re shocked, recognizing each other.

Liankai gives Jianchi the gun, which doesn’t have any bullets.

Qin Sang asks about Jianchi’s name, and he clarifies that it means being late in gaining a woman’s love. She notices that the name signifies being unlucky in love.

Qin Sang and Yulin tell Jianchi to go home, but Liankai invites him to stay and join them in a hunt.

Yulin confronts Jianchi in private, calling him by another name – Li Wangping.

She saved him because they were classmates, but she thought he’d stay away from Qin Sang after breaking her heart. He’s despicable for trying to get close to Liankai.

Jianchi doesn’t have ill intentions toward Qin Sang, but he’s heard about her bad marriage and can’t promise he won’t harm her husband.

Yulin points out that Liankai and Qin Sang are a couple, which means their fortunes are linked to each other. Besides, Qin Sang is grateful to Liankai for marrying her when her family was in trouble.

Qin Sang locks herself in a bathroom, remembering when she first met Jianchi. She was one of many students at a protest, and he was the speaker.

Police arrived and used violence on the students. When a policeman was about to hit Qin Sang, she closed her eyes, but someone fought off the policeman for her.

Someone grabbed Qin Sang’s hand, and they ran away together. When she regained her senses, she saw that Jianchi had saved her.

At that time, he claimed that his name was Wangping.

After that, Qin Sang helped Wangping in the resistance efforts.

Since he was committed to the revolutionary cause, she worried about their future. He didn’t want her to wait for him, but she was willing to do whatever it takes for them to be together.

Eventually, Qin Sang decided to run away from home.

Her mother tried to talk her out of it, fearing for Qin Sang’s safety if she gets involved with a member in the Sky Alliance.

But Qin Sang already made up her mind. She declared, “I’d rather die for someone I love than live peacefully with someone I don’t love.”

She waited for Wangping in the rain, but he never showed up.

Liankai sees water leaking under the bathroom’s door and panics.

When Qin Sang opens the door, he yells, “What are you doing? Are you mute? Why didn’t you answer me? You want to die, right? No one will stop you! Let me know! I’ll arrange somewhere, so you can die well. Don’t die at home, understand?!”

Fall is coming, but Advisor Fan is still not buried because the Murong family has his body.

Qin Sang learns that Advisor Fan wanted Liankai to pose as a playboy. This strategy protects him because people won’t see him as a threat and allows him to bide his time until he can take over his father’s position.

Liankai doesn’t want to seize power, but it seems he can’t escape fate. He swears to carry out Advisor Fan’s last wish, even if he could die in the process.

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