Siege in Fog: Episode 11

Murong Qian, Yanyun and Qin Sang go to the house Liankai inherited from his mother. Just like Yanyun said, there’s a tapestry of his mother’s image hanging on the wall as soon as they walk in the door.

Hongyu isn’t pleased to see three women barging into her house. Apparently, they didn’t know that Liankai gave her the house.

Yanyun is indignant and demands the tapestry back. Her voice dripping with sarcasm, she mocks Hongyu for having an improper reputation. Hongyu retorts that Yanyun acts more like Liankai’s wife than Qin Sang and threatens to burn the tapestry. Murong Qian, Yanyun and Qin Sang have no choice but to leave.

Yanyun keeps thinking about Hongyu ridiculing her for acting like Liankai’s wife. Arriving home in fury, she breaks a picture frame of herself and Lianshen.

In the beginning, Yanyun wanted to marry Liankai, but Advisor Fan was helpless regarding matters of the heart. He couldn’t convince Liankai to marry Yanyun when Liankai liked someone else. At the same time, he foresaw trouble in the Yi family. A mountain can’t have two tigers, and eventually, Lianshen and Liankai will battle each other to become the heir. Liankai’s kindness is a big disadvantage against Lianshen, who can be ruthless, so Advisor Fan convinced Yanyun to marry Lianshen. If the two brothers fight, she can be the peacemaker. If Lianshen becomes murderous, she’ll persuade him to spare Liankai.

Murong Qian runs into Liankai at home. She admonishes him for giving his house to Hongyu, including the tapestry of his mother. She pities Qin Sang for having to deal with this embarrassment and urges Liankai to treat Qin Sang better.

Murong Qian complains to her husband. It’s outrageous what Liankai has done for Hongyu. Murong Qian also worries about Lianshen and Yanyun. The two of them live apart, but with Lianshen’s suspension, they’ll be together in the same house. She doesn’t know if the couple can get along.

Lianyi tells his wife not to overthink things. Lianshen and Yanyun’s relationship isn’t volatile like Liankai and Qin Sang. Moreover, Lianshen’s suspension is a result of punishing people who caused trouble at Advisor Fan’s funeral, so Yanyun can’t fault him for it.

Qin Sang doesn’t give Liankai a hard time for lying about the tapestry. Instead, she praises his mother’s beauty and compliments him for resembling his mother, especially his eyes. As for the house, she doesn’t care about Liankai giving it to another woman.

Qin Sang: Anyone who sees the tapestry will know how much your father once loved her.

Liankai: At that time, my mother was pregnant with me. My father employed the best weaver of Yongnan to make that tapestry. If you want, I’ll hire someone famous to make one for you. Then I’ll hang it beside my mother’s tapestry.

Qin Sang: So you’ll hang your wife’s tapestry and your mother’s tapestry in another woman’s house?

As usual, the conversation between Liankai and Qin Sang deteriorates into another argument.

Liankai: Are you jealous?

Qin Sang: I don’t care about her. Actually, I’m grateful to her because I haven’t fulfilled my duties as a wife.

Liankai: I wed you in an elaborate ceremony, but you only speak of obligation and hopelessness! If I want, other women will marry me and enjoy the wealth of the Yi family! Who do you think you are?!

Qin Sang: So I only ask for a peaceful life. You can do anything to me, but I’ll never have your children!!

Later, Liankai sits in the garden by himself. He uses a lighter to burn something.

After he leaves, Qin Sang finds the burnt item, which isn’t destroyed completely. It’s their wedding photo.

Hongyu asks Liankai for the deed of the house. She needs it for proof of ownership.

Liankai promises to change the deed to her name tomorrow.

Li Chongnian and Rongcai discuss how to defeat Yi Jipei. Their best hope is for Lianshen and Liankai to turn against each other, which will destroy the Yi family from the inside. Rongcai cautions that Advisor Fan also thought of the same scenario. Thus, Advisor Fan strategically placed Yanyun close to Lianshen and Liankai so she could be their peacemaker if needed.

But Li Chongnian has other ways to deal with Yi Jipei. He’s planted a trump card near the Yi family, but he won’t say what it is.

Yanyun sneaks into Liankai’s room to steal the deed of his house, and she bumps into him when she leaves.

Yanyun: My father is barely cold, and you’re hiding mistresses at your home already? My father sacrificed so much for you, even died for you!

As he walks away, she embraces him from behind.

Liankai: Let go, I only see you as a little sister.

Yanyun: But you were so good to me when we were little. You took beatings for me, covered my ears because I was afraid of firecrackers, and saved me when I fell off the stone mountain.

Liankai: Lianshen saved you, not me.

She tries to touch the scar on his head, but he moves out of the way, stating that only Qin Sang can touch him.

Liankai hands Hongyu an envelope containing the deed of the house. She opens it, but there’s nothing inside.

Liankai realizes what Yanyun was doing in his room. He apologizes to Hongyu and promises to give her the deed later. In the meantime, if he can help her do something, he’ll gladly do it as long as it’s within his capability.

Yanyun hides the deed she stole in a box. There’s something else in the box belonging to Liankai – a handkerchief. When they were little, Yanyun saw how much he treasured the handkerchief, so she stole it.

At the family meal, Yi Jipei is glad Advisor Fan has been laid to rest. However, the Yi family has lost their strategist, so the other warlords will likely take advantage of the situation. Once again, Yi Jipei scolds Liankai for getting in trouble at Mount Zhi, which prompted Advisor Fan and Lianshen, who was fighting Li Chongnian at the time, to go rescue him. From now on, Yi Jipei orders Liankai to stop goofing off and help Lianyi manage the family’s business.

This announcement surprises everyone else at the dining table, although they stay silent. Previously, Yi Jipei never paid attention to Liankai, but now, he’s assigned a role for Liankai and expects Liankai to start contributing to the Yi family in a meaningful way.

Hongyu summons Liankai’s assistant, Adjutant Xu. She claims to be missing a rare teapot and wants him to find it for her.

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