Siege in Fog: Episode 10

Yanyun is annoyed by Liankai’s indifferent attitude.

Yanyun: If you didn’t chase away Rongcai because of Qin Sang, what else could it be?

Liankai: Everyone knows what Rongcai is like, and he’ll bring misfortune to us. Whether or not it’s related to Qin Sang, I didn’t do anything wrong.

Yanyun: I think Qin Sang has seduced you, but she’s only using you!!

Liankai: We’re married, so let’s not talk about who’s using who.

Yanyun: Then what am I to you?

Liankai: You’ll always be my sister-in-law, in the past, in the present, and in the future.

In the mourning room, Yanyun cries in front of her father’s coffin. Advisor Fan predicted that Liankai would triumph in the end, but now, he could lose because Qin Sang is his weakness. Yanyun misses her childhood, a simpler time when she and Liankai were close friends and he was always there for her.

Lianyi receives a report confirming Rongcai’s defection to Li Chongnian.

Yi Jipei worries about Li Chongnian, who seems like a courteous scholar but is actually cruel and merciless. He wishes to have the advice of his younger brother, who’s busy guarding their ancestors’ tombs. As for Rongcai, it’s impossible to trust someone like him. Perhaps his betrayal is a good thing for the Yi family in the long run.

There’s a heavy downpour on the day of Advisor Fan’s funeral. Musicians play as Qin Housheng performs the burial rite. Then a caravan of vehicles carrying Lianshen, Yanyun, Liankai, Qin Sang and the coffin travel to the burial site.

On the way there, demonstrators block the street to protest against the tyranny of warlords. Recognizing the Sky Alliance, Lianshen furiously orders his soldiers to clear the street. Yanyun tells Lianshen not to use guns or knives on her father’s burial day.

The clash between the demonstrators and soldiers deteriorate, even if the soldiers only use batons. The demonstrators begin throwing rotten vegetables and eggs at the coffin. Fed up, Lianshen uses a baton to clear a bloody path for the funeral procession, not caring about reporters taking pictures of the violence.

Caught up in the fight, Jianchi loses his pen. It takes some effort, but he finds it.

Lianshen is nearby and sees the pen. He becomes suspicious because the assassin’s possessions included a similar pen.

Qin Sang is shocked after witnessing Lianshen killing people. Up to now, she’s only seen him at home, and he was gentle and considerate, especially to Yanyun. The discovery of what Lianshen is capable of scares Qin Sang.

Qin Sang: What happened at Mount Zhi, someone must be behind Lieutenant Song’s assassination attempt.

Liankai: I know what you mean, but your guess is wrong. He’s my brother and won’t hurt me.

Qin Sang: Look at what happened at a funeral. Don’t Westerners say that a woman’s sixth sense is accurate?

Liankai: Leave with your father if you’re worried, but I can’t do that.

How Lianshen suppressed the riot becomes controversial. Lianshen protests that he didn’t do anything wrong. The Sky Alliance uses the excuse of fighting for democracy to cause trouble. He can’t tolerate that, especially when it interfered with Advisor Fan’s funeral. Nonetheless, Lianshen volunteers to resign from the military to mollify the public’s anger.

Yi Jipei doesn’t disagree with Lianshen, but no matter what, it’s wrong to kill civilians. Their enemies will exaggerate what Lianshen did to accuse the Yi family of not caring about human lives. This can damage the family’s reputation, and they’ll lose the support of the people.

At a press conference, reporters question whether the younger generation of the Yi family values human lives, especially after Lianshen killed people without a second thought. In response, Liankai claims that they didn’t kill innocent civilians but bandits. He stresses that the Yi family’s role is to always protect the people.

Yi Jipei announces Lianshen’s suspension, but he doesn’t name Liankai as a replacement. In addition, he promises to investigate what happened thoroughly.

At the end of the press conference, Yi Jipei and Liankai allow reporters to take their pictures. Liankai stands to the left of Yi Jipei, but Yi Jipei tells him to move to the right side.

Lianshen’s uncle goes to see Lianshen to find out what Lianshen plans to do.

Lianshen summons the officers under his command. Now that he has to stay home to reflect, he’ll pass on his duties to them. Meanwhile, he has to obey Yi Jipei and lay low until the controversy dies down. What he did won’t harm his standing in the Yi family, but he regrets acting carelessly and falling into a trap set by the Sky Alliance.

Since the funeral is over, Qin Housheng is ready to return home. The Yi family is wealthy but complicated, full of tigers and wolves. He warns Qin Sang to be careful.

Qin Sang doesn’t want her father to worry because she has Liankai. He seems useless, but he revealed his ability on Mount Zhi. Moreover, there’s a chance he could become the heir. After pleading with her father, Qin Sang convinces him to stay for a few more days.

Later, Qin Sang congratulates Liankai for doing well at the press conference. Right now, people gossip about him eventually replacing Lianshen.

Unlike everyone else, Liankai knows his father well. He’s certain his father won’t replace Lianshen.

To prove his point, Liankai shows the family album to Qin Sang.

Liankai: Look at the photos, Eldest Brother used to stand to the left of Father, and Second Brother and I stood on the right. Then Eldest Brother was injured, so he and Second Brother switched places. There’s an old saying about “the general being on the left, with power, dignity, and the ancestors.” Whoever stands on the left side of Father is the heir, and even though he’s suspended, Second Brother still remains on the left side. Father only uses me like a horse to train Second Brother.

Qin Sang: Why don’t I see your mother’s photos?

Liankai: Father misunderstood her and burned all her photos. The only thing left is a tapestry of her image, but I don’t know where it is.

Dropping by the Yi family to make new outfits for Yi Jipei, Huaixiu notices that he looks weary.

Yi Jipei confesses that he hasn’t been able to sleep well in a long time. There are too many problems, both big and small, popping up in the family. More importantly, he has to pick an heir. The likely candidate is Lianshen, who’s brave and decisive. Although he’s proven himself on the battlefield, his weakness is caring about love. On the other hand, Liankai is smart and daring, but he’s too kind. He won’t be a good military commander. Thus, Yi Jipei will use Liankai as a training tool for Lianshen.

Lianshen looks at the pen found among the assassin’s possessions. He remembers seeing Jianchi with a similar pen during the riot. Not wanting to alert the enemy, he decides to keep this information a secret and will handle the investigation himself.

Qin Sang and Murong Qian embroider in the garden, and Yanyun interrupts them.

Qin Sang mentions that Liankai showed her the family album. Unfortunately, there aren’t any pictures of his mother. There’s a tapestry of his mother’s image, but it’s missing.

Yanyun quickly exposes Liankai for lying, probably because he doesn’t want Qin Sang to see the tapestry. She knows where it is and offers to show it to Qin Sang.

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