Siege in Fog: Episode 1

The Republican era was a chaotic time in China. Warlords Li Chongnian, Yi Jipei and Murong Chen split the country into different regions, and their constant fighting cause endless suffering for the people.

In the dark of night, Murong Feng looks at a mansion on a mountain. His soldiers have surrounded the area, preventing anyone from coming or leaving.

The roar of a motorcycle cuts through the silence, and soldiers block the rider from going further.

Through binoculars, Murong Feng sees YI LIANKAI (Elvis Han) sitting on a motorcycle and waving at him. Liankai calls out his thanks to Murong Feng for defending the mountain and rides back to his mansion, which is full of people drinking and gambling.

At a train station, Advisor Fan is on his way to the mountain to secure Liankai’s release. He’ll meet with a negotiator from the Murong family later. QIN SANG (Sun Yi), Liankai’s wife, begs him to let her go with him. Nearby, PAN JIANCHI (Jeremy Tsui) eavesdrops on their conversation.

As Qin Sang boards the train, she hesitates, thinking she saw a familiar face in a crowd of passengers, but she dismisses the thought.

Jianchi disguises himself as the Murong family’s negotiator to meet with Advisor Fan. A while later, a guard checks and discovers that Advisor Fan has been killed. Despite the shocking event, Qin Sang refuses to return home.

Jianchi gets off the train and blends in with a group of student demonstrators. Police arrive and violently break up the protest.

Qin Sang turns to her friend, Yulin, for help. Yulin doesn’t like Liankai, but Qin Sang defends her husband because he married her even after her family had fallen on hard times. With her last dying breath, Qin Sang’s mother wanted her to marry into the Yi family.

Yulin asks if Qin Sang has given up after the person she loved broke her heart and disappeared. Qin Sang knows what she’s doing is dangerous. In return, she hopes her sacrifice will cause the powerful Yi family to look favorably on her family.

Soldiers stop Qin Sang from going up the mountain. Murong Feng recognizes her because he attended her wedding. She cried a lot that day, causing people to gossip that Liankai forced her into marriage. He remembers her kindness, switching his drink with water when older men forced him to drink alcohol.

Qin Sang insists on going up the mountain. Murong Feng can stop her car or imprison her, but she still has legs. She’ll try to escape and walk if necessary.

As Qin Sang and Yulin drive up to Liankai’s mansion, another car passes by them, going down the mountain. In the car is Min Hongyu, a well-known courtesan.

Not expecting to see Qin Sang, Liankai says, “I thought in this lifetime, you wouldn’t care about me again.” She wants to talk in private, but he refuses to give her the time, forcing her to blurt out that Advisor Fan was assassinated while on his way to save him. He grips his club but continues on with the golf game.

Liankai’s father, Yi Jipei, mourns Advisor Fan, who was a tremendous help. Lianyi, his eldest son, assures him that Advisor Fan is at peace because he would’ve wanted to sacrifice his life for the Yi family.

As for his youngest son’s predicament, Yi Jipei doesn’t want to waste resources, leaving Liankai’s survival up to fate. He asks Lianyi, “If our house was on fire, who would leave first?”

Lianshen, Yi Jipei’s middle son, is second-in-command of the military. Although caught in an intense battle, he leaves for the mountain when he hears what happened to his younger brother.

Senior officers meet with Lianyi to voice their concerns. They can’t investigate Advisor Fan’s death because they don’t have his body, which is at a city under the control of the Murong family. Lianshen left the battlefield against Li Chongnian to go help Liankai. Furthermore, the Sky Alliance remains a constant threat.

Lianyi doesn’t want to make hasty decisions. The best course of action is probably to wait and see how things play out.

When the Yi family gathers for a meal, Advisor Fan’s absence is keenly felt because he won’t eat with them anymore. As Yi Jipei looks at the scrumptious food, he thinks about Advisor Fan’s last meal, which was much worse. He becomes angry and orders the servants to stop serving meat.

Lianyi updates his father on the other warlords, who aren’t making any moves at the moment. Yanyun, Advisor Fan’s daughter and Lianshen’s wife, has found out about her father’s death. As for Qin Sang, she’s left them to be with Liankai.

From the mansion, Qin Sang and Yulin see commotion at the foot of the mountain. Qin Sang guesses that Lianshen has come to help them. This is good news to Yulin, but Qin Sang worries that Murong Feng will try to capture them as hostages.

If they survive, Yulin hopes Qin Sang can help her cousin. His name is Jianchi, and he just came back from overseas. Police arrested him, accusing him of being a member of the Sky Alliance.

Advisor Fan was Liankai’s teacher, and Qin Sang realizes her husband probably knew what happened before she told him. She doesn’t understand his pretense of not caring.

Liankai says he has to be careful because there are many eyes watching him. An example is his golf partner Officer Yao, a subordinate of Li Chongnian.

Qin Sang blames herself. If Advisor Fan hadn’t split his guards to protect her, he might still be alive. Liankai disagrees. It doesn’t matter how many guards there were. The assassin targeted Advisor Fan and would find a way to kill him.

Liankai is glad his teacher divided the guards, which kept Qin Sang safe. She’s confused because wouldn’t it be better for him if she died? He smirks, “The things you should remember, you don’t. The things you shouldn’t, you remember clearly.”

As bombs explode in the distance, he grabs her waist and pulls her close. “Afraid? If you turn your face to me, I’ll let you go.” As she stares into his eyes, he wants to know why she’s risking her life to be with him. She says it’s nothing more than a challenge for herself.

Murong Feng discusses his attack plan with his officers. He doesn’t care about anyone else on the mountain. Their priority is to capture Liankai.

With Qin Sang by his side, Liankai unrolls a scroll of paper left by Advisor Fan. The message tells him to be ambitious and seize power in the Yi family.

Knowing they could die, Qin Sang regrets not leaving any words for her father. Liankai gives her a perfume bottle. The scent comforts him because it reminds him of his mother. When he was little, he was never afraid when she was near him.

He tells Qin Sang, “Your life is in my hands. I’m the only one who can decide whether you live or die.”

Before Murong Feng attacks, Liankai strikes first by burning the mountain. With the wind blowing downhill, he’s confident this will force Murong Feng to retreat.

The fire causes people in the mansion to panic, and they yell at Liankai for being reckless. He claims that this is the only way to save everyone. If it doesn’t work out, then they can die together.

Just like Liankai predicted, Murong Feng delays his attack. With the fire raging, he can’t risk the lives of his soldiers or the civilians on the mountain.

Reporters show up, asking if negotiation has failed between the Murong family and the Yi family. Murong Feng tries to pass off the fire as an accident. Assessing his options, he chooses to retreat.

In a private meeting, Lianshen informs Officer Song about transferring him to work for Liankai. The soldier’s new duty is to ensure Liankai’s safety.

The threat of the mountain is resolved. Officer Gao, whose son is also at the mansion with Liankai, relays the good news to Lianshen.

Lianshen doesn’t think his younger brother needs assistance from them and turns his attention back to fighting the other warlords.

Qin Sang congratulates Liankai on his victory, but he attributes it to luck. She sees through him and doesn’t understand why he hides his talent, pretending to be a useless playboy.

He explains that it’s to maintain peace in the Yi family. His eldest brother has knowledge, his second eldest brother can fight, and as for him, he can gamble.

Qin Sang asks him for a favor. Can he help get Yulin’s cousin out of jail?

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