Recap Schedule for September

In the mood for a good cry? You can join Peanuts as she rants and raves about All Out Of Love @

My recap project this month……

-The Rise of Phoenixes: Chen Kun & Ni Ni (cut TV version). Netflix has released the drama with English subs. For more info, please check the comment section of Mydramalist.

Regarding Tears in Heaven: I’ve been stalking this drama for so long. I’m a die-hard of Fei Wo Si Cun, so I plan to watch and recap it. The rumor was it would begin airing on 9/5, but that date has come and gone and still nothing. I’ve no idea what’s going on, so I’m back in stalker mode. I think Viki has the license to sub the drama.

Please respect my hard work and do not post my recaps anywhere else. 

Ashes of Love/HSALF is subbed at JiangsuTV’s YT Channel and Viki

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2 Replies to “Recap Schedule for September”

  1. Hi Lidge,

    Thanks so much for recapping to episode 20. You literally just fed my addiction for this drama. Though it would be really awesome if you can recap just OTP moments since your recaps are faster than the actual subbing so I can just connect the dots while I’m watching the RAW. LMAO I literally make up my own scenario at what’s happening sometimes with the dialogue so thank you for catching me up to ep 20, now i can go watch ep 21/22 with a better understanding of the plot.

  2. Thank you so for all the hard work. It is very good and quite amazing!! Because of people like you we non- China speaking people will have chance to look at the glory we will be missing otherwise.
    DisnI read correctly will you be doing legend of Fuyao – book translation? It is only done till chapter 19 of book 2/ part 2… if you are not … please can you start with it?

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