Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 8

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 8
Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 8

Baijue sees plenty of Deicide Flowers at the God-holding Platform. Xuanyi says Deicide Flowers release an aura of chaos when they bloom, which can be absorbed by the Chief God to accelerate cultivation.

Knowing the destruction of the Tribulation of Chaos, Baijue decides to push Shanggu to become Chief God of Chaos as soon as possible.

Hearing a rumor about Baijue wanting to invite her for a meal, Shanggu wonders if her red thread of fate is working already. Wuhuan teases Shanggu not to lose her composure if Baijue confesses his feelings. Hongri tells Shanggu that Baijue wants to see her.

Shanggu dresses up, anticipating her meeting with Baijue.

Baijue tells Shanggu to go to the Nether World by herself to train for 1,000 years. Shocked, Shanggu begs Baijue to reconsider.

Shanggu cries, but Yuemi doesn’t know how to help her.

Knowing the pain of separation, Baijue sends Hongri to help Wuxi transform into human form faster.

On the Day of the Chosen, Zhiyang and Baijue prefer for Shanggu to choose Muguang, a golden dragon who ranks first, to be her disciple. However, Shanggu chooses Gujun because his attitude reminds her of “someone.” Xueying ridicules Gujun for being a demon. In one month, Xueying and Gujun will fight, and if he loses, Shanggu agrees to train in the Nether World until she obtains the Power of Chaos.

Shanggu hopes Gujun can win.

Wuhuan tells Shanggu that Gujun is in trouble, accused of injuring Tianqi.

Shanggu teases Tianqi, knowing that a Nine-Clawed Lotus can’t injure him. Tianqi worries about Shanggu, so he tells her not to go to the Nether World.

Zhongli and Xiahui accuse Gujun of using a Nine-Clawed Lotus to injure Tianqi. However, Gujun has never heard of Nine-Clawed Lotuses, which grow in Baijue’s pond. Tianqi tells Shanggu that Gujun must become a god to have a chance of defeating Xueying.

Baijue finds out a Nine-Clawed Lotus is missing from his pond. Xueying is in charge of the pond, so Hongri suspects her.

Wuhuan lets Baijue know where Shanggu is at, causing Yuemi to glare at her.

Zhiyang is tired of Tianqi pretending to be injured. Tianqi begs Shanggu to help him eat. Interrupting them, Baijue stops Shanggu before she can feed Tianqi food.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 7

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 7
Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 7

Shanggu realizes that Baijue is nice.

Baijue saves Wuxi and Fengyan from Snake Demons. Accepting full responsibility, Fengyan undergoes nirvana so that Baijue will spare Wuxi’s life. Wuxi retaliates by injuring Shanggu.

Fengyun says only the Phoenix Queen or Water Bead can heal Shanggu. Wuhuan, seeing an opportunity to improve her life, brings water from the Icy Pool to ease Shanggu’s pain. Baijue allows Wuhuan to take care of Shanggu.

Xueying agrees to let Baijue borrow the Water Bead on one condition; she wants to be his disciple.

Fengyun transfers his power to Shanggu to no avail.

With his eyes covered, Baijue lowers Shanggu’s shirt and uses the Water Bead to heal her.

Wuhuan tells Shanggu that Baijue sentenced Wuxi to death. Blaming herself, Shanggu is upset at Baijue for not keeping his promise to Fengyan and spare Wuxi’s life.

Shanggu finds out Baijue only destroyed Wuxi’s cultivation. Showing Shanggu two spirits, Baijue lets her decide whether to give Fengyan’s spirit or a fake one to the Phoenix Clan.

Shanggu gives the fake spirit to Fengyun and chooses Wuhuan, a phoenix of low status, to be her divine beast, setting an example for everyone to be judged on qualifications and work ethic, not birth status. Unbeknownst to the Phoenix Clan, Wuxi’s body is a tree while Fengyan’s spirit is in a flower, so they can meet again.

Before returning to the God Realm, Baijue allows Shanggu to eat wontons. Shanggu teases Baijue.

Shanggu encourages Wuhuan to train hard like her so that no one can look down on them. Hongri notifies Shanggu, unable to stop Xueying from entering Changyuan Hall.

Xueying has an Instruction Feather from Baijue to prove she is his disciple. Shanggu uses the Ancestral Sword to force Xueying to leave Changyuan Hall. Because of the Water Bead, Baijue tells Shanggu to get along with Xueying.

Anything associated with Xueying upsets Shanggu, even white dresses sent by Zhiyang for the Day of the Chosen.

Shanggu gives all her books to Xueying and tells her to study on her own. Xueying already read them, and picking up a book about geography, she notices it looks new even though Shanggu claims to have read everything.

Asked about the book of geography, Xueying answers easily. On the other hand, Shanggu cheats by relying on Yuemi and Wuhuan to help her. Baijue asks about the cultivation of Tiger Demons, giving Shanggu a chance to show off. Hongri makes tea for Shanggu and ignores Xueying.

Yuemi gives Shanggu a red thread of fate.

At the Temple of Love, Baijue sees Shanggu throwing away Xueying’s red thread of fate tied to his name tag and replacing it with her own.

On the Day of the Chosen, immortals with the highest cultivation enter the God Realm, so Zhiyang plans for Shanggu to choose one of them to be her disciple. Baijue thinks it’ll take Shanggu 10,000 years to become Chief God of Chaos, but this isn’t fast enough because the Power of Chaos is dissipating.

Baijue checks the God-holding Platform, and surprisingly, the seal is intact even though the barrier of the Nether World continues to weaken.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 6

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 6
Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 6

Baijue thinks Shanggu is losing weight. Hongri points out Shanggu’s waist, which keeps expanding because she is eating more than ever.

Ridiculing Shanggu’s temperament and behavior, Xueying says Baijue tolerates Shanggu out of necessity. Shanggu challenges Xueying to a fight, and if she wins, she expects an apology for damaging her kite.

Baijue watches the fight between Shanggu and Xueying. Xueying cheats by freezing Shanggu. Frustrated, Shanggu resorts to using the Ancestral Sword to gain an advantage.

[Flashback: Xueying says the fight won’t be fair if Shanggu uses the Ancestral Sword. Confident in her ability, Shanggu promises not to use it.]

Baijue denounces Xueying for cheating and scolds Shanggu for falling for Xueying’s provocation. Hurt by Baijue’s criticism, Shanggu says the kite doesn’t mean anything to him, but it’s important to her.

Xueying offers to apologize to Shanggu. Not fooled by Xueying’s pretense, Baijue takes 1,000 years of cultivation from her.

Under Xueying’s name, a gift of 1,000 years of cultivation is sent to Shanggu as an apology.

After sending Xueying’s cultivation to Shanggu, Hongri sees Baijue fixing Shanggu’s kite.

Tianqi mocks Baijue because Shanggu has stopped training. Zhiyang tells Shanggu that Baijue punished Xueying. No longer mad, Shanggu will wait until Baijue has time so that they can go choose her divine beast together.

Baijue won’t go with Shanggu, telling her to learn to do things by herself.

The Phoenix Queen can go through nirvana three times. After each time, she will be reborn as another person but with greater cultivation. Preparing to become Shanggu’s divine beast, Fengyan decides to go through nirvana even though she is in love with a childhood friend, Wuxi. Wuxi couldn’t bear to lose Fengyan, so he steals her spirit to stop her nirvana.

Since Wuxi has concealed his scent, Fengyun, an elder in the Phoenix Clan, asks Baijue for help.

Borrowing Yuemi’s Immortal-seeking Bell, Shanggu travels with Baijue to find Wuxi and Fengyan. Baijue won’t let Shanggu succumb to distractions, vetoing her request to eat wontons.

The Immortal-seeking Bell leads Baijue and Shanggu to an inn. To lure Baijue and Shanggu away from Fengyan, Wuxi attacks them.

Baijue chases after Wuxi.

Shanggu decides to search the inn.

Baijue finds Wuxi.

Following the Immortal-seeking Bell until it stops in front of a room, Shanggu persuades Fengyan to talk to her by claiming to know a lot of news, including a secret from the Phoenix Clan.

Fengyan finds out Baijue is investigating her disappearance.

Wuxi doesn’t have Fengyan’s spirit. Baijue receives a message from Zhiyang, warning him to be careful because immortals and demons are also looking for Fengyan’s spirit.

Fengyan doesn’t aspire to be Shanggu’s divine beast, especially when other phoenixes can replace her, and just wants to grow old with the man she loves. Shanggu lets Fengyan go.

Baijue returns to the inn.

Seeing empty bottles of wine, Baijue scolds Shanggu for letting Fengyan escape. Shanggu asks if Baijue will punish her if she breaks rules, and with the courage of a drunk, she kisses him.

When Shanggu wakes up, she can’t remember if she dared to kiss Baijue.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 5

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 5
Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 5

Listing activities they can do together like cultivating, drinking, etc., Shanggu says Baijue won’t be alone anymore. Baijue returns Shanggu’s hug.

Shocked to see Baijue instead of Tianqi, Puhua says Tianqi arranged to have a date with Shanggu in the cave. Baijue forbids Puhua from matchmaking for True Gods, especially Shanggu.

Baijue carries Shanggu while she is sleeping back to her place, Pilgrimage Hall, causing a flurry of rumors about her identity.

Shanggu is distressed, not knowing if she did something embarrassing when Baijue saw her sleeping and if she needs to deal with attacks from his fans.

Gods and goddesses bet which type will win Baijue’s heart, predicting it’ll likely be someone who is lovely, a contrast to his personality.

Shanggu asks Puhua about love. Puhua tells Shanggu to listen to her heart and warns her to be careful. Love is like wine, refreshing in the beginning but can become troublesome later.

Touching Baijue’s face, Shanggu wonders if he appears cold because it’s his nature or because he doesn’t know how to show emotions. Baijue lets Shanggu take credit for defeating Xuanyi so that she will stop pretending to be weak.

Shanggu wants to look at the stars, so Baijue takes her to the Heaven and Earth Platform. The Heaven and Earth Platform contains warnings from Ancestral God. Every 180,000 years, the Tribulation of Chaos occurs, and only the Chief God of Chaos can save the realms. After Xuanyi rebelled, the responsibility falls to Shanggu. Baijue receives a warning about the Tribulation of Chaos.

Baijue asks Zhiyang to issue an edict, forbidding anyone from going near the Heaven and Earth Platform. Zhiyang can’t depend on Tianqi, so he is glad to have Baijue’s help.

Shanggu won’t reveal who she is in love with. Since Shanggu only listens to Baijue, Yuemi tells her to kiss him or find a way to attract his attention.

To attract Baijue’s attention, Shanggu shares her toys with him to cheer him up. Baijue helps Shanggu fly a kite.

According to Ancestral God’s order, Shanggu’s divine beast must come from the Phoenix Clan. Baijue chooses Phoenix Queen Fengyan to ensure the clan’s loyalty to Shanggu.

Baijue and Hongri see Shanggu working on her posture.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 4

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 4
Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 4

After a week, Shanggu is still angry at Baijue. Yuemi decides to go get Shanggu’s Original Being by herself.

Shanggu sneaks into Changyuan Hall.

Baijue appears to be meditating, which means his soul has left his body. When Shanggu is about to put her lips on Baijue’s lips to retrieve her Original Being, he opens his eyes and asks what she is doing.

Yuemi shows off what she got from Hongri: Shanggu’s Original Being. Shanggu hides in bed under her blanket, vowing never to go outside because she is too embarrassed.

Baijue says his “friend” used his “student” to save the world and didn’t explain his plan to keep her safe, and when the “student” found out, she was upset. Pretending not to know who Baijue is talking about, Hongri urges Baijue’s “friend” to apologize.

Despite Baijue’s apology, Shanggu pretends to be angry to give him a hard time. The Ancestral Sword doesn’t obey Shanggu’s command to attack Baijue.

Baijue doesn’t know how to convince Shanggu to return to training. Always ready with advice, Hongri has an idea.

Shanggu, Tianqi and Yuemi can’t find anyone to gamble with them because their stakes are too high. Recruited by Shanggu to fill the last spot, the Ancestral Sword refuses to do it. Baijue looks at the writing in his hand.

[Flashback: Hongri teaches Baijue what to say to Shanggu.]

Baijue reads the writing in his hand, which is full of praises to flatter Shanggu. Shanggu can’t be angry with Baijue anymore. Tianqi and Yuemi struggle not to laugh out loud.

Delivering Tianqi’s invitation for a matchmaking event at the Temple of Love, Zihan, Tianqi’s divine beast, tells Baijue that Shanggu is still recovering from the fight in the Nether World.

Tianqi asks Shanggu if she likes him. Shanggu says she likes him the most. Hearing that, Baijue looks at the medicine in his hand and leaves without giving it to her.

At the matchmaking event, Baijue gives Shanggu the medicine and apologizes, promising to be considerate of her feelings from now on. Xueying spills wine on Shanggu. Baijue replaces Shanggu’s outfit to match his outfit. Shanggu declines Tianqi’s invitation to play because she will be busy training.

Congratulated by Day God and Night God, Shanggu finds out Baijue gave her credit for defeating Xuanyi, telling everyone he assisted her.

Xueying remembers the first time she met Baijue.

[Flashback: In a plum orchard, Xueying introduces herself to Baijue. Baijue recites a line of poetry using her name.]

Still remembering the line of poetry 30,000 years ago, Xueying begs Baijue to let her stay by his side. Baijue rejects Xueying’s confession of love. Day God and Night God fall in love, causing chaos when they run away together.

Mistaking Baijue for Tianqi, Puhua puts Baijue and Shanggu in a cave under the Temple of Love.

Baijue makes Shanggu stumble to stop her teasing, not expecting her to fall into his lap. Shanggu persuades Baijue to look at images of couples falling in love, causing him to blush. Natal charts of the gods are stored in the cave.

[Flashback: Starting from when Baijue was young, Ancestral God forces him to learn how to kill. Baijue grows up and becomes the God of War, but his soldiers don’t like him because he is cold and aloof.]

Baijue stops Shanggu from looking at his natal chart. Natal charts contain the past, present and future of gods, so looking at them can cause injuries. Shanggu holds Baijue’s hand, understanding why he prefers to be alone.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 3

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 3
Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 3

Shanggu brags about her progress to Baijue.

To make a weapon, Baijue needs four items: Phoenix Feather, Black Tortoise Shell, Dragon Horn and Xuanjin Iron. Zhiyang and Tianqi find out Shanggu’s vessels have been unblocked.

Hongri tells Shanggu to take a break, but Shanggu wants to keep training.

Baijue can get three items from Zhiyang, but he has to go to the Heavenly Realm to find the Xuanjin Iron. Tianqi, sensing a potential rival, warns Baijue not to fall in love with Shanggu. Zhiyang cautions Baijue to stay alert for Shanggu’s upcoming trial, which she must pass to become a god.

Seeing devils at Mount Lookout, Hongri wants to avoid them. Shanggu, on the other hand, is eager to practice her skills.

Shanggu fights the devils.

Hongri reports what Shanggu is doing to Baijue.

A thunderstorm appears, signaling the start of Shanggu’s trial.

Baijue hurries to help Shanggu.

In the thunderstorm, Baijue takes all 49 thunder strikes. Meanwhile, Shanggu thinks she is lucky to pass her trial without enduring thunder strikes.

Combining the four items he obtained, Baijue creates the Ancestral Sword.

Shanggu brags to Baijue about defeating devils and passing her trial. After giving the Ancestral Sword to Shanggu, Baijue faints.

Taking thunder strikes and creating a sword damage Baijue’s spirit and shorten his lifespan. Knowing this, Shanggu needs Hongri to strengthen the barrier while she tries to save Baijue.

There are burn marks on Baijue’s chest. Shanggu doesn’t know how to transfer her power to Baijue, so she uses another option, putting her lips on his lips to force her Original Being into his body.

Shanggu acknowledges Baijue as her teacher, promising to obey him and cultivate from now on. Hongri says the barrier is collapsing.

While Baijue strengthens the barrier, Xuanyi kidnaps Shanggu.

Shanggu uses the Ancestral Sword to protect herself until Baijue comes to her rescue. Except being sealed, the Nether World is beautiful like the three realms, with toxic Deicide Flowers. Baijue warns Shanggu not to look into Xuanyi’s eyes. Xuanyi takes Shanggu somewhere else.

Surrounded by fog, Baijue can’t discern his location.

Xuanyi says Baijue is cold to everyone, especially females, but Shanggu appears to be the exception. Shanggu disagrees and looks into Xuanyi’s eyes, allowing him to read her mind.

Baijue searches for Shanggu.

Knowing Shanggu’s feelings, Xuanyi creates a fake Baijue to seduce her. However, Shanggu doesn’t fall for the deception. Baijue rescues Shanggu.

Sending Shanggu out of the Nether World, Baijue tells her to find Zhiyang. Xuanyi remembers when he was Chief God, Baijue was one of his subordinates.

Running into Zhiyang and Tianqi while they are rushing to the Nether World, Shanggu realizes that Baijue used her to trap Xuanyi. Tianqi doesn’t want her to be mad at him, so he says Zhiyang forced him to participate in Baijue’s plan.

Shanggu watches Baijue, Zhiyang and Tianqi activate the God-holding Platform. Created by Ancestral God, the God-holding Platform can be used to imprison Xuanyi if he refuses to live peacefully in the Nether World.

Shanggu is upset, wishing Baijue had explained his plan so she could help him. Baijue couldn’t take that risk because Xuanyi can read minds. Zhiyang and Tianqi want to celebrate, making Shanggu more upset.

Hongri tells Baijue what Shanggu did, giving her Original Being to Baijue to save him. If Baijue had known, he wouldn’t let Shanggu risk her life in the Nether World.

Yuemi reminds Shanggu not to be confrontational when they ask Baijue to return Shanggu’s Original Being.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 2

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 2
Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 2

Shanggu decides to help Baijue’s fans.

Baijue sees goddesses everywhere, including Xueying trying to dance her way into his heart.

Hongri had put up three barriers, so he doesn’t know how the goddesses entered Changyuan Hall. Baijue wants to escape to Mount Lookout. Hongri reminds Baijue to attend Shanggu’s birthday banquet tomorrow.

The goddesses are grateful to Shanggu for helping them get into Changyuan Hall, not knowing that Baijue is listening to their conversation.

Baijue forbids Shanggu from entering Changyuan Hall and never wants to see her again after she betrayed him.

Tianqi tells Baijue that Shanggu didn’t do it for gifts but to make Tiger Demons laugh.

[Flashback: Shanggu collects the happiness of goddesses when they see Baijue. Then she sends their happiness to Tiger Demons, making them laugh.]

Tianqi urges Baijue to apologize to Shanggu, and he says he ate the peach. For Shanggu’s birthday gift, maybe Baijue can carve a bracelet for her.

Shanggu made Tiger Demons laugh for a while, but her duty as Chief God is to keep everyone safe and happy continually, and the answer for how to do that is by maintaining peace in the realms. Baijue gives Shanggu a bracelet.

Baijue has another gift for Shanggu: a swing. Shanggu asks Baijue to seal his power for half an hour, imagining getting her revenge by knocking him down, but nothing happens when she attacks him.

Zhiyang and Tianqi praise Baijue when they see an event that happened 8,000 years ago: Shanggu studying. Not trusting Shanggu’s judgment, Zhiyang doesn’t allow her to view reports about the realms. Baijue brings up mistakes Zhiyang made throughout the years. Shanggu complains, frustrated by the books she has to read.

Xuanyi, Overlord of devils, wants to meet Shanggu in the Nether World in three months to negotiate peace. Baijue worries about the barrier of the Nether World weakening, allowing devils to escape into the realms. Zhiyang deems the meeting necessary so they can find out what Xuanyi is planning. Shanggu disagrees. Tianqi sides with Shanggu, so Zhiyang seals Tianqi’s lips.

Packing her things, Shanggu decides to run away. Baijue says devils will find Shanggu wherever she goes, and if she agrees to start training, there is no reason why they have to wait until tomorrow.

Shanggu doesn’t want to stay at Mount Lookout, but she can’t break the barrier. Baijue tells Shanggu not to beg him because he doesn’t pity anyone, not even females.

At night, devils attack Shanggu, leaving when Baijue comes to her rescue. Shanggu says she can’t fight without a weapon. Baijue gives her his weapon, which she can’t lift.

Shanggu refuses to get up in the morning, so Baijue keeps striking a gong to wake her up.

70,000 years ago, Xuanyi rebelled before inheriting the Instruction Feather of the Chief God of Chaos. He combined the Power of Chaos with evil spirits of dead immortals to create devil power. People from the lower realm followed him, and that is how devils came into being. After sealing Xuanyi, Ancestral God created Shanggu with his last breath.

Shanggu can’t control her power after Baijue unblocks her vessels. Baijue covers Shanggu’s eyes and apologizes, having to put his arm around her to help her. Hongri sees them.

Thinking about Ice Cube Baijue, Shanggu can’t sleep and wishes she can talk to Yuemi.

Hongri will teach Shanggu while Baijue is sick. Giving Baijue a taste of his own medicine, Shanggu strikes a gong, yelling at him to stop pretending and wake up. Baijue orders her to get out of his room.

Baijue is sick after unblocking Shanggu’s vessels. Feeling more energized than ever as power courses through her body, Shanggu offers to help Hongri find ingredients to make tea for Baijue.

After brewing tea, Shanggu brings it to Baijue and apologizes for misbehaving. It’s time for Baijue to teach Shanggu swordsmanship.

Growing up with Yuemi, renowned for her skills in swordsmanship, Shanggu has learned the following: drinking, gambling, watching plays and reading romance stories. Baijue stands close to Shanggu and holds her hand to teach her. Hongri knows better than to interrupt them.

Watching Shanggu train diligently, Baijue says he is happy because the tea is good. Hongri tells Baijue that Shanggu spent a lot of effort collecting ingredients for the tea.

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 1

Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 1
Ancient Love Poetry: Episode 1

When the world began, Ancestral God created 3 realms: God Realm, Immortal Realm and Demon Realm. The God Realm is the most powerful and led by four True Gods.

Attending Puhua’s matchmaking event at the Temple of Love, Yuemi reminds Shanggu to cover her face with a fan. Shanggu tries a spell she learned from Puhua to help immortals fall in love, but she turns them into homosexuals.

At Mount Lookout, Baijue punishes two students who are late to class, not accepting their excuses. Tianqi challenges Baijue to a fight and loses.

Tianqi tells Baijue to return to the God Realm for Shanggu’s birthday, and this time, it’s an order from Zhiyang. Baijue has never met Shanggu, who was born on the Heaven and Earth Platform 10,000 years ago and will become Chief God.

Zhiyang threatens to discipline Shanggu’s servants for not keeping Shanggu out of trouble. If Shanggu is punished with thunder strikes again and has to stay in bed to recover, Yuemi promises to bring romance stories for her to read.

Shanggu picks Baijue’s residence, Changyuan Hall, as her place of refuge until Zhiyang calms down. Scared of Baijue, Yuemi advises Shanggu not to go there even though he hasn’t lived there for a long time.

Not planning to attend Shanggu’s birthday, Baijue’s gift is a peach because there are plenty of peach trees at his place. Tianqi, offended by Baijue’s indifference, accepts the peach on Shanggu’s behalf. Zhiyang asks Baijue to be Shanggu’s teacher. Shanggu was born with blocked vessels hindering her cultivation, and if anyone can help her, it’s Baijue.

Ancestral God’s Power of Chaos, contained in the barrier separating the Nether World from the three realms, is dissipating. Moreover, the Tribulation of Chaos will occur again in 1,000 years. Describing Shanggu as obedient, diligent and intelligent, Zhiyang says she is the only one who can save the realms. Baijue agrees to teach Shanggu.

At Changyuan Hall, Snow Goddess Xueying waters flowers for Baijue. Baijue burns the flowers and orders Xueying to go take three thunder strikes for trespassing. Shanggu criticizes Baijue. Realizing that Zhiyang lied about Shanggu’s temperament, Baijue orders her to go take 10 thunder strikes for causing trouble at the Temple of Love, and then he kicks her out of Changyuan Hall.

Shanggu wants revenge, but she needs a partner in crime. However, Yuemi doesn’t dare to oppose Baijue, the most powerful of the four True Gods.

Shanggu refuses to eat until Zhiyang expels Baijue from the God Realm. Persuading Shanggu to become Baijue’s student, Zhiyang says she can punish Baijue however she likes when she is powerful. Yuemi agrees to help Shanggu fight Baijue, but is Shanggu prepared to go on the run after they lose to him? Zhiyang tells Shanggu to assist Puhua at the Temple of Love if she doesn’t want to see Baijue.

Shanggu shows up on the first day of class, dressed in a robe and surrounded by servants. Baijue won’t allow Shanggu to go into Changyuan Hall unless she dresses plainly and destroys her toys.

Shanggu calls Baijue shameless for reading her mind. Baijue says it’s Shanggu who is shameless for pretending to be obedient while inwardly cursing him and seals her power, demanding obedience from her.

At Changyuan Hall, Shanggu has the lowest status. Hongri, Baijue’s divine beast, gives Shanggu a broom.

Tianqi is unhappy with how Baijue is treating Shanggu.

Hongri tells Shanggu not to make a mess while sweeping.

Tianqi believes that Baijue will like Shanggu once he knows her. Baijue doesn’t care about Shanggu’s likeability since it has nothing to do with cultivation or being Chief God.

Shanggu plays tricks on Hongri and breaks things, including a tablet that is the only copy in existence.

Hongri attempts to make a copy of the tablet. Taught be Zhiyang, Shanggu has better handwriting, so she tells Hongri to let her do it.

Answering Baijue’s question about the realms, Shanggu is eager to show off her knowledge: the Demon Tribe is imprisoned by a barrier in the Nether World in the north, immortal clans live in caves in the southwest, and lastly, groups of demons live in the southeast. Baijue will train Shanggu if she can make Tiger Demons in the Red Blood Forest laugh.

Tianqi says only Hongri manages to get close to Baijue. Not knowing how to make Tiger Demons laugh, Shanggu asks Tianqi, God of demons, for advice.

Baijue won’t let anyone enter Changyuan Hall, so goddesses, including Xueying, bribe Shanggu with gifts to help them get close to him. Shanggu doesn’t understand why Baijue has a lot of fans.

Ancient Love Poetry

Ancient Love Poetry
Ancient Love Poetry

Ancient Love Poetry
Chinese title: 千古玦尘
Based on the novel: 上古 by Xing Ling
Genre: Fantasy
Episodes: 49
English subs: WeTV

Main Cast
Zhou Dongyu as Shanggu / Houchi
Kevin Xu as Baijue / Qingmu / Baixuan
Zhang Jiani as Wuhuan
Liu Xueyi as Tianqi


When mortals are in trouble, they pray to gods — but what if gods are in trouble? This is a love story between Baijue and Shanggu, two gods in ancient time. Shanggu, an immortal with little power, becomes the most powerful god who will save the realms, but can she escape her catastrophic fate?

Love and Destiny: Episode 48

Love and Destiny: Episode 48
Love and Destiny: Episode 48

Yuan Tong destroys the war report. Only Ling Xi can repair it, so without her, Jiu Chen can’t find out what happened at Mount Youdu. Yuan Tong says she did everything to make him love her, but he loves Ling Xi to the extent of protecting her family and friends. Yun Feng sees Yuan Tong’s war report in pieces.

Jiu Chen tells Yun Feng to wait for Ling Xi to return so that she can repair the war report. However, it doesn’t matter what Yuan Tong had done if Qing Yao tampered with the pills.

A’Mo asks Jing Xiu about Jiu Chen and Ling Xi. Jing Xiu says the Heaven Tribe decided to execute Ling Xi, fearing she was colluding with the Demon Tribe to release the Demon King. Jiu Chen pretended to kill her but preserved her soul to create A’Mo. If A’Mo passes the trial in the Mortal Realm, Ling Xi will be reborn when A’Mo dies. Jing Xiu promises to protect A’Mo because he cares about her, not Ling Xi.

To save Qing Yao, Yun Feng takes responsibility for what happened to Yuan Tong’s soldiers at Mount Youdu. As a result, he is sealed in stone for 1,000 years and struck by lightning twice every day. Qing Yao begs Jiu Chen to save Yun Feng, but Jiu Chen says it isn’t possible to reverse a decree by the Heavenly Emperor.

Jiu Chen looks at Yun Feng’s statue. He had told Yun Feng not to act hastily.

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