Love and Destiny: Episode 24

Love and Destiny: Episode 24
Love and Destiny: Episode 24

At Ziyun Platform, Jiu Chen retrieves the Shennong Cauldron hidden in the ground. Unbeknownst to everyone, the cauldron preserved Ling Xi’s soul while she was dying.

Jiu Chen returns to Congji Abyss.

Jiu Chen uses the Shennong Cauldron to repair Ling Xi’s soul. However, all the pieces of her soul aren’t present, probably because she hated Jiu Chen and didn’t want to leave anything of herself when she died. Jiu Chen turns into a white dragon, his true form, so that he can gather the pieces of Ling Xi’s soul.

Jiu Chen’s housekeeper suspects Jiu Chen is in trouble, so he sends a message to Yun Feng.

After gathering and repairing Ling Xi’s soul, Jiu Chen collapses, dropping the longevity knot. The Fire Essence pops out of the longevity knot and hovers over Jiu Chen’s chest.

Arriving at Congji Abyss, Yun Feng and Qing Yao find Jiu Chen unconscious and dying. Qing Yao says the Fire Essence can prolong life, so Yun Feng quickly presses it into Jiu Chen’s chest.

When Jiu Chen wakes up, Qing Yao tells him to be careful when using his power even though the Fire Essence has cured his cold illness. Jiu Chen realizes Ling Xi saved him. Unconscious for one day, Jiu Chen doesn’t have a lot of time left to carry out his plan.

Jiu Chen retrieves Ling Xi’s soul from the Shennong Cauldron.

Jiu Chen’s housekeeper worries as he watches Jiu Chen leave Congji Abyss.

Si Ming tells Jiu Chen to let Ling Xi go because the sooner Ling Xi goes to the Mortal Realm, the sooner this can end. Jiu Chen hugs Ling Xi and puts her into Xixian Pond.

In the Mortal Realm, Ling Xi reincarnates into a baby abandoned in front of an orphanage. Nanny Jiang discovers her and brings her inside.

Nanny Jiang lets Lin Shaohai adopt the baby.

Walking home, Lin Shaohai carefully shelters the baby from the rain and kisses the baby’s forehead.

Lin Shaohai sneaks into the house and gives the baby to his wife, Madam Lin, who has been pretending to be in labor.

Madam Lin isn’t happy when she finds out the baby is a girl.

Jiu Chen and Si Ming secretly watch as the baby is presented to Old Madam Lin, who is ecstatic to finally have a grandchild. Jiu Chen worries Ling Xi would suffer in the Mortal Realm, but Si Ming thinks Jiu Chen is suffering the most.

After making sure Ling Xi is safe, Jiu Chen and Si Ming leave.

Madam Lin suspects there is something wrong with the baby,  so she breaks a vase near the crib. Strangely, the baby continues to sleep soundly.

Madam Lin brings the baby to a physician for a checkup.

The physician is Qing Yao in disguise in the Mortal Realm. Qing Yao examines the baby, and she is surprised to discover Ling Xi is deaf. The diagnosis shocks Madam Lin.

Madam Lin doesn’t want a child with a disability, so she decides to kill the baby.

Love and Destiny: Episode 23

Love and Destiny: Episode 23
Love and Destiny: Episode 23

Yun Feng worries about the six realms if Jiu Chen dies. Jiu Chen says the Shennong Cauldron can remove Ling Xi’s demonic energy and mark if she reincarnates in the Mortal Realm and passes three tribulations. The best time to put her into Xixian Pond is three days later when the force of the pond is weakest.

Huo Dou takes Ling Xi’s hearing, causing her to scream out in pain. In return, he gives her the Fire Essence. In his estimation, Ling Xi will lose her hearing completely in about two days.

Jiu Chen and Yun Feng go to Ling Xi’s trial.

Two soldiers tell Ling Xi that the Heavenly Emperor wants to interrogate her.

Ling Xi asks Immortal Lord Puhua if Jiu Chen will be at her trial. Immortal Lord Puhua says Jiu Chen must attend because he is the God of War.

At her trial, Ling Xi pleads for mercy. The rumor she can free the Demon King has turned her into a fugitive and caused her father to die. Also, Qing Yao couldn’t possibly kill the soldiers at Ziyun Platform. The Heavenly Emperor sentences Ling Xi to death. To Ling Xi’s shock, Jiu Chen agrees with the verdict.

After Ling Xi’s trial, Jiu Chen tells the Heavenly Emperor that Yuan Tong killed the soldiers at Ziyun Platform, not Qing Yao.

Ling Xi cries, remembering how Jiu Chen had promised to save her and told her to trust him.

Huo Dou regains his hearing while Ling Xi loses her hearing completely.

Jiu Chen can’t visit Ling Xi. Under the Heavenly Emperor’s order, no one can go into Suoyao Tower. Ling Xi’s execution occurs tomorrow.

Jiu Chen secretly communicates with Ling Xi, letting her know he will save her. Yuan Tong will be punished for killing the soldiers at Ziyun Platform. Qing Yao is in trouble for helping Ling Xi, but she will be all right. Jiu Chen says he will cultivate while Ling Xi is gone, so she won’t see him when she returns to the Heaven Realm.

Unbeknownst to Jiu Chen, his explanation doesn’t reach Ling Xi. Instead, it’s Huo Dou who hears what Jiu Chen said.

Ling Xi hides the Fire Essence in the longevity knot.

The next day, soldiers escort Ling Xi to Ziyun Platform, where she will be executed.

The time frame for Jiu Chen to carry out his plan is limited. A soldier arrives, saying Ling Yue has asked the Heavenly Emperor to spare Ling Xi’s life because Ling Xi is her daughter, the elder princess of the Mountain Spirit Realm. Thunder Lord thinks this is a trick by Jiu Chen.

Saying goodbye to Jiu Chen, Ling Xi kowtows and gives back the longevity knot. A soldier arrives with a message to halt the execution. Jiu Chen insists on killing Ling Xi. Ling Xi commits suicide because she doesn’t want her death on his conscience. As she dies, she wishes she won’t remember him for all eternity.

Ling Yue arrives too late to save Ling Xi, so she stabs Jiu Chen. Jiu Chen doesn’t react, so Yun Feng steps in to stop Ling Yue from killing Jiu Chen. Jiu Chen holds Ling Xi as her soul breaks into tiny pieces and she slowly disappears. Devastated, Ling Yue faints.

Despite knowing Ling Xi must die so that she can be reborn, Jiu Chen returns to his residence in a daze. He cries while holding her bracelet. When night comes, Jiu Chen continues to carry out his plan.

Jiu Chen returns to Ziyun Platform.

Love and Destiny: Episode 22

Love and Destiny: Episode 22
Love and Destiny: Episode 22

Jiu Chen tells Ling Xi to stay in Suoyao Tower while he figures out how to save her. The tower is a prison for the most dangerous beasts and demons, so it’s the most heavily guarded place in the six realms. Therefore, this keeps her safe from the Demon Tribe. Ling Xi says she isn’t afraid to stay in Suoyao Tower.

The guard inside Suoyao Tower is a beast called Huo Dou. Huo Dou says Jiu Chen can hand over Ling Xi to him. Jiu Chen ignores Huo Dou and takes Ling Xi to the highest place in the tower.

Ling Xi wants Jiu Chen to know she won’t hurt anyone, even though she has demonic energy and can free the Demon King. Jiu Chen transfers his power into the longevity knot and tells Ling Xi to hold onto it. He creates a mystical barrier around her, and as long as she stays in it, the longevity knot will protect her.

Suoyao Tower has the Shennong Cauldron, which suppresses the power of beasts and demons, making it impossible for them to escape.

After Jiu Chen walks out, a soldier closes the entrance of Suoyao Tower.

Huo Dou asks Ling Xi about her relationship with Jiu Chen. Huo Dou can’t hear and relies on a demon called Chang You to let him know what is said. Chang You lies, telling Huo Dou that Ling Xi wants to kill him, so Huo Dou attacks Ling Xi in anger. Ling Xi holds up the longevity knot, and it protects her.

Jiu Chen begs his teacher to help Ling Xi. His teacher says Ling Xi must die.

The Heavenly Emperor has something to tell Jiu Chen.

Jiu Chen asks Si Ming if it’s possible to replace the Shennong Cauldron with something else. Si Ming says three items can do that: the Fuxi Bone, the Chiyou Blade and the Nuwa Stone. Si Ming begs Jiu Chen not to steal the Shennong Cauldron.

Jiu Chen allows Wuwan to return to its monstrous size. Wuwan charges and gets rid of the soldiers at Suoyao Tower.

Ling Xi hears the commotion caused by Wuwan outside. The longevity knot glows, letting Ling Xi know Jiu Chen is nearby.

Jiu Chen shrinks Wuwan back to its small size and tells it to go home.

Ling Xi lovingly looks at the longevity knot.

Ling Xi continues to ignore Huo Dou. Huo Dou wants to take the longevity knot from Ling Xi, but he can’t go near her.

Because of the commotion caused by Wuwan, Kai Yang and Zi Guang lead a group of soldiers to Suoyao Tower. Jiu Chen dismisses them, telling Kai Yang and Zi Guang to wait for him at his residence.

As soon as Jiu Chen steps inside Suoyao Tower, he sees the Shennong Cauldron.

Ling Xi hears the beasts and demons calling Jiu Chen’s name, but she can’t see him because she is too high up.

Jiu Chen thinks about what Si Ming said regarding the three items that can replace the Shennong Cauldron.

Coincidentally, Jiu Chen has the Nuwa Stone. When Jiu Chen was young, he was heavily injured after his clan, including his parents, died fighting the Demon Tribe. As a result, the Heavenly Emperor and Jiu Chen’s teacher replaced Jiu Chen’s heart with the Nuwa Stone to save him.

Jiu Chen attempts to take the Shennong Cauldron and inadvertently releases a dragon trapped inside. The dragon attacks Jiu Chen, intending to kill him. Although injured, Jiu Chen manages to destroy it.

Jiu Chen steals the Shennong Cauldron and extracts the Nuwa Stone from his chest.

The longevity knot stops glowing, causing Ling Xi to think Jiu Chen left already.

Fending off Huo Dou’s attack, Jiu Chen disguises the Nuwa Stone to make it look like the Shennong Cauldron and uses it to replace the cauldron. The Nuwa Stone will prevent the beasts and demons in Suoyao Tower from escaping, and Jiu Chen knows he will slowly die without the Nuwa Stone.

Hiding what he did from Ling Xi, Jiu Chen tells her to trust him no matter what happens. Jiu Chen is cold to the touch, so Ling Xi thinks he is sick again and reminds him to take care of his health.

Before leaving, Jiu Chen glares at Huo Dou to warn him not to say anything about what he saw.

The soldiers at Suoyao Tower ask Jiu Chen what happened. Jiu Chen lies, saying he prevented a demon from escaping. Yun Feng is alarmed because Jiu Chen’s life essence is weakening.

Huo Dou tells Ling Xi what Jiu Chen did and offers Ling Xi a deal. He can give her Fire God Zhu Rong’s Fire Essence, which will save Jiu Chen because the Fire Essence can replace the Nuwa Stone and also cures Jiu Chen’s cold illness. In return, Huo Dou wants Ling Xi’s hearing. Ling Xi agrees.

Unable to detect Jiu Chen’s heartbeat, Yun Feng guesses something must have happened to the Nuwa Stone and threatens to tell their teacher. Jiu Chen has to tell Yun Feng the truth, so he shows Yun Feng the Shennong Cauldron.

Love and Destiny: Episode 21

Love and Destiny: Episode 21
Love and Destiny: Episode 21

Qing Yao uses an herbal concoction and puts the guards at Ziyun Platform to sleep. Ling Xi doesn’t want to run away because she doesn’t want to get her father and Qing Yao in trouble. Moreover, Ling Xi thinks Jiu Chen will save her. Qing Yao puts Ling Xi to sleep and takes her away.

Yuan Tong sees what Qing Yao had done. After Qing Yao and Ling Xi are gone, Yuan Tong kills the guards.

Carrying a magical pouch with Ling Xi inside, Qing Yao meets up with Ling Xi’s father and Cheng Yan. They separate as soldiers from the Heaven Realm chase after them.

Jiu Chen’s teacher tries to change Jiu Chen’s mind, reminding him to do what is necessary to save the six realms. However, Jiu Chen remains stubborn, believing there must be a way to save Ling Xi.

Escaping from the magical pouch, Ling Xi wants to go look for Qing Yao and Cheng Yan, but her father won’t let her. If caught, Qing Yao will be imprisoned, but Ling Xi will be killed. Unable to return home,  Ling Xi’s father plans to create another peach blossom forest somewhere else.

Breaking out of the stone enclosure, Jiu Chen tells his teacher he wants to save Ling Xi, even if it means going against fate. Jiu Chen apologizes for not following the path his teacher has shown him.

Jiu Chen runs to Ziyun Platform, but Ling Xi isn’t there anymore.

Qin Yuan, Hei Chi and a group of demons also want to capture Ling Xi. As a result, they have to fight Zi Guang and his group. From a distance, Jing Xiu watches and secretly helps Ling Xi when Hei Chi attacks her. Ling Xi and her father escape amid the chaos.

Jiu Chen deals with Zhong Hao so Ling Xi and her father can run away.

Severely injured, Ling Xi’s father tells Ling Xi to go on without him. He already prepared a place similar to the peach blossom forest, so she can hide there. No matter what, she mustn’t risk her life to avenge his death. Lastly, he tells her about her identity, including finding her at Mount Youdu and adopting her.

Yuan Tong tells Ling Xi that Qing Yao killed the guards at Ziyun Platform, but Ling Xi doesn’t believe her. Yuan Tong kills Ling Xi’s father. Ling Xi is furious, and her true form as a phoenix manifests itself for the first time, giving her the power to blast away Yuan Tong. Seeing this, Jing Xiu finds out Ling Xi is a phoenix similar to Ling Yue.

Ling Xi hears the Demon King calling her. She doesn’t want to obey him, but the Demon King exerts control over her mind through the mark behind her ear.

As soon as Jiu Chen defeats Zhong Hao, he turns his attention to searching for Ling Xi.

The Demon King succeeds in making Ling Xi come to him. Jiu Chen saves Ling Xi before the Demon King can kill her. Ling Xi says she has never harmed anyone, but the Heaven Tribe accuses her of being demonic and killed her father. Jiu Chen tells Ling Xi he will protect her.

Love and Destiny: Episode 20

Love and Destiny: Episode 20
Love and Destiny: Episode 20

The Demon King says Jiu Chen finally has an obsession – Ling Xi. If Jiu Chen releases him, the Demon King won’t need Ling Xi, and she can be with Jiu Chen. Jiu Chen rejects the offer because his duty is to protect the six realms.

Ling Xi thinks Qin Yuan kidnapped her because he wants to take back the Shuiyue Cauldron. She fights Qin Yuan to get away from him.

The Heavenly Emperor wants to interrogate Ling Xi, suspecting she is from the Demon Tribe. Therefore, Yuan Tong, Thunder Lord, Immortal Lord Puhua and Immortal Lord Baishan go to Mount Youdu to capture Ling Xi. They ask Jiu Chen where Ling Xi is at, but Jiu Chen won’t even talk to them.

Jiu Chen finds Ling Xi and Qin Yuan fighting each other, resulting in Qin Yuan forcing her to fall off a cliff. Knocking Qin Yuan out with a wave of his hand, Jiu Chen flies down toward Ling Xi and saves her.

When Ling Xi wakes up, she finds herself at the peach blossom forest. She thinks what happened must be a dream.

Ling Xi’s father tells Ling Xi to leave Jiu Chen alone. Jiu Chen already used his power to help Ling Xi hide her demonic energy, but he can’t do it forever. Ling Xi thinks her father must be drunk and talking nonsense again.

Appearing at the peach blossom forest to capture Ling Xi, Zhong Hao kills Ling Xi’s father. Cheng Yan pulls Ling Xi away to escape with him.

In reality, Ling Xi isn’t at the peach blossom forest but in the Heaven Realm. An object hovers above her head to expose any demonic energy inside her.

Trapped in an illusion of being back at the peach blossom forest, Ling Xi doesn’t understand why the Demon Tribe is after her. Cheng Yan yells at her, blaming her for causing her father’s death. Hei Chi kills Cheng Yan.

Jiu Chen secretly activates the longevity knot to help Ling Xi hide her demonic energy, but it doesn’t work. Ling Xi snaps out of her illusion, and the demonic energy inside her is exposed. Devastated, she looks at Jiu Chen and begs him to trust her. Thunder Lord orders Ling Xi to be locked up.

Yun Feng and Shi San try to talk to Jiu Chen about Ling Xi, but Jiu Chen stays silent, returning to his residence and shutting himself in his room.

Thinking about how he failed to protect Ling Xi, Jiu Chen spits out blood.

Imprisoned at Ziyun Platform, Ling Xi waits for her sentencing. From a distance, Yuan Tong looks at Ling Xi, pleased with Ling Xi’s downfall.

Jiu Chen begs the Heavenly Emperor to imprison Ling Xi at Congji Abyss. To prevent the Demon Tribe from getting to her, Jiu Chen volunteers to guard her forever. Jiu Chen gives up the God of War’s seal and resigns to demonstrate his willingness to stay at Congji Abyss.

A bell rings throughout the Heaven Realm, signaling the end of the cultivation period of Jiu Chen’s teacher.

Jiu Chen and Yun Feng hurry to Mount Tianzun and eagerly wait for their teacher. However, their teacher doesn’t come out of seclusion and wants to talk to Jiu Chen in private.

Jiu Chen’s teacher tells Jiu Chen that Ling Xi must die because her death ensures peace for the six realms. Jiu Chen says he can die for the six realms, but he doesn’t want Ling Xi to do the same. Disappointed, Jiu Chen’s teacher traps Jiu Chen in a stone enclosure until Jiu Chen understands why Ling Xi’s death is necessary.

Love and Destiny: Episode 19

Love and Destiny: Episode 19
Love and Destiny: Episode 19

Qing Yao treats Jiu Chen and helps him recover from his cold illness. She warns him to be careful when using his power, and she thanks him for helping Ling Xi.

Ling Xi tells Qing Yao to visit her more often. It’ll be hard for them to see each other when Ling Xi is at Congji Abyss.

Yun Feng stares at Ling Xi, feeling she is different somehow, but he can’t pinpoint what the problem is. Qing Yao quickly leaves, taking Ling Xi with her.

Cheng Yan asks Ling Xi what is going on between her and Jiu Chen, finding it hard to believe Jiu Chen could like someone like her. Ling Xi knows her deficiencies. Then again, no female is worthy of Jiu Chen anyway, so why not her?

It’s Mid-Autumn Festival. Jiu Chen doesn’t need to eat, but he still eats the hard mooncakes Ling Xi made to make her happy. Ling Xi says her loved ones would kiss her forehead and wish her something auspicious on this day. She is surprised when Jiu Chen kisses her forehead, wishing her to be safe and happy.

Ling Xi wonders if Jiu Chen has fallen for her.

The investigation into what happened at Mount Kunlun is done, so Jiu Chen has to go see the Heavenly Emperor. Before leaving, Jiu Chen tells Ling Xi not to worry. Everything will be fine, and they will return to Congji Abyss.

After investigating, Immortal Lord Puhua discovers it was Hei Chi who killed the soldiers at Mount Kunlun, not Ling Xi. Ling Xi is innocent, so she can leave the Heaven Realm.

Qin Yuan kidnaps Ling Xi for Zhong Hao.

Seeing Wuwan injured, Jiu Chen searches his residence, but he can’t find Ling Xi anywhere.

Jiu Chen asks Shi San if she has seen Ling Xi, and Shi San says she hasn’t seen her.

Jiu Chen asks a guard at the Southern Gate about outsiders entering the Heaven Realm. The guard says there was only Qin Yuan.

Jiu Chen and Shi San arrive at Mount Youdu to look for Ling Xi. He tells Shi San to guard the perimeter and not let anyone go into the mountain.

Jiu Chen goes to where the Demon King is sealed. The Demon King won’t say where Ling Xi is at. Yuan Zheng’s face appears, startling Jiu Chen.

Love and Destiny: Episode 18

Love and Destiny: Episode 18
Love and Destiny: Episode 18

Ling Xi is glad to see Jiu Chen returning to Congji Abyss. Jiu Chen notices the mark has appeared again behind her ear.

Jiu Chen suppresses the demonic energy inside Ling Xi, causing the mark to disappear. Ling Xi senses something is wrong because Jiu Chen doesn’t want her to leave Congji Abyss. Jiu Chen says he will find a way to stay at Congji Abyss permanently, making Ling Xi happy.

Jiu Chen has to return to the Heaven Realm. Ling Xi follows him to the front door to see him off.

Jiu Chen puts a mystical barrier around his residence so that no one can enter. Yuan Tong, hiding outside, sees this.

Jiu Chen decides to talk to the Heavenly Emperor.

Jiu Chen resigns and nominates Thunder Lord to replace him as the God of War. The Heavenly Emperor doesn’t understand why Jiu Chen would suddenly resign, especially since Jiu Chen isn’t someone who takes his duties lightly.

Despite the Heavenly Emperor’s anger, Jiu Chen doesn’t explain why he wants to resign.

Ling Xi is disturbed by a commotion outside the residence. It is the Queen Mother of the West destroying the mystical barrier put up by Jiu Chen.

Like the Heavenly Emperor, Thunder Lord is surprised by Jiu Chen’s resignation. Jiu Chen senses someone has destroyed the mystical barrier at Congji Abyss, so he leaves while in the middle of a meeting with the Heavenly Emperor and Thunder Lord.

Walking inside, the Queen Mother of the West orders soldiers to search Jiu Chen’s residence thoroughly. As a result, Ling Xi runs around to find somewhere to hide and ends up going to the ice chamber.

The Queen Mother of the West discovers Ling Xi. Ling Xi says what happened at the banquet was a misunderstanding. Moreover, Ling Xi denies killing soldiers at Mount Kunlun. To capture Ling Xi, the Queen Mother of the West uses force and injures her.

Jiu Chen arrives in time and saves Ling Xi. He says he will talk to the Heavenly Emperor. The Queen Mother of the West has no choice but to leave.

Jiu Chen comforts Ling Xi, knowing she must be scared.

Ordered by the Heavenly Emperor to follow Jiu Chen, Zi Guang sees what happened between Jiu Chen, Ling Xi and the Queen Mother of the West.

Jiu Chen tells Ling Xi they have to return to the Heaven Realm to see the Heavenly Emperor.

Jiu Chen transfers his power into the longevity knot.

In a way, Ling Xi is glad she was discovered because she won’t have to hide anymore. Jiu Chen tells her not to be afraid because he is with her. He teases her for talking too much, and he gives her the longevity knot.

Jiu Chen and Ling Xi find Immortal Lord Baishan, sent by the Heavenly Emperor, waiting for them. Together, the three of them return to the Heaven Realm.

In silence, Jiu Chen and the Heavenly Emperor wait for the result of Ling Xi’s interrogation.

During the investigation, Ling Xi says what happened is a misunderstanding. The Queen Mother of the West accuses Ling Xi of being demonic. Immortal Lord Puhua checks and couldn’t detect demonic energy from Ling Xi because the longevity knot conceals it.

The Heavenly Emperor reminds Jiu Chen to remember his status as the God of War. Jiu Chen says he doesn’t dare to forget.

Ling Xi passes the interrogation, but she has to stay in the Heaven Realm until the investigation finishes. Jiu Chen looks at the longevity knot hanging on Ling Xi’s waist, knowing he used it to help her conceal the demonic energy inside her.

Jiu Chen doesn’t want anyone to know he is sick again.

Ling Xi guesses Jiu Chen is sick because he used his power on her. She tells him she won’t turn demonic. However, she is afraid of gossip because it could hurt her family and Jiu Chen.

Ling Xi doesn’t want to give the longevity knot back to Jiu Chen, so Jiu Chen lets her keep it. Ling Xi busily packs up many things for their move to Congji Abyss.

Testing to see if she could turn demonic, Ling Xi tries to scare Wuwan. Ling Xi thinks everything will be all right once she and Jiu Chen return to Congji Abyss.

Jiu Chen teases Ling Xi for wasting her time packing because his residence at Congji Abyss already has everything. The only thing that needs to be sent to Congji Abyss is Ling Xi.

Ling Xi complains to Qing Yao. For some reason, Immortal Lord Puhua, Thunder Lord and the Queen Mother of the West think Ling Xi could be demonic. Qing Yao already talked to Ling Xi’s father and knows about Ling Xi’s identity. Qing Yao tells Ling Xi to trust and obey Jiu Chen.

Love and Destiny: Episode 17

Love and Destiny: Episode 17
Love and Destiny: Episode 17

Ling Xi finds Tuntian Beast injured and chained in a pool of boiling water.

Jiu Chen and Kai Yang arrive at Mount Kunlun. The Queen Mother of the West is happy Jiu Chen is attending her banquet.

The immortal who met Ling Xi apologizes to the Queen Mother of the West for arriving late. Wuwan escapes from his sleeve and runs to Jiu Chen. The immortal tells Jiu Chen how he helped Ling Xi. The Queen Mother of the West asks if Jiu Chen can give Wuwan to her, but Jiu Chen tells her to talk to Wuwan’s owner, his maid.

The Queen Mother of the West announces the reason for the banquet. Tuntian Beast has been boiled for 49 days in a pool at Mount Kunlun. After it’s killed, the Queen Mother of the West will donate the corpse to the Medicine Department so that the corpse can be used to make pills.

Ling Xi tries to rescue Tuntian Beast. Hearing voices coming her way, she hides nearby.

Zhong Hao and Hei Chi find Tuntian Beast. Ling Xi tries to stop them from killing it. Zhong Hao orders Hei Chi to get rid of Ling Xi. Tuntian Beast throws Ling Xi onto its back and breaking the chains, it flies away.

Tuntian Beast destroys the banquet and escapes. Jiu Chen sees Ling Xi on Tuntian Beast’s back.

After they get away, Ling Xi tells Tuntian Beast to land on the ground. Zhong Hao catches up to them. Tuntian Beast sacrifices itself to save Ling Xi. The Demon King’s blade is repaired when it’s coated with Tuntian Beast’s blood. Ling Xi loses control, and her necklace’s pendant alerts her father in the peach blossom forest.

The demonic energy inside Ling Xi overwhelms her, and Zhong Hao recognizes her as the baby at the final battle at Mount Youdu. Jiu Chen arrives in time to save Ling Xi. Zhong Hao wounds Jiu Chen in a sneak attack and flees since he can’t defeat Jiu Chen.

At Congji Abyss, Jiu Chen uses his power to suppress the demonic energy inside Ling Xi.

While Ling Xi is unconscious, Jiu Chen confiscates her necklace. Ling Xi’s father won’t be alerted again and have to worry about her.

As soon as Ling Xi wakes up, she looks for Jiu Chen. She hugs him and finds his shoulder bloody from an injury.

Ling Xi tries to treat Jiu Chen’s injury, but it won’t heal. Jiu Chen says the injury is caused by the Demon King’s blade, so it will only heal slowly through cultivation.

Ling Xi blames herself because Tuntian Beast sacrificed itself to save her. Jiu Chen says Tuntian Beast was the Demon King’s steed and has killed many. Thus, it was fated to die. Jiu Chen allows Ling Xi to stay at Congji Abyss, but she won’t have her family, her friends, etc. There is only him. Ling Xi happily agrees.

Jiu Chen returns to the Heaven Realm with bad news for the Heavenly Emperor. The Demon King’s blade has appeared again.

With Jiu Chen gone, Ling Xi can’t sleep at night.

Yun Feng praises Jiu Chen for deftly shifting everyone’s attention from Ling Xi to the Demon King’s blade. Although Yun Feng and Ling Xi are friends, he will intervene if she causes Jiu Chen to turn against the six realms. Jiu Chen says that is impossible.

Deciding to eliminate Zhong Hao before Zhong Hao becomes too powerful, Jiu Chen discusses how to attack Mount Youdu with Yun Feng and Han Zhang.

Jiu Chen tells Yun Feng that Zhong Hao’s target is Ling Xi. Yun Feng promises to behave so that their plan at Mount Youdu is successful.

Kai Yang doesn’t know what to do with Wuwan. Jiu Chen says he will take care of it.

Yuan Tong sees Jiu Chen leaving the Heaven Realm while carrying Wuwan.

Wuwan licks Ling Xi’s hand, waking her up. Ling Xi can’t find Jiu Chen, so she runs outside, but he has left already. Yuan Tong has followed Jiu Chen to Congji Abyss and sees Ling Xi.

The Heaven Realm launches an attack against Zhong Hao at Mount Youdu. Zhong Hao accuses Jiu Chen of wanting to kill him because of Ling Xi. From afar, Jing Xiu blocks Jiu Chen, giving Zhong Hao a chance to escape because only Zhong Hao can open Fuling Abyss. Yuan Tong hears what Zhong Hao said about Ling Xi.

Jiu Chen returns to Congji Abyss. Ling Xi is glad to see him again.

Love and Destiny: Episode 16

Love and Destiny: Episode 16
Love and Destiny: Episode 16

Jiu Chen forces Ling Xi to return to the peach blossom forest with him.

Arriving at the peach blossom forest, Ling Xi is unhappy. Ling Xi’s father yells at her because he knows she doesn’t want to return home.

By now, Jiu Chen has figured out Ling Xi’s identity. Ling Xi’s father found her at Mount Youdu and adopted her. Eventually, Ling Xi’s father found out she has demonic energy from the Demon King, so he kept her in the peach blossom forest. Jiu Chen vows to protect Ling Xi, and Ling Xi’s father thanks him.

Cheng Yan teases Ling Xi. She probably did something wrong, so Jiu Chen doesn’t want her around anymore. Ling Xi lies, saying she begged and begged Jiu Chen to let her return to the peach blossom forest for a visit.

Jiu Chen wants to talk to Ling Xi in private.

Jiu Chen teaches Ling Xi how to use her bracelet as a weapon, such as turning it into a sword. Then he tells her goodbye. Ling Xi kisses him and says she wants to be with him because she loves him. Jiu Chen says he doesn’t like her. He returns to the Heaven Realm, leaving behind a devastated Ling Xi.

Cheng Yan doesn’t understand why Ling Xi is inconsolable while Ling Xi’s father tries to cheer her up. Ling Xi refuses to believe Jiu Chen doesn’t have any feelings for her.

Cheng Yan tells Ling Xi not to take Jiu Chen’s rejection personally. Jiu Chen is the God of War known throughout the six realms while she is a nobody. Ling Xi remembers Jiu Chen had said she is too young with weak cultivation. Did Jiu Chen reject her because she isn’t powerful like him?

Ling Xi begins to train diligently. Cheng Yan teases her, so she turns her bracelet into a sword and scares him off.

The Heavenly Emperor worries because fairies are disappearing in the Heaven Realm. Jiu Chen knows about this and already sent Kai Yang to investigate.

Jiu Chen admonishes Yun Feng for neglecting his duties to chase after Qing Yao.

Reporting to Jiu Chen, Kai Yang says he hasn’t discovered who is kidnapping fairies. However, there is one link, which is all the fairies are 50,000 years old. Jiu Chen realizes the Demon King must be looking for Ling Xi. Jiu Chen orders Kai Yang to increase security in the Heaven Realm and assigns more soldiers to monitor Mount Youdu.

Like Jiu Chen, Yun Feng suspects the Demon Tribe is behind the kidnappings.

Yun Feng apologizes to Jiu Chen for goofing off. Jiu Chen knows better than to expect Yun Feng to be responsible like him. Nevertheless, Jiu Chen hopes Yun Feng lives up to his potential as a powerful god. Yun Feng says Jiu Chen has become more talkative and happier after knowing Ling Xi.

At Mount Youdu, Jiu Chen orders Kai Yang and soldiers from the Heaven Realm to guard the entrances into the mountain. Yun Feng says he will go look around.

Jiu Chen monitors Mount Youdu.

Chased by demons, two fairies run into Ling Xi, so Ling Xi helps them fight the demons. An immortal passes by and drives away the demons. The immortal says he is a messenger of the Queen Mother of the West at Mount Kunlun.

According to a bird, an immortal took Wuwan. Ling Xi guesses it must be the immortal from Mount Kunlun, so she heads there to look for Wuwan.

Jiu Chen saves a group of fairies from demons. The fairies are not just from the Heaven Realm but other realms as well.

Hei Chi, working for Zhong Hao and the Demon King, appears at the peach blossom forest. Ling Xi’s father lures Hei Chi to another area.

Jiu Chen saves Ling Xi’s father. Jiu Chen says the Demon Tribe is kidnapping fairies around Ling Xi’s age. This means Ling Xi is in danger. Ling Xi’s father immediately returns to the peach blossom forest.

Reporting to Jiu Chen, Kai Yang says a demonic force is heading toward Mount Kunlun. Coincidentally, the Queen Mother of the West will have a banquet to celebrate the killing of Tuntian Beast.

At Mount Kunlun, Ling Xi sees a big crowd at the Queen Mother of the West’s banquet. She decides to go to the back of the mountain to search for Wuwan.

Ling Xi finds a cave. At this time, Zhong Hao and his followers already killed all the guards in the area.

Ling Xi detects the smell of an ancient beast, so she walks deeper into the cave, thinking it’s Wuwan. Zhong Hao and his followers are also in the cave, looking for Tuntian Beast. Zhong Hao can use Tuntian Beast’s blood to repair the Demon King’s blade.

Ling Xi finds Tuntian Beast chained in a pool of boiling water.

Love and Destiny: Episode 15

Love and Destiny: Episode 15
Love and Destiny: Episode 15

Jiu Chen wants to lock Baize Beast in Suoyao Tower, a prison for demons and beasts. Baize Beast reminds Ling Xi of her dog, so she persuades Jiu Chen to let her keep it as a pet.

Ling Xi asks Jiu Chen where they are going. Staring intently at her, Jiu Chen says they are going to Mount Youdu.

Ling Yue welcomes Jiu Chen to the Mountain Spirit Realm, thanking him for sending Yun Feng to warn her about Zhong Hao. To her surprise, Ling Yue discovers Ling Xi is around the same age as her lost daughter.

On behalf of Ling Yue, Ling Yue’s maid asks Ling Xi about her background. Ling Xi says she was raised by her father and has a sister and brother. Ling Yue is disappointed because it doesn’t seem like Ling Xi could be her lost daughter.

Aiming for a name that is cute and easy to say, Ling Xi calls her pet “Wuwan,” meaning “five bowls” because it always eats at least five bowls of food. Jiu Chen allows Ling Xi to accompany him to a banquet, but she has to stay close to him.

Not seeing Jing Xiu, Bao Qing, Ling Yue’s adopted daughter, leaves the banquet early. Wuwan has disappeared, so Ling Xi asks Jiu Chen to let her go look for Wuwan.

A maid tells Ling Xi to try searching in the garden.

In the garden, Bao Qing hits Wuwan for biting her and orders soldiers to capture it. Ling Xi attacks them so Wuwan can escape.

Chased by Bao Qing, Ling Xi runs to where Jiu Chen lives and hides there. Vines appear and tie up Ling Xi. Ling Xi begs Jing Xiu to help her, but she won’t tell him who she is.

Ling Xi uses her bracelet to escape the vines. As she is leaving, she sees Jiu Chen’s longevity knot in the room.

Ling Xi finds Wuwan. Jiu Chen puts a mystical barrier around Ling Xi and Wuwan, preventing two soldiers from seeing them.

The next day, Jiu Chen and Ling Xi travel deep into Mount Youdu to where the Demon King is sealed. No one can come to this area except Jiu Chen because the demonic energy is too strong, but Ling Xi isn’t affected by it.

Jiu Chen and Ling Xi arrive at Congji Abyss where he has another residence. Ling Xi points to the beautiful lights in the night sky. Jiu Chen looks at her, not saying anything.

Unexpectedly seeing Jiu Chen again, his housekeeper cries in happiness. Jiu Chen walks into the residence. Ling Xi follows him, but Wuwan acts strangely as if it doesn’t want her to go inside.

The housekeeper leads Jiu Chen, Ling Xi and Wuwan to an ice chamber. Jiu Chen tells Ling Xi to stay there by herself. The housekeeper closes the door, locking Ling Xi inside.

Ling Xi turns into a bird and flies around, but she can’t find an exit. Is Jiu Chen testing her ability? Ling Xi cultivates to stay warm, but eventually, she gives up. It’s just too cold. She regrets not giving the longevity knot back to Jiu Chen.

Wuwan runs around in front of Jiu Chen as if begging him to release Ling Xi. Jiu Chen ignores it.

Ling Xi slowly freezes to death. Meanwhile, Jiu Chen remembers Ling Xi’s faith in his goodness and how she repeatedly risked her life to save him.

Jiu Chen changes his mind. Appearing in the ice chamber, he saves Ling Xi. Ling Xi gives the longevity knot back to Jiu Chen.

[flashback] After sealing the Demon King, Jiu Chen was fatally wounded. At this time, he discovered Ling Xi, who was a baby, crying nearby and found a longevity knot on her. The Demon King tried to live on by infecting Ling Xi with demonic energy. As a result, Jiu Chen transferred the rest of his energy into Ling Xi to save her. [flashback ends]

Ling Xi thinks she did something wrong, so Jiu Chen wants to punish her. Nevertheless, she is confident he won’t harm her. Scared to be alone, Ling Xi begs Jiu Chen to stay with her. Jiu Chen sits at the foot of her bed, deep in thought.

Jiu Chen thinks the safest place for Ling Xi is the peach blossom forest.