Never Gone: Episode 17

Never Gone: Episode 17

At the bus terminal, Cheng Zheng gives Su Yunjin a drawing, thanking her for making him realize he needs to do well in school to fulfill his dream of being an architect.

The drawing is Cheng Zheng’s design in the architecture competition. In the upper right corner, Cheng Zheng added a cartoon of himself and Su Yunjin. Looking at it, Su Yunjin can’t help but smile.

Su Yunjin returns home and is relieved to see her mother doing better.

Su Yunjin gives Uncle Ding what little money she has saved. Uncle Ding doesn’t want to take it, but she says it’s better if he pays back the money he borrowed as soon as possible. He asks if she has a boyfriend, warning that her mother is arranging a matchmaking session for her.

During a family meal, Uncle Ding tells Su Yunjin to let him know what she wants to eat. He will make it for her.

Su Yunjin’s mother asks Su Yunjin what she does at school, checking in a roundabout way to see if Su Yunjin has a boyfriend. As soon as Su Yunjin says she isn’t in a relationship, her mother pressures her to go to a matchmaking session. Su Yunjin agrees so that her mother would be happy.

Mo Yuhua drops by Su Yunjin’s house for a visit. Su Yunjin’s mother asks if Mo Yuhua is busy like Su Yunjin. Mo Yuhua says she has to study hard because the medical program is difficult. Su Yunjin teases Mo Yuhua for always being the top student no matter what.

After finalizing the details of the matchmaking session, Uncle Ding lets Su Yunjin’s mother know the location and time. By accident, Su Yunjin and Mo Yuhua overhear their conversation.

Mo Yuhua can’t believe Su Yunjin will go on a date. What about Cheng Zheng? Su Yunjin says she and Cheng Zheng aren’t suitable. Mo Yuhua says he is sincere towards Su Yunjin, more than anyone else. Mo Yuhua sympathizes with him because she knows the heartbreak of one-sided love, wanting to forget and move on but can’t because it hurts too much.

Now that Su Yunjin and Shen Ju’an have broken up, Cheng Zheng intends to make his move, but he will do so cautiously. He sees that Zhou Ziyi got the scrapbook back from Mo Yuhua. Not only that, but Zhou Ziyi sabotaged Mo Yuhua’s date with another guy. Zhou Ziyi denies having feelings for Mo Yuhua, but Cheng Zheng doesn’t believe him.

Mo Yuhua calls Cheng Zheng to let him know what Su Yunjin is doing.

Cheng Zheng rushes to meet with Mo Yuhua. Together, they go check out Su Yunjin’s date, whose name is Jin Zi. Cheng Zheng persuades Mo Yuhua to pretend to be Su Yunjin and stop Jin Zi from going to the matchmaking session.

Meanwhile, Su Yunjin is about to go to the matchmaking session. A room has been reserved at a restaurant for the occasion. Uncle Ding will go with Su Yunjin to make sure she is safe, but he will stay in the main dining area.

Su Yunjin finds out her matchmaking session is with Cheng Zheng. Cheng Zheng says Mo Yuhua helped him handle Su Yunjin’s date. He convinces Su Yunjin to play along because her mother will be happy if the matchmaking session goes smoothly.

Cheng Zheng thinks he did Su Yunjin a favor. What if Su Yunjin’s date likes her and pesters her like him? That would be awkward for both families. Cheng Zheng doesn’t want her to keep going to matchmaking sessions. He reiterates his feelings for her, and he is willing to wait until she can accept him.

Uncle Ding is surprised to see Cheng Zheng stepping out of the reserved room. Cheng Zheng gestures to indicate everything is well between him and Su Yunjin.

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