Never Gone: Episode 1

Never Gone: Episode 1

Su Yunjin is waiting for a client. Suddenly, a woman hurls a glass of wine at Su Yunjin, accusing Su Yunjin of having an affair with her husband, CEO Xu. Su Yunjin says she and CEO Xu are only colleagues. Su Yunjin’s assistant threatens to call security if CEO Xu’s wife won’t leave.

While Su Yunjin is in the bathroom dealing with her stained clothes, her assistant walks in with a sweater. She had borrowed it from someone who claims to know Su Yunjin. Su Yunjin doesn’t have time to ask questions because her client has arrived.

Outside the building, Cheng Zheng waits in his car. His cousin, Zhang Yue, is the sweater owner. She saw what happened to Su Yunjin and took pictures, which she sends to Cheng Zheng. It seems Su Yunjin is still stubborn but no longer a pushover. Zhang Yue says this is not a good time for him to appear back in Su Yunjin’s life.

[flashback] In a garden, Cheng Zheng leans forward until his face is mere inches from Su Yunjin’s face. He tells her he likes her. [flashback ends]

Driving home, Su Yunjin asks her assistant about the sweater owner, but her assistant can only give a vague description. Her assistant rambles on in admiration because Su Yunjin kept her composure and won a contract despite the incident with CEO Xu’s wife. Su Yunjin checks her phone and sees a wedding invitation from her old classmates, Song Ming and Meng Xue.

Cheng Zheng follows Su Yunjin home. His phone rings, and it’s Meng Xue. Instead of sending an invitation, she calls to make sure he will go to her wedding. She’s afraid he won’t go because of Su Yunjin.

Since Su Yunjin’s old classmates are getting married, her assistant urges her to go, even if Su Yunjin might meet people she wants to avoid like former boyfriends. Su Yunjin receives a text message from Meng Xue. Meng Xue apologizes for what she did in the past, and if she doesn’t see Su Yunjin at her wedding, she’ll think Su Yunjin won’t forgive her.

Su Yunjin wants to wash her stained shirt and tells her assistant to bring a new laundry detergent bottle. Doing so reminds Su Yunjin of a similar situation in the past.

[flashback] Out of laundry detergent, Su Yunjin tells Cheng Zheng to bring a new bottle, but he gives her toilet bowl cleaner instead. The two of them laugh at his mistake. [flashback ends]

Su Yunjin’s assistant doesn’t hear what Su Yunjin said and asks her to repeat it. However, remembering a happier time with Cheng Zheng affects Su Yunjin, and she’s no longer in the mood to do laundry.

[flashback] It’s late at night. Su Yunjin’s mother is still awake, making animal lanterns to earn money. Su Yunjin’s father is sick and has to go to the hospital periodically for treatments. As a result, the family is in debt from paying medical bills.

In high school, students focus their studies on natural sciences or social sciences. Su Yunjin tells her father about her decision to study natural sciences, earning his praise. He feels guilty because his illness is affecting the family’s finance. She assures him she’s happy with their simple life.

Su Yunjin stays up late to study. Her father’s coughing breaks her concentration, causing her to cry. [flashback ends]

Giving Su Yunjin a ride to work, CEO Xu apologizes and gives her a gift to make up for what his wife had done. Su Yunjin says she can understand his wife’s anger, but his wife targeted the wrong person. He tells her he wishes his wife would have reasons to be mad at her. She looks at him, not knowing what to say.

At work, Cheng Zheng approves a blueprint and hands it off to his assistant. The photo on his desk shows cut out images of himself and Su Yunjin when they were in high school.

[flashback] In a corridor crowded with students, Cheng Zheng and his friend, Zhou Ziyi, goof around. Distracted, Cheng Zheng collides into Su Yunjin. He says he is all right, so she leaves. Not recognizing her, he asks Zhou Ziyi, who guesses she could be a new student after seeing her in a teacher’s office a few days ago.

Despite studying diligently, Su Yunjin struggles in school. Her teacher pressures her to switch to social sciences to get better grades, but she refuses and promises to study harder. By accident, Cheng Zheng overhears their conversation and marvels at Su Yunjin’s stubbornness.

Su Yunjin’s best friend, Mo Yuhua, doesn’t agree with the teacher’s tone, but she knows about Su Yunjin’s weakness in math. Eventually, Su Yunjin could get in trouble if her grades don’t improve. Mo Yuhua gives Su Yunjin her notebook, which contains notes on how to solve equations so Su Yunjin can study during the summer break. [flashback ends]

Cheng Zheng waits near Su Yunjin’s company. He sees CEO Xu and Su Yunjin arrive at work together.

CEO Xu and Su Yunjin discuss Meng Xue’s wedding. He’s too busy to go, so he’ll give her a money envelope to give to Meng Xue. He asks if she wants to have dinner later. She declines, saying she has another commitment. As she walks to her office, a receptionist hands her a package.

[flashback] Su Yunjin looks for a part-time job to help her parents. Riding her bicycle around town, she spots a job advertisement at a bookstore. She talks to the owner, who agrees to hire her. He puts her to work immediately, telling her to sort and shelve a new shipment of books that just came in.

Zhou Ziyi drags Cheng Zheng to the same bookstore, hoping to run into the girl he likes. Cheng Zheng makes fun of Zhou Ziyi and says he’ll be direct if he likes someone. Glancing around, Cheng Zheng sees Su Yunjin shelving books. Her shirt gets caught on a nail and rips. He has a new shirt in his backpack, and he gives it to her.

Cheng Zheng can’t sleep at night because he keeps thinking about Su Yunjin. The next day, he returns to the bookstore and sees Su Yunjin reading while on break. When she looks up and sees him, she tells him to wait. She runs to get his shirt and returns it to him. [flashback ends]

In her office, Su Yunjin opens the package. Inside is a blouse.

[flashback] It’s a new school year. Meng Xue gives Cheng Zheng a pair of gloves, with her initials on one glove and Cheng Zheng’s initials on the other glove. He isn’t interested and lies about saving the seat in front of him for someone else. Su Yunjin arrives in class last. There’s only one empty desk left – the one in front of Cheng Zheng. [flashback ends]

Su Yunjin wonders who sent her the blouse.

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