Love and Destiny: Episode 8

Love and Destiny: Episode 8

As soon as Ling Xi returns to Peach Forest, she gets into a fight with Cheng Yan. She pretends to be injured. Cheng Yan always falls for this trick and capitulates immediately.

Ling Xi remembers hearing about an object that can restore anything, including things that have been burned to ashes. Cheng Yan says that is the Shuiyue Cauldron. Immortal Elder Nanji bragged about creating it during a drinking contest with Ling Xi’s father.

In her father’s supply room, Ling Xi takes anything that can be useful in making pills.

Yun Feng hasn’t returned from Mount Youdu. Under house arrest, the only way for Jiu Chen to go to Mount Youdu is by his spirit.

With Si Ming and Kai Yang guarding him, Jiu Chen’s spirit splits from his body and leaves the Heaven Realm.

Jiu Chen’s spirit arrives at Mount Youdu. The Demon King is still sealed, but he has awakened.

When Ling Xi returns to the Heaven Realm, she runs into Thunder Lord’s subordinates: Zi Guang and Fang Sheng. They give her a hard time, taking her purse and dumping the contents out. These are items Ling Xi took from her father’s supply room, and as she picks up a book, Zi Guang steps on her hand.

Invisible to everyone, Jiu Chen’s spirit witnesses what happened to Ling Xi, so he hits Zi Guang’s face and stomach.

Jiu Chen’s spirit rejoins his body. Jiu Chen tells Si Ming and Kai Yang the bad news: the Demon Lord has awakened.

Ling Xi suspects Jiu Chen helped her deal with Thunder Lord’s subordinates. However, Shi San says Jiu Chen hasn’t left the residence to go anywhere.

After gathering medicinal ingredients at different places, Ling Xi returns to the Heaven Realm. She tells Jiu Chen she feels ashamed as a physician’s daughter because she hasn’t been practicing what her father taught her, so she asks if she can make pills in her room. Jiu Chen gives his permission.

There are explosions in Ling Xi’s room. Jiu Chen sighs, ignoring what seems like Ling Xi’s attempt to blow up his residence.

Still alive, Ling Xi crawls out of her room covered in soot and coughing. Shi San asks if Ling Xi is making pills or weapons. Hua Yan tells Ling Xi to eat power-boosting food. Although pills can increase power faster, it’s difficult and dangerous trying to make them.

With determination, Ling Xi returns to making pills. This is much harder than she thought, but she won’t give up!!!

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