Love and Destiny: Episode 36

Love and Destiny: Episode 36

A’Mo says Teacher Shen asked her to make him a pouch, but she didn’t want to do it. Jing Xiu cautions A’Mo to make sure she knows the person she plans to marry because marriage is a commitment for life.

A’Mo isn’t interested in Teacher Shen, but Madam Guan pressures A’Mo to give the relationship a chance.

Jing Xiu stops by Physician Sun’s pharmacy to pick up A’Mo. He thanks Madam Guan for treating A’Mo well. Even though Jing Xiu can’t see, he makes a good impression on Madam Guan.

A’Mo finds a gift in front of her house. It’s a book from Teacher Shen.

Jing Xiu secretly extinguishes the candles in A’Mo’s room so she can’t read Teacher Shen’s book at night.

A’Mo looks for a lighter to light the candles. Jing Xiu convinces her to go to sleep because reading at night isn’t good for her eyes.

At Congji Abyss, Jiu Chen guards the Shennong Cauldron.

Jing Xiu returns home late, but A’Mo still waits for him so they can eat together. The peach wine will be ready tomorrow.

Jing Xiu indirectly asks A’Mo to marry him by telling her about the marriage tradition in the Mountain Spirit Tribe where men propose marriage by giving women a bamboo leaf on the seventh day in February. Jing Xiu drinks peach wine. He can see again and realizes A’Mo is Ling Xi.

Jing Xiu doesn’t know why Ling Xi is in the Mortal Realm, but he is certain about her identity because she pulled out the bone nails. He remembers her kindness to him such as when he bumped into a table because he couldn’t see, so she covered the corners of the table with fabric.

At Congji Abyss, Thunder God forces his way into Jiu Chen’s residence.

At this time, A’Mo is sleeping.

Thunder God can’t believe that Jiu Chen stole the Shennong Cauldron. Jiu Chen fights Thunder God to stop him from taking the Shennong Cauldron back to the Heaven Realm.

Still asleep, A’Mo screams out in pain. Jing Xiu can’t do anything to help her.

Jiu Chen says he has the Heavenly Emperor’s approval to use the Shennong Cauldron, but Thunder God doesn’t believe him. Jiu Chen successfully protects the Shennong Cauldron, but he is injured.

A’Mo stops screaming and continues to sleep. Jiu Chen sees the demonic mark behind her ear.

Kneeling, Jiu Chen begs Thunder God to give him time and promises to return the Shennong Cauldron when it has served its purpose. Thunder God tells Jiu Chen to uphold the rules even when the rules seem unreasonable.

Jing Xiu realizes the Heaven Tribe will go after A’Mo if they know she is still alive. He decides to investigate her background in the Mortal Realm.

Jiu Chen continues to guard the Shennong Cauldron.

At the Lin family’s residence, Jing Xiu looks into the past to see how A’Mo grew up. Except for Lin Shaohai, everyone else bullied or ignored her.

The next morning, A’Mo wakes up, not knowing why her body aches. Jing Xiu tells her he can see again.

Elated for Jing Xiu, A’Mo praises Physician Sun’s skills, but Jing Xiu doesn’t think Physician Sun’s medicine helped him.

Jing Xiu stops by Physician Sun’s pharmacy to pick up A’Mo at the end of her workday.

A’Mo says goodbye to Madam Guan and leaves with Jing Xiu.

Jing Xiu tells A’Mo about his conversation with Madam Guan. He asked Madam Guan to stop matchmaking for A’Mo.

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