Love and Destiny: Episode 35

Love and Destiny: Episode 35

Shi San asks Hua Yan if it’s possible Jiu Chen liked Ling Xi. Jiu Chen doesn’t help Shi San when she is in trouble, but he always helped Ling Xi and even accepted punishment for her. Turning around, Shi San doesn’t dare to speak further, not knowing how long Jiu Chen has been standing behind her and how much he heard.

Hua Yan brings peaches sent by the Queen Mother of the West to Jiu Chen. The peaches cause Jiu Chen to think of Ling Xi. Has she eaten the fruit of the peach tree he planted and regained her hearing?

A’Mo tells Jing Xiu that Physician Sun has accepted her as his disciple. Wuwan keeps growling at Jing Xiu.

Jing Xiu doesn’t think the medicine A’Mo keeps brewing for him can treat his eyes. To comfort him, A’Mo talks about her father, who loves her even though she is deaf. If she can hear and becomes a physician, she will return home so that her family can be proud of her.

Eager to play matchmaker, Madam Guan needs to know A’Mo’s birthdate. A’Mo is unsure because of her disability, but Madam Guan tells her not to worry.

Wuwan alerts A’Mo to check on Jing Xiu.

A’Mo finds Jing Xiu unconscious in his room with bone nails embedded in his chest. She pulls out the bone nails and bandages his wounds.

After four days, Jing Xiu regains consciousness. Unbelievably, he finds out A’Mo had pulled out all the nail bones in his body. According to Zhong Hao, only descendants of the Phoenix Tribe can do this.

Jiu Chen is annoyed, unable to concentrate because he hears Si Ming and Shi San talking outside his room.

Jiu Chen’s teacher blames Si Ming for helping Jiu Chen and threatens to punish Si Ming if something happens to Jiu Chen. As a result, Si Ming begs Jiu Chen to stop going to the Mortal Realm.

Jing Xiu asks A’Mo about her father and secretly tests to see if she has any power, but he doesn’t find anything suspicious.

Madam Guan asks A’Mo to go with her to get vegetables.

But it’s actually a ruse by Madam Guan to introduce A’Mo to Teacher Shen.

Teacher Shen says his parents died when he was young and he had to live with relatives. He opened a school in a small village because he wants a peaceful life and he likes teaching kids. A’Mo says she is deaf, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

A’Mo returns home late. Jing Xiu asks why she has a lot of herbs, so A’Mo has to tell him about her meeting with Teacher Shen, who gave her the herbs.

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